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What if you woke up and could use the Force?RR(TPM)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by G2Jedi, Mar 15, 2003.

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  1. G2Jedi

    G2Jedi Jedi Master star 1

    Oct 17, 2002
    Corellia was my favorite planet for two reasons: 1, it was my master's home planet,2. it reminded me of Singapore. It had the sort of preserved oldness Singapore had.

    I passed a holostory shop, where people could downloadn books into their datapads. I had been there enough times to be called the regular customer, and Kaed, the shopkeeper knew me well enough to be called a friend.
    "Hello, Sam." he called out as I walked past the shop."There's a new book in today. Wanna download?"
    I gave a faint smile."No thanks. Maybe next time. I have some other buisness."
    "Jedi business?" asked Kaed's 6-year old son, Juab.
    I smiled again." That's right."

    "Good morning," said the Twi'lek counter assistant. "What would you like?"
    "Give me a 7.0 power cell please."
    The assistant nodded. "Please wait for a moment."
    Bored, I started looking around. Suddenly, I caught my reflection in the transparisteel window, and was forcibly reminded of how much I had changed over the nine years since I arrived in the GFFA, transported by an anomaly in the Force to a turbolift in the Jedi Temple. A new mechanical hand replaced the old one, as this one featured silver plating that kept people from staring too much. My hair, once long and wavy, had been cut short in the padawan way. Three days of forgetting to shave had lead to a slight stubble.
    Less obvious had been the changes of the mind. After the loss of my hand, I had studied Form 2,4 and 3 fighting stlyes, combining the elegant precision of 2 with the powerful defense of 3, and the graceful offensiveness of 4 gave me an edge in attack, something many students of Form 3 lacked.
    "Here's your powercells, sir." said the assistant.
    I thanked the Twi'lek and headed for my ship.
  2. G2Jedi

    G2Jedi Jedi Master star 1

    Oct 17, 2002
    Well, since nobody aint no postin'.....

    I walked slowly back to my ship , pondering the changes im my life since that anomaly in the Force had allowed me to traverse nearly 2000000 lightyears. The Force-powers that had been awakened within me had made me stand out like a sore thumb. There, in the Jedi Temple, I had, for the first time in my life, felt truly at home.

    A slight wind blew across the street, blowing my short ponytail up. A smile touched my lips. Just 7 months ago, I had been Knighted, constucting a new lightsaber for myself. It was the proudest moment in my life.
    A jerk in the Force alerted me , preventing me from crashing into the wall. I had been so engrossed in my own thoughts I had forgotten everything else.

    I climbed into the cockpit of my starfighter, a compact and sleek ship of my own design. Two years ago the Temple had ran a course in starship designing, and I had graduated from it with honors. I used the course to design a starfighter of my own, which incorporated elements of the TIE- Defender and X-Wing. Four ion engines boosted my maneuveribilty, and the X-shaped wings hid 4 deadly turbolasers, with one-additional laser cannon mounted above the cockpit and two proton torpedo launchers beneath the bottom ion engines. I had recently installed a Viewscreen VE-class scanner, allowing me to run scans not on just the ship's class and technical details, it also allowed me to run scanner reports on the energy status of their shields and other invaluable information.
    I glanced at my screen . 5 more minutes until I was given the go-ahead to take-off.

    A beep from my astromech droid,Zai, alerted me to an incoming transmission. I shrugged and hit the recieve button.
    The holograhic viewcreen crackled , forming an image of a distinct asian face. I allowed myself a smile.
    "Hello, Clare." I said."It's been far too long. 4 years right?"
    "5," she corrected."There's a reunion party the day after. Do you want to come?"
    "The day after.... Corellian Standard or Corstan?"
    "Coruscant Standard."
    The transmission shut off, followed by a beep by Zai. I switched on the repulsorlifts and took off.
    I switched on the hyperdrive as I sped into the darkness of space. 2 minutes until the hyperdrive powered up, and 3 minutes to get away from the gravitational influence of Corellia. I relaxed, waiting for the soothing blue of hyperspace to replace the pitch darkness of space.
    I felt, rather than heard the blast . If I hadn't got my shields on the blast would have killed me instantly.
    "What the HECK?!!" I shouted, overriding the autopilot and taking my fighter into a barrel roll, followed by a hard turn to port.
    The holo viewscreen crackled again. Another asian face came on. It didn't take me less than 2 seconds to recgnise the face.
    "Hi Samuel. How's your hand?"
    I growled and let out a hiss."Kim."
  3. kimbilili-k-s

    kimbilili-k-s Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jul 9, 2002
    Nine wonderful nine years could get. I had no more memory of earth, of where i came from. Friends and family had long disappeared from my mind. I only had one goal - to destroy the jedi.

    I finally got to own my own TIE. It was a TIE interceptor. I had come to respect my former master, Darth Maul, and hate Sidious, of which both of us had a nickname for him - Darth Hideous. Often, the two of us had been sent out on missions and had accomplished them together. The bond between him and I was almost inseperable by now, though I was no longer his apprentice. I was now known as Darth Saratis, a name given to me eight years back.


    Darth Maul and I had just accomplished another mission and were flying towards Naboo when we saw another fighter. Seeing fighters meant one thing, especially if they obviously belonged to the Jedi. It meant we had to blast the fighter into oblivion. But this was no ordinary pilot. A familiar wave of the force came over me and i realised it was Samuel, a boy two years younger that i had met nine years ago. A more mature young adult by now, no doubt. My fingers pushed a few buttons on the key pad and my fighter emitted two blasts towards his ship. Blasts that were not strong enough to destroy anything, but just to get his attention. I decided send a transmission over to him, and pushed a couple of other buttons. Darth Maul was watching from his own infiltrator, and he read my thoughts. He had seen Samuel's ship.

    <One of your 'friends' from Earth?> he asked.

    <Yes. I cut off his hand a few years back, if you remember me telling you.>

    <Of course.>

    A second later, Samuel's face appeared on the viewscreen. I smirked. He was definitely a different young man, but his features were nearly the same as when i'd seen him nine years back.

