Lit What would you guys change or keep about Jacen's fall or where would you take him as a character?

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    Nah, Jacen was doomed when you consider that in 29 ABY, a twenty-year old Jacen went on his journey. He went to the Aing-Tii early on during the journey according to Tadar'Ro, and while there he handled the Codex which caused him to sense a disturbance in the Maw, which took him to Sinkhole station. There, he went Beyond Shadows, and in the Pool of Knowledge, he saw his daughter, who would not be conceived for another five years, in her mid to late thirties, serving Darth Krayt, and somehow knew that this woman that was nearly twice his age was his daughter and that he had to prevent this. And so he became insanely attached to his unborn daughter to the point that his character up to that point meant nothing.
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    That's why I want to go back to 2005 and smack Denning. This stupidity was not conceived back then.