What force powers have you invented in-game?

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  1. Nktalloth Jedi Youngling

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    Basically this is about what new and often dangerous ways you have found to use the force.
    My characters have been known to use move object to lift at lower levels two, and at higher levels 30+ lightsabers and rip people apart, form impenetrable shields, and basically go nuts in what I call force maelstrom. Everyone I play with hates it when I use it. But nothing surprises enemies like 25 lightsabers rising from the floor and proceeding to disarm them. As in cut their arms off at the shoulder.

    One of my other chars, in an unprecedented move, managed to create a reverse force lightning, and proceded to cause a massive blackout on Coruscant by draining the electricity in a power generator. It was ruled that the electricity he absorbed killed him pretty much instantly, but it was funnier than hell.
  2. Koohii Jedi Master

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    Well, I'd be issuing DSP for unnecessarily maiming the enemy in the first case (if he can use those sabers to chop off their arms, surely he could just as easily destroyed their blasters).
    The second power is a variation of absorb/disipate energy.
  3. Nktalloth Jedi Youngling

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    Sep 5, 2005
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    True, that would lead to DSP, but in our runs it generally doesn't matter to anyone in the group whether you're DS or LS unless it really starts affecting the campaign for the worse. However, we also generally play as either DS or Imperials, so the points don't really come into play that much. Except for the whole physical decay thing.

    However, no it wouldn't be as easy to disarm an enemy without maiming them while using force maelstrom due to the immense concentration it takes to move each lightsaber individually and to keep them fromm suddenly flying in random directions. In games, when force maelstrom is used, we generally rule that the character using it is slowed when using its lowest form (1 lightsaber) and the restrictions increase as the numbers do.
    ex: When using the 30+ lightsaber wind of blazing plasma death, the character regardless of level must remain immobile, is barely capable of distinguishing objects (if you're nearsighted you know what I mean), and can only perform specific functions with 10 of the lightsabres. So, 10 are actually moving like one would expect a trained jedi to use them, the other 20 can only follow simple instructions (drift point-first that-a-ways, stay right there, etc.).
    This is assuming your character is obscenely good with move object, and routinely makes high rolls on concentration checks.

    -Yes, obscenely good rolls. If the roll doesn't shock nuns it's not good enough.
  4. Koohii Jedi Master

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    Well, that's why I play d6. There's a reason you don't want DSP: you loose your character! GM rolls a die everytime you get a DSP. If GM rolls lower than the number of DSP you have, your character goes over to the Dark Side and becomes an NPC. What's more, you can't play another force-sensative until your new character kills off your old character.

    I would also rule that each lightsaber is a separate action, incuring the usual multiple-action penalties. Converting that to d20: 1DSP per person injured, base lightsaber damage + control (or whatever the usual damage benefit is) to an area effect, REF save to negate.
  5. Nktalloth Jedi Youngling

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    I'm not entirely sure that it should count as a DSP for killing someone via maelstrom. After all, it is the use of a weapon, one designed by the Jedi for two purposes : Killing some things and intimidating the rest. I do agree though, that by the very nature of the power that DSP should be easy to gain while using it, say that if a civilian or friendly target dies directly from Maelstrom or as a result of it's use, a DSP is gained. However, I see no problem with using it to mow down a cluster of Stormtroopers.

    I like the idea about killing of the old PC before making a new one, though. Would definatly keep me from going DS, knowing the personalities I give my characters (they tend to be just plain cruel when I'm going all out.). Wouldn't want to have to try to kill one of them.
  6. Koohii Jedi Master

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    May 30, 2003
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    Using the Force to kill is a DSP. A lightsaber can be used for defense and a variety of utility functions, as well as being scary or intimidating.

    Think about aikido: it is a devastating martial art, but there is no aggression in it. Quite simply, the other person's agression is redirected back at them. Using aikido techniques aggressively would be a perversion of the art.
  7. Jedi_Matt Jedi Master

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    so, what? you get in a fight, throw lightsabers on the floor, use this force whirlwind/lightsaber combo for some slice n dice, and don't give DSP's?


    seriously though, that's a bit disturbing if this is something that occurs anything more than once a campaign.

