What if you woke up and could use the Force?RR(TPM)

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    OOC: Twas Perfect!

    Capatian Panaka had renetered the office with his new information from Lord Nevel. He stood quietly to the side waiting for an apropriate time to present the queen with the news.

    As he did, Lord Nevel excused himself, towards the back wall.

    Panaka came forward. exscusing himself, and handed Amidala the datapadd. She read the Basic scrip on the screen.

    Thanking Captian Panaka, she looked up at Master Windu.
    "Naboo has more friends then we thought."

    She held up the data padd in a delicaitly manicured hand. She leaned forward handing the Jedi Master the padd. His eyebrows went up as he read the contents.

    The Jedi handed the queen back the padd. It made it's way back to Lord Nevel. He bowed and quietly took the datapad. He then quickly erased the information. He noticed Master Yoda looking in his direction for a split second, as the datapad made its way back to him.

    "The offer still stands your Magesty." Mace said with a slight grin,leaning back in his chair, hands steepled in front of him.

    Amidala nodded slightly.

    Panaka stepped forward.

    "It's possible a visible Jedi presence it may increase the threat to Queen Amidala's life. A more cloaked presence might lull the attackers into a false sense of security and use smaller numbers if they make another attempt."

    That made both of Mace's eyebrows raise up.
    "In disguses perhaps?" Amidala asked. The Captian nodded. "Much like the queen has decoys of herself, even her security is in veiled guises."

    He gestured to the handmaidens as he explained to the Jedi present.

    Lord Nevel tried not to groan. Her entourage was growing.

    "The attackers may attack weather or not the Jedi are seen or unseen Captian." A gesture with a small hand emphasised the queen's statement.

    "I don't think dressing them up as handmaidens will work in this case. Naboo security would be more appropriate.."

    Lord Nevel coughed. He thought Qui-Gon and Obi-wan would look quite fetching, actually.

    "Any Jedi you wish to assign to us Master Windu, can take the place of her regular body guards." Panaka replied. He looked around at the others for their advice, espcially Lord Nevel and Mace Windu.

    "We welcome any advice you can offer Masters."
    The statly woman addressed the Jedi.

    Mace spoke up. "I have a few in mind." He sat back looking at Yoda both conversing silently. Yoda eventually nodded about something unknown.

    I glanced at Mace out of the corner of my eye; then did a double take. He was looking at me thoughtfully. I raised an eyebrow at him.

    He stood up. "Rhiannon, please stand."

    Rhiannon looked at him warily but stood.

    He glanced back and forth between myself and the queen's handmaidens, and it finally struck me what he was thinking.

    He turned to the queen. "If you are at all open to the idea of an undercover handmaiden I beleive Rhiannon can play the part. Or any other needed."

    Lord Nevel made a throat clearing noise. "Excuse me your Highness, but I have some details to attened to, for the journey back, and I wish to check on Lady Mavi. If you will excuse me." He made a low bow, and quickly left the room.

    He was some distance away, before he began to chuckle loud and long.

    He quickly made his way back to Lady Mavi.

    Lady Mavi woke up. She looked around, confused at first. She recognized where she was. Something else had woke her up.


    It was laughter, sheer, unadulterated laughter. As she quickly came to understand what was causing the laughter she too snickered. Oh dear. This was becoming to be quite an amusing thing.

    Whipping her eyes, she stood up, and began to get preperations underway.


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    OOC: Rhiannon, and Andi, that fits quite well.:)


    -------------------Jauhzmynn's POV------------------

    Uh oh, Jedi population explosion alert. I'm surrounded by Jedi! This is not going be easy. I don't know if I can maintain such high sheilds for so long.

    The woman was very concerned, although noone would've seen it on her face, nor sensed it unless they were very,very close friend of hers. The laughter helped rid her of the brain crushing headache, it also provided enough of a distraction so the Jedi Masters present couldn't detect who she was except for the one who was suppossed to know. If Captian Panka's and Mace's ideas were implimented, there would be three Jedi around her at all times. She had some reenforcement for now. It gave her a respite and time to regroup. once she left Coruscant she was on her own. The task would be putting the woman's force signature hidding skills to the test. it was ment as a temporary measure, of maybe a few minutes, never several hours or perhaps days.

