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What if you woke up and could use the Force?RR(TPM)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by G2Jedi, Mar 15, 2003.

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  1. delta7_interceptor

    delta7_interceptor Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 10, 2002
    Hello, just upping! Hehheh, I know I haven't posted in quite a while but since its holiday now, I will post soon! I promise! So don't kill me. cheers!
  2. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    up, up, and that-a-way!


  3. jedi_enigma

    jedi_enigma Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 16, 2002
    "It might be some time before we all can rest. I suggest we take the time now to do so."

    Amidala said.

    "There would be much to do once on Naboo's surface."

    I began following Sabé to the resting chambers, but stopped. Sabé glanced back at me. "Some one should stay with the queen. You go ahead and rest, I'm not tired." Sabé nodded and continued toward the chambers. I started back down where we had come from. I stopped at the doorway, seeing the queen seated at a com station. I watched at she entered a code and set an encryption for what she was sending. I lowered my head slightly and slid a little further into the shadows, watching her. My eyes narrowed slightly as I watched her, there was something about her. She seemed to Sense my eyes on her, the woman turned around and saw me. I kept my head slightly lowered, just enough that she couldn't clearly see my face but I could see her.
  4. G2Jedi

    G2Jedi Jedi Master star 1

    Oct 17, 2002
    So sorry for not posting for 5 months...schoolhas been a killer and..ah heck,who am i kidding? Just so sorry,please forgiveme..:(


  5. delta7_interceptor

    delta7_interceptor Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 10, 2002
    Hello! Finally posting at the insistence of the Sith! Well my holidays were not a holiday at all, so no killing of me okay? =)


    "After all this is over and done with, I am so going to take a nice, long, relaxing break. Without mad speeder chases,"

    "I thought you liked to drive." But I thought Clare had a point in her complaints.

    "Chasing a couple of Sith in speeders and across half the known galaxy isn't quite my idea of fun."

    It certainly was not mine either. I mean it lacked glamour, or even the adrenaline drive I could get from playing pinball. Where was the kick in sitting in closed, cramped seats while someone else swerved and treaded throughout morning traffic? All this chase had was danger written all over it. But when you danced with danger most of your adult life, it soon does not even seem as... well, dangerous as before.

    Once we reached a more sparsely-populated area, with almost no air traffic and few landspeeders around, complete with battle droids parading around with their blasters.

    "Yan, grab the next blaster you see."

    I almost thought that the speed at which we had been driving had somehow caused increased pressure on her brain and ruptured some blood vessels in it. But she seemed as normal as usual. So I followed her instructions and Force-pulled a blaster from a droid, and pushed it down.

    By this time, I realised what it was that Clare wanted me to do. I aimed at the airspeeder which was no easy task to do, considering that both speeders were still shaking and bumping and zooming and twisting and turning through the air.

    Well my adrenaline was now up and running with this task entrusted to me. When I had targeted and locked onto my aim, I squeezed the trigger gently. The violent jerks as the bolts errupted from the barrel of the blaster rippled up my arm, the deafening sound of them whistling as they pounced on their target rang loudly in my ears. But I felt great satisfaction as the bolts zipped through and past the speeder, causing some amount of damage, at least big enough to slow them down and allow us to catch up with them.

    Then I saw the girl Saratis had with her clutch her shoulder. And as I fired more bolts at them, I saw her fall out of the speeder, clawing wildly at the air, trying to grab something that was not there. Clare immediately pulled the speeder up beneath her.

    She smashed into us with the weight seemingly of 2 or 3 banthas, leaving a very noticable dent.

    With one half of our intended prey in our clutches, Clare decided to change course and headed back to our ships. At least I think our sketchy plan was to somehow transport this obviously important person to the Sith from Naboo back to Coruscant without any disturbance from the Sith themselves.

    We had stopped along the way back to check on the still unconscious girl. Besides the shoulder injury, it was rather amazing that she had not suffer any other serious noticable injuries from the impact of the fall. It was difficult to tell if she had had any internal injuries, but we could not drive back to the city with a fainted girl on the hood of the speeder! It would attract more attention than if Master Yoda were to dance naked along the corridors of the Temple. So we bound her up tight and laying her as flat as she could go in the tight cabin, we drove back to the hangar.

    The trip back was rather uneventful and we re-entered the traffic with no one really taking much notice of the dent in the speeder. The drivers on Naboo were mildly more courteous than those back on Coruscant.