    "Hi Samuel. How's your hand?" I asked.

    His eyes flashed as he recognised me.

    "Kim." he spat out my name.


    sorry man would've loved to post more but gotta do elearning.
  4. G2Jedi

    G2Jedi Jedi Master star 1

    Oct 17, 2002
    What does Saratis mean?
    "Glad you remembered my name," she said.
    "After all, we Terrans should stick together."
    I struggled to control my anger, silently telling myself that I would not let her get to me.I drew in the Force and expelled a gust of air, letting my anger go with it.

    I am a Jedi Knight. I will not let her get at me.
    I reached out to the Force, feeling the energy field that connected me to all life. I drew it in, feelin its warm power fill me.
    I smiled, remembering that movie I had seen so many years ago. "Catch Me if you can." I said,taking my ship into a rolling dive,evading the blasts. I felt the Force guiding me .
  5. kimbilili-k-s

    kimbilili-k-s Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jul 9, 2002
    Saratis? i got it from a friend's name - really long ago. dunno what it means. not sure if it even means anything.


    As soon as i spotted Samuel's ship speeding up, i activated my sublight engines and launched forward. Darth Maul's TIE was following closely beside me.

    <Do you want me around?> he asked.

    <Actually, no. It's become a rather personal thing all of a sudden. Sorry.>

    <It's alright. I understand. I'll head back to Naboo first. Take care. I'd still like you to be in one piece.>

    <Ok. I'll try to be.>

    With that, he sped off. I chased after Samuel's TIE. He expertly dodged all my blasts towards his ship. This couldn't carry on - he could use the force much better than when i knew him nine years ago, and this would be never ending if he kept dodging. There was only one way to do so, and that was to distract him.


    <Shut up, Sith.>

    Woah. he sounded like he was still fuming over the hand cutting.

    <I wanted to apologize...>

    <I don't need it.>

    <I'm s-> I cut my sentence off halfway, and sent my ship spinning off. Hopefully he would think that I had passed out. He did, because his ship changed its direction immediately. I could still sense some doubt in his mind though. Maybe he was just checking to see if I had really passed out.

    <Kim!> he called. I chose not to answer.

    When his ship came relatively close, I suddenly swung mine around, aimed and fired. My shots were acurrate and they hit his engines, causing him to lose control of his whole vehicle. Fortunately for him, we were still near Corellia, and I guessed he would try to land there.

    <keep your guard on next time, JEDI.> I laughed.

    I then headed for Coruscant - the place that gave me both good and bad memories. Nearing the planet, I felt another wave of familiarity. It was Clare this time. Why did i have to meet so many of them in one day?

    <Hello, Saratis.>

    <So you've heard.>

    <Of course.>

    My whole TIE rocked. Damn. I needed to get a control of my TIE, but my body refused to let me. My lungs heated up at that moment and I coughed out blood. It was from an injury that i had sustained a few months ago. I was on a mission with Darth Maul when I had been shot in the lungs. It never really had enough rest to heal fully, and since then it had been acting up from time to time. I sped up again, determined to reach Coruscant before Clare got me.
  6. JediClare

    JediClare Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 8, 2001
    "I'm" twenty-four now. Wow. :p

    Samuel, I hope you don't mind me using your starfighter design. Let me know if you do and I'll change it.

    I tucked my hands into the wide sleeves of my brown robe and leaned back in the seat of the one-man -- or, in this case, one-woman -- fighter as I waited for the transmission to connect. I had specially modified my starfighter. Other than the basic shape and capabilities which had been Samuel's design, I had replaced the in-built hyperdrive with a faster one, tinkered with the sublight engines, added stronger shields and better weapons, and increased manueverability. Still, with all these modifications, the astromech droid was still needed. Mine was an R2 unit, R2-K4, whom I called Kayfe.

    "Hello, Clare."

    I smiled at the image of my Master on the flat viewscreen.

    "Hi, Master. Yes, I'm fine. The mission was fine. Nobody got injured or killed or tortured or got their heads lopped off. No one tried to injure, kill me, torture me or lop my head off. I stopped at Corellia to re-fuel because the Devaronians absolutely refused to let me re-fuel my fighter. I'm now off-world and I'm waiting for Kayfe to finish his calculations to get me home," I said rapidly in one breath.


    "I guess I ask the same questions every time, huh," Jadyn replied.

    "Yes, you do."

    My Master ran a hand through her short dark hair. Her hairstyle had not changed one jot since I had first met her nine years ago. Hair colour, definitely. There were more grey hairs -- my doing. "Apparently your solo mission and those of most of the other Terrans end around the same period." 'Terrans' was the word used to refer to the group of us whose homeworld was Earth, but it no longer carried the meaning it had all those years ago, not for me. It was now only a word and not something that still classified me and bonded me to Earth. The Jedi Temple, Coruscant, this galaxy, was my home now. "Some of them are already back at the Temple, Yan Yan being one of them. So there's going to be a reunion party day after tomorrow, Coruscant Standard. Madness will reign and the pranksters will have a whale of a time. In other words, it's going to be a nightmare." She grinned.

    I laughed. "All right, I'll be there."

    "Pass the message to Samuel. He should be around Corellia too."

    Oh. So that was who the faint familiar presence I had sensed was.

    "Yes, Master."

    "Safe journey, Padawan. May the Force be with you."

    "May the Force be with you."

    I ended the transmission, then opened another to Samuel.

    It did not take long for him to answer. His face appeared on the viewscreen. His hair had been cut short, Padawan-style, from when I had last seen him. His Padawan braid was also conspicuously missing. He had been Knighted, then. His shoulders were much broader, and I suspected that in person, he would tower over me. Otherwise he looked pretty much the same as he had half a decade ago, just older.

    "Hello, Clare. It's been far too long. Four years, right?" Samuel greeted me. His voice had also become deeper. He was no longer the teenager that I remembered, but a young man now.

    "Five," I corrected. I got straight to the point. "There's a reunion party the day after. Do you want to come?"

    "The day after? Corellian Standard or CorStan?"