    Enough worring, it's a strength robber. You know your strength is in Jesus. Stay focused on what must be done and God will take care of the future.

    Mynn told herself, and was thankful for the elaborate disguse she wore. It concealed the tension in her shoulders. The Terran didn't break charactor, not even for a second.

    A throat clearing brought Mynn's to the here and now. Lord Nevel adress the naboo queen and excused himself from the meeting.

    Was Amidala game for this venture? What will she do?
    came a thought.


    "Excuse me your Highness, but I have some details to attened to, for the journey back, and I wish to check on Lady Mavi. If you will excuse me." He made a low bow, and quickly left the room.

    Amidala nodded, giving the advisor her well wishes for his collgue. She turned to address the Jedi sitting in front fo her.

    "Master Windu, I like it. Please proceed with your plan. Captian?"

    She glanced over to the man, he nodded adding.

    "The men with me are close to the Master Jedis sizes."

    With that said, Qui Gon and Obi Wan followed the Captian out of the office at Master Windu's dismissal nod.

    The head handmaiden gave a welcoming nod to Rhiannon. Amidala mentioned she young woman would debreif the Jedi Knight before switching. The queen was proud of each of them, they were brave to step into such a dangerous situation.

    "Once the switch has taken place, the switchees can reamin in my apartments here on Coruscant,unless if they, appearing as Jedi stay with you,until they can be moved offworld without being noticed or tracked."

    Amidala asked Mace.

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    Thanks Mynn and Andi, but Mynn, I am a little confused. Are you playing decoy for the queen and if you are is she among the handmaidens? :confused:
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    I'm the queen, she's back at the Jedi Temple hiding out as me. So the decoy has a decoy.:) Only two people know about it and that's Yoda and AMidala, neither are saying a word.
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    OOC: Ahhhhh...Okydoky! :D



    I looked back to Mace for a moment and asked quietly, "What about my classes?"

    "We will take care of them," he quietly responded.

    I nodded; then bowed to the Jedi Master. I turned and bowed to the queen and finally followed the handmaidens into another room.

    Once in the room they told me to remove my Jedi robes; I did as they instructed. They immediately launched into an explaination of every thing had happened on up to this point. They also began to explain to me certain handmaiden ettiquete that I would need to know if I was to pass as one.

    They were trying to see if one of their robes would fit me but I was stuck inbetween two of their sizes, so Yane and Sabe took the larger one and made some adjustments so that it fit. They also noticed the scar that started on my neck. Though the robe for the most part hid it Eirtae and Rabe put some makeup over it, just to be safe.

    Sache, meanwhile, "corrected" my posture. Though I did have pretty good posture, as far as when I was standing and walking, the way I sat, walked, stood and carried myself was different from them.

    They told me that they each had a blaster strapped to their wrists under the sleeves of their robes. I opted to strap my lightsaber to my wrist instead, knowing that I would be of more use with it than a blaster. Thankfully I was able to hide it just as well as they hid their blasters.

    Finally they finished up their instructions and I raised my hood concentrating very hard to keep everything they had told me straight in my mind. They began to lead me out of the room and back into the room where everyone else was. I glanced in a mirror and while to my eyes we looked like just a group of handmaidens I hoped that I would pass the real "test".

    When we reentered the other room most of the Jedi had left but Queen Amidala, Panaka, Yoda, Mace and a few other members of the queen's entourage still remained there talking.

    I followed the rest of the handmaidens and stood with them near the queen, waiting until they were finished with whatever topic they were discussing.


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    By the time Lady Mavi had finished her preperations, Lord Nevel had made it back to their room. He waved her over, and gently ran a hand over her ribs.


    She blew her breath. "Oh yes, MUCH better now?" She looked up at him. "Is it time to go yet?"

