What themes do you want to/expect to hear in Episode VII??

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    Hello all! I didn't see a thread here asking this question, so here we go:

    As you know, because of the fact that it is likely we will be seeing some "familiar faces" in episode VII, it would not at all be unreasonable to expect that we would hear some familiar themes, as well. Between that and themes that we've heard consistently throughout the saga as a whole, what are the themes you are expecting/most looking forward to?

    Here are mine (other than the obvious main theme):

    1. Jedi theme (this one has been heard in all six, I'm sure it will be heard in the next three.)
    2. The Han/Leia love theme from ESB (i'm excited for this one the most – I don't know why, since I don't even really like it that much.)
    3. Leia theme
    4. I would love to see some sort of reworked version of the throne room finale – different, but reminiscent of that sound.

    I will say that I would not like to hear the Imperial March in any form. IMO we need to be done with that. But I also can't wait to hear what new stuff they come up with!!

    Your thoughts??
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    Obvious ones like SW Theme, Force Theme, etc
    Probably Leia's Theme and Han Solo and the Princess will return
    I'd prefer no Imperial March, but maybe a tiny bit of it would play while someone's talking about the Empire or its remnants or something
    Also, Luke and Leia. It's depressing how overlooked that beautiful piece is
    Maybe if Anakin's ghost appears or something, we could get a hint of his theme or Across the Stars
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    I really have no expectations. It's Disney's now. However, I would love the Imperial March as it makes me think of Peter.
  4. KED12345 Force Ghost

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    Let John Williams decided. Whatever he comes up with, it'll be awesome and appropriate.
  5. RyanForder Jedi Grand Master

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    Duel of the Fates and Heroes have fallen i think its called?
  6. Darth_Nub Manager Emeritus

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    The Imperial March - but ONLY in a minor mode as a direct reference to previous events (Luke reflecting on the Dark Side, his father etc). I don't want to see it being adopted as the new theme for the villains, and I'm hoping the Empire's dead by then anyway.
  7. NotSoScruffyLooking Force Ghost

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    Main Theme
    Luke's theme
    Leia's theme
    Into The Trap
    Emperor's Theme
    Asteroid Chase
    Across the Stars
    Duel of the Fates

    not Imperial March(Since Vader/Anakin died)
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    Main Title
    Original Stormtrooper march/Imperial motif (This is a must - not to be confused with the original Death Star motif)
    Tie Fighter Attack
    Leia's theme
    Han Solo and the Princess
    Rebel Fanfare
    The Force theme
    Maybe a reference to the Bespin theme if Lando returns.

    Depends on characters to be honest but the Imperial March/Emperor's theme could be touched on in very brief reflection. NOTHING from the prequel trilogy at all.
  9. Mr. K Moderator Emeritus

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    Rebel Fanfare during the Millennium Falcon's heroics.
  10. heels1785 JCC/PT Manager

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    I'd like to hear Yoda's theme, possibly by way of a force ghost scene. Possibly a reprisal of "Padme's Ruminations," if we do get a good character turning bad.
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  11. Darth Eddie Force Ghost

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    I want to hear ALL THE THEMES.
  12. Darth Palpadious Jedi Grand Master

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    I'm sure we can expect the main theme, the Force theme, and Leia's theme at the very least - Han/Leia is probable as well.

    I also suspect that given how iconic it's become, Duel of the Fates will likely make an appearance. Imperial March is a difficult one, but if they do find a way into the theme, I'm sure John will include it.

    I fully expect to literally soil myself with glee if/when any of these themes appear.
  13. PodracingSkywalker Jedi Youngling

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    The Main Title with variations through the score
    Rebel fanfare will for sure be used in the new series.
    The Force theme, obviously enough
    Somewhat more unlikely, but should a character die in VII, the funeral theme.

    I think outside of that, we'll get mostly new music.
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    I'm not as interested in theme re-appearance (that's a given), but what kind of new themes he'll compose. Moreover, I can't wait to hear what kind of setpiece sequences he'll stir up this time. He always does great work on seeing a scene through with a piece that can easily be made into a concert suite. The Asteroid Field from ESB, for example.
  15. CaptainHamYoyo Jedi Grand Master

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    Main Theme/Luke's Theme
    Force Theme/Ben's Theme
    Leia's Theme
    Han and the Princess
    Luke and Leia
    Rebel Fanfare
    Tie Fighter Attack added to part of the space battle music(like it was in ROTJ)
    Jedi Rocks...just kidding :)
  16. Brandon Rhea Manager Emeritus

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    "Luke and Leia"

    It's very underused. Now that there's an opportunity to really explore Luke and Leia's relationship as brother and sister, which there wasn't much of in Jedi, I suspect it will make a comeback.
  17. purplerain Force Ghost

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    If Palpatine and/or Palpatine's ghost appears, Emperor's Theme. If Plagueis appears, the music from the opera scene.
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    i wouldn't mind hearing a Jedi's fury (that's what they call the score when Luke just goes and wails on Vader in ROTJ) motif in one of the duels maybe if luke does get strike down and the main protagonist goes and gets his butt handed to him by the main villain.
  19. bleed0range Force Ghost

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    I'd like to hear an ironic reprisal of the Imperial March done in a non-foreboding-powerful way as to show that the Empire has fallen and withered away. Perhaps at the site of some ruins of the Empire (fallen AT-AT maybe? haha)...