    In my opinion, which is simply that :), The Jedi would sacrifice a small number of lightsabers for finer overall control, and disarm them by cutting the weapons in half.

    but if its a mainly imperial/dark side campaign then i spose it's fine n dandy ;)

  8. Koohii Jedi Master

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    May 30, 2003
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    The other question that comes to mind is where is the Jedi getting all these lightsabers from? It's not like there's a factory that just churns them out (unless you count Habro's factory in China). Each one is custom made by the individual Jedi.
    And how is the Jedi carrying them arround? are they tied to his belt? how does he sit down? Are they in a backpack? what's to stop them from jostling each other and accidentally turning each other on? (Happens all the time with Hasbro sabers).

    Just a simple logistics question.

  9. Jedi_Matt Jedi Master

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    Jul 11, 2002
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    maybe they're lightsabers activated by the Force so they don't get jogged on ;)

    As far as where they come from, in a RPG group i was involved with i did not get on at all with one of the senior gamemasters, who basically said that lightsabers didn't contain crystals, because it made them almost 'magic' while in the Tapani sector they could churn out lightfoils as much as they want.

    wasn't too happy, but had to put up with it lol. I'm a bit of a stickler for things like that. Don't mind the occasional change to continuity, but that was huge.
  10. Nktalloth Jedi Youngling

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    Sep 5, 2005
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    Okay, I see your point about using the force to kill, makes sense.

    As for how I end up with that many lightsabers, generally I keep trophies of battles. After a time, they start accumulating in large number, unless they are stolen or destroyed. At the most when going out on a mission I'll carry four of them (two at the hips, two at the shoulders). It really started out with me wanting spare sabers on hand (I'm notorious for throwing them at enemies, and my GM is cruelly realistic about saber retrieval), then figuring out That there are interesting new ways to use the force. ;)

    I generally only use my 30+ wind of blazing plasma death when somebody's stupid enough to attack me on home ground, and once again when 30+ lightsabers rise from all over the room and activate, at that point I won't have to defend myself. [face_skull]

    Also, lightsabers are hardly like the hasbro things. I wouldn't expect a gun to go off at random and so I don't expect the same of my sabers.

    Except for that one a GM thrown in that was from a cheap manufacturing company... wierd sense of humor in our games.
  11. Jedi_Winter_Knight Jedi Youngling

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    Oct 30, 2005
    Hmm i dont know about d6 i play d20, but after hearing that if you get a dsp, the dm makes a roll and you lose your character i know i will never play d6, and if i did i would def argue that rule be removed. We play mostly in the NJO era and i would say a lot of Jedi in that era at least have 1 or 2 dsp. And if you are put into some situations were you gain a DSP, that can happen... (its not all cut and dry, we dont look at *everything* as black and white there is a gray area in life.)

    There are times good people do bad things because of circumstance or a certain scenario plays out and they get a DSP. Its good character development. Through out a charaters life i see them gaining a DSP here or there and then if they are good, doing what they can to make up for it. Having some rule where a dm rolls to take your character away IMO is ridiculous, def not my style of gaming. Reminds me of old school 80's DND mentality where there was little in the way of variety and choice, and the DM led people around by the nose. "You have option a or b, and that is it. If you do this action, it will result in this penalty." Im glad d20 system was written with a more open minded interpretation/options.

    As far as attacking someone w/30 lightsabres...(this is in regards to D20 system, i know little regarding the d6 system lol :) now that this is out of the way...) I mean i think there is a feat kenetic combat, and a character would need to be 9th level to use it, and you could as a full round action attack someone ONE time, with ONE lightsabre. (twice at 12th level, three times at 15th...) So attacking someone more than once (or with multiple litesabres) seems pretty powerful. I would say that would be a improved kenetic energy feat, or you are using a Force Technique to modify the effect of your attack, which would have a hefty VP cost. Vs. its a force power like im just using move object on lightsabres...

    Also, carrying around more than 10 lightsabres on your person to me poses a question... Also, how many lightsabres do you get to throw in a round?

    As a dm i wouldnt say "no you just can't do it its imposible" because i don't like that line of thinking, but i would have to say how can you realisitcally carry 30 sabres around, and distribute them in a combat (im assuming when you toss lightsabres at a target, the guy is within relatively close range? which poses another question) and we would need to work out exactly how/what you were using through the force to accomplish this ability. (So game balance/contiunity is maintained)
  12. Nktalloth Jedi Youngling

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    Sep 5, 2005
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    As I had stated earlier, I only carry four at a time, and the 30+ wind of plasma death only really happens in familiar territory, where my collection of trophies is nearby.

