Discussion What would a Martin Scorcese directed Star Wars movie be like?

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    I am not sure what a MS Star Wars film would look like... He is a good film and series maker but I don't think space Sci-Fi stuffs is his thing.

    No, if that were not Abrams I would have liked to see the Ridley brothers in charge. They know their Sci-Fi stuff and even though SW might be more of a space opera I think they could do something interesting. I am pleased with the choice of Abrams (which was my first choice after Spielberg) and I look forward to see how this new trilogy gonna be.
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    "As far back as I can remember, I've always wanted to be a Sith lord."
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    I think MS would be a fun choice if Zahn's novels were adapted to screen.
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    Sithspawn! That's what I was going to post!
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    Like Goodfellas. Jabba is Paul Sorvino. Boba Fett is Robert De Niro. Han is Ray Liotta and Greedo is Joe Pesci.
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    Considering that Scorcese has done films with vastly different styles and tones:

    It would probably be something that fits in line, aesthetically, with the Star Wars movies we know. But, probably harkening back to a bit more noir sensibilities in some of the shooting choices.

    I think the idea that some auteur director(like David Lynch, Scorcese, Tarantino etc) would make something completely out of left field is kinda silly. They are all professionals who understand when to have stylistic restraint. Which is why none of them would ever have any interest to make a Star Wars movie....
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