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  1. Gkilkenny Jedi Master

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    Title: ?What??
    Author: GKilkenny
    Rating: PG
    Time Period: AU Saga TPM and beyond
    Characters: Obi-Wan,Qui-Gon,Anakin,Xanatos, Jedi/Sith.
    Genre: Angst, Drama Obi-torture (not graphic)
    Disclaimer:Star wars belongs to GL and Xanatos belongs to JW so I am just playing with them.

    Summary : Qui-Gon makes the biggest mistake of his life, although he had help in doing so. Nevertheless he sets in motion events that will have a lasting effect on everyone around him.


    (?What?? )

    (What!! Master Please No!!)

    The query shot through Obi-Wan?s mind, his attention was immediately drawn to his Master Qui-Gon Jinn! He couldn?t believe what he had just heard. Qui-Gon was boldly standing in the middle of the Council Chambers, with his hands on his hips; he had just shattered the confidence and faith of two young humans, with those few damming sentences.

    Obi-wan almost lurched forward at the spoken words, and had to shift his feet to steady himself.

    The boy Anakin was thoroughly confused, and hurt by words he didn?t understand. In Anakin?s mind he thought Qui-Gon really liked him, as a person, not just because he was something-chosen- (whatever that means) he thought.

    Qui-Gon promised him, he would be a Jedi.

    Anakin had saved them in the Boonta eve races. He had won them enough money to repair their ship by winning the pod race, and Qui-Gon had freed him from slavery. Anakin thought Qui-Gon was going back to Tatooine with lots of Jedi to rescue his mother. He had even said as much to Anakin.

    Anakin remembered ( I only have enough money to free you child, but one day Slavery will be abolished and we shall save your Mother and others like her, he had told the young boy after he had cried when he had to leave her behind).

    Yet this! -These things, he was saying, - How could he say that!

    The Council was mortified, that a Master of Qui-Gon?s status and training would say what he had just said.
    Each member of the Council was infuriated that he would belittle, and humiliate his Padawan of eleven years in such a way.

    They sensed resentment flowing through Qui-Gon, all because the Council had refused to bow to his demands, he was furious that the Council hadn?t immediately agreed to his interpretations in allowing Anakin to become a Jedi, and elevating his Padawan to a Knight.

    Obi-Wan stiffened up, and tried to clear his mind of the sinking feeling, the feeling of rejection, of morbid humiliation. He quickly glanced around the room and felt the discomfit radiating from the venerable Council members. Could it be pity he saw in their eyes!

    No? it was more than that? it was utter disbelief.....

    [face_worried] So what do you think?[face_praying]
  2. Cael-Fenton Jedi Master

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    Great perspective of that infamous Council scene, with POVs of Obi-Wan, Anakin, and the Council itself. Interesting that his words had such a devastating impact on Anakin as well, and not just Obi-Wan, who is th most obvious victim here. Although Qui-Gon is one of my favourite characters, I can't say I approve of his actions there, no matter the lead of the Force. That said, I do hope he survives Duel of the Fates in this AU [face_praying]

    Eagerly looking forward to reading more of this!:)
  3. rocketscientist Jedi Youngling

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    Good start! Is there more?:)
  4. Darth_Kripp Jedi Youngling

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    The influence of the Dark Side I sense in this Council chamber. Bitterness, anger, jealousy... The Dark Side are they! [face_mischief] [face_devil]
    I wonder what Qui-Gon has said! It is very good, please add me to the PM.
  5. Gkilkenny Jedi Master

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    Thanks all for your comments this is my first Saga story :D

    Cael-Fenton Thank You!! The scene is similar but thats were it stops they dont go back to Naboo, other horrible things happen.8-} [face_worried] Qui-Gon is my second favourite character behind Obi-Wan, although I am causing him some angst in this one.

    rocketscientist Thanks Yep there is more it is quite a long story with many twists and turns.[face_worried]

    Darth_Kripp Ah yes! The Dark side clouds everything
    even causes a nice guy like Qui-Gon to make a monumental mistake
    and suffer he will..[face_devil]
    Thank you I will PM you [face_dancing]

  6. Jturtle Jedi Padawan

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    That was definently a different perspective from the Council.