    It was rather amazing that the girl could still remain out like a light in the cacaphony of sounds that flowed around us. I twisted my head back to check on her still form and found nothing amiss with her, but what I sensed behind her troubled me.

    Clare, can you feel something sinister behind us?


    Hope it helped to move things along a little. Enjoy!
  6. Jauhzmynn

    Jauhzmynn Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 16, 2002
    LOL hehhee :-D Nice use of imagry. That's an image I won't forget, Imagine a toddler Yoda doing that.
  7. kimbilili-k-s

    kimbilili-k-s Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jul 9, 2002
    The impact threw my upper torso forward and jammed my legs right into the leg space of the vehicle as the speeder plunged straight towards the ground, opposing the momentum the fall had given my body. When the nose of the vehicle hit the concrete, my head slammed onto the dashboard with a force that sent constellations of stars floating everywhere in my brain. Then, like a huge clumsy bird that had fallen out of the sky, the speeder slid onto its belly and crashed onto the street, rocking madly a few times before coming to a stand still. The world around me however, continued to shake violently until I painfully willed it to stop.

    The sudden silence was a huge contrast in comparison to everything that had just happened. My heart stopped thundering against my chest as it realised that whatever danger there was was over. The adrenaline pumping slowed and I lay limp in the speeder, glad to be conscious and intact. I felt like staying in that position forever...but no.

    Xeryn. My apprentice was with the Jedi.

    All my senses jerked to alertness and I hurridly clambered out of my seat, using the Force to search deep into my surroundings for any sign of my apprentice or the padawans. I knew I was hoping against any visible sign of hope. They would've been a good distance away by this time. I hopped onto the ground from the seat only to find that I had more to add to my list of immediate problems. My left ankle had collasped right under my weight and I was down on the pavement the next instant. I froze in shock for a moment when the pain shot up my leg and into my head, making me wince. Trying to bear with the strain, I clenched my teeth and pushed myself back up slowly. My hands reached out for support and leaned against the speeder which was emitting much less smoke now. I stood there in the shade contemplating the current situation. It certainly seemed familiar enough: I was injured, alone and screwed. Only this time I was probably a hundred times more screwed than usual for losing Xeryn.

    Two people from across the street looked at me with concern, but there was something about me that made them hesistate about coming forward to help. Who needed their help anyway... They muttered to each other then turned and continued walking down the road, looking back occasionally to check if I had fallen. I left the smoking speeder and limped towards the city - or at least, what I thought was a more populated area.

    Where could they have taken her? Damn. This time my complacency had gotten the better of me. It was my fault for giving the Jedi a chance to shoot her, for allowing the speeder to be shot and dropping her so conveniently into their arms. Now I had to get her back before Hideous found out that she was with them. It had been such an easy encounter to avoid and such a simple matter of driving faster, yet I messed everything up. The more I thought about it, the more my feelings got to me. The anger that came so easily flamed within - both directed myself for taking things for granted and at the Jedi for being so opportunistic. Nothing mattered right now except getting Xeryn back. No matter what it took.

    I dragged myself along the pavement, absorbed in these thoughts. It wasn't until I tripped over a crevice and staggered before I noticed that someone had been following me all along. Instinct immediately made my hand reach into my cloak for my sabre as I continued along the path. I was going to catch that person unaware and unprepared at some point of time, yet my body tensed involuntarily because I knew I would not be able to face whoever it was alone. Even though I limped along more easily now that I had used the Force to heal my ankle slightly, I could not take a one on one battle if whoever was there was an armed and skilled fighter. But running away from this guy wasn't going to prevent him from following me either - not that I could run in the first place. I had no other option but to confront him.

    At a totally random moment I whipped around to face my stalker and expected a surprised
  8. G2Jedi

    G2Jedi Jedi Master star 1

    Oct 17, 2002
    A young man sat in his ship, dreaming.

    Except what he dreamt was real.

    In his dream he was part of the group of people called the Chosen, promised by a phrophecy to bring balance to the Force.

    In his dream he saw the past in a blazing flash, saw his childhood, saw his training, saw the moment he had been awakened and saw the moment he had been brought into this galaxy. He saw the flashing blaze of a red saber sever a teenage arm, heard the swoosh of a turbolaser bolt as it cut through vacuum, and felt the growing pit of dread that had scarred but never healed as he flexed an artifical arm.