    I replied the latter.

    He nodded onscreen. "Okay."

    Customary farewell, then I cut the transmission.

    Kayfe tootled as soon as the transmission ended. He was done.

    Pin-points of stars became starlines, which dissolved into the blue-white swirls of hyperspace, and I wondered about the slight flicker of darkness I had sensed just before the jump to hyperspace.

    I returned to realspace smoothly. I could see the orange-black orb that was Coruscant in the distance, little bigger than my fist, hanging in the dark airlessness of space. I noticed that the dark yet familiar presence I had felt at Corellia was much stronger and clearer here.

    I tensed reflexively and put shields on maximum strength, then relaxed as I reached out to the Force for gu>
  7. kimbilili-k-s

    kimbilili-k-s Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jul 9, 2002
    Nice, long post Clare. Told you i'd be back? i'm here at 3.30am. :D
  8. JediClare

    JediClare Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 8, 2001
    You're late. You said 2am! :p
  9. kimbilili-k-s

    kimbilili-k-s Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jul 9, 2002
    sorry man, I was watching England vs Liechtenstein.


    I didn't care about the speed I was travelling at. As long as Clare didn't get me, my pride was safe. The main thing was: I needed to get my ship under control. Before long, i'd be entering the atmosphere of the planet and if I didn't do things right, I'd be hurling straight towards the ground. Aftrer I flicked the emergency switch and used my left hand to
    pull the yoke as far back as i could, i managed to stop my ship from rocking wildly. At least now I was going straight
    and not going all over the place. As my right hand continued to clutch at my chest, I coughed and a little more blood spilled onto the controls.

    My viewscreen was still working, though the connections were quite bad. It flickered on and Clare's fuzzy face came into view. When I looked at her face, I realised that time had really flown by and we were both 24 already. Never in my whole life on earth had I imagined that by the time this age arrived, we'd be hunting each other down in the star wars galaxy.


    How needless. she knew my answer already.

    "Go to hell, Jedi." A rather croaky voice came out from my throat.

    The clouds on the planet grew bigger and bigger and i was heading towards the atmosphere. Praying that the force would guide me, i plunged right into the clouds and swerved to avoid another vehicle. I had to take advantage of the few seconds and find a hiding place quickly, before Clare found me and before my lungs could not take it anymore. I figured that I couldn't handle the amount of stress I was taking. That was possibly the main reason the attacks grew worse.

    I steered left and right and narrowly avoided the heavy traffic. No doubt everyone of the drivers were thinking that I was some irresponsible kid who had messed up the vehicle. I received many stares from above and below, but that was not my concern. I veered my vehicle in the direction of a huge building, spotted an empty and deserted parking bay on the third storey and quickly swooped down to it. My ship landed, or rather, crashed onto the ground. That caused a few major bumps everywhere and I could hear the loose parts jangling about. It wasn't a pleasant sound. Oh no, I thought. Repairs were not cheap and I did not have much money with me - which brought me to a new problem: how was I going to get back to Naboo? Still, there was nothing much I could do since I was already here.

    My lungs were much more relaxed now and I slumped back in my seat and breathed heavily, thinking of my next course of action. Clare would've gone somewhere to report her meeting with me. The first question popped in my mind: Why did my instincts lead me to Coruscant? I trusted my instincts all these years and it hardly went wrong. I supposed there had to be something going on here that I had to find out or do. I stepped out of my TIE and scanned the area to see if there was anyone. This floor (or maybe the whole building) was totally empty. I walked towards the turbo lift and went down to the ground level. I blended into the crowd perfectly the moment I stepped out of the ift. I recognised this place - it was somewhere near the Jedi Temple. That's it, Clare would most probably have gone to the Temple. I was not exactly very near it, but within a day's distance if I rented a speeder and made my way there. How about stealing one instead of renting, my mind suggested. No. It would bring too much attention.

    I continued to walk along the crowded street, looking for a place where I could rest for a while. I had been to this place a few times before but I was not altogether familiar with its streets. I spotted one of the more popular bars and headed in, then ordered a drink and settled down quietly in a corner.
  10. delta7_interceptor

    delta7_interceptor Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 10, 2002
    I was standing in the shadows of the landing bay while Clare's fighter slowly landed with only the tiniest of bumps. Clare's flying skills had improved considerably since the last time I met her. And that was around 4 or 5 years ago.

    Had it been that long? I wondered.

    Of course we had communicated occasionally through holovids and what not, but this was the first time in many years that we would be able to meet face to face.

    As she prepared to walk past my secluded spot, I ran my fingers through my hair, now cut male padawan style for both comfort and style. My braid lay carelessly across my shoulder as I sauntered out to greet Clare.

    "So how was your mission? Did you bring me back any souvenirs from Devaron?"

    She whirled, her hand automatically went down to her saber, and her body crouched in preparation for a fight. When she saw whom it was that startled her, her face loosened as she straightened up quickly and brought a hand up to her pulsating heart.

    "Gosh Yan Yan, you almost killed me! What on earth are you doing, skulking around in the shadows?"

    "For your information, I was not skulking. I was waiting for someone to bring me souvenirs. Apparently the idea of a 'warm welcome' does not appear in the said someone's dictionary."

    Grinning madly at her, we moved towards each other for a friendly hug. That touch of a friend was simple yet comforting and heartwarming.

    Linking arms, we headed towards the apartments.

    "So how was your recent mission? Master Jadyn did seem quite worried to me when I 'bumped' into her just now."

    "It was fine, except the Devaronians aren't exactly a very friendly race. They refused to let me refuel there." She paused for a moment to gather her emotions in cheek. "I met her."

    My eyes narrowed immediately, it was obvious who that her was. Kim. Or better known throughout the galaxy as Darth Saratis. I wasn't as forgiving or as patient as Clare. The minute I heard that she had changed her name, I knew she was not coming back to us, she had already embraced the dark side with wide arms. From that moment, Kim became a person of my past and Saratis was the present.

    "I need to report my mission to the council."

