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Cincin, OH What are your thoughts on a possible split between Fanforce and TF.N/JC

Discussion in 'Mid West Regional Discussion' started by padawan_schlicher, Mar 3, 2004.


What are your thoughts on a possible split between Fanforce and TF.N/JC

Poll closed Mar 6, 2004.
  1. If another, independent "Fanforce" were formed, I would want our club to separate from TF.

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  2. If another, independent "fanforce" were formed, I would want our club to stay with TF.N

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  3. If another, independent "Fanforce" were formed, I would want our club to attempt to be par

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  4. If another, Independent "fanforce" were formed, I would want our club to start our own mes

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  5. Without more facts, at this juncture it is impossible for me to predict what we should/would do in t

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  1. padawan_schlicher

    padawan_schlicher Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 7, 2002
  2. padawan_schlicher

    padawan_schlicher Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 7, 2002
    Rules for voting: This poll is for Cincinnati ONLY! Please post that you have voted so I can be sure. If you are reluctant to post after voting you can PM me or wait till several people have voted so it isn't as easy to tell what you voted for. After the poll closes, any votes that I don't know where they came from I will not take into consideration when I make the vote that represents the majority of our group.

    Explanation: A similar poll has been started in a CR forum, but the poll wants the vote of the group, not of me as CR, so that's what this is all about. With the issues going on between the Mods/RSAs/GSAs and the owners of TF.N there are talks about Fanforce moving away from TF.N. There are also RUMORS that TF.N will shut down sometime after Episode III. There are very good arguments both ways from CRs. Whatever happens, The Greater Cincinnati Tristate Triforce will still exist. The question is basically asking for what you would like to see happen. Should Fanforce as a whole split off from TF.N, stick it out here, or should we as a chapter split from fanforce AND TF.N and be out on our own. I'm not going to share too much of my opinion because I don't want to sway the vote too much. If you don't know what to do, or don't care, vote for the last choice, but PLEASE do vote for something.

    If you have specific questions you can ask them here or PM me. Whatever the final outcome of this vote ISN'T necessarily the final choice. We can always go back and change it at a later time if need be as more information comes along.

  3. nero_2burn

    nero_2burn Jedi Youngling

    Feb 3, 2004
    Whats the big deal? I am still unsure of what is going on. All I know, or think I know is this. The owners of the TF.N asked the mods for their personal information.

    Some mods refused and were subsequently demoted and others who knew they would not give their personal info stepped down, the MidWest RSA as one of them.

    If thats the case then whats the big deal?
  4. DarthSkywalker360

    DarthSkywalker360 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 21, 2002
    What is going on? This is the first time I've heard about it.
  5. padawan_schlicher

    padawan_schlicher Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 7, 2002
    for more info check out the "strange things going on" thread and also the communications board of the jedi council

    If thats the case then whats the big deal? Good question...part of it is that there is the possibility that the owner of TF.N may shut down the boards if they cause him "more trouble than what they are worth" what exactly that means, I'm not completely sure. Some CRs, RSAs, and GSAs feel that Fanforce has outgrown TF.N and the JC and think that it's time that we move out on our own so that we have more control over our own fate. There is also the possibility that TF.N will shut down completely after Episode III thus the boards here being shut down too.
  6. Angry_Bith

    Angry_Bith Jedi Youngling star 1

    Nov 14, 2003
    I voted.
  7. padawan_schlicher

    padawan_schlicher Jedi Padawan star 4

    Mar 7, 2002
    The following is Philip Wise's responses to a question and answer thread. He quotes the person asking questions and then gives his answers.


    padawan_schlichter: Why was the personal information requested and why did the mods have to submit it on an unsecure site? This may have already been addressed, but i'd still like to know.

    Philip: The site is not insecure. The connection to it is not secure as it isn't used to pass what is normally considered secure info, such as as credit card number. The contact info requirement was a business decision for those with access to the site and representing TF.N.

    padawan_schlichter: not so much for Phil, but anyone who can answer: What is this "new site?" what are the specifics of "access to cool new direct site publishing software." Will CRs ever have the ability to mod their own forums? If yes, will we have to submit our personal info?

    Philip: We have a completely new site design and infrastructure change in process. I'm in the process of understanding access and functionality requirements for Fan Force boards. I'd like to give Fan Force organizations much more control over their areas. In general, if there is access to the site or you're involved in its management, contact information will be necessary. I'm confident the security of this data has been addressed.

    padawan_schlichter: If TF.N has always known how important FF is to fandom, why do many RSAs, GSAs and mods say we are treated like the "redheaded stepchild"?

    Philip: I think the history reflects a habit of doing what is asked, rather than offering support. I don't know the specific issues, but I'd sure like to hear from them so I can understand the issues.

    LordGoldenArrow: "However, I feel there's really no organization in Star Wars fandom that has a positive relationship with LFL like tf.n does"
    What a load of crap. I know of at least 2 other organizations that have a positive relationship with LFL and who've been asked by LFL to do things SW related.

    Philip: Hi LordGoldenArrow. I don't believe I've had the pleasure of meeting you so I'm a bit suprised you would say such a thing. Nice. I don't believe I said anything to indicate our relationship is exclusive, which is what you appear to believe I've said.

    Jedi_Tenken: This guys is a business man, not a Star Wars loyalist like us. He could care less about our hard fought community. $ is the bottom line.

    Philip: It would be nice if you knew a bit more about me before you cast out words as fact when they might not be.

    Ki-Bara-Mundi: Will the FanForce Forums and the Jedi Council Forums ever be split so that the JC no longer affects FF and vice versa?

    Philip: I have no problem with this at all if it's what the community wants.

    padawan_schlicher: are there any answers to these or other questions? I know Phil has posted since this thread was started, just wondering when we are gonna get an update. Not trying to be a pain

    Philip: Sorry, but I didn't have access to this section till today.

    Rani_Veko: Is there some reason why the FanForce forums can't be hosted on instead of Don't you own both sites?

    Philip: No reason at all if we split it up.

    mac-nut: so, could Phil shut down all of TFN? well, he is majority owner, so could he? yes, he could, but that would defeat his whole purpose of having control of us, reaching down to us, to buy his collectibles and stuff. We are his audience, the consumers, the spenders of money for star wars stuff and other collectibles.

    Philip: I could, but that would be against all the work we've all put into having fun with Star Wars. It's never been about selling stuff. Yes, we sell autographs in the eStore, and it's nice that that helps us offset a massive loss we had last year with some of the shows, but we aren't in this for the money. For a fact, I spend money running the sites I'm involved in.

    Doright: Sure he is. FF=Hits=marketing mojo=Add revenue

    Philip: For the record, TF.N, Josh nor I rece
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