    He saw the present, saw himself, a young man of twenty that laid sleeping in his ship, occasionally turning. He saw the swirl of blue space around him as the ship flashed through hyperspace, saw the wrinkled frown lines prematurely present on the otherwise youthful face, and felt the strange distortion of space and time that came with supralight travel.

    Then he saw.

    He saw the future, as giant shadows descended over the planet he had learned to call home, saw the flash of a turbolaser as it struck down a dozen lightsaber-wielding people, saw the swing of a red flame as it neatly sliced off a head, and saw the explosion of a distant ship as what was never supposed to have happened happened.

    The young man named Sam saw, and not for the first time he wondered
    about the meaning of balance.

    For the red flame he had saw killed from a mechanical hand.


    He woke up, sweating profusely. It took him a few moments to make sense of his surroundings, and more than a few to shake away the fog of sleep that had hazed his mind.

    He groaned and ground his teeth together as a biting pain sparked into his mind. Gently he called on the bio-electrical field that connected him and soothed the pain. The mental knot that had formed in his mind relaxed then untangled itself.

    That had hurt more than usual. He had been having these dreams for some time now, but it had never hurt as much as it had just now.

    He blinked away the last of the headache and took a look at the holographic clock that laid suspended above the the interface.

    Force. Had he been out for that long?

    Ssm reached out to the Force again , and gently pressed a connection to a mind lightyears away. He waited patiently for a reply, the was taken by surprise as a flustered reply came.


    Um...I was just calling to see how you guys were doing?

    Slight embarassment for a moment there, but that quickly faded away as an explaination floated in.

    Well see..We're kinda busy here....

    Busy as in hauling a Sith aprentice back to the Jedi temple and looking over your shoulder for the master?

    He grinned as he felt the mental equivalent of a playful box on the shoulder press in. How did you know?

    You aren't exactly keeping yourself shielded.

    Another playful box. Right. Care to haul your lazy bod out of your ship and get yourself back here?

    I'll try.
    This time the box came a little harder and a bit diagonally higher.

    "Zai, set a course for Coruscant." The droid bleep out an agreement.


    " She's still unconscious?"

    "Well, she drifted out a bit just now but went back to sleep again. Rather stable though."

    Right. The young man turned his attention back to the girl lying unconscious on the bed again, and not for the first time mused about the strangeness of the different speeds of time in the two different galaxies. Sure, he knew that this distortion was only because of the different relativistic speeds at which the two galaxies moved at, but it was still mildly weird to see a girl looking much younger than him when according to Newtonian physics she should have been at least two years older.

    "Her shoulder is healing well, but if it gets worse we might consider giving her an artificial arm like your's over there."

    He g
  9. xeryn_

    xeryn_ Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 8, 2003
    Falling. Nothingness. Just black. I feel cold, and - and pain. Images flitting through my head. And then,

    I stirred, drifting gradually out of unconsciousness and mentally recoiled as light flooded in. I groaned, my shoulder was stinging and my entire body was stiff and sore from being slammed into the speeder deck at full force -

    Being slammed into the speeder deck at full force - blacking out - but then where -

    "Where ar - damn!"

    Oh, damn, damn, DAMN. I could feel my whole body go rigid as I snapped into a state of alertness at once. Clare was there, Yanyan was there, Samuel was there, and the whole place was virtually saturated with the light side of the Force. I was at the Jedi temple, and things definitely did Not Look Good. I breathed in sharply, forcing myself to exhale slowly. The initial sense of horror and flaring panic faded away, and was replaced by a sense of cool collectedness born out of necessity. I wasn't going to be staying here long - I'd make sure of that.

    They'd turned around at once upon hearing my voice, or maybe they had sensed me waking before they had heard me. Either way, the three Jedi had stiffened too the presence of a hostile Force-gifted person in their midst, and an uncomfortable silence gripped the room. I sat back, regarding them as they regarded me and felt slightly defensive. Why had they brought me here, of all places? I tainted it, and it defiled me.

    "I know you." I spoke quietly, calculatingly. While I was here, I might as well find out what was going on anyway. "From earth. From school...seniors." The last word held a tone of slight mockery in it, designed to throw them slightly off. It was also a stark reminder of how much things had changed for me since nearly a month back. And for them? Something in the region of ten years, I judged.