    Glancing sideways at her, I nodded my consent; we parted ways at my apartment with the promises of dinner together. Staring at her back ruthlessly straightened, I knew that there were other factors of her meeting that Clare had refused to divulge, she would not be so shaken if it was only a brush past with Kim - I mean Saratis.

    Leaning on the walls of my apartment, I took deep breaths to steady myself. Emotions still welled up easily within me despite all the training I had been through.
    The door to my apartment whooshed open as my master leaned out. Straightening up, I turned to face my master. Master Roarke was in his late thirties, his sleek black hair was usually tied back loosely with stray locks falling over his face that could only be described as romantic. He had a reputation within the temple for being a player, a reputation that he used to his advantage.

    "What are you still doing here master? Don't you have a date with Master bimbo or what her name was?"

    "Her name is Beldonette. And she is a very elegant and refined lady. Unlike you."

    He reached out to tousle my hair despite my protests.

    "Master! I spent hours in front of the mirror just trying to get my hair to look perfectly tousled! You ruined my masterpiece!"

    "My heart bleeds for your loss. I wonder why you would spend hours in front of the mirror arranging your hair when all you have to do is just ask me for a little favour."

    "Because I do not trust your fashion sense." Looking him up and down with a critical eye, I retorted,"If you plan on wearing that gauche pair of pants with that shirt, Master Beldonette is going to die laughing tonight."

    "Smart ass." His tone softened, "What happened between Clare and Saratis?"

    I must have looked stunned cause he chuckled lightly as he pulled me into the apartment.

    "Your shields are down my padawan. You we
  11. delta7_interceptor

    delta7_interceptor Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 10, 2002
    Glad to see everyone posting. hehheh, don't mind me, im crapping here. :)
  12. JediClare

    JediClare Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 8, 2001
    :mad: I am insulted. I do not bump when I land. I have been flying for nine years! [face_plain]

    :D :p

    btw, watch the 'smart ___', I'm not sure if that word is allowed here...

    I set my fighter down gently on the metal floor of the hangar bay. I retracted the thick transparisteel of the cockpit cover and hopped out of the cockpit, stretching my limbs. Kayfe rolled along beside me as I headed for the exit. I could [i]feel[/i] the presences of the numerous Jedi in the Temple, many familiar, some not so.

    Force, it was good to be home, even if it meant delivering a report to the Council.

    I was walking past a particularly shadowed spot when there was a sudden moment out of the corner of my eye.

    Kayfe beeped.

    Without thinking, I whirled, automatically reaching for the lightsabre at my belt and had tensed in anticipation of a conflict, wondering why my danger sense had not alerted me, and why Kayfe had sounded uncharacteristically calm.

    That was answered a second later. My lightsabre was already in my hand when I saw who it was.

    "So how was your mission? Did you bring me back any souvenirs from Devaron?" a familiar voice asked cheekily.

    I forced myself to relax, my heart still thudding madly. [i]You're home now. You're safe,[/i] I reminded myself.

    "Yan Yan, you almost [i]killed[/i] me! What in the name of the Force are you doing skulking around in the shadows?" I demanded as I returned my sabre to my belt.

    "For your information, I was not skulking," my friend shot back in typical Yan Yan style. "I was waiting for a certain someone to bring me souvenirs. Apparently, the idea of a 'warm welcome' does not appear in that said someone's dictionary."

    I considered cracking some joke about how cold space was, decided against it. I laughed and grasped her in a friendly hug. We had not met each other for, what, four years?

    We spoke a little as we headed out of the hangar.

    "...refused to let me refuel there." I was about to tell her about my encounter with Saratis when a sudden flash of [i]something[/i] shot through my mind. All I had been able to grasp from that brief touch was an inhuman face, horned and tattooed in red and black and fiery yellow-red eyes, and lush green forests...

    I blinked, disoriented. Yan Yan seemed to be patiently waiting for me to continue, but there was a spark of worry in her emotional state.

    "I met her," was all I managed to say, trying to recover from the shock of the vision.

    We parted ways at the front door of the apartment Yan Yan shared with her Master, Roarke. "I need to report on my mission to the Council," I said a little absently, my mind still dwelling on the unmistakable demonic face I had [i]seen[/i]. Why had I [i]seen[/i] it? What was the Force trying to tell me?

    Yan Yan still seemed very worried. I gave her a lopsided smile in an attempt to diffuse her anxiety. It did not work, however.

    I agreed to dinner and left. As I headed for the Council chambers, I reached out along the bond I shared with Jadyn.


    [b][i]Welcome home, Padawan. What's wrong?[/i][/b] Evidently, she had sensed some of my thoughts and feelings through our bond.

    [b][i]I met Saratis off-world Coruscant.[/i][/b]

    I felt her concern about that issue, but it was pushed aside for the moment. She knew the Council would deal with that. [b][i]No, other than that.

    I'll let you know when I figure out myself.[/i][/b] I changed the subject. [b][i]I'm having dinner with Yan Yan and Master Roarke tonight. Will you be free to join us?

    If Yoda's cooking, I'm not going.[/i][/b]

    I [i]chuckled[/i]. [b][i]He's not. They wouldn't let the little green troll contribute to their dinner. They're as afraid of his cooking as you are.

    It's a relief to know that they're normal. Unlike you.

    Yoda's cooking isn't that bad,[/i][/b] I protested.

    [b][i]Case in point.

    Oh, fine. I give up. See you later.[/i][/b]

    Mental teasing laughter from Jadyn ended our conversation.

    Once again I stood before the large doors of the Council chamber>
  13. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Andi sat, feet curled up around her. She sat on a blanket, overlooking a large green forest area.


    She smiled, as she watched the people playing in front of her. Her worn book, in front of her, she was busy writing into it.

    She breathed in the warm air.

    <Sure beats Coruscant...> She felt a soft laugh comming from the woods. She grinned.

    She watched the folks in front of her again.

    Her children, in their teens, were busy playing with some of the other children from the neighborhood.

    She looked back down into her book again. She smiled as she read some of the eariler chapters of her adventures. That was fun. Her nine years gone, were not missed by her family. Luckly, the way timed moved for them, did not seem to work the same way. When she got back, very little time had passed.

