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    I asked the mods if I could make this topic back in July 2016, and they said yes. Since I'm a flake, I'm starting this thread only now. :p

    How do you name your original characters? Curiosity killed the cat, but the curious want to know...if it's not a secret. Do you use a name generator, do you use common SW names, make up your own, something else, or a bit of this an' a bit of that?

    Do share. :) If you remember more names or create new ones, please update your post.

    If you want to use a name somebody else has created, please, ask them for permission. @};-
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    Doria Vorr - Went for something that was phonetically similar to Dora Maar, loved it how it rhymed with Gloria and how I could change the SW last name of Korr just a little bit. Later it turned out that there was a character named Doria in the film I like a lot!

    Maris Inesedam Vorr - There's that obscure Maris Brood character. And I wanted a name with the roots in Maria/Maryam, so I got this. It was only later that I was introduced to the unseen character from Frazier. Inesedam is a joke. "Sedam" means seven and the largest degree on the INES scale, corresponding to Chernobyl and Fukushima is seven, so...she's a serious disaster that can damage a lot of things and people.

    Elesandre Vorr - Just a mangled version of Alexander.

    Charon San Valorum - His dad was Pulott, his girlfriend is Deeina, which is an anagram of Aeneid, his ship is Sticks. Geddit? It's all about the underworld. The San and Valorum were gacked from the list of official names.

    Crixa Valorum - A little tribute to Watership Down.

    Anra Renek - "Happy King" in Durese, straight from Wook. The guy's not happy at all, so I thought it would be fun.

    Yola Inesedam - I went on to combine Juliana/Julianne and Iolanda. Got this.

    Larax - A random invention, like Doctor Zhivago's Lara, but with a SW ending, like Mirax.

    Anjie Mencuri - A mangled version of one of the variants of a super-common Earthly first name, last name translated to an obscure language. I liked the confusion it creates since it's similar to "angel" and pronounced like "Angie". His first draft name was Ben-Ki Igbu, which I am glad I changed. But I did keep a modified version of it, Ben Kigbu, for a future character.

    Aldo Mencuri - An Italian name. Since Aldo has that "Latin lover" aka "Naboo charmeur" reputation to him, it fits.

    Agne Mencuri - "Lamb" in many languages.

    Arvel Mencuri - Pretty sure this one's a normal name, too.

    Con Brochet - Found the equivalent of the faceclaim's nickname in another language, split it into two words.

    Red Karnal Zhoorka - Karnal is misspelled carnal, zhoorka is žurka, which means party here. The dude is a RED CARNAL PARTY. Nasty!

    Joak Bluestar Shykrill Glisse - I wanted names that start with J and B for his first names, since his face claim's first name begins with J and the nickname with B. The last name Shykrill has a connection to a family from the Sarcophagus moon where a fallen Jedi killed his brother. Glisse...just sounded good.

    The nicknames for two of the above characters, Code:Red and Code:Blue, came from the concept of Red Oni and Blue Oni. At the same time, Blue had to be a short of Bluestar and Red had to be the character's actual first name. I later got various negative implications of both, but frankly, my dear...

    Korgah - Korg oscilator + the same ending as in the only Dulok female name we know, Urgah.

    Anaslinea-Hoc - An anagram of a real-world place name.

    Sacorrian provinces of Racottia and Berssia - Mangled takes on Croatia and Serbia, yes. The earlier sounds like cheese, or maybe they both do. Yeah, cheese!

    Sublata - Latin verb tollo, tollere, sustili, sublatum. The female form of the last is sublata. I always liked the sound of that.

    Aryan Gelmeen - Went with an ideology and a mangled last name of...what suits the dude most.

    Iasonné - A play on Jason and the German word for the Sun.

    Saride - Changed one letter in the Italian name Paride.

    Dyeke - I have a friend who is a skilled painter and her last name is Đeke - I just made the spelling foreigner-friendly. It's a tribute to her and her artistry.

    R'vanye - Rvanje means wrestling in my native language.

    Pelayn - Pelen/pelin is wormwood in my native language. Yeah, more Chernobyl.

    Nar'cees - This one should be obvious.

    Antonio Nokaarbe - Went with the faceclaim's real name, since there was a SW variant, the last name is an inside joke referring to fitness snobs who mock you if you have a pizza or something. Nokaarbe = no carbs. And he...he doesn't eat carbs and makes a big deal out of that!

    Koobalt Nubes - Cobalt Cloud (nubes, nubis, f - cloud in Latin)...sounded very Ortolan to me.

    Kaeni - I believe it's a Hawaiian last name, but it was cool.

    Caraway - Obviously a spice. Nothing to do with the Carraway from The Great Gatsby.

    Laoda and Proto - Some obscure Greek mythology here, shortened/modified names.