    The reason why the Gm even lets me do this is because I agree to some serious restrictions according to the number I'm using. When I use four (two wielded by Force Maelstrom), I cannot use other force powers, no let me rephrase that, any force related techniques whatsoever while using it. This applies to passive abilities as well. I'm also slowed, but only my Sith is, not the blades. I can still fight however, at when I'm using two. At thiry, once again, I am immobilisied, incapable of force techniques, my senses are dulled (this affects me for a day), cannot make precise attacks, and cannot respond physically to any threat, and must use only the sabers to defend myself. It's not a technique to use on a whim.

    Plus my GM is rather lenient. [face_laugh]
    The power used is Move Object in combination with advanced lightsaber training.

    Hmm... I think it might be physically probable to carry 30 lightsabers... if you were willing to have them strapped all over your body. How you would actually use them like that is beyond me.
  13. Neo-Paladin Jedi Master

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    You know it?s funny, because I?ve always seen D6 as a lot more free form. No classes.

    There?s a lot of interpretation in DSP?s of course, particularly in D6. For instance, if I were GM?ing Luke in RotJ and we were using D6, I wouldn?t have given him a DSP for choking Jabba?s guards. He?d be on the line, and I?d tell him as much, but I?d have let it fly (I fully expect others to disagree with me, but I digress).
    When he wigged out on Vader in the throne room, that?d have picked him up a DSP. Thankfully the GM rolled high. :p

    The choice of action is still yours but the slope is much slipperier.
    For the first point you have a 1:6 chance of losing it. Eh, not too bad of odds.
    On the second, a 1:3 chance. Hmmm? I guess?
    On the third, a 1:2 chance. Uhh?
    ?Once you start down the dark path,? after all? o_O
    Besides it?s fun to watch players squirm [face_devil]

    That said, there?s a lot of room for home-brewing. I know some only make Force Sensitives track their DSP?s. Others play it such that you lose it for a while, and the next day the character wakes up and says, ?Oh Force, what have I done?? and is then must embark on atonement. Others play Dark Side campaigns, what not. I personally played with a 10 point scale, that moved up and down quite a bit in the run of a game, but if you got to 10, say ?sayonara?.

    As for a home brewed Force Ability, I invented (in D6):

    Sensor Noise
    Sense Diff: Easy
    Alter Diff: Mod
    Effect: This overwhelms a mechanical sensor with noise so it is effectively blinded. Works on droids and craft sensors.
  14. Master_Uxi Jedi Youngling

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    Jun 26, 2005
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    I didn't INVENT all (or probably even most) of the ideas, but I did a sythesis of ideas. The infamous "Jedi Handbook" was obviously used as was other EU and stuff outside of Star Wars.

    I should preface that I added a FOR attribute to my D6 game with the Force Skills under it and added as for any normal D6 Attribute. Skills are more like specializations. Unlearned skills can be attempted but are usually at 1 Diff Level higher. Basically I tell the Player to vocalize what they're trying to do. If it fits an existing power, I use those rules otherwise I use the "Rule of Thumb" and WAG a difficulty and then make it a bit harder. The only to bring that difficulty to "normal" is to learn the power (either have it taught or research it as a Master).


    Absorb/Convert Energy - Corran Horn
    Anger - Opposite of Calm - DSP
    Calm - Minor centering +1 to actions following a period
    Heal Self - Special Power that is rare. Very difficult but powerful.
    Healing Trance - More common
    Long Term Memory Enchancement - Nuff said
    Regeneration - Even more rare than Heal Self


    Direction Sense - Towards "magnetic north"
    Empathy - Jacen Solo.
    Thought Probe - Potential for DSP if used violently
    Thought Shield - To protect against the previous


    Break Bones - Nuff said
    Create Sound - Nuff said
    Cryokinesis - Freeze things. DSP if used as attack
    Empower - Teras Kasi "Steel Hand" versus Lightsaber
    Force Static -
    Levitation - Float.
    Light - Create Light
    Microkinesis - Very fine maniuplation of very small if not microscopic elements - Rare. DSP possible
    Pyrokinesis - Heat things. DSP if used as attack.
    Power Surge - Electromagnetic power surge - DSP if used as attack
    Telekinetic Attack - DSP
    Telekinetic Jump - Refinement of Jedi Jumps
    Warp Matter - Turn anything into anything. Very difficult, very rare