    Can't wait to see what happens next.

    PM me?

  7. Ascal_Elessar Jedi Youngling

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    Very intriguing, will you put me on the PM list?
  8. KELIA Manager Emeritus

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    :_| :_| :_|

    Poor Obi.

    It's too bad Qui-Gon couldn't have found enough time to pull him aside and explain everything before they went before the Council.

    If you have a PM list, please add me? [face_praying]

    Looking forward to more

    =D= =D= =D==D=
  9. Gkilkenny Jedi Master

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    Jturtle Thanks!

    That was definently a different perspective from the Council

    It is about time the council told Qui-Gon off.[face_beatup]

    Added to PM list

    Ascal_Elessar Thanks I will add you to the PM list

    KELIA Thank you I will PM you.:D

    It's too bad Qui-Gon couldn't have found enough time to pull him aside and explain everything before they went before the Council.

    Yes! I wondered why he didn't tell him in the movie, after all they had been a team for twelve years.

  10. Gkilkenny Jedi Master

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    Thanks guys for the terrific response[face_blush]
    Here is the PM list please let me know if you want to be added.


    Ok on with the post...

    The unbelievable words which his Master uttered kept screaming through Obi-Wans head.

    (?Had this boy been an average- force sensitive- child and not the chosen one, I would not have brought him here, and I would abide by your decision not to Knight my apprentice. But my apprentice - is- ready for the trials, and he can learn no more from me!

    If you do not agree with me, then it is my duty to the force to relinquish all other commitments I may have had, and ?I will? Train the boy! So unfortunately unless you agree to ?Knight?, my apprentice, and allow the Chosen one?s training to commence, I must discharge him in favour of the chosen one! Qui-Gon exclaimed.

    ?He- is- the chosen one! can?t you see it? The one prophesised to bring balance to the force! He must be trained?.)
    Qui-Gon stammered.

    Obi-wan thoughts were reeling. (?What!... he is going to discharge me!.... Master No! How can I be ready for the trials, when my own Master told me only yesterday that I still have much to learn, and I should keep my focus in the here and now? I know I am not ready?. the Council knows I am not ready?.. My Master knows I am not ready?. So why is he doing this!..... He is so obsessed with prophesy. He is pushing me aside, so he can train the chosen one, and even so, he doesn?t even call Anakin by his name.)

    Obi-wan glanced at Anakin, and saw the shaken expression on the child?s face. Qui-Gon had practically told Anakin he was only worth training because he was the chosen one, how could Qui-Gon do that to Anakin, he is just a boy. What was he thinking?.. was he even thinking?. or has the idea of being the discoverer of the prophesied Chosen one, relieved him of his rational thoughts. Has he gone mad?

    Anakin shifted back a step so he was standing next to Obi-wan, and he looked up at Obi-Wan with painfully sad blue eyes. Obi-wan felt compelled to comfort him and placed his hand on Anakin?s shoulder and smiled a heartbreaking smile as he squeezed gently?...

    Anakin was watching Qui-Gon for any explanation, but he was standing facing the Councillors with his hands on his hips, waiting for an answer to the statements and demands he had just presented them.
    At that moment Anakin realised, that it wasn?t him as a person that was important?. it was a myth, a legend about prophesies. Qui-Gon was prepared to abandon his apprentice, just like that, so he could be the Master of the chosen one.

    Anakin had read about myths and legends on the ship?s computer coming back to Corruscant. When Qui-Gon had told Anakin he was the chosen one, he had asked one of the handmaidens if there was any information about it. The handmaiden opened the files on the computer, so Anakin could read about it.

    Anakin was sure Obi-Wan didn?t know that Qui-Gon was going to do what he had just done, because they had talked about being an apprentice on the ship, and he remembered Obi-Wan telling him that he had been Qui-Gon?s apprentice for eleven years and would not be Knighted for another year or more. He still had many things to learn. Anakin liked Obi-Wan he was kind to him on the ship, as matter of fact Anakin didn?t see much of Qui-Gon the whole trip, it was Obi-Wan who fed him and tucked him in bed. Not Qui-Gon!