    OH Force.....she remembers the fun she had when she had first come back to Earth...with Master Elon in tow.

    She laughed softly, as she remembered first introducing her Elon...and she didnt DARE tell him who he was...not at first. It was all so strange back then. Nine years of memories and feelings..and training...and then stepping back into to almost the precicse time you had left. She even got a chance to go to the convention that she had been going to. She thought Elon would DIE from laughter, as he wandered about the convention hall...trying to control himself. Their bond was singing....she was in near hysterics then.

    She had decided to come back to Earth. It had been hard...going backwards in technology..and not saying anything...was hard. But, she missed her family. Besides, she now had a mission. She looked for others who were Force sensative. And helped to guide them, as she had been. Some went to Coruscant. She kept an watchful eye, and kept in contact with others who were also stationed on Earth.

    Elon also visited frequently. As he was right the woods, on her family's farm. <Probably talking to the deer again.> she mused to herself.

    Her biggest shock, had come, when she found out that her youngest son, 9 years old...was ALSO Force sensative.

    THANK GOODNESS...he was not using his abilities though...she would not have been able to cope with an hyperactive 9 year old with Force abilites. But, he was sensative to many she kept an eye on him.

    OH...what fun, it had been, she remembered, as she read thru her book, when she had first came back, and trying to explain some events to her family....

  14. kimbilili-k-s

    kimbilili-k-s Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jul 9, 2002
    great to see you guys posting man. esp you yan yan. how long have u not been here? hm.


    The irony. The bar I had stepped into was Dex's Diner. As I sat in my corner, my senses automatically roused to check and see if there were any Jedi around since Dex was a good friend of Obi-Wan - that is, if the movie was accurate. My drink was served to me by the familiar face of who else but Dex himself. It frizzled and frothed, the exact same way my head was feeling. My mind was still going over the close shave I just had with Clare. I took a sip of my drink and was refreshed by its coolness, then leaned back and closed my eyes.

    I desperately needed sleep as the previous mission had drained a whole lot of energy out of me. My hand pulled my hood so that it covered my eyes and I dozed off, but my senses were still alert. My dreams brought me back to the past. Scenes went past - getting transported to this place from Clare's room, *flash* the first time I had met Sidious, *flash* the meeting with Seven's brother, *flash* pushing Seven off the landing platform, *flash* killing Cara, *flash* cutting off Samuel's arm.

    Just then, a loud "HOY!" woke me up. I looked across the bar and saw a fight ensue. A huge guy was picking on a smaller one and had pushed a table onto him, which caused the drinks on it to spill and glasses to break. Dex immediately went over to stop the fight. The larger guy sneered at both Dex and his victim and proceeded towards the exit. However, he had to pass by my table. I couldn't stand the sight of his face. My thumb and index fingered my blaster, switching it to a higher setting.

    "Hey wise guy," I called out to him as he passed.

    "What?" he turned to me and growled.

    "Pick someone your own size next time." He was not happy. who would be?

    "Mind your own business. You don't want to get mixed up with me."

    The people at the next table were watching this interesting encounter and were whispering to each other.

    "You neither. I've had enough of you." My blaster appeared for an instant, did its job and left my aggressor on the ground. Some people cheered. He didn't seem like a popular guy.

    I finished my drink and left the bar, my cloak bellowing behind me. Behind me, I could feel Dex staring, wondering who I was.


    so much for doing a good deed. lol.
  15. G2Jedi

    G2Jedi Jedi Master star 1

    Oct 17, 2002
    Not that this info is of any real use, but my astromech is called Zai, and his designation is R2-F-something. Can u guess the no?


    I guided my fighter back into the docking bays of the Temple, a large scowl painted on my face. I had underestimated Kim. AGAIN.

    My repulsorlifts hissed as the fighter slowly touched the ground. From inside the cockpit i saw the dimunitive figure of Master Yoda. The cockpit popped, and the holograms disaapeared as my fighter shut down.
    "Master Yoda," I greeted, climbing out of the cramped space.
    "Delayed, you were." Somehow Master Yoda always saw through the human waste and reach the problem.
    "I, uh, encountered an old...aquaintance."
    "Your Sith friend." He stated.
    I kept my mouth shut about the fight, knowing he would reprimand me about my lack of concentration. Instead, I said," Where are the rest of the Chosen?"
    "In Master Roake's apartment, they are." He glanced at the large chrono on the wall. "Late, you are."
    "I KNOW," I said, sighing.
    I walked towards the door that led to the housing part of the Temple. A familar sihoulette caught my eyesight. Someone had used my design! I felt a swell of pride.
    About halfway through the journey, I encountered Clare and Yan, chatting about some stuff, oblivious to the world. An idea ran through my head. Biological designation or artificial status? Boy over Jedi, i decided.
    I hid behind a corner. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.........
  16. delta7_interceptor

    delta7_interceptor Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 10, 2002
    eH, Sam, you spelt my master's name wrongly. Its RoaRke not Roake.


    The minute Master Roarke departed gracefully from the apartment, and the doors clicked shut after him, I dragged myself to my bed and fell facedown onto the considerably soft mattress. My room was decorated simply. Not one to bother much about interior decoration, my walls was merely covered with several posters and paintings. Odds and ends littered the shelves built into the walls. The desk was covered with disks and memo cubes - it was like the simplicity of a teenager's mind. But I was no longer a teenager. I made a mental note to myself to redecorate my room as soon as I had that time.

    Groaning as I flipped myself to face the ceiling, I ran my fingers through my hair.

    It was weird, I mused, the feeling of running my fingers through my brutally shortened hair. For as long as I can remember, my hair had been left to grow quite long, the shortest length until just beneath my chin. It still feels weird to run my fingers then suddenly stop short due to lack of hair; even though I had had this hairstyle for ages.