    As I spoke my eyes flickered to and fro across the room, taking in as much as I could without appearing too suspicious. I missed nothing. There was one door, and three Jedi stood in between me and my only escape route. But while they would have assumed me weaponless, I still had a hidden card trick. My Force lightning ability.

    "So that may be." Clare acknowledged. Then a pause. "What sent you down another road from us? What made you become a Sith?"

    "And not a Jedi? Your incompetence." I hissed back, staring full at Samuel who flinched. I tried not to smirk. I would store Clare's question for pondering later though, a behaviour very much me. But for now I needed to concentrate on the present moment. I glanced around idly again, sizing up the medical ward.

    And noted that my lightsaber was hanging from Yanyan's belt.

    Samuel stepped forward, but I could sense he had been slightly unnerved. "We are part of the Chosen ones, Xeryn. Maybe I didn't get the chance to explain it to you earlier on in our first meeting. Chosen by the Force, snatched from our homeworld by merit of our Force abilities and transported here. Chosen to bring balance to the Force."

    Yanyan started, but I had already leapt up and called back my saber to me. Landing lightly, saber gripped firmly in hand, I bolted past the surprised Jedi and out the door, black robes swirling almost dramatically as I turned the corner and tore down the corridor, unthinking, and letting the Force, my side of the Force, lead me.

    I could hear them in their pursuit, and they weren't far behind, but I still had the lead. How was I going to get out of here?

    I ran and ran, picking up on reserves of speed I never knew existed. Turning sharply down another corridor to the left, I sent a wave of urgent desperation to my master.

    Chances were, she was too far away to sense it. And even if she wasn't, there was no chance she could help me here. I was very much on my own.
  10. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    OOC:hehehe...ya know..after the first would think they have HEARD of force restraints. or force fields.. lol :p

    Lord Nevel, and Lady Mavi quietly quietly walked tru the Naboo undergrowth.

    As they waited to hear from her Highness, they took care of other business, deep within the planet.

    They went to see a friend.


  11. xeryn_

    xeryn_ Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 8, 2003

    Someone, anyone, anywhere, anywhen - no scratch that, NOW.

    [/scary laughter]

  12. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    **attaches rockets and shots the post upwards**
  13. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Kicks the sucker up again..and wonders what going on...

    School..i bet!

    *happily waits*
  14. kimbilili-k-s

    kimbilili-k-s Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jul 9, 2002
    i can't believe we're all the way back in coruscant. oh well...that's manageable. school's not, though. sorry for not updating... :)
  15. Jauhzmynn

    Jauhzmynn Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 16, 2002
    I think msot of us are on naboo at the moment.
  16. kimbilili-k-s

    kimbilili-k-s Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jul 9, 2002
    uh huh...Samuel, Clare, Yan Yan and Xeryn are back on coruscant in the Temple. which means i have to go back, doesn't it? ;) or i could just make sidious save her...hey. that's an idea.
  17. JediClare

    JediClare Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 8, 2001
    I could feel familiar frustration creeping over me as I ran. Running to Tatooine to find this girl, running to Coruscant to get her, running to Naboo to get her back, running back to Coruscant to get her back, getting her back and now running after her...


    Xeryn was inhumanly fast, faster than any of us had expected, for she was still only a novice Force-user. But evidently a good one.

    She dodged down a corridor and Yan and Sam followed, while I continued running down the first one, stretching out my senses to track them. Perhaps I could approach from a different direction and we could trap her.

    What followed was a tiring chase through the halls and levels of the Temple. Thrice we thought we had her, but she managed to slip away from us each time. I could hear her panting as she ran, but she showed no signs of slowing down. It was as if she was being driven or aided by some force other than her own willpower and desperation.

    But who or what could it be? Saratis and Maul were probably still in hyperspace on their way here, or on Naboo, too far away to be of much help to her. Even if they were already on Coruscant, they were not powerful enough or near enough to help her. Security had been stepped up ever since the first time that Saratis and her Sith master had entered the Temple to ensure that they would not be able to do it a second time.


    Then there was no time to think, only to act, as Xeryn made her big mistake and turned down the corridor that led only to a landing platform, one of many that jutted out from the towers of the Temple and opened out into air. The three of us had split up earlier and now converged again in that wide corridor, pushing ourselves even more. There was a hiss of an opening door several meters ahead and she ran through the door. She slowed down and hesistated as she saw nothing but the flat metal expanse of the landing platform.

