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Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Writing Resource' started by Daughter_Of_TheForce, Dec 24, 2001.

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  1. Daughter_Of_TheForce Jedi Padawan

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    ...while writing "What Remains Unspoken":

    1) Writer's Block is not terminal.

    2) I can't call procrastination Writer's Block.

    3) I can't call fear Writer's Block.

    4) No matter what I'm writing, I can't get away with doing less than my best.

    5) After writing for 25+ years, the writer's demons (fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of not having anything to say, fear of being seen as a fraud) are still just as real and just as seductive.

    6) Readers are sometimes better at seeing my intentions than I am.

    7) I can't be afraid to put my emotions (or a character's emotions) on the page. If I don't feel them, my readers won't feel them.

    8) Value anything I write, even if it winds up in the bottom of the desk drawer.

    9) Related to #8, don't fall too deeply in love with my words. I'll have to edit them later.

    10) The muse doesn't work unless I work!

    11) Deadlines (even self-imposed ones) are good things.

    12) Treasure my readers.

    13) Don't let an abundance of readers or a dearth of them change how I write.

    14) Tell my internal critic to get a cup of coffee and take a walk around the block when she gets too loud. Often, if necessary. :D

    15) I'm not as bad a writer as I think I am.

    16) I could not have gotten as deep into the characters as I did, if it weren't for the exquisite performances of these individuals:
    • Ian McDiarmid
    • Mark Hamill
    • Billy Dee Williams
    • Peter Cushing
    • Natalie Portman
    • James Earl Jones & David Prowse
    • Harrison Ford
    • Carrie Fisher
    • Ewan McGregor
    • Liam Neeson

    17) No idea is too crazy.

    Just thought I'd share that, since I've finished my series today. :)

  2. Veng_Commando Jedi Padawan

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    Wow, very... philisophical
  3. Liz Skywalker Ex-Mod

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    Jun 13, 2000
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    true, too true.

    //tells her inner critic to take a hike
  4. DarthIshtar Jedi Grand Master

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  5. Darth_Fruitcake Jedi Padawan

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    Every time I read one of those, something inside kept on kicking me and hissing, "guilt trip!"
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