    Salix, Kypari, Morusalba - Willow, Cypress and Mulberry. In accordance with character personalities.

    Wert Caraway - Just a spur of the moment decision.

    Rocas - I wanted a Lithuanian-sounding name and I knew one Rokas back in the days.

    Garko Garelbi - An anagram of his faceclaim, Dario Argento aka Gabriel Garko.

    Dareana Domesuto - The first name came when I was angry with somebody and mangled their name. The last name is the Japanese name for the cleaning product Domestos.

    Damaé Hoove - The last name is a clear mickey take, yes. The first name was inspired by the name of the singer of the dance project Fragma, and I added an accent to make it more Naboo.

    Doge Rockblaster - The whole name is a clear mickey take.

    Soleo - One of those sun-related words, obviously.

    Krall - A take on the word kralj (king) here, because he was FABULOUS.

    Vikigard - A combo of Viktor and posh-sounding names like Edward. Drall names can be extremely pretentious. Just think about it, they have a city named Mastigophorous. Really? REALLY?

    Dingo - If there's a Mungo, why not Dingo? A fitting name for a guy who has a farm in the middle of nowhere.

    Oolteema Misura - "Ultimate Measurement" in Italian, changed spelling.

    Kaargo - Cargo, changed spelling. And the dude's got some emotional baggage.

    Gleb Maradoona - Glebov is an innocent victim in the novel "The Case of the Skalba Station" and Maradoona is a changed spelling of Maradona, because a short Twi'lek man with an even shorter neck whose behaviour is a bit erratic is a funny idea.

    (more to be added, as I go...)
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    This is actually a very good idea for a topic, @Ewok Poet

    I expect I'll be answering this over a few posts.
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    I introduced a few OCs in my drabble challenge. Which I still need to finish.

    So, them...

    La'avé Vendara, AKA Lavender - l needed a name that sounded believable as a Twi'lek name. I also wanted something that would make it make sense for her to be nicknamed Lavender, besides that being the color of her skin.

    A'ayla Vendara - She's one of three sisters, so they all have the same last name. Because she is the sister with the major attitude, I wanted something that sounded both feminine and badass. A'ayla seemed to fit. Giving her an actual connection with A'ayla Secura instead of just a shared name was an idea that came later.

    Chaa'va Vendara - Her first name is just something I made up that sounded good. It was somewhat inspired by the name of one of the daughters from Fiddler On The Roof.

    A'asha Vendara - She's Lavender's mother. I wanted her name to be something that sounded soft, but not weak. Something that bespoke a quiet inner strength.

    The following OCs haven't been added to my OC index post yet. I'll get around to it eventually.

    Mace Brightstar - Mace is, obviously, an established name. There are other reasons, but they would be too spoilery. Brightstar is something I made up after I decided that using Darklighter would be too lazy.

    Lordé Palpatine - I needed a name that followed the general pattern for Naboo females, and it also needed to sound pure, virginal, and completely un-sheevy.

    Sirjio Naberrie - I wanted a name that sounded like it could belong to the coolest guy in school, a gorgeous hunk, a Disney Prince, or all three of the above.

    Claire Moonstep - Her name was inspired by a piece of music. Clare de Lune, to be precise.

    Lance Stormbreaker - Someone needed a good alias, so Lance Stormbreaker was born. And promptly killed so that said someone could steal his identity.

    Tyra - Claire's sister needed a name, so I gave her one. Totally stolen from Tyra Banks.
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    I have essentially four OCs that I use:

    Blue: Got his name because being Barolian, his hair is blue. His real name is Ryoki John Akahai. I picked Ryoki because I wanted a non-anglo sounding name. This name is of Japanese origin. Jonn balances out the name to make it more familiar sounding, plus I wanted a one-syllable name. And Akahai means "gentle" in Hawaiian.

    Bree: I named Leia and Han's fourth child Breha Amidala Solo. Breha was the name of Leia's Alderaanian mother. I can completely see her honoring the woman who raised her this way. Amidala was Leia's mother's name when she was queen. This way, Bree is named for two queens.

    Nobody ever seemed to catch this, but the god that Blue devotes himself, Ianos, is Janus. The god of second chances is often referred to as the " doorway god," and it's even mentioned at one point that he can see the past and the future simultaneously.

    Mirany Lansdotter: I just liked the way Mirany sounded. And as for her last name, there are naming conventions in Mehr in which the child is named after either the father or the mother, plus -son or -dotter, depending on the child's gender. Four people in the same family could have different last names.

    Kash Ferros: Funny how this name came about. I had Mirany's name figured out but I could not for the life of me figure out a suitable name for the man in the story I was writing. The television was on and we were watching Walk the Line, the movie about Johnny Cash. I decided I liked the sound of it so I switched the spelling and Kash it was. Ferros just came to me, but @Ewok Poet pointed out, it sounds like the Latin term for "iron" so that might have been a subconscious idea that was running around. He is very grounded, and he's strong like iron to have survived this long in his circumstances.