    He looked up into Obi-Wans eyes they were misty, and he smiled and Obi-Wan smiled back, however it was a sad smile. Qui-Gon had hurt Obi-wan too, and had hurt him badly. Anakin was getting angry, and he began to shake, but Obi-Wan squeezed his shoulder and Anakin sensed Obi-wan calming him.

    The young man and young boy seemed to be frozen to the spot waiting for a response from the Council.

    ?Master Jinn! Have you lost your senses?? One Councillor blurted out irately.

    ?Your duty is to the Jedi Order, not a Prophesy!? Another Councillor exclaimed.

    ?Your duty is
  11. Darth_Kripp Jedi Youngling

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    Well, I knew Qui-Gon was brash and uncontrolable, but to this point, it's really crazy! I hope that Yoda will intervene in some ways.
  12. Jturtle Jedi Padawan

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    Is something wrong with Qui-gon or is he just being a jerk?=D=

  13. Ascal_Elessar Jedi Youngling

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    Good stuff, lookng forward to reading more.
  14. Darth_Abtranor Jedi Youngling

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    Great so far! Could you please PM me when you update?
  15. Gkilkenny Jedi Master

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    Darth_Kripp Thanks it is a bit crazy8-}

    All will be explained soon[face_whistling]

    Jturtle Thank you!
    Is something wrong with Qui-gon or is he just being a jerk? Qui-Gon can be insensitive at times,
    but not all the time[face_not_talking]

    Ascal_Elessar Thanks, So glad your enjoying it[:D]

    Darth_AbtranorThanks. I will PM you [face_dancing]
  16. KELIA Manager Emeritus

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    What is wrong with them all??

    Qui-Gon, what's wrong with you?

    [face_shame_on_you] [face_shame_on_you] [face_shame_on_you] [face_shame_on_you]

    Its very sad Qui got so caught up with the prophecy that he couldn't see the pain he was causing.

    And who says he's the only one who can train the chosen one?

    I'm glad Obi-Wan comforted Anakin instead of taking his hurt and anger out on him.

    Great update

    =D= =D= =D= =D=
  17. General_Kenobi_66 Jedi Knight

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    Poor Obi:_|
    I am going to give Qui a timeout if he dosen't start behaving himself.[face_shame_on_you]
    Nice job, looking forward to more=D= (I love Obi angst[face_mischief];))
  18. JENNA Jedi Master

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    Oh, like this! Please update soon!
  19. Gkilkenny Jedi Master

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    Mar 27, 2004
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    KELIA Time will reveal what is wrong with Qui-Gon, and I thought I would give Anakin a break in this story and write him half decent.[face_whistling]

    General_Kenobi_66 Thanks.
    I love Obi angst my self, and giving Qui-Gon some
    pain as well.[face_devil]

    JENNA Thank you!

    I will update it now for you.:cool:


    Obi-wan watched his Master walk away, as he was attempting to contain his grief within. (What am I to do now, where should I go?)he considered, struggling to come to terms with being repudiated by his Master. He felt Anakin snuggle closer for warmth, the boy had suddenly chilled and was shivering. So without thought Obi-Wan opened his robe and wrapped it around Anakin, pulling him close to his side. His body was hot compared to Anakin?s because he was flustered and he could feel his temperature rising in humiliation.

    ?Padawan Kenobi?? Master Yoda said?.......

    ?Padawan Kenobi?? he said again, however there was still no answer.

    ?Obi-wan?? Yoda tried saying, and that got a pained reaction.

    Obi-Wan's head shot up. ?Y-Yes Master?? he stuttered, and he wavered on his feet.

    ?Knee you will, before fall, you do? Yoda said kindly.

    Obi-wan didn?t need telling twice, his knees gave way and he sunk to the floor, Anakin came down with him. Obi-wan pulled the robe around both of them as the unexpected heat he experienced before was leaving him, and was being replaced by cold shivers, as shock was starting to affect them both.