    Sprawled all over the bed, I allowed my thoughts to run wildly and freely within my head. When I felt that I was ready, I sat up in a meditation pose and started meditating to calm myself down. That encounter Clare had with Saratis must have had a big impact on her to leave her so distracted. Clearing my mind of all stray thoughts, I tried to focus on my emotions on this matter. The anger and hurt I felt at Kim's betrayal was still as fresh as that on a particular day nine years ago.

    A Jedi does not know anger.

    That was a phrase all too familiar to me. Repeating it over and over like a mantra, I took in several deep breaths and slowly released the anger within into the Force.

    As the anger ebbed away slowly, the center of calm within me bloomed out again. Feeling clearer in the head as compared to recently, I decided to spend the rest of my day working out.

    I made my way to the workout complex, greeting familiar faces as they flashed past. Once I reached there, I was pleased to find that the complex was almost empty except for a relatively new master-padawan pair. Ignoring them, I shrugged off my robes and ignited my saber.

    Centering my thoughts, I moved steadily as I made my way through a 12th level kata. The pale light of my blue saber shimmered mystically as I worked steadily through the fluid movements. The knowledge that my body could perform such sleek movements brought joy to my heart.

    My body was bathed in sweat by the time I had completed the kata, I had taken my time completing it, opting for the slow and steady manner instead of the fast and slick way.

    Nothing like a good workout to bring me back on focus.

    Glancing at the clock, I figured that I still had a few hours before my dinner date with Clare and her master. Suddenly, I remembered that our fridge did not contain a single morsel that was fit to be eaten as dinner.

    As I strode quickly out of the complex panicking slightly, my robe tossed absently across one shoulder, I searched through my bond with my master to seek his opinion on what we should do.

    Master, we have a code red here. The fridge does not have any food for me to whip up as dinner. We forgot to stock it this week. Clare and her master are due in a few hours. What do you propose we do to salvage the situation?

    Your timing couldn't have been much better padawan, I was about to tell Master Beldonette over some tea what lovely eyes she had. He replied dryly. Well, since we are out of food, and you don't seem in the right mood to cook a decent dinner, I propose we go out for dinner. How about Dex's Diner?

    Giggling as I pictured my master and Master Beldonette in a cosy booth, with candlelights flickering in their eyes. I thought back, Cool idea master! I'll find Clare and Master Jadyn and tell them about our change of plans. By the way, I'm hurt at your apparent lack of fa
  17. kimbilili-k-s

    kimbilili-k-s Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jul 9, 2002
    Another thing that had been done when I became a sith - my eyesight had been corrected using some technology they had, and it didn't even hurt. Now my eyesight was better than most people. "5/6" they would call it on earth. I swerved in and out of the alleys and used some shortcuts I was familiar with to get to a speeder rental shop. So far I had no idea if I was going to steal one or rent one.

    I reached "Sefe's Speeders" and looked around at the various types of speeders that were arranged neatly at the back of the shop. Sefe was busy attending to another customer in the shop but his assistant was onto me in an instant. He blabbered on about what each speeder could do and it functions etc. He seemed a young lad of about 10 or so but his knowledge of speeders was definitely wider than mine. I was not familiar with their latest models or anything, so I just set my eyes on one that sounded good. However when my eyes travelled over to its cost, it was obviously way over my credit.

    Nevertheless, I brought the boy over and asked casually, "Would you recommend this?"

    "Of course!" he said in his high, squeaky voice. "It's just about the best one we've got here."

    "Great. I'll go talk to Sefe about it, then. Run along now!" I gestured to another customer who had just entered. The lad hurrid over, obviously enjoying his job.

    Sefe had just finished with his previous customer and sat at the counter looking flustered. When he saw me, he immediately stood up.

    "Welcome. What might interest you today?"

    I smiled and reached out to the force. Manipulating his mind was easy.

    "You will lend me a speeder," I said.

    His face showed the usual dreamy look and he repeated, "I will lend you a speeder."

    "I will return you the credits when I get back."

    "You will return me the credits when you get back."

    Perfectly done I thought.

    With that, I went outside, hopped into the seat and sped off into the distance.
  18. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    Andi was flipping tru her her memories flowed.

    The nine years that had gone by had been hard. Even though she found out later on, that her family would not miss her, she had missed them. An then there was the training.

    Elon was every bit the Master of Pranks, as she dreamed...and he had kept her busy. But, he was also serious...especially when someone was in need of his services. During those times, she would feel their bond fill with the weight of the things he had to deal with. She helped, as best she good, studying hard to learn as much of the healing arts as she could.

    She also studdied in other talents...for if she was to head back to Earth, she would work alone on her assignments, most of the time. From time to time during her training, she traveled to many diffrent systems and planets, each world varied and wonderful.

    Elon had discovered VERY earily, thru her various pranks, that she was very good at Force manipulations. It gave her a greater degree of control than most had. So he had her train with various other masters, to hone that talent. Her ability to mindspeak was also diffrent, and he pushed her to develop new and diffrent uses for her abilities.

    All of the Terrans training was tailored to be unique to the their abilities showed their strengths and weaknessess to be.

    When they had asked her if she wanted to return to Earth, she was torn...she enjoyed the bond that she shared with Elon...and worried what would happen. But when she was told that he had expressed an interest in returning with her, she was estatic. So, her training, was intensified, to get her reajusted to going back to Earth...with Elon. And what abiliites/activities could be used under certain circumstances. She found herself getting excited. As so was Elon. After hearing the stories from all the terrans over the years, he wanted to experience Earth first hand.

    When they had first come was amazing. No time had been lost. She was back at the con. Elon had been in hysterics the entire time. Folks comming up to him, talking about his "costume"...and how well he stayed in chracter. She was in tears, from laughing so hard. And trying NOT to read unsheilded minds...especially DRUNK, unshielded minds...oh my.

    When she first came home...that had been interesting. She came home, and was greeted as normal. As her family shot questions off at her about the con...Elon was all but singing in her head, trying to ask questions also.

    She had introduced Elon as a co-worker...who was looking for a place to stay. Since she had some rental property available, he used that.