    Call Animal - Summon animal
    Jedi Piloting - (similar to Lightsaber skill but for piloting vehicles and starships)


    Control Weather - Nuff said
    Force Transduction - Battery / Power Cell Charging
    Heal Another - see Heal Self
    Put Another in Healing Trance - See Healing Trance
    Regenerate Another - See Regeneration


    Blood Feast - DSP. Nasty Refinement of Vampirism.
    Control Animal - Possible DSP
    Create Gravity Well - Bit more to it than Jedi Handbook version
    Transmutation - "Lead into Gold?"
    Vampirism - DSP. Suck the strength out of others into one self.


    Blackness - Create darkness
    Chameleon - Force camo but better
    Falsify Another's Senses - "Did you hear that?"
    Focused Force Shield - Really strong but more narrow
    Force Masking - "Can't Sense me"
    Greater Force Shield - Better version of the Lesser
    Sensory Stealth - Refinement of Falsify Another's...
    Tele-Empathy - "You feel that?"
  15. Master_Uxi Jedi Youngling

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    Jun 26, 2005
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    Regarding the DSP, I'm pretty strict. Basically I stick to the "that's cold" rule. If it makes me even think it, I'm liable to give the DSP. I almost never give warning, either. A couple (even a few) DSP weren't necessarily the end though. Remediation from Jedi Masters in our TotJ game is common. If it's egregious, then a Master could forbid further training until atonment is complete, but some DSP take a long while to get rid of.

    The Jedi developed their Code and Way only very difficulty and after much conflict was spawned by those ignorantly and foolishing sliding into darkness (if not the outright plunge or two).
  16. Nktalloth Jedi Youngling

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    Sep 5, 2005
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    Empower sounds pretty awesome, sounds like it could lead to some pretty epic battles, gonna have to throw it at my players next time I run a campaign. :D

    I might regret this, but I have to ask... what happens in blood feast? You say it'sa "nasty refinment of vampirism", but what happens?

    In our games we generally measure DSP by the intent of the user. My characters end up pretty dark, because most of them don't believe in sides to the force, so they're basically unhindered by Jedi code. (Most are self-taught and so don't have quite as many force techniques or even their own lightsaber)
  17. Jedi_Winter_Knight Jedi Youngling

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    Oct 30, 2005
    -I see :) I was just seeing some guy run into battle with 30 lightsabres strapped to him. LOL I would prob give that guy a bonus on his intimidate roll! :) It would def make me think twice if i saw the guy running at me... "What the hell is that!?"

    I could see it being combo w/force whirlwind as well, and then using move object for more "control" but as long as you got a system that is a very intersting idea. :)

  18. Nktalloth Jedi Youngling

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    Sep 5, 2005
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    It'd be like a jedi suicide bomber! But twice as crazy and half as effective! [face_laugh]

    ("AYLILILILILLILILILILILILI!" "The Hell is that?" *VWOORM* "HOLY ****!")

    Even less efective against Jedi though...

    ("AYLILILILILLILILILILILILI!" "What are you doing?" *VWOORM* *Pushes rabid Sith over onto 10 some lightsabers strapped to his back*)
  19. Jedi_Winter_Knight Jedi Youngling

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    Oct 30, 2005
    -I dont see d20 having classes as a "restriction" its just a guildline to base your character on and gives some order/foundation. If you dont like a class you can always find another one that suites your taste, so i personally don't see that as a hindrence, but an advantage. My issue was ruling(s) based on how you RP'D your character. (I don't agree w/that at all)
    But those points are all subjective heh, just comes down to personal opinion/flavor.
    I wasn't trying to start a d6vsd20 discusion LOL that has prob been done to death...

