What has been your favorite moment on the 3SA?

Discussion in 'Revenge of the Sith' started by SupremeChancellor, Apr 4, 2005.

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  1. wcleere Force Ghost

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  2. Carnage04 Jedi Grand Master

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    Actually, finding OUT about the Shadow may have been one of my moments on the 3SA. I occasionally stop by to see what he's doing and send him EMAIL's informing him that I am indeed a Psychiatrist specialized in helping chronically delusional patients and offer him some helpful tips, invitations to my office for a private consultation, other places where he may go for mental help, or a jar full of arsenic (Which I recommend as a permanant solution to the problem.)

    Usually when I get a Nigerian 419 Scam EMAIL I often refer them to my "Wealthy Friend Mickey Suttle", too. ;)

  3. Hades2021 Jedi Master

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    I was on this site for the longest time and I never remembered the script leaking. Trust me. Spoilerrific or Tern or someone did post detailed descriptions of the Dooku duel and other things, though, but they ended up being from the novel. The novel also was out a couple weeks before it was supposed to.
  4. Bacon164 Force Ghost

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    I remember the script being leaked. I still have it actually on a Word Document.
  5. PrincessKenobi New Films Manager of DOOM

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    The Gil and that first week in Janaury when everything just let loose.

  6. BothofUs Jedi Master

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    The script came out a couple weeks before the movie. It spurred somem debates about scenes that were cut but still in the script.
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