    We ran out onto the landing platform, closing the door behind us. Xeryn whirled around, staring at us with desperation, and the haunting realisation that she was trapped, in her eyes. She backed away as we slowly advanced, until she was pressed against the railings at the edge of the platform and could go no farther.

    For the first time, I felt not annoyance, nor frustration, nor exasperation at her, but pity instead. Though I was not much older myself, and used to be only a year older than she was, I saw a child - a confused, lost child.

    Perhaps it showed on my face. I did not know. But I saw anger enter her eyes. Some other familiar expression whose name eluded me flitted across her face. She glared at each of us in turn, giving each of us a long, hard look of contempt. Then she smirked and very deliberately vaulted over the waist-high edge of the landing platform.

    Sam dived forward and managed to grab her cloak, but I saw the cloth tauten, then slack as its owner slipped out of it. Instinctively, Yan and I reached out with the Force to grab her, but it was a futile effort. Some other unknown, unseen power interfered and prised our hasty grip off her.

    It left a touch of cold on our minds.

    Down below us, an airspeeder had detached itself from the flow of traffic. As the black-clad girl fell away from us, it also descended at a slower pace under her. Xeryn hit the back of the speeder hard, but not hard enough to incapacitate her. She crawled into the back seat as the speeder shot away. We had no hope of following it.

    Then it hit me, what that strangely familiar look of hers was. I had seen it before, between Masters and Padawans and friends communicating through the Force. It had been a distracted look. A look of listening.
  18. Jauhzmynn

    Jauhzmynn Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 16, 2002
    Undistracted, the ornatly dressed humanoid sent an encrypted responce. For now all was quiet on baord the craft, abeit a little chilly. For ocne the small woman wa glad for all the layers of clothing she wore. Sabe' did warn her of the weight of the headdresses. When her term was over, the little woman will have the strongest neck and shoudler muscles around. She sent off a few more messages before leaving the comstation to roam the ship's corridors.

    Soon the chrome craft landed unnoticed in the private hanger at the Palace in Theed. Once the ramp came down, Captian Paneka went to work breifing them again on what to do. The decoy stood clad in a black elaborate dress while the queen was dressed as the handmaidens in red and black pants and tunics. They were to get a few items from the palace then head into the forrests of Naboo to the Gungan city, lead by Jar Jar Binks.

    The entourage made it to the Throne room, one of the handmaidens entereda code to open the security door, that was down. Someone or something hadn tripped the system. Amidala heard what sounded like a metel ball rolling down the corridor.


    She said pulling a blaster from her tunic sleeve, squeezing off several shots if quick successeion disabling the driodka before it unfurrled from it's ball. It sank to the granet floor with a nosiy clattering sigh, servos, bolts and assorted parts rolled away. The two Jedi with light sbares drawn and ingited blinked. A gasket rolled wobbling towards Qui Gon, stopping at his boot. He glanced at the part then petite Nabooian for a second. She seemed to be a good shot with a weapon for a peaceful person. The scitliating sounds of another droidka ball; forstalled any questions from the Jedi Master. The Jedi reacted with lighting speed and cut it down.

    "Get the door open!"

    The Master Jedi shouted while he and his padawan apprentice protected the enturage with the help of Captian Panaka. The small woman tapped codes in, the door wouldn't budge. Something was wrong, the codes were changed.

    Panaka looked over at her.

    "What's going on?"

    "The codes were changed, I can't gainaccess."

    His face mirrored her own confusiion. Both know neither of them changed them.
    There were only possibly three people who knew those codes and two of them were present,Amidala and Paanaka. The other, Senetor Palpatine was on Cruscant.

    WHy? Why would he change the codes without notifying Panaka or even her? She hissed through her teeth in frustraion, but kept control.

    "Go, fend them off, I'll keep at this."

    Amidala shouted to panaka over the roar and whine of blaster fire and light sabres.

    More droidkas arrived adding to their comrades' firepower. The jedi used their lightsabres in harmony with the force to deflect and redirect blaster fire back towards the droids. Panaka and his guards were laying down cover fire. the woman glanced over a shoulder realising only one thing could get her into the Throne room. But the plate needed to come off first. and bare hands and fingernails wasn't going to disloge it. She'd use her blaster but she'd given it to one of the handmaidens to use. Forgetting the idea of removing the metel plate, she put her hand against it.


