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  1. Ocelotl_Nesto Jedi Master

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    Oct 29, 2004
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    Great cliff hanger...

    The question is Obi up to the task?
  2. Gkilkenny Jedi Master

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    Mar 27, 2004
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    earlybird-obi-wanThank you [face_dancing] I agree Obi must survive, and of course he will;)

    JENNA Thank you for reading I am glad you enjoyed it.
    Last chapter coming up.[face_love]

    Obi-Wan is victorious. Of course! o_O Of course! how could I do anything else
    ME KILL Obi NEVER[face_shame_on_you]
    Thank you I?ve enjoyed writing it. :D

    Ascal_Elessar[:D] Thanks
    Argh! o_O but I did end it there, and now I am ending it with the next post.:_|

    Veloz Yep your going to have to wait ;) but not for long here it comes with dorky Anakin:-B and
    brave sweet Obi.[face_love]

    bekThanks [face_dancing] but don?t bite your nails[face_shame_on_you] another post is upon you.:D

    jedidas3 Thank you [:D] Tomorrow means now Obi will give them a good old fashioned whoopin?:p

    KELIAThanks:* and you know Obi he will not give up trying to convince Anakin to turn back:D

    Of course Obi is up to the task.[face_worried]
    Yea of little faitho_O


    Obi-Wan caught the lightning with his blade and flung it off to the side. ?I will not fight you Anakin?

    ?Then you will die!? Sidious screamed as he raised both his hands and lightning arced at Obi-Wan, it caused his sabre to heat up and Obi-Wan felt it weakening. He projected a force bubble around him, similar to the one he used in the tunnel on Corruscant. However, this time he could control the power, and directed it straight back to Sidious careful to avoid hitting Anakin. Nevertheless, Sidious had expected it and blocked it.

    While Obi-Wan concentrated on Sidious, Anakin released a burst of lightning at him. He felt the fluctuations in the force and could sense Anakin?s anger, turning to uncertainty and confusion. Nevertheless, the burst of lightning knocked Obi-Wan back a few paces.

    Sidious cackled. He believed that between them they were more powerful than Obi-Wan. ?Concentrate your efforts on Kenobi, focus my apprentice? Sidious felt Anakin?s wavering anger and wanted to draw power from the boy. ?I told you they lied to you my apprentice, they said you were the chosen one, yet in reality they knew all along that Kenobi was their chosen one. Destroy him and then we will destroy Jinn, the one who made you suffer, just so he could protect Kenobi?

    Obi-Wan felt Anakin?s anger rise again, and he felt it in his strikes they were getting more powerful. Sidious had fuelled Anakin?s anger.

    ?That?s not true Anakin; Qui-Gon truly believed you were the chosen one. He still believes there is good in you. I believe there is good in you; think Anakin, have I ever lied to you. You know I have not, Sidious lied to you, and he has known who I was since the day I was born. He came to my parent?s house, and when he left, he killed my parents. He should have killed me too. He is a coward Anakin. You have a mother, and she loves you. I never had the chance to know my mother because Sidious killed her. Will you destroy the faith your mother has in you, to become the pawn of the dark side. I told you once that everyone has a destiny; I did not know my destiny until a few weeks ago. Sidious hid my true self from everyone and from me.
    You have a future Anakin it may not be as a Jedi, I will not lie to you, but I will stand by you, and help you discover your place in this galaxy. I will not allow you to leave here a sith!?
    His arms grew tired from holding them out keeping the protective bubble around him. He had to give Anakin time to discover the truth in his words. If he could not change Anakin?s mind, he would send their lightning back at them and if Anakin died, so be it.

    Blue force electricity hit the bubble and ricocheted off hitting the walls; fires flared everywhere, and quickly spread to the beams holding the roof up. Time grew short for Anakin
  3. Valairy Scot Backpacking One Pack a Day Mod of New Films

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    [face_dancing] =D=

    Fantastic! Obi-Wan brought Anakin back to the light, Qui's on the council and Anakin is no longer a brat.

