What's your rating of AOTC from 1-10 (10 being the hightest and 1 the lowest)?

Discussion in 'Attack of the Clones' started by Obi-Gon_Jinnobi, May 16, 2002.

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  1. obi1jedinite Jedi Master

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    Oct 20, 2002
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    its the 3rd best of them all
  2. SLR Jedi Knight

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    Oct 20, 2002
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    I give AOTC a 7.5. I thought the beginning of the movie was really good and the ending with the fighting on Geonesis was awesome. But I thought the middle of the movie w/ Anakin and Padme love story was just painful to watch. Lucas made it too much of a focus of the movie. Lucas doesn't know how to do a love story and should have just kept this aspect as more background as he did w/ Han and Leia in ESB.
  3. Aragorn_the_Elfstone Jedi Youngling

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    Oct 23, 2002
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    I give it about an 8.5; I really didn't care for the character of Anakin Skywalker, but the rest of the movie was awesome.
  4. Shelley Jedi Youngling

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    Sep 9, 2001
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    ANH: 8 1/2 out of 10
    ESB: 9 out of 10
    ROTJ: 7 out of 10
    TPM: 8 1/2 out of 10
    AOTC: 8 1/2 out of 10
  5. DIRK_DIGGLER Jedi Youngling

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    Jul 30, 2002
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    8.5 on the first viewing, 10 after my repeated viewings! I can't wait for the DVD baby
  6. darthtj Jedi Youngling

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    Sep 27, 2002
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    Well I don't like to give out sores of 10 bevcause in my mind there is no such thing as a perfet film, but this is mt faorite star wars film. I didn't think it was possible to replavce ESB, but it did. I didn't care for some of the editing, other than that . I loved it all. The action, the romance,( and I am a guy) and the greatest ene of all, the confession scene.

    3 a new hope(8.95)
    4 Tpm(8.39
    5 Rotj(8.0)

  7. jaja7799 Jedi Youngling

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    Jul 29, 2002
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    3.ROTJ and AOTC(7.5)
  8. darthsidious32 Jedi Padawan

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    Nov 26, 2000
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    Well, I looked at the beginning of this thread, and it started just answering the question by giving AOTC a rating. Now it's down to rating all of the movies. So, here's my rating of all of the SW movies thus far:

    The Phantom Menace: 8/10
    Attack of the Clones: 9/10
    A New Hope: 9/10
    The Empire Strikes Back: 9/10
    Return of the Jedi: 8/10

    All very good movies IMHO. Now as far as "Star Wars movie standards go, they're all a 10 in my opinion. But we're talking about general movie standards, right? :)
  9. smauldookie Jedi Knight

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    Mar 5, 2002
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    ANH - 10 :cool:
    ESB - 9 [face_devil]
    EP-3 - 8 (i know it's early but it should be the best of the PT's)
    ROTJ - 7 [face_love]
    AOTC - 6 :D
    TPM - 5 :)
  10. starwarsfan182 Jedi Youngling

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    Aug 8, 2002
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    I give AotC a 10 all the way.
  11. Patrick Russell Jedi Padawan

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    Jul 9, 1998
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    7.5 to 8

    It definitely blows the doors off of TPM (not tough to do IMHO