    A glance showed noone was focused her way, the Driodkas were keeping everyone busy. Even the Rhiannon as a handmaiden was kept busy. Jauhzmynn still acted as if she were entering variosu code permeantations incase anyone looked her way. Now came the inersting part. To undo the latch without any Jedi detecting Force use.
    Eyes closed in conentraition, time seemed to dialaite, then slow to a virtual stand still. The woman looked around her. Sight became clearer, the sounds of the battle bacame mutted, people seemed to move in slow motion. It was strange. The only sounds she heard were her own breathing and heartbeat. She couldn't let the Jedi know who or what she was. Mental sheilding to it's maxium was exausting, she
  19. Ktala

    Ktala Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Sep 7, 2002
    Lord Nevel, and Lady Mavi quietly quietly walked tru the Naboo undergrowth. The had gone to visit a smaller group of Gungans, and a few other friends, there on the planet.

    They had received a signal, so with words that they would contact them soon, they had began their trek back to the palace. They moved thru woods, at a quick pace to reach the others waiting for them quickly.

    They had gotten close to the palace, when they realized that something was wrong. They both could feel it. With a look, they took off along the outside walls of the palace.

    They reached the inner parts of the Palace, and stopped. As any good Palace, they knew there were hidden passageways. But not knowing what little tricks were left behind, it could be dangerious.

    "What do we do?" she asked. Lord Nevel thought for a few moments. "If they are here, then they probably headed for the Throne Room. He closed his eyes a few moments, before opening them again. "Yes. They are there. And I fear they are not alone."

    Lady Mavi thought for a few moments. "We could take the express way up?" she said with a grin.

    Lord Nevel chuckled. "Very well. I'll let you handle that part. I'll take care of the other."

    They dissapeared within the surrounding plantlife.

    Qui Gon, seeing the door open kept their backs covered while Panaka got everyone inside the Throne room.
    Once inside, they all stopped enmasse, there before them stood the verdant skinned ruby eyed nemodian.

    "Ahh glad you could join us Your magisty, Now we can discusse the Treaty."

    He was looking at Corde' dressed as the Queen, and not paying attention to the handmaiden making her way to sit on the Throne.. She sat degectedly, mornful that they had lost. The Jedi lowered their lightsabres but didn't exstingish them. More droids and Droidkas stopped just outside the room brandishing weaponary, all were hot and ready to fire at the command of the creature standing in front of the black clad Queen. The handmaiden at the throne, presed an access panel on the armrest revealing a hidden compartment. She took the blaster out, fired at the door makimg it close, separating the droids and droidkas from them, then aimed the barrel at the sniviling Nemodian near her.

    "We shall discuss no treaty."

    The 'handmaiden' intoned, training the shiny weapon on him.

    There was a muffled sound outside the heavy doors, followed the a not so muffled sounds of small explosions behind the door.

    It was then, very quiet.

    On the other side of the door, Lady Mavi coughed, as she wipped at a spot on your clothing. "Show off." she coughed.

    Lord Nevel was looking very pleased with himself, as he patted a small burnmark on his clothing. "It worked." was his only reply.

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  20. G2Jedi

    G2Jedi Jedi Master star 1

    Oct 17, 2002
    wheeee....the hols are here....


    Ahead of him, Sam could see Xeryn, a dark flury of dark cloak and frantically pacing black boots as she rounded a tight corner, into a tight corridor.

    He felt a brush of warmth touch his mind, followed by a telepathic voice.

    "That corridor leads to a landing platform," said the voice. "Get your sabre ready."

    If he wasn't in a desperate situation and racing at speeds comparable to a podracer, he would perhaps have marvelled at the two young female Jedi's familiarity with the Temple, despite spending most of their time away from it. It was a skill he had never mastered.

    A sharp hiss emerged from the door as it jumped open to admit Xeryn. They raced forward and entered the landing platform.

    For a moment he had thought they had gotten her.



    He raced forward in a desperate attempt to catch at the fleeing girl, and managed to grab hold of the dark cloak. But that, too, slipped away, as she hurtled over the edge.

    Below her an airspeeder had halted to a stop , and as he watched Xeryn tumbled into it. The speeder picked up speed again, racing through the tumbling crowds.

    He knew what he had to do. They couldn't afford to lose another Chosen to the darkness.

    He picked up speed and hurtled down the platform, hitting the back of an airspeeder, in which was seated a most astonished human.