    He nodded "Soon." I want to get the two ships prepped." She nodded.

    As he turned, he chuckled. "And by the way, we have picked up another Jedi."

    Lady Mavi rolled her eyes. "OH...this should be fun." She started to grab for her bags, when ...


    She turned and stared at Lord Nevel, who was busy packing his cases...or so it seemed. It was the slight shudder to his shoulders that let her know otherwise.

    "Funny!" she muttered softly, under her breath. Once she had finished with everything, he met her back in the common room. "Time to get busy. The fun is about to start."

    They both left the room, and headed for the ships.


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    The handmaidens and Panaka's secuirty entered about the same time as the queen and mace finished conversing. No new additions only places swapped, orginal people replaced with Jedi. Now it was back to engage in squabbling with the feathered fowls housed in a durasteel and glass birdcage.

    The group filed out, while Amidala remained.

    "Master Yoda and I need to talk a moment."

    Panaka looked at the woman for a second, nodded and waited outside the main office. Once the two were alone, the woman got down to the duminuative Jedi Master's level, looked him in the eyes then hugged him. Yoda recipricaited, he rested his head on her shoulder.

    "Thank you for helping me out, I defiantly need to work on a few things."

    She said quietly.

    "Your welcome Padawan. One question I have."


    "Told me, you didn't, that you lived on a farm."

    "I didn't, but Padme' has relatives who do."

    Mynn said with a snicker buring her face on Yoda's shoulder being careful to not smudge the make-up. Yoda grunted, he remebered the young girl telling him about her family.

    "Sorry I lost it with the bird image."

    Mynn apoligsed.

    "A crime to laugh it isn't. Funny it was, eased everyone's tenstion it did."

    Yoda's ears quivered remebering the image, his cheek resting on the woman's shoudler. His padawan always found a way to make him or laugh. Since they'd met, he hadn't laughed so much in his life. She and Andi were always getting some poor hapless Jedi Knight, Master or padawan laughing at something the ladies said ro did. The Jedi Temple and the Order itself hasn't been the same.

    "True, now I have to venture back into the chicken coup and watch 'em all strut and cluck. I wonder who'll lay an egg this session?"

    Mynn said letting him go and standing up. Yoda peered up at her, ears quivering while she had her 'straight man' face on.

    Yoda shook his head, egg laying Senators.

    "Hope not I do. hard boiled it'd be."

    It was Yoda's turn to stand straight faced, while his hapless padawan snorted and laughed into a sleeve then he cackled at the sight

    "Gotcha'." Was all the Jedi Master said, with amischievious gleam in his eye.

    "Hummpphh. Sneaky, you are. Taking advantage like that."

    Mynn stuck her tongue out and hurpumphed again. Turned around and sashaed towards the door. She looked over her shoulder arching an eyebrow at Yoda, who stood with his hands resting on his cane, the gleam still there, both ears quivering still. Both composed themselves, thankfully the troup didn't hear them from the corridor. He always enjoyed the banter, it was an amazing stress reliver.

    The two walked outside, back into their roles. The session started, and as predicted the 'birds' were in full squabble, figurative feathers flying. Lord Nevel's friends in the Senate did their fair share of feather ruffling, but in a more productive manner. They managed to raise the trade Federation's hackles to straispohereic heights, leaving their deligaited stymied and stammering in their pods. Those in the Naboo pod watched while three Senators showed their support for Naboo. They gave convincing enough arguments to garner even more supporters much to the
    Trade Federation's distress. It suprised the Naboo delegaites espcially Senator Palpatine. For a second his usual charm had faltered, and regained strength, but not before a pair of brown keen eyes noticed..

    Go ahead ole' Palpy buddy. Watch that mask of yours.

    Though a wily woman to herself unnoticed by any force users. The Jedi near the queen, thankfully knew hwo to obscure their presenases enough so Palpatine wouldn't know who or what they were. To him, these people were a normalpart of the queen's entourage.

    If things became too dicy, Amidala had someone waiting in the wings ready to go at a nanosecond's notice if need be.

