What will happen to Saberfight films and other fanfilms now?

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    Lucasfilm has always been willing to work with the fanfilm community as long as the rules they laid down were respected.

    Disney is notorious for C&D-ing at the drop of a hat (any hat) and coming down like a ton of bricks on use of their IP.

    Now that SW is becoming a "hot" property again, will we see Disney move to shut down all the fan projects?
  2. Vthuil Force Ghost

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    I'm going to be honest here: while I sympathize in theory, I won't particularly miss most fanfilms in practice. There's only so many lightsaber fights a guy can take.
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    Doubt it. Disney doesn't get neck-deep in subsidiaries, and given how obviously fan-focused the sequels are shaping to be (Big Three probably all coming back, the current God of The Nerds directing, the writer of TESB helping the story for 8 and 9, to name a few things) I don't see that cart getting disrupted much.
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    Disney will keep Lucasfilm as it is and as it always been. They've nothing to win in changing the formula of a successful franchise whose fans are the reason why it's still flourish today.
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