    "Loan me this for a while," He said through gritted teeth, then picked up speed and sliced forward.

    "Excuse me," began the human.

    "NOT NOW!" he roared.
    sorry 4 such a short post, will write more.
  21. kimbilili-k-s

    kimbilili-k-s Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jul 9, 2002
    A speeder bike was made for one, but two could fit in if necessary - and urgent. This was what anyone would call "urgent". The vehicle streaked past rows after rows of houses, making everything become a blur of images. My master skilfully guided it, darting in and out of alleys and squeezing past narrow spaces between shops, all in an effort to reach the Senate building as soon as possible and get to the Interceptor.

    Oh force...How the hell did I manage to screw things up so much?

    My apprentice was definitely off planet now together with those scum, and boy were they going to pay dearly for it the next time I saw them.

    The Palace loomed up in front as we sped towards it, and Maul rounded the enormous structure, heading to its back. The bike slowed and halted at the exact same moment when a strong signal in the Force hit the both of us. We jumped out of the bike and headed not for the Interceptor, but for the Throne Room. Another thought struck me right in the face and I realised that if it had not been for my losing Xeryn, Maul wouldn't have had to come rescue me. He would've been here instead to foil the Jedi's plans.

    As I ran up the stairs, there was only one thought going through my mind. I was going to change history. I was not going to allow Naboo to be lost to the Republic.

    Halfway up, I paused and narrowed my eyes as I remembered something else. Anakin was not there to fly a fighter into the Trade Federation flagship to hit the power generators...which meant the droids would still be functioning nicely to win the battle against the Gungans.

    I smiled and continued running. At the next landing, the closed door to the Throne room was in sight, as were the two figures standing beside it. I drew level with Maul and we both ignited our lightsabres, ready for a battle against anyone in the way.

    We weren't going to lose. Not this time.
  22. Exalted_1

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    May 17, 2002
    I have been posting for a while on the JA board for a little bit now... I thought it would be interesting to join in this one if it's cool...

    Original Name: Mark
    New Name: Merrick

    Actual Age: 26
    chronology age: 34

    Description: a blonde, scruffy-looking Nerfherder with a cropped short and tousled haircut, short cropped beard, about 6? high wearing a dingy off-white banded collar shirt with no buttons(Think Han Solo); baggy, cargo pocket filled Khaki jeans; Black Leather steel toed boots that look like they?ve been through a war; A brown leather weathered holster carrying a DL-44 blaster pistol; a small, but functional toolbelt; and over everything, a dark brown weathered Nerfhide trench coat that has more than its fair share of distress. Weighing in at around 200lbs and definately not looking overweight anymore...

    Bold & Italicized text: My inner thoughts
    Colored text: Character & other poster's dialog

    Here we go...

    Barreling through Hyperspace as fast as this old crate can go, I had a few moments to reminisce about all has passed since I arrived...

    ...They?ve got to be there... If I know that cheery bunch like I do, they?ve already been handling the political side of things...

    That is, trying to keep the Republic together a little while longer & being a thorn in Palpatine?s side.

    Not that I haven?t kept myself busy as well. Being a padawan to a Jedi Sentinel or ?investigator? has its own challenges. A sentinel?s goal is to find out about approaching threats and deal with them if it is within their capabilities while keeping their Jedi status under wraps. Its rough at times, but I wouldn?t have it any other way. I feel like I can make a difference, one being at a time...

    ...There is a lot that goes on that the movies didn?t cover... I muse as we reach ever closer to our destination.

    ?How close are we to Naboo, Padawan?? Came a rumbling voice from behind my Copilot?s chair.

    ?Dunno. From the looks of things, we might make it record time... If she holds together.? I reply.

    ?She?ll hold. It?s our timetable I?m worried about. I hope we?re not too late.? The Jedi expressed.

    ?With any amount of luck, we should get there right on time?? I comment as we both look at one another.

    For a moment, I thought he was going to give me another lecture. But he knew full well that I was joking and I knew now that there was no such thing as luck. Only the Force. Instead, a smile spread across his face.

    ?You think this attack plan will work?? Kalbrak queried.

    ?I?m confident everyone will do their part. It?s what those Darksiders are bringing to this fight I?m worried about. Our hope lies in surprise and making them overconfident. But rest assured when we win the day, the Sith will slink back into the shadows like the snakes they are. I would hope though that we will be able to show at least a few of them the Darkside is not the answer they seek and return to the light.? I respond.