    As soon as the session ended, the Naboo delegaition left heading directly to their ships without stopping at the offcies
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    Interesting twists. Question: where is the story going to now?
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    A teenage boy with a grime-streaked face and dressed in a ragged tunic and equally ragged pants plowed into Yan Yan, causing her to stumble and take several steps forward. Without even a word of apology, he regained his balance and took off.

    I had no time to wonder about the boy's strange, rude behaviour. Yan's few steps had been enough to put her directly in the path of the approaching Sith.

    Wonderful. This is absolutely fantastic, I thought to myself sarcastically. I stepped up beside her, drawing back the hood of my robe that had helped me to blend in with the Naboo.

    Now what?

    Okay, first things first. We followed them because we wanted to keep this Xeryn away from the dark side.

    "Bringing along a pup to train, Saratis?" I asked casually, folding my arms but alert and ready in case things turned nasty, as they were wont to do between us.

    There was just the barest tightening of the eyes, then Saratis' expression returned to a neutral one. The result of years of experience and training - experience and training that Xeryn did not have. I wanted to provoke her into doing something foolish and catch her off-guard, and then somehow get her away from the Sith. Not a fantastic plan, but it was the best I could think of in the split seconds I had to react. I would take the opportunities as they came.

    "Does she do tricks? Like the way you do with Maul? Is she able to listen to your every order already? Or does she still need some house-training? I'll be glad to lend a helping hand." I tilted my head to the side cockily. "After all, we are such charitable people."

    Xeryn was visibly trembling with rage, her hand gravitating towards her lightsabre - She already has a lightsabre? That's fast - as I continued on.

    But she pulled herself together and regarded me with a gaze that smoldered with burning hate and anger.

    Not good, I thought, unsettled. This was too fast. Disconcertingly fast. Other than her having already built a lightsabre of her own - and which was sure to have a red blade if ignited - she was well-trained enough to know how to execute some measure of self-control. And the anger that I saw - it was not petty anger, but a deep, scorching anger that was driven by the knowledge that it could drive the power she possessed to let her do anything she wanted.

    A thought flashed through my mind - we might be too late.

    Saratis shifted and the tension seemed to drain out of her, leaving her seeming relaxed, but I was not fooled. Jedi and Sith had more in common than either side liked, and there was a similar Jedi technique used to lull opponents into a false sense of security.

    "Thank you for your concern. I assure you, she is very well behaved. As much as we would love to continue chatting, we have other pressing matters, so if you'll excuse us -"

    A dark surge of the Force, then Saratis leapt high into the air, Xeryn only a moment behind her. They landed in a low-flying maroon airspeeder, pushing the shrieking Falleen driver over the side and taking control of the airspeeder. Yan and I managed to cushion the Falleen's landing in time, so that she was only stunned but unhurt.

    Yan groaned. "Not again..."

    The only vehicle around was a dark-green landspeeder parked outside a building, which we got into, hotwired, and drove off in. I made a mental note of the place to return the speeder to.

    Chasing an airspeeder in the air slipping in and out of air traffic in a landspeeder was not easy, but by skill, the benefit of good handling and engines, and the help of the Force, we managed to keep their airborne speeder in sight.

    "After all this is over and done with, I am so going to take a nice, long, relaxing break. Without mad speeder chases," I muttered.

    Yan heard me. "I thought you liked to drive."

    "Chasing a couple of Sith in speeders and across half the known galaxy isn't quite my idea of fun."

    It got easier when we got to a more sparsely-populated area, with almost no air traffic and few landspeeders around. However, our borrowed s
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    I tensed fractionally, waiting for the non-verbal cue to come. Saratis moved, and with a surge of dark energy from the Force I did too, pausing just long enough to glare heatedly at the Jedi before leaping upwards. I felt the cold rush of air as I landed perfectly in the backseat of a conveniently nearby speeder, the Falleen driver already halfway through her descent to the ground. My master took control of the airspeeder as I jumped over to the front passenger seat, almost thrown off balance as the vehicle shuddered and then accelerated suddenly and without warning.