  4. JENNA Jedi Master

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    Jun 19, 2005
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    Good luck on your trip. I only have one thing to say. =D= =D= =D= Nice job! *Well, actually more then one thing*... but I totally enjoyed this story! Sidious is dead! Yay! [face_dancing] [face_dancing] I love the ending. Qui-Gon on the Council, [face_laugh] That'll be funny. And Anakin not staying a Jedi? Wise decision. I don't think he was too happy as a Jedi... either in this story or canon. :rolleyes: But I really loved this story and I look forward to seeing more of your stories should you write more. Have fun on your trip.
  5. Terje_Lisan Jedi Youngling

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    Sep 12, 2005
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    Aww that was a touching ending. Yay for everyone being happy. It's funny to see Jinn on the council but it fits him in some strange way. And I liked the end when Anakin asked Obi-Wan to train his child.
  6. earlybird-obi-wan Jedi Grand Master

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    Aug 21, 2006
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    What? WOW a great ending to a great story and I enjoyed it. And with Anakin having kids a sequel?
    Obi-Wan is so nice with Xanatos and Qui-Gon.@};-

  7. KELIA Manager Emeritus

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    Jul 26, 2005
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    I love a happy ending!!

    [face_dancing] [face_dancing] [face_dancing]

    I'm glad the Council was willing to give Anakin another chance at being a Jedi, though I think he made the right decision by leaving.

    Him asking Obi-Wan to train his future child was so very sweet [face_love] [face_love] [face_love]

    Qui-Gon on the Council? :eek: :eek:

    I love it. They need to be kept on their toes and I think Qui is the perfect one to do so.

    Great job on this. I really enjoyed the story from beginning to end.

    =D= =D= =D= =D=
  8. jedidas3 Jedi Youngling

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    Apr 25, 2007
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    =D= =D= =D= What a wonderful ending to a tremendous story. I truly enjoyed this story! I have to agree, picturing Qui-Gon on the council--now that's rich![face_laugh]

    Great job and I look forward to your next story! Have a great trip![face_peace]
  9. Ocelotl_Nesto Jedi Master

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    Oct 29, 2004
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    Nice ending. Now what? Will they hunt down Dooku?
  10. Veloz Jedi Master

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    Aug 30, 2004
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    Fantastic, simply fantastic =D=

    So finally Palpatine got what he desserved, ha! :D glad to see that Anakin finally listened to his heart and helped Obi Wan =D=

    Xanatos, had fractured his ankle when he slipped down the stairs, however, it did not take the healers long to repair it, and he had returned to his apartment, when Obi-Wan returned from the Council meeting. ?So tell me Padawan brother, have the council put you in charge yet??
    ?Very funny Xani - on the council is the last place I want to be, however, you might be surprised to know they offered our Master a seat on the Council?
    ?No!? Xani said shocked. ?I don?t believe it; did he run for the nearest exit??
    ?No he didn?t but he was flabbergasted, I could tell? Obi-Wan grinned.

    [face_laugh] too funny :p

    ?Thank you Obi-Wan, I just came to check on Xanatos, how is your leg?? he asked.
    ?My legs fine, Qui-Gon, I didn?t expect you to still be in the Temple, I thought you would be far away from the council by now! Obi-Wan told me they offered you a seat on the council. If my recollection serves me, your opinion of Councillors is not high. I am certain you will refuse their offer, am I right?? Xanatos probed.
    ?That?s why I came to see you both, I have given the idea much thought, and I have come to the conclusion, if you want to change something; then do it yourself. I have complained about the council for many years, as you very well know Xanatos. I have embarrassed Obi-Wan in front of the council with my antics, and he always kept his tongue, even when I know he had every right to chastise me for my abruptness. Therefore, I have decided to try to be more conventional, and maybe obey a few rules for a change, and accept the seat.?
    Xanatos laughed. ?You Qui-Gon, on the council, will wonders never cease.?

    [face_laugh] that's amazing all right! Qui Gon has turned conventional :p

    ?Obi-Wan, you don?t have to call me Master you know, after all, you are a Knight, and the chosen one. I think it is about time you called me Qui-Gon??
    Obi-Wan blushed. ?I know, it?s just that I feel comfortable calling you Master, perhaps when I am as old as Xani I will call you Qui-Gon?
    ?Hey little brother, who are you calling old!???