    ?Spoken like a true Jedi.? My mentor replied as he patted me on the shoulder. ?Let me know when it is time for reversion. I?ll be conserving my strength. I?d recommend you get at least a little rest before we get there. We both need to be as sharp as a vibroblade to come out of this one intact.?

    ?Yes master Kalbrak, I?ll do my best to rest before reversion.? I answer back as he exits the cockpit.

    The ?she? I was referring to was our ship. Bought at a Republic repo auction, it?s a modified YT-1300 renamed the ?Terran Venture?(I resisted the urge to name it the Millennium Falcon). ...modified... yeah, that?s putting it lightly... She may not out fly, outrun, or outgun every ship in her class, but she?s a sturdy ship that?s saved our butts mo
  23. Ktala

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    Sep 7, 2002
    On the other side of the door, Lady Mavi coughed, as she wipped at a spot on your clothing. "Show off." she coughed.

    Lord Nevel was looking very pleased with himself, as he patted a small burnmark on his clothing. "It worked." was his only reply.

    As Mavi chuckled, she walked over to the window, looking up and down. "What do you think of..."

    She suddenly paused and looked down the hall, her smile quickly fading. Lord Nevel looked up as well.


    With a nod, Mavi drew a blaster and shot out the window. She could now hear the sound of someone running. More than one, perhaps. She quickly finished her task, as she looked back down the hallway.


    Her eyes grew wide, as if frightened. She looked towards the sound of lightsabers being ignited. It was a face she had hoped never to see in person. And another she had seen so very long ago. Again she was most happy for the veil that covered her face, as well for the shield she now had in place.

    "My Lord!" Lady Mavi called, as she stepped thru the glass, standing on the ledge as she fired her weapon upwards.

    Lord Nevel responded by diving for the open window, as he did, he tossed somthing...which stuck to the door to the throne room. A thick smoke began to pour out, along with an annoying sounding squeel. He then followed her out.

    "Now!" he called out.

  24. Jauhzmynn

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    Jun 16, 2002
    The Trade federation Vice-Roy had a weapon trained on him by a petite human female, who looked as if she would shoot him as she threatened. A few loud explosions from the other side of the door punctuaited the seriousness of the situation. Panaka looked around for another way of escape.

    The small terran eyeded the large crimsoned eyed verdant skinned alien over the sights of her blaster. She was half way tempted to stun him and relieve everyone of his political prattle when her 'radar' went off. Her eyes flicked to the secuirty door at the Throneroom's entrance. The hair prickled on the top of her head. Her breath hissed through her teeth. She KNEW what was on the otherside, and it was after her.

    There is no fear in Christ, only peace.

    She thought to herself. having the same calm assurance of having dealt with many spiritual warfare battles. Only in this case, it became a flesh and blood battle. She sensed the darkness moving closer. The still msall voice directed her towards the window. i wasn't anyof the jedi talking to her nor any darksider.

    Go out the window.

    What? There's no way but down in to falls. Are you crazy?

    Mynn asked. She didn't argue much, she couldn't see the future outcome as of yet. She shrugged, pointing her blaster at the window, firing off a single shot. The engery bolt shattered the glass, the smell of the falls wafted in, along with the sound of their roar.


    A glance at the door, then at the open window, the woman weighed her options. She headed to the ledge and stood with panaka and the others. The captian had passed each a blaster fitted with device to fire a cable.The handmaidens made it up, with some of Panaka's security force.

    The Nabooian ruler stood on the wide ledge, balster in ahnd, eyes fixed on the durssteeel door a dozen or so meters away.AN idea was forming in her mind.

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    Lady Mavi clung on to the rope she climbed as she and Lord Nevel reached the next landing. And explosion of glass below, made her look down. She hoped the others had found away out.

    Mavi looked over to Lord Nevel. "What do we do now?" she asked. Lord Nevel responded. "We need to catch up to the rest of the Queen's council as quickly as possible. Considering now, it is vital to make sure they do not fall into the wrong hands."

    Lady Mavi nodded. "Yes, M'Lord." she winked. "I think there is a secret passage way on this floor, that will lead down. We can catch up with them that way."

    Lord Nevel nodded. "Let us go, then."

    They both dissapeared over the landing and into the building. They both raced down the hall. Time was short.

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