    Looking behind, I saw the Jedi running for another nearby green speeder, hotwiring it and taking control of it. So there would be a pursuit, I thought grimly. Let them come.

    I could almost sense that they were gaining on us, even though I wasn't looking back. It was also getting harder to lose them, although I wasn't sure Saratis was trying to do so. She seemed to be enjoying the thrill of the chase, the uncanny joy in the game of cat-and-mouse played out with speeders instead. I had to admit, it should have been exhilarating, given the high speeds we were moving at and the risk of being caught. However, I was way too caught up in my brooding to relax and trust my master to get us out of this. Clare's words still rang in my ears, no matter how many times I tried to shake it off angrily. My only consolation lay in that I had the self-control then to stop, although I wasn't sure if I could maintain that self-control a second time.

    The air traffic was definitely thinning out, as we inevitably moved away from the heart of urban Naboo into the more rural outskirts of the planet. It would be impossible to hide from the chasing Jedi speeder, but we could possibly outstrip them. I vaguely noted the patrolling battle droids scattered around the vicinity as we zoomed past, leaving a droid staring bemusedly in our wake, only to be shoved away by Yan Yan as she grabbed its blaster using the Force.

    A hazy sense of alarm filled my mind, as I turned back and looked at Saratis. Her adrenalin rush had died down, now replaced by a reality check as she tried to accelerate the speeder even more, arriving at the same idea as I did, that outracing them would be the most possible option. I silently urged the borrowed airspeeder to greater speeds, resisting the impulse to twist around and see that the Jedi were catching up.

    "They've got a blaster, and they're within range to nngg-!"

    I arched my back and hissed in surprise as a fiery pain seared through my left shoulder, sending lances of agony shooting up my upper arm. "Xeryn!" Saratis' eyes widened as she realised I was hit, sending the speeder zigzagging sharply upwards, avoiding a volley of plasma blaster bolts that flew past harmlessly. I gritted my teeth, silently cursing whichever idiot invented the blaster, and the Jedi who shot the bolts.

    I clutched at my shoulder and tried to focus just enough to dull the pain, but found that I couldn't concentrate, not now, not with so much happening around me, no matter how much I tried. Saratis swore angrily again as she jerked the controls to the right, sending the speeder we were in sharply to the right and narrowly avoiding more blaster fire. Still the pain continued, and this time she turned around to look at me, concern showing very clearly in her body language.

    That unfortunately proved to be our undoing. The next hail of blasterfire hit the airspeeder squarely, bolt after bolt, sending the stricken vehicle rocking off balance. Saratis rededicated herself to the controls with a vengeance, attempting to drive the airspeeder upwards somewhat but sending it careening left instead. Apparently, the navigation systems had been damaged quite badly in the previous round of blasterfire, I reflected belatedly but with increasing alarm as the hard left turn conspired with the madly bucking motions of the blasted speeder to send me falling clean out of the speeder.

    It worked. I tried to use my left arm to hang onto the speeder before belatedly realizing that
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    Lord Nevel and Lady Mavi arrived ahead of the young Queen and her 'entourage.

    They made sure the pilots had the flight plan necessary to get them back to Naboo unharmed. Lady Mavi would be flying again in another ship. This time, Lord Nevel opted to fly with her.

    As she was going tru the ships pre-flight, Lord Nevel was getting some intersting new from Naboo.

    The Ground troups were still there...but the orbital stations had moved back some. Seems that some of the neighboring planets were starting to get a tad nervious. That and when they found their communications being interfered with, they responded with ships.

    LOTS of ships.

    The Trade Federation sputtered and spewed that they were INVITED to be there, and that they had legal authority to be there.

    So, in order to cool down the area, they moved back their stations. This should make getting back easier.

    Lady Mavi called Lord Nevel over when she spied Senator Palpatine watching in the distance.

    He only smiled, as he moved back into the cockpit of the ship. He signaled that they were ready to depart.