    ?Sorry we are! know we did not that your Master was going to say such things? Felt nothing did we through the force?. Speak of this to you did he?? Yoda asked.
    All the councillors could sense the turmoil radiating from the young man, they sensed he did not know, but they wanted him to talk to them. Obi-wan just shook his head, unable to form words?. which was forbidden.

    ?A question deserves an answer young Obi-wan? Mace Windu stated.

    Obi-wan was at a loss of what to say, and Anakin lifted his hand and touched Obi-Wan?s cheek, and whispered ?It?s alright Obi-wan?.

    Obi-wan took a deep shuddering breath and bowed his head to Yoda.

    ?Forgive my insolence Master? H-he did not speak of anything on our return journey. After he engaged the Cloaked being in the dessert, he spent a great deal of time with the Queen. I presumed he was worrying about her. I didn?t see him until the next morning, and he told me to keep Anakin company until we reached Corruscant??.however, he did tell me why he was rescuing Anakin ? ?..?

    Obi-wan didn?t want to say the words out loud as Anakin was already in enough distress knowing what he was, and what Qui-Gon referred to him by.

    ?How did you feel about Qui-Gon?s assumptions?? Plo Koon asked.

    Obi-wan felt Anakin burrow closer.
    He looked at Master Yoda and said. ?Please Masters, I beg of you Anakin is just a child and he is scared and confused.? he looked down at him. ?May I take him to the Crèche Master, and then I will return to answer your questions.? Obi-wan pleaded.

    The councillors were impressed at the courage and compassion of young Obi-wan, his world had come crashing down around him and yet he still considered the effects this was having on Anakin, and wanted to spare him any further distress.

    ?Yes take him to Master Chas-Anna, have her look after young Anakin, until we have decided what to do.? Mace agreed.
    Obi-wan rose slowly pulling Anakin up, and started to head for the reception door.
    ?Wait Obi-wan!? You may want to exit through the Councillors private door; it will be easier for you.? Mace added.

    Obi-wan realised why he should leave by the other door, Qui-Gon was in the reception room, and Obi-wan certainly didn?t want to speak to his Mas!?. to Qui-Gon at that moment.
    ?Thank you Masters? he bowed and took Anakin out the other door. Mace followed him, and he spoke to Obi-wan.

    ?We will comm. you when we are ready to speak to you, as it might take you a while to settle the boy in, and besides?. the Council wishes to speak to Master Jinn,
  20. Darth_Kripp Jedi Youngling

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    Uhm, this plot is thickening. :)
    Master Jinn has really made a big mistake. I didn't think he would do such a thing! :_|
    Let's see how the Council will react. It won't be very good for him...
  21. Jturtle Jedi Padawan

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    Not sure what'll happen now.

    Hope Obi-wan feels better:_|

  22. Ascal_Elessar Jedi Youngling

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    Great update, enjoyed the conversation about Obi-Wan's mother.

    Thanks for the PM.
  23. Gkilkenny Jedi Master

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    Ascal_ElessarThanks and your welcome:)

    Jturtle Many things will happen some good
    and some bad[face_worried]

    Darth_Kripp Your so right he is in deep poodoo, He will need all his negotiations skills to get
    out of this one.[face_shame_on_you]
  24. KELIA Manager Emeritus

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    Well I hope Qui-Gon is ready for his next meeting with the Council. Somehow I don't think they will go as easy on him this time around!

    Loved how everyone was concerned with how Anakin was taking things. It was nice to see the Council, in particular, was sensitive to his needs.

    It was so sweet how Anakin wanted to see Obi-Wan's mother.

    Very nice update

    =D= =D= =D= =D=
  25. Gkilkenny Jedi Master

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    KELIA Qui-Gon will get more than he bargained for.

    I tried to make the Council more sympathetic, than they appear in the movies

    Anakin still doesn't understand about the life of a Jedi.
    How they have no attachments to family.

    Thanks for reading
    A post later today I hope.:D
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