What cards can you not live without?

Discussion in 'Games: TCG' started by Loyal-Guard, Jun 30, 2004.

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  1. Loyal-Guard Jedi Youngling

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    As I'm getting more and more into deckbuiling beyond just throwing cards together, I'm noticing that there are several units and or other cards that continually make their way into my decks (for better or worse). Just thought I'd run them by everybody, and maybe get some other opinions.

    1. Elite Jedi Squad. I think i read in another post or review a long time ago that they considered this unit to be "insanely effecient." I kind of have to agree. With a health of 2, they are hard to keep alive, but I always seem to be able to roll a six on three dice to activate the critical hit.

    2. Geonosian Defense Fighter. A staple of my starfighter decks, with 60 speed and health of three, this suckers stick around longer than a lot of imperial or droid fighters.

    3. Death Star (C, I think. The one that blows up planets). I didnt want to put a lot rare cards on my list, but having just managed to pull three of these boyos out of some booster packs, I have to admit loving the angry looks on my opponent's faces when they see me slap this thing down on the table. The ability to wipe the ground arena clean always comes in handy as a defacto "game extender" when you are worried you are about to get booted out of the character arena.

    4. Luke's X-Wing (Battle of Yavin set). Kind of the same deal as Elite Jedi Squad (Critical hit of 4/power 3). A six always seem to pop up. Combined with the Piloting Luke from the BOY set, these two are tough! An opponent recently took out my uncommmon Death Star in one shot with this combo by rolling a six and factoring in the automatic critical hit of three for starfighters aginst the DS.
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    I don't know if I've made a deck yet that didn't have 2-4 Jawa Sandcrawlers in it. The cycling of cards and the beefy health. I love 'em.
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