    They watched as the Queens cruiser left the spaceport. Several moments later, their ship also took off, clearing the space dock, and Coruscant space.

    They quickly moved to catch up with the Queen's craft.

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    Leaving Coruscant was uneventful, the new 'changes' to Amidala's entourage was unnoticed. Panaka's and Mce's plans at the moment were going well.

    The test will be on Naboo.

    All aboard the Queen's transport were more then glad to be away from the Senate. At the time the group had to keep their surprise and relief hidden. On the ship around each other, a sense of immense relief was felt. Lord Nevel's contacts came through and did more then even he could've expected. Several more of Naboo's neighbors decided to jump on board with Umgal. Lord Nevel's 'ace in the hole', the master Filiabustering senator was in full mode. He'd be keeping Senator Palpatine quite busy for a LONG while. No confidence vote was called and Canellor Finis Valorum's career was safe. The Senate was slowly wising up.

    Thwarted there ole' Palpy.

    Thought Mynn.

    Captian Panaka brought updated reports from Nabbo that the Trade Federation was moving their space stations back, but still claimed they were invited.

    One of the handmaidens snorted in derision at the party crashing aliens. Amidala's face quirked in a small smile. That snort spoke volumes of what was on everyone's minds.

    Umgal was getting nervous but not enough to give Naboo support. They didn't want the Trade Federation roaches to move into their house.

    Anyone have a Galactic sized can of bug spray handy?

    As the blue and green world came into view, the Space stations were not so close to the planet and didn't harass any craft moving back and forth for the moment. They carefully landed in Theed. Now came the test, what to do about the droids.

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    Leaving Coruscant was uneventful, and Lord Nevel was very happy for it. He and Lady Mavi traveled in their ship, which shadowed the silver cruiser.

    As the blue and green world came into view, the Space stations were not so close to the planet and didn't harass any craft moving back and forth for the moment. The Queens ship carefully landed in Theed. The second ship landed where it had before.

    Using a speeder, they would quickly catch up to the others in Theed.

    As they traveled, they quietly talked about the next step. Something felt ... wrong, ever since they had landed.

    It was time to find out what.

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    Most of the handmaidens went into the queen's privet quarters once we were on the ship, but Sabe nudged me to follow the queen and we went to the throne room instead. Sabe and I took up position on either side of the queen just behind her. I had to consciously remind myself to keep my arms at my sides and not tuck them into my sleeves as was habit. I took a deep breath, closing my eyes, attemping to clear my mind of the turmoil. Never, not even after I had been living her for almost a decade did I imagine I would be in this position. 'I don't think I will ever get used to the twists and turns life takes.' I mentally checked my posture every few minutes to make sure that I was still standing as Sache had instructed me. 'This is going to be a long period of time.'


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    In movies and novels, nothing ever was 'uneventual'. As soon as the main charactors thought it would be a 'quiet' trip, it seemed to jinx it, therefore gurenteeing an adventure one wished never happened.

    That was what the queen thought about this trip. it wasn't going to be a quiet ride home, not in the least. Sabre' and her 'new' cohort Rhiannon stood on either side of the monarch.

    "It might be some time before we all can rest. I suggest we take the time now to do so."

    Amidala said.

    "There would be much to do once on Naboo's surface."

    Once Sabe' and Rhiannon had left the chamber, Amidala crossed the room to the com statiion, entered a code, and read the message. Her lips turned down ian frown at it's contents. She quickly tapped out an encrypted response and sent it, hoping it'd make it to it's destination without being interecpted. The message's contents deeply bothered the woman, but there was nothing to do now, except go forward. Sensing eyes on her, the woman turned around seeing one of the handmaidens watching from a doorway. Her cowled hood obscured her features making it difficult for Amidala to tell who it was.

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    sorry. Didn't further the story at all. :)


    I thumbed the wheel of the speeder almost lazily as I cruised through the evening traffic in Naboo. Maybe going at this speed wouldn't be considered "cruising" to Xeryn, but it suited me very well. There was no doubt the padawans would give chase, but who cared? It was fun. Besides, I would be able to outsrip them any time.