    I think we all know most of the themes which will return. Luke/Force/Leia....but I most want to see Han and the Princess, that theme gets me and it has powerful sad undertones to it given the ending of ESB. I think it would be appropriate especially if Han has a big part in it like rumored.
  20. General Kenobi Administrator Emeritus

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    Actually, that cue is called "The Dark Side Beckons", and I'd prefer that it remain exclusive to the climactic duel of ROTJ.
  21. General Kenobi Administrator Emeritus

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    Main Title/Luke's Theme - I would be shocked if JW doesn't follow the same Main Title format using Luke's Theme. I do hope they (JW & LSO) record a new version. A new version was recorded for each film of the OT, but IIRC the same take from TPM was used in AOTC and ROTS.

    I'm guessing we'll hear some statements of Luke's Theme in the score as well. (I hope it's not a spoiler that Hamill, Ford and Fisher are in the cast. :p) I hope we get a dramatic cue like in "The Battle Of Yavin" when Luke switches off his targeting computer as well as a whimsical, possibly more mature statement to bookend "The Moisture Farm".

    Force Theme - This is also pretty much a certainty, given the likelihood of characters using the Force. Plus, JW loves this theme, using it liberally in the PT score and closing the ROTS end credits with an extended reprise of "The Throne Room". My most-played track of film score, by far, since 2005 is "Goodbye Old Friend" (Obi-Wan departing Coruscant for Utapau).

    Leia's Theme - A beautiful theme that I have come to appreciate more over the years. (Folks, I started listening to the Star Wars soundtrack on the original 20th Century LP records in 1977.) This is also very likely to appear in the ST, as this is also featured in the ROTS final scene and End Credits.

    Rebel Fanfare - Sure, why not? We've gotta have some action, a space battle involving whatever entity the Rebel Alliance has morphed into.

    Imperial Theme (ANH) - I wish we would have heard this used in the PT, especially in place of that tracked AOTC score during Anakin's march on the Jedi Temple. It really depends on the direction of the plot - if it involves any Imperial remnants or references, I'd love to hear this again, because....

    Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme) - This refers to Vader specifically, and the Palpatine/Vader Empire in general. Used with a brilliant relentlessness in ESB, and with great bombast and emotion in ROTJ, it was reprised very sparingly in the PT. The single cue where it did appear in its full glory in the PT, during the "Dawn Of The Empire" scene at the end of AOTC, was originally scored with non-thematic material by JW, but Lucas requested the use of the Imperial March (just as a whack upside the head for anyone who had missed the "PROOF INSIDE" that Palpatine = Sidious).

    Emperor's Theme - Well, again, this is pretty much a Palpatine/Sidious/Sith theme. I suppose it (or a variation) could be used more generally for a dark side user or any Palpatine/Sith references, depending on the plot, of course.

    Trade Federation Theme - I'd say no, for the same reasons as above, only with less likelihood.

    Yoda's Theme - While we have heard characters' themes quoted without their on-screen presence (listen for Yoda's Theme in the escape from Cloud City), I suspect we'll only hear a brief passage of this during a "Force ghost/Luke vision" scene. This was also used pretty sparsely in the PT, and Yoda's screen time gave JW ample opportunity to run wild with it. But heck, he threw it into E.T., so I'm guessing we'll hear it at least once.

    Han/ Leia Love Theme - Given the cast, I'd say we have a good chance at hearing this, but ...

    Across The Stars - While I really dig the Anakin/Padme love/destiny theme, cleverly similar in structure to Luke's Theme, I doubt there will be occasion to use it in the ST. I'd bet on a new love theme for the appropriate couple, perhaps also with a similarity to an existing theme, maybe even...

    Luke And Leia - A beautiful theme from ROTJ that is begging to be explored more in the ST. Maybe an uptempo, triumphant version if the twins are involved in any heroic action together.

    Duel Of The Fates - This going to be the most debated theme in regards to will it/should it appear in the ST. I think most of the others are fairly easy to call (within the plot variances), unless JW just opts for a totally new score. But there are good reasons both for and against hearing DOTF in the ST. Even though I'm sure JW will write a new action theme, I'm hoping we do hear it a fair amount. I'd wager that the struggle between the light side and the dark side, between good and evil - both between Force-users and within themselves - will be a theme in the ST, whether or not it specifically involves Jedi vs. Sith. And who doesn't love this kick-ass theme?

    But I can still see the argument that this theme represents the struggle of the PT era, that the Sith won, and we have to move on - i.e. we don't hear DOTF in the OT (but is that only because JW doesn't have a time machine?).

    Battle Of The Heroes - This is much more specifically for Anakin vs. Obi-Wan, plus it's not quite as iconic as DOTF, so I'd say it has little chance in the ST. Though I wouldn't mind hearing it inserted in the Super-Duper Special Edition of A New Hope for the rematch (with the understood stipulation that we have the choice of the original score, or the SDSE score, with also features the Imperial March, DOTF, ATS and Qui-Gon's Theme in suitable places. :).)...

    Qui-Gon's Theme - I love this slightly underused theme, but I just don't see much of a chance for it in the ST without an extreme plot twist. Also, let's hope that the soundtrack doesn't feature a major spoiler in the title of a track, like "Qui-Gon's Funeral".

    Anakin's Theme - See Across The Stars. And Imperial March. And Yoda's Theme, though I'd bet we're more likely to see a Yoda Force ghost than Anakin.

    Have I left out any major themes? Jabba? No, he's dead. Boba Fett motif? Please, don't make me go there.

    Oh, and of course, I'm sure we'll get a grand reprise of the Happy Senators' Theme.

    p.s. Let's all start using our Force powers to persuade Disney to release all the ST soundtracks as double CD sets - or better yet, as complete scores like the deluxe LOTR packages. Please, we want to throw our money at you!
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