    Getting Elon into the concept of, and other Terran ideas had been a hoot. She steared him FAR away from idea of the Terrans hospitals. The temple took care of sending him funds to use on earth...he just claimed he was "retired"...and no one bothered him. He volunteered for a small doctors office, out in the rural area. The doctor LOVED the extra help...and Elon got a chance to interact with a small number of folks. Every so often, he would sneak by a "folk remedy"..that would help clear out a patients condition, or a little Force help them out. But nothing that stood out too much.

    Otherwise, he stayed out in the woods, enjoying the wildlife, and practicing his katas or meditating.

    And it worked well for a while. Nobody thought anything was out of the ordinary.

    Until they got a most unusual visitor.

  19. Jauhzmynn

    Jauhzmynn Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 16, 2002
    Arrival back to earth was uneventful, noone knew the brother and Sister duo had even disappeared. For them it seemed as if only a few moments transpired when in reality nine years passed. The Convention was a blast, Mynn had met her friends from the Web Community. Being in one room with 5 other women,unbenknownsed to the other roomies 3 if their number were nearly fully trained Jedi. She even bumped into a few of her friends from the 501st, one had said her "Costume", assessories and lightsaber weren't movie authentic. Juahzmynn only grinned she knew the truth, but she couldn't help playing a little prank on the overly prideful Klingon male. Mynn focused on the cosume's closures, while he lumbered away unaware his Klingon spine armour was falling off piece by glorious piece.

    The small Jedi Padawan smiled satisfied..
    A voice called out.
    "HEY! Jedi Scum!"
    Mynn turned, her left hand barly brushing her saber. She came face to chest with two Storm troppers.

    "Hey, rebel scum. How ya doing?" The medium sized trooper's amplified voice inquired.

    "Oh, I'm fine, but you Stromies still can't hit anything."

    "Oh yeah." he held up the long rifle that ws as long as Mynn was tall. "You and those whimpy force powers. Not when I have one of these." He teased.
    Jauhzmynn had heard the joke, but knowing what she knew, it wasn't all that funny any more.

    "I don't need a blaster to knock over my opponents."

    The other Storm trooper joined in the teasing. Both were trying to bear hug the smaller person between them. Jauhzmynn very gently, carefully used the Force to maniplulate the clsoures with any Jedi knowing what she was doing. She pushed both very tall and heavy Stroopers back a foot with her hands, and their armour fell off to the floor with a clatter, leaving two very shocked and embaressed troopers in the black body suits, white ankle boots and helments on their heads.

    "Oh. my." Mynn put her hand over her mouth, eyes wide...

    Her Storm trooper tortmentors quickly scooped up their affects,and heading to the restroom in the attempt to rearmour themselves.

    "So much for Imperial quality." A mellow voice said in her ear. Mynn glanced up to see her Master standing next to her, a wry smile on his young handsome features.

    "True, you think they'd have better equipment." Mynn deadpanned.

    //Now I KNOW our time together will be unforgetable. You wouldn't showing me how you did that.//

    He was slowly coming to gripes with having a Padwan that was close enough to his own age to be his peer. In some ways it was easier and in others harder because of the closeness of their ages.

    //Sorry Master, trade secret.// Mynn teased.

    "Well then, let's go find your friend Andi." He gave his clothing a quick check to make sure everything was secrured like it should be.

    "Don't try that one on me alright?"

    Mynn only smiled innocently.

  20. G2Jedi

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    Oct 17, 2002
    hmmmmm, can i skip ahead to the dinner?
    The dinner was in, suprisingly, Dex's Diner. Apparently the Force was trying to be funny again. Sigh. When would it ever learn that it had no sense of humor?

    I plopped myself down onto a comfortable chair, studying the myriad(sp?) of alien life moving into the tiny restaurant. Even though I was a Jedi Knight and had been a Jedi for 9 years now, I still found some aliens scary. Not that I was racist, of course. Jedi respected life in all forms.

    Yan and Master Roarke walked into the restaurant, an enormous scowl painted on Master Roarke's face. I waved my lightsaber in the air in a decidedly unjedi manner. They took the hint and moved over, Master Roarke trying, unsucessfully, to transform the scowl into a smile. What he ended up with made his face a ridiculous mixture of Darth Maul and Bugs Bunny.
    "What happened?" I asked.
    "His, uh, date with Master Beldonette didn't work out." smirked Yan.
    The scowl grew, if possible, even bigger.
  21. delta7_interceptor

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    May 10, 2002
    The doorbell chimed, indicating that Clare and Master Jadyn had arrived. But to my surprise, only Clare stood outside my door. Noticing my puzzled look, she explained, "Master Jadyn will come along later, she has certain stuff she wants to take care of before relaxing for the day."

    I invited her in while I gathered my belongings. When I was ready to leave, I looked up to find Clare scanning the room with eagle-eyed sharpness. She snorted with laughter when she caught my eye and pointed to a picture frame on the table. It contained a photo all the chosen ones took together quite some time ago. But only Clare and I had been making funny faces at the camera at that time. Looking down at that photo brought back fond memories of 'those days'.

    We were strolling down the corridors, talking about everything and nothing when I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. Sam.

    Trying to hide a grin that was forming on my face, I thought to Clare, Samuel, 10 o'clock. I'm betting he is going to try and scare us.

    We quickly formulated a plan to counter whatever he had in mind for us.

    As we neared his little corner, Clare's hand tightened around the hilt of her saber. When he suddenly jumped out and shouted "BOOOOO!" Clare's saber was already inches away from his neck. I merely leaned against the wall and faked a yawn as I studied my nails.

    "Honestly Sam, how old do you think we are? 2? We are much more experienced than that to be taken in by that old joke."

    He raised his hands in defense and shrugged while grinning easily. "It was a spur of the moment thing. Clare, could you kindly take your saber away? It makes me uncomfortable."

    When Clare withdrew her saber, he let out a sigh, "So where are you heading?"

    "We are going to Dex's Diner for some food. And a little girl chat." Clare replied.

    "Cool." Came the easy reply. "Well, I guess I'll see you later at Dex's."

