Lit Whatever happened to... the revised Legends Clone Wars timeline!?!?

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    You're never going to convince me that Ventress died like that in the
    EU. :p
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    It’s what Filoni intended, I guess. We were a few months from it happening before the reboot.

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    Nov 20, 2010
    Yeah, Obsession slotted itself surprisingly well in the gap between seasons 3 and 4, as we just imagine Dooku captured her and tried to secretly take her back under his control after he was made to give her up (he had ambitions of his own as Oppress showed), but the plan failed and she recovered her will, faked her death, and left the war on her own. Ironically, that fits perfectly with what was seen onscreen for her too (She never went back to the Sith after Season 3, and didn't see Dooku til the novel/the final season).

    Obviously, it took a few leaps of logic, as we had to assume Adi Gallia somehow didn't die when stabbed with lightsabers, but ya'know. EU retcons (including official ones) were fun like that.
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    She didn't die because she was the hat. The body was a host to the hat.

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