What was the Star Wars "culture" like in the 1970s?

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    Is there anyone here who remembers when Star Wars first came to the theaters in 1977? What kind of effect did it have on popular culture, especially without the internet? Harry Potter was huge in the 2000s--was Star Wars even bigger? There have got to be lifelong fans who were there at the time. What was it like?
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    The effect was seismic.
    Seriously, it pervaded all areas of popular culture.
    A great era in which to grow up. :)
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    What was the Star Wars "culture" like in the 1970s?
    It was horrible... truly horrible... and I barely survived it...

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    Great post, Mr. Disapproval, but the 2nd track also needs appropriate visuals: (paging @DarthRelaxus)

    Edit: I am now one step closer to my lifetime goal (see CCC post #3226 )
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    [face_hypnotized] Why can't I stop watching this?
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    I've always wondered this too (having been born in the mid 70's, I missed out on it)[face_plain]
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    After watching those videos, I’m glad I was too young to remember the 70s. I might not be the fan I am today if I remembered all of that. [face_hypnotized]

    I only remember the Electric Moog Orchestra version of the soundtrack on 8-track no less, Bill Murray’s Lounge Singer SW song on SNL, and a visit to the Muppet Show, but that last one might have been later.
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    From my end...it affected both my hairstyles and how I viewed myself growing up.

    Princess Leia was an awesome role model for those of us born female in the early 70s. She was intelligent, a leader and didn't take bull****.

    And I wore my hair in crowns of braids several times. I even tried the side buns once or twice.
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    From somewhere in the murk of memory I remember the Star Wars disco! I haven't heard that from at least the late 70s, which I don't really remember--I was a toddler, also born in the mid-70s. Everything sounds so awesome, I wish I could have been born earlier to "be there!" :)

    It sounds like Star Wars popularity and affect on culture far outreached even Harry Potter!
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    Running around the playground with squirt guns, nobody said, "Bang! Bang!" in the summer of 77; it was "Pew! Pew!"
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    What's a gun? I'm pewing you with my pewer.
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    I've killed people for less reason than that. Grrr.:mad:
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    In 1977 I was 7 years old, I am 43, It was the most amazing event ever. It wasn't hyped like stuff is today. However, I didn't live in a city that showed it in 1977. Only 100 theaters were showing it on its original release , I had to wait until it was rereleased in 1978. By that time it was fast becoming a cultural phenomenon, and I remember getting a C-3PO costume from Kmart. There was nothing else like Star Wars, I grew up in West Palm Beach and Dave Prowse came in costume to the Science Museum and Planetarium it was crazy. No one had even thought about cosplay or costuming back then. It was awesome seeing Darth Vader in the suit. Star Wars was fact becoming an institution and people were doing things that were becoming more futuristic. Star Wars changed the way things were looked at and designed.
    In 1979, I was 9, it was December, I was sick my mom allowed me to watch the Star Wars Holiday Special. Sadly, that evening I wasn't feeling so good I was sick from something/someone, but I saw the SWHS and Boba Fett in cartoon for the first time. I don't care what people say about it it was cool as a 9 year old, now I look at it and wonder if I was sick because of it. ;)
    I loved hearing the theories that Darth Vader was in a suit because he was pushed into a volcano by Obi-Wan. That was the first rumor that I heard regarding Star Wars.

    The question by the original poster asks if Harry Potter was bigger. Not by a longshot. By 1978, the toys were everywhere, My first figures were Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, R2-D2, C-3P0 and Chewbacca. They were so hard to find and people were going great distances to find them. It was never as crazy as fighting for Furby, or XBox or Cabbage Patch Kids, but parents waited patiently with their kids. I remember getting an X-Wing with my dad, I still have it. My dad took me to the movies and my dad is still alive. Those were great times, before the hype. Peace, JediKnightOB1
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    While I was too young to remember the 77 release, I have vivid memories of ROTJ and it was still a Start Wars world. There was nothing bigger. Part of that is the culture. There was no internet, no 24 hour news, hell, cable TV was only in its infancy. Watching movies at home was hard. VHS was in its infancy also. Movies were king. There was nothing like the cultural phenomenon that was Star Wars. NOTHING compared to how it was.

    Hell, today you do not even have to wait online to buy tickets. Even when the TPM came out you had to wait online for hours and that was 1999.

    Its a different world now. You can never have something take over so completely like you did then. Now there are too many other viable ways to watch other things. Short attention spans.
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    I was 5 years old in 1977, but I just remember it was what everyone talked about all summer. While Star Wars now is perceived as a bunch of nerds seeing the movie at the midnight showing all dressed up, Star Wars in 1977 appealed to the masses back then. Someone described Star Wars as a movie for EVERYONE, whereas the sequels and prequels were all debated as being geared for a certain age or part of the fanbase. There are only a few movies in the history of movies that really consumed the public when they arrived in theaters and were a must-see for ANY movie fan:

    Gone with the Wind
    The Godfather
    Star Wars
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    It was huge. The story telling was amplified by the special effects, the music, and the acting. Everything nailed what the western society was looking for: innovation and hope. The other movies during the same time are depressing and about anti-heroes. During times of political turmoil and international uncertainty, people needed hope. Most science fiction back in the past was boring, uninspiring, and just plain silly child-like films. Star Wars redefined the meaning of science fiction.
    And here's something for shiz and giggles:
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