VIDEO What Did You Think of the first Republic Commando Game? And should there be a second one?

Discussion in 'Games' started by kameron b, Sep 14, 2012.

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    Yeah, Delta's AI still impresses me today, TBH. I play through the game once or twice a year and compared to other squad-based games of the times RC was a knockout. Only one that's honestly better is the original Ghost Recon, and that required planning and stuff. :p
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    I loved the sensation of being scared of a SBD. When one of those came around the corner, you had to get focused or you were going to die. Simple as.
  3. Zer0 Jedi Grand Master

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    I loved the game, it sure would be fantastic if they made another, but they won't.
  4. DarthCane Force Ghost

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    Yeah, and you didn't always have your squad to help out. When you infiltrated the droid control ship on Geonosis, you had to face some of them all by your lonesome - and to make it worse, I seem to recall that any collateral damage to the surrounding "dormant" SBDs would wake more of them up.

    That was when I was really, REALLY cursing the aforementioned lack of stopping power on the deece.
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    Yeah, infiltrating the core ship was freaking hard.

    Started a play-through a few days ago. Currently about to enter the core ship. :D
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    with the acquisition from disney i realy don't think we are going to ever see lucasarts revert back to the older games. IMO its all about money and what sells. right now its angry birds crap and star wars pinball. im not saying zen pinball is bad but at least tell us you are developing a retail title. I think star wars 1313 is going to die a slow death as well. when have you seen disney back a game that is rated m? im not sure they have. Its just sad to see the direction that lucasarts is going.