    [face_laugh] gotta love those exchanges between Obi Wan Xani =D=

    I think Anakin made the right choice... hopefully he can recuperate himself and find the thing that makes him happy, and gives meaning to his life. Great to see that the Jedi left the door open for Anakin, and will give all the support he needs =D=

    This was a fantastic fic, i really enjoyed it! Thanks so much for sticking with it and giving us a great ending [:D]'s sad that it ends :_| but hopefully u'll give us another fic soon enough [face_whistling] ;) :D
  11. Magier Jedi Youngling

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    Jul 2, 2007
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    I always like seeing Qui-Gon accepted on the Council. I think that he has a unique point of view that they could have always used when making important decisions. I am glad that Anakin came back to the Light and was allowed to remain a Jedi. To cast him aside would have been disastrous.
  12. Ascal_Elessar Jedi Youngling

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    Feb 3, 2004
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    Great ending to a lovely story, thank you for sharing.
  13. Bastet Jedi Padawan

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    Dec 30, 1999
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    Wonderful story, Gkilkenny! =D=

    Palpy is dead, hooray! [face_dancing] I love you, Obi-Wan! =P~ [face_love]

    Aww, that was a great ending! I love that Qui is on the Council, he'll definitely keep things interesting! And I'm glad Anakin didn't stay a Jedi, he should have left the Order in cannon too. :rolleyes: But at least this time, Palpy is already dead. And we'll still get Luke and Leia, I'm assuming. I love how Anakin asked Obi to train his kids, aww.

    Thanks a bunch for sharing this with us, Gkilkenny! I'm already looking forward to the next one! :D
  14. snowspeeder_gunner Jedi Padawan

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    Apr 10, 2007
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    Oh man, I am going to miss reading new updates of this story!

    I'm glad it had such a good ending, and I especially love Xanatos in this story. Too bad he couldn't have been like that.

    Great job!!!
  15. Itachi-Uchiha Jedi Youngling

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    Jul 21, 2007
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    What a very satisfying ending. :) Bravo on a job well done =D= and thanks for entertaining me.
  16. bek Jedi Master

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    Jul 20, 2005
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    ?You will make a great Master Obi-Wan. I was wondering, there is a chance in a few years that I might get married, and have children of my own. Do you think if one of my children is force sensitive, you would take him or her as your Padawan??

    ?Would you want me to, Anakin??

    ?Yes, I would like that very much Obi-Wan.?

    ?Then I would be honoured, to have either your son or daughter as my Padawan.?

    Awww... :) That was a great ending! I like that these two have a friendship that will last even without Anakin being a Jedi.

    Awesome job with this fic! =D=
  17. Gkilkenny Jedi Master

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    Mar 27, 2004
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    Valairy_Scot Thanks [:D] I thought it would be
    nice for Anakin not to be a brat any longer.

    JENNAThanks the holiday was brilliant. :D
    I always love killing Sidious.
    Qui-Gon may have been a great councillor.[face_whistling]

    Terje_Lisan Thank you I love happy endings myself.:D
    Obi-Wan was always destined to train Anakins children.[face_idea]

    earlybird-obi-wan Thank you[:D]
    Ummm sequel[face_thinking] No I dont think so:(

    KELIAI love a happy ending!! So do I:D
    Thanks for reading.[face_love]

    jedidas3picturing Qui-Gon on the council--now that's rich!

    [face_laugh] I thought it might be a nice touch, thanks and another story is on the way once I catch up.

    Ocelotl_Nesto Thank you for reading.:cool:
    Now what? Will they hunt down Dooku? Umm Dooku is a hard one to write, I dont know much about him.

    Thank you ever so much.[face_love]

    So finally Palpatine got what he desserved, ha! Yes Palpy deserves no less than to die!

    Qui-Gon would certainly liven up the meetings.o_O

    I like Xanatos and Obi-Wan in a story together and especially
    on the same side.[face_whistling]
    maybe I will have them on opposing sides next time.

    MagierThank you[:D]
    I am glad you liked the ending, and all the bits inbetween.[:D]

    Thanks for the wonderful reviews I have more to thank.
    However, the night is late and my eyes are tired. I will continue tomorrow, thanking all you lovely people.
  18. Gkilkenny Jedi Master

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    Mar 27, 2004
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    Thank you, and I am happy you enjoyed it.[:D]

    Thanks my friend, and you know I will share another story with you, soon.[:D]

    Thanks and I miss not writing it as well.[:D]

    Thanks I'm glad you liked the ending.[:D]

    bekThank you for your kind reviews.[:D]

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