    I have other OCs but they're not as interesting.
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    I would have had a hard time not noticing, since Ianos is what he's called in Greek :D


    So, OC names. I have so many OCs that I can't list them all here, but generally speaking I used the following strategies to name them:

    There are the OCs that just come with a name for no particular reason other than it sounds like their name. It's pretty cool when it happens, but it doesn't happen often. One of my OCs in this category is Nazmat Koch; she just popped into my head with her face, her haircut and her name.

    There are OCs for whom I use a modified RL name because there's something in their backstory to that effect. For instance, I have a Wookiee character named Yakooboo, which is an Arabised/bastardised version of Jacob because I was planning for him to have a skeleton in his closet in relation to his brother. I ended up dropping the backstory but the name stuck.

    Then there are OCs that come in groups, and I name them after a group of the same number in mythology, fiction whatever. I have a story where everything comes in groups of seven, so the seven males were named after the seven wonders of the world, the seven females after the seven stars of the Pleiades, etc. I just butchered the names a bit to make them more starwarsy.

    Lastly, there are OCs whose name have a meaning (usually their main character trait) in another language. One of my current fics is an adaptation of The Hunchback of Notre-Dame in the GFFA, and to name the characters I've been looking up the etymology of the French names in the novel and then translating it (more or less loosely) to a variety of other languages using Holoogle Translate. I normally try to stick to a single language within the same story, but in this case I wanted a "tower of Babel" effect so I'm trying every single available language until I find something that sticks.

    Something I do to name characters in original fiction is to open the phonebook at random and pick a name from the page. To do that however, you need to have a real paper phonebook. I still have one and it gets used only for character names.
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    Mark Tantiss-- (Luke Skywalker clone) The name Mark came about because Mara (thinking he was Luke) told him he was once her mark (target of assassination). He picked the last name Tantiss because he was born in the secret hideout within Mount Tantiss.

    Talon Tantiss-- Mark's son. Mark was best friends with Talon Karrde, so he named his kid after him.

    Jaden Tantiss-- Mark named this son after Mara Jade. Jade--Jaden.

    Kira Starkos-- I am fairly sure I used the SW name generator for the first name and for the last name I probably put random words into Google translate and tried to find foreign words that sounded interesting.

    Zylie Karrde -- Random name generator

    Valla Karrde-- name generator

    I often use variations of my sons' names for various characters, such as Kira's brothers.

    I like using Google translate because Norwegian words sound Star Wars-ish to me.
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    There are either two explanations for how I named my OC's:

    1. Either I played around with words until I came up with names that were "Star Warsy" sounding.


    2. I smoked a lot of crack, got repeatedly drunk, and performed regularly scheduled ritual sacrifices until the Wonderful Dark Goat of the Sacred and Aweful Abyss graced me with names that I liked.
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    This is the best OC naming ritual in this thread so far :D Can someone do better?
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    Aaqu Maerhin: full given name Aaquila from the Dunai elder word for eagle, Martin giving Maerhin
    Kaagi Adin: given name from Kaag a water in Warmond, Adin from Adam
    Jono Bel Hana: Jon with o added, Bel like in Bel Iblis giving it Corellian roots, Han with a added
    Tarmenel Eled-Hir: mix arabic and lord of the rings
    Jasir Ere-Dun; mix arabic
    Jason Guyet; mix greek hero and french
    Mick Kerebuy; Kerebuy from the Dunai elder word for Kerebuy eagle
    Nas Aena; surname a en a

    Working as an archivist I saw a lot of names and changed those with things added or discarded
    My Dunai elder characters are based on Tolkien made Star Wars
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    An analysis of my methodology would seem to indicate that almost no thought goes into it, and except in the rare case of a pun, such as the late Deviant Art / Arthur, where I will Fourth Wall an explanation, I rarely remember how I created a name in the first place.

    Stormtroopers appear to be combinations of Greek letters, and a quick glance at my PC's clock.

    Hence, Monster Squad staple, BTA-0113, would have been the second letter in the Greek alphabet, Beta, and it must have been 1:13 in the morning.

    Sometimes I make note of an interesting sounding name, and keep it for later. Sometimes I will call up a cast list on IMDB, and mix and match first and last names.

    Sometimes I draw inspiration from nearby objects.
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    Holding place reply.

    I can write novels on how much time I put into names - and I'm still never quite satisfied with them. I have a healthy hatred/jealousy for those that just come up with something that instantly a) sounds right, b) has deeper meaning, c) fits the relevant culture/race, d) slots in with other names used in the story so as not to be too outlandishly distinctive or too similar to another name causing confusion. How do you do that??? :mad:
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