    They had been fools to follow me in the first place.

    I gave them till a count of ten, then leaned over to the left of the speeder to look down. They didn't disappoint me at all. Twenty metres below and some thirty metres behind, I noticed a green landspeeder travelling at a breakneck speed, trying to catch up with us, but trying their best not to jeopardize the lives of those around them as well. I could vaguely distinguish Clare's figure at the driver's seat and Yan Yan's next to her, eyeing our speeder closely and trying not to lose sight of us. It wasn't very necessary - I was going to make sure that I wouldn't lose them.

    This city was not a big one and we soon got to its outskirts where there was considerably less traffic. Out here, smaller buildings lined the wider streets and few speeders zoomed about. In fact, the only speeders that were currently present belonged to those of the patrol droids, and one was heading towards the padawans this very moment. I veered left and looked over my shoulder to see what it was going to do to them, only to see its blaster flying out of its hand and the green speeder zoom past it. The droid looked around, wondering what had become of its weapon.

    Wait. They had gotten the blaster for a reason.

    I saw my apprentice turn down to look. Seeing something that she probably did not want to see, I saw her panic as she turned back and cried, "Master, they've got a blaster and they're within range to nngg-!"

    A strong smell of burnt cloth washed into my face as I turned the vehicle sharply to the right, avoiding the first barrage of blaster shots aimed at the speeder. Looking at Xeryn, I saw an ugly black mark on the upper part of her left arm. Her right arm was gripping the part above her wound tightly, and she was grimacing in pain. Damn. Damn it, it was my fault. I shouldn't have taken this too leisurely and I should have reacted faster. Hideous wasn't going to like this. I gripped the controls more tightly now, relying on the Force at the same time to tell me where the jedi scum were shooting their bolts. I twisted the vehicle left and right, narrowly missing the shots, but it was good enough. Yan Yan's aim was good though, and one shot hit the hinge of my door, destroying it so that the door hung loosely at the side. At least my seat belt kept me on. I swore angrily and jerked the controls to the right, making the speeder swerve violently in that direction and praying that their fire would cease for a while.

    Thus, I was over confident that my mind would be able to stay on three things at a time. I turned to look at Xeryn's wound - and regretted it immediately. I had not put my mind on the bolts of plasma being fired at the vehicle, and the next torrent of it slammed straight into the back of the it. Jolt after jolt came, and I realised I was having less and less control over it as time passed and more plasma destroyed the system. I cursed under my breath. This wasn't supposed to be happening.

    I figured the best way to avoid the volley of shots was to go up higher and be a smaller target, so I pulled the controls back and willed the speeder to climb. Instead, the damn thing made a hard turn to the right. It was almost verticle as it did so and I shouted to Xeryn to hang on. She complied by grabbing a support tightly with her left arm, before realizing that it was her injured arm. I heard her wince in pain.

    "Xeryn!!" I cried as I helplessly watched my apprentice, with a look of terror on her face, let go of the support she was clinging on to. The blasted speeder (pardon the pun) gave another sharp lurch to the left, effectively unseating her. With my lef
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    Lady Mavi and Lord Nevel made their way, to where they would be meeting with the young queen.

    Lady Mavi turned to Lord Nevel. "How many more, did you say?"

    He responded, as they walked. "At least three..prehaps four...."

    Mavi eyes widdened for a moment. "Oh my. Things have gotten complicated indeed." Lord Nevel just nods silently.

    After a bit of walking, she speaks up again. "Once the Queen is safely hidden, they will start the next half of their plan?"


    Lady Mavi thought some more. "Then..I dont think she needs more advisors. However, we do need to check...for other visitors..." She paused. "It feels very wrong for some reason."

    Lord Nevel stops and looks at her.
    "Show me."

    Lady Mavi closes her eyes and concentrates for a few moments, as does Lord Nevel. They both open their eyes together.

    "We better hurry then." he says.

    They both move quietly.

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