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What will life be like in 500 years?

Discussion in 'Archive: The Senate Floor' started by Father_Time, Aug 12, 2005.

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  1. Father_Time

    Father_Time Jedi Master star 2

    Nov 26, 2003
    500 years ago Christopher Columbus had just discovered America, and it was begining to be explored, and the Reformation would soon start. People had thought the world was flat. We have come so much farther since then, in aproximately just 500 years.

    What will happen to us in the next 500 years?

    Will it be a paradise? Will there be one evil empire controlling us? Will it be just like it is today, with a few diverse powerful nations and a bunch of smaller ones? Or will we be wiped out, or going back to live in caves? Will we be colonizing the solar system? Will we be talking with aliens? Will we still be completely human, or gentically modified or cyborgs? Will your country still be around? Will we have more or less problems? Will they be new problems or the same ones we're going through now? What condition will Earth and nature be in? What will we have discovered, invented, and explored?

    What will the future be like?

    KK EDIT: This is far too speculative for the Senate.
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