What kind of story would you like to see?

Discussion in 'Star Wars Community' started by DarthMarik, Dec 30, 2012.

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    In matters of the Star Wars books what kind of story would you like to see? I'd like to see a story line where a Sith and Jedi share a long and brutal history for example have the Jedi be an ex criminal that wronged the Sith and have the Sith be out for revenge.

    Ideally such story would be about the Jedi having this mentality "It's okay for people to hate me I've made mistakes but I'm not the only one but as penance I will take and endure the wrath of their hatred."

    I would also like a story where a Jedi or Sith maybe both learn to embrace both sides of the force thus bringing true balance to the Force.
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    I want to see a book about the Mandolorian wars
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    I want to see a book that doesn't outright contradict the movies

    ain't going to happen though