    He walked off, leaving us with no chance to explain that dinner tonight was supposed to be just between Master Roarke, Master Jadyn, Clare and me.

    Heaving a sigh, I turned to Clare, "Guess being knighted didn't change his easy going attitude."

    Halfway on our journey to the Diner, Clare's link beeped, Master Jadyn had wanted her to purchase certain items before going down for dinner. As I disliked the market - all the smells of rotting garbage - where Clare was headed for, I told her to go about her errand and meet up with Master Jadyn first before we gather at the Diner.

    I already had some plans on how to spend my time.

    Master Roarke's date with Master Beldonette was at a certain posh restaurant that he frequented. As I stepped up to the door, it automatically whooshed open and a droid zipped up hurriedly to lead me to a booth.

    Pushing the droid away with the excuse that I was looking for someone, I scanned the area for the two lovebirds. Noting that both of them were busy flirting with each other, I tightened my shields and moved unobtrusively to the empty booth behind them.

    The sound of feminine giggles sent chills running up and down my spine and made my hair stand on its end. Master Roarke's voice came next, murmuring sweet nothings to Master Beldonette that made the giggles come again.

    I bid my time, gritting my teeth when those giggles sounded. I allowed them to get into the romantic mood, and when I was sure both of their minds were full of nothing but each other, I leaned over and gave a chirpy 'hi'.

    I had the utmost pleasure of seeing shock register on both of their faces, followed by the faint blush that coloured both Master's faces. It would be worth millions in blackmail if I could take a snapshot then of both Masters with reputations of being calm and steady in the field.

    "So sorry to interrupt you both Masters, but Master Roarke and I have a date to keep." Smirking when Master Beldonette glared at Master Roarke, taking my words literally, she smiled, but it did not reach her eyes. She said coolly, "Well then Roarke, I think you better not keep this lady waiting. Don't call me, I'll cal
  22. kimbilili-k-s

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    Jul 9, 2002
    LOL yan yan. hilarious post...had some laughs there. ;)
  23. Jauhzmynn

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    Jun 16, 2002
    OOC: Yan Yan, it was hilarious. I don't like Roarke too well.:)) I've met guys like that, they give off this certain "vibe".
  24. JediClare

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    Oct 8, 2001
    Yan2 - I'm sorry, but...girl-chat?! :eek: Heheh.

    I made my way easily through the crowd, slipping between people and moving fluidly through the mass of bodies as only a Jedi could.

    My part of my mind was still lingering on Samuel's amusing backfired scare. We had sensed him around the corner and at the moment he had sprung out, I had ignited my lightsabre -- set on low power first, of course -- and levelled the tip of the humming blade a scant few centimetres away from his throat.

    I grinned inwardly. His being Knighted meant that technically, he was of higher rank than us Padawans and we should be treating him with a little more respect. But we'd known him for years -- and, I had to admit, because he was a couple of years younger than us -- we didn't much care for the little details and niceties of hierarchy.

    I found Jadyn at a food shop, selecting items that couldn't be obtained from the Temple kitchens or stores.

    I made my way to her side where Kayfe was waiting patiently, his single grasping arm clutching a tray which was occupied by several kinds of food. He tootled a 'hello' at me. I nodded in greeting to him.

    "Next time, remind me [i]never[/i] to agree to help Obi-Wan buy food. His list is about three times as long as ours," Jadyn said to me without turning her head, consulting the scrawls on the piece of flimsy that was our list that I'd drawn up. Obi-Wan's list looked printed in comparison to mine.

    "He's a growing boy," I offered her his oft-used excuse.

    "He's twenty-five and no longer a boy, Clare. How much more is he going to grow?" She set down a hunk of light blue bread with finality on the tray. "Done."

    Once the cashier was done bagging the food and totaling the bill, his mind broadcasting amusement at the insane volume of bread, we paid and left, hurrying not to keep the others waiting.

    Half-way to Dex's Diner, a familiar Jedi in civilian clothes jostled us and strode away without a single word of apology. It was Master Beldonette, dressed in a surprisingly tasteful outfit of dark red shimmersilk and black heels, very angry and feeling betrayed, and not bothering to rein in her loud emotions.

    I watched as she walked huffily away. "I guess her date with Master Roarke didn't turn out too well," I commented.

    "Roarke is dating [i]Beldonette[/i]?" my Master said incredulously. "He has less taste than I thought!"

    Jadyn didn't quite approve of Roarke's reputation and...activities, but she kept her nose out of his business. Apart from that, he wasn't too bad a person or Jedi. And as far as I was concerned, Master Roarke's business was his own.


    I slid into my seat, muttering out of Master Roarke's hearing to Yan Yan, "Literally bumped into Beldonette on our way here. She wasn't too happy. He blew the date, huh?"

    My friend had mischievous gleam in her eye. "Well...he didn't blow it, not exactly."

    "Then wh..." I caught on and stared at her. "You didn't!" I chuckled. "That was terrible!"

    "That was merciful," Yan Yan corrected. "Once Beldonette starts clinging onto him there's no way either of us will be free of her. And their 'relationship' was doomed from the start. I'm just looking out for him."

    "Yan Yan! Jadyn! Clare! Roarke! Samuel!" a familiar voice exclaimed in a characteristic drawl, interrupting our conversation.

    I looked up and grinned at the four-armed, pot-bellied Besalisk. "Hey, Dex."

    "What'll it be for you today?" he held a pad of flimsy in one massive hand and a stylus in another.

    "The usual for me, thanks," I said. The others began placing their orders.

    I looked around at the diner. It was mostly empty, with a scattered few nursing drinks or picking at their food. Hermione Bagwa was enjoying a drink, while VA-7 the Droid Waitress was resting in a corner. This was unusual. Usually the diner would be at least half-full with people wolfing down Dex's sliders.

    As Dex scribbled on his pad of flimsy, I asked him about the empty state of his diner.

    He looked up. "There was some trouble yesterday. Wasn't a big fight>
  25. G2Jedi

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    Oct 17, 2002
    Girl talk? AAaaaaaaaahhhhhh! Help!
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