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What if you woke up and could use the Force? RR(JA)Missing scene

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by G2Jedi, Feb 21, 2003.

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  1. G2Jedi

    G2Jedi Jedi Master star 1

    Oct 17, 2002
    Hey guys!
    I was reading a fanfic about Ani's feelings when he lost his hand, and i realized i should had squeezed the loss of my hand for all it was worth.

    If you have no idea what i'm talking bout. check this page out:

    It had been a tiring day, the party, the food fight , and the Sith girl only served to remind me of the wierdness of my situation.Vaguely I wondered how I would get back home .

    I walked in the dark halls of the temple, taking in the concentrated Force in the temple. I ran my fingers over the murals on the wall, which showed a boy with a green blade battling a Sith.
    A ripple in the Force alerted me to somebody. I spun round, using the Force to sharpen my eyesight. It was a girl.

    I frowned. Her sihoullete showed showed the robes of a Jedi, but her Force presence showed otherwise. Instead of the radiating, interconnecting feeling of a Jedi, it was more like a dark cloud, elusive, present but unreachable.
    I gave a gasp. I knew.
    "You...Kim!" I drew my light saber quickly, my thumb flicking the switch on. The tight laser beam restrained by a cylindrical reinforced ray shield shot out, and a smell of ozone filled the air as the ray shield ionized the surrounding, causing a lime green glow. In response, a bright scarlet gyroscopic atom shearing shaft of antimatter shot out of the dark cylinder Kim held in her hands.
    Her first blow was a high blow executed from Jodan, a typical Sith blow that showcased their aggressive nature. However, suprisingly, her next blow was an upwards moving thrust, a pacisfistic cut that aimed at the wrist. I blocked the first blow and parried the second, twirling my saber into a high Chudan, aiming at her throat. I ran forward, employing a classic Kendo strategy that forced the opponent to move backwards or run the risk of being impaled. It seemed that she knew this trick, however, and she spun away, knocking my blade off-center.
    I returned my blade to Hasso, the stance I had started out with,The conventional attack from a Hasso was a Kesa Girl, a cut running from the shoulder to the inside hip. Instead, I employed a Do cut, normally executed from the Jodan fo more power. I think Kim was surpirsed by this , because she took quite a few seconds to shift to a Low hasso to block the strike. From this she employed a low cut at my feet. I jumped, and she took the oppurtunity to stab at my abdomen while in midair. I twisted to avoid the thrust, but ended falling off-balance. She pressed her advantage,, using alternating do cuts to disorient me. I caught her blade the 5th time, using all my strength to force her blade down , twisting my blade against hers, trying to attempt a Vader cut.(Vader severed Luke's hand by twisting his blade around Luke's, then flicking it upwards to sever his wrist.) I should have known better than to try it against a Vader fan. She knew it and slid her blade out of mine, flicking it wards and high into Jodan. She had left her stomach exposed.

    Quickly I decided whether to kill her or not. She would most likely kill me if I did not take this chance. And it was so tempting.

    But she was a girl.
    Too late! She had brought her blade dowm, and I blocked it at the last moment. I smelled smoke and realised she had singed my hair.Before I could move to my new blow, she had twisted her blade round mine, moving inside with every turn. Then her blade was inside mine, and with a nice flick she had knocked my saber to the floor, then Force-pushed me towards the wall.

    "Sith,"I whispered.
    She smirked twirling her saber menacingly."You called?"
    Suddenly, Qui-gon's shape appeared in front of her. I gave a sigh of relief, then sucked it back when she held her saber across my chin, with a cold,"Come any closer and I'll behead him." She then Force directed my saber into her other hand, twirling the color dial to red.
    Isaw my chance instantly. I bit down hard on her wrist, and she let out a cry of pain. I wrenched my saber out of her hand with the For
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