    --Our group doesnt give out darkside points like candy (we dont play "dark siders") but there are a couple people in the party that are "darker" characters in terms of personality and perception of the world around them. (Grit, Grim, whatever... Josey Whales/Dirty Harry to Martin Riggs/Snake Plissken to use a movie analogy).
    They usually have one or two DSP. I see them as Kyp Durron style characters, a good guy that sometimes does bad things to try and justify his actions... it brings up a lot of debate and "moral dilema" in the party, sometimes arguments (in charater, which is good rping)

    I dont usually play that type of charater, but i enjoy when people do as it brings more to the session, and i understand how someone could be irritated if the rules didnt allow them to play a Ganner Rhysode or Kyp Durron type charater. I can't see how you could play that genre of charater if there was a chance to lose your character after one or two infractions.

    We usually get DSP for killing, extortion, certain degree of treachery (based on the dm perception of its consequences)
    We dont give them out for just anything, we view that a bit silly. "Tech" you could get a DSP for almost any questionable act.
    In d20 some of the most evil people have 16-30 points. One of the most evil is Palpatine who has like 32. So that tells me, by sheer numbers, they are not given out for just anything... You should get a DSP for commiting an evil act. There are some acts that are not "good" but that doesnt make them "evil" . There are people who did go down the dark path and turned around and came back :)
    Don't ge me wrong now...I do agree that getting DSP is "bad" and should produce negative effect... in certain circumstances it could cause the whole game to stop, and have everyone in the party "assist" thier fallen/tainted party member. IMO, a good jedi would do everything they could to help a f
  20. Nktalloth Jedi Youngling

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    Sep 5, 2005
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    Both seem good to me, however attakcs that don't require direct paths to their enemies (choke, for example) should still be able to work. THat doesn't meaen you have to tell your players that, though...

    Also, at higher ranks you could make it so that it's capable of supporting objects and lighter n/pcs, giving it even more useful applications. Perhaps at even higher levels, the Jedi creating it could also move it, making for an effective form of protection, plus bludgeoning.
  21. Jedi_Winter_Knight Jedi Youngling

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    Oct 30, 2005
    -Good point, i will def roll that over in my head :)
  22. Neo-Paladin Jedi Master

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    Dec 10, 2004
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    Yeah, D6 vs. D20 has been argued to death, but it?s been awhile since I?ve had a good brawl. :p

    Yeah, when running I only dole out DSP?s for serious offenses or actively calling on the Dark Side. I also try to do a bit of tempting and putting the characters in gray situations. But I like that when the line is crossed the repercussions may be drastic. It fits the movies to me. There is a light side and a dark side and while interesting things happen on the terminator, if you cross the line (from merely ?not good? into ?evil?) it can consume you. Lucas has said that he sees Vader and Anakin as two separate characters, which for me really supports the way D6 does DSP?s.

    And like I said, you can play dark side in D6 and you can play a character seeking redemption. It?s all how you and your group decide to play. :)
  23. Nktalloth Jedi Youngling

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    Sep 5, 2005
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    Yeah, or your character can try the exceedingly difficult "grey path". It's basically a path where your character looks at a problem, and determines not the best or most humane plan, but the most efficiant way of solving it, but are not allowed to be overly merciful or overly cruel. We adapted the rules so that characters could gain LSP and DSP when on this path, while both had that roll for loss... Grey Jedi rarely last an entire campaign.

    Think Kreia as an example of a fallen "Grey Jedi".
  24. Koohii Jedi Master

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    Um, the rules we had were that in order to get a DSP, unless there were very specific circumstances (alien device), GM always warned the player.
    Second, like crack, your first hit is always free. GM had to roll LOWER than the number of DSP the character had. It's impossible to roll lower than 1, so the first DSP wasn't a problem. We had one player who made it to 4 DSP in his character's first adventure, which gave him 4d bonus to all force powers. He got up and did this obscene victory dance (no one who weighs that much in blubber should attempt to do a footballer's touch-down dance). It was really gross.
    And yes, DSP can be repented. Takes an adventure or so of being a totally nicey-nice, do-gooder, paladin-type.
    Also, if a character started to not continue down the dark path (say, got the 4DSP just to get the power boost and then started playing propper Jedi, the bonus would fade 1d per adventure, but still have the DSP.

    Munchkins have cause many house rules to be written after their gross abuses of the spirit of the rules.
  25. Jedi_Winter_Knight Jedi Youngling

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    Oct 30, 2005
    -That is unfortunately true... the rules lawyers are just as bad. "I think the spirit of what they meant when they created this was this..." Vs. "Yeah well it doesnt say you tech can't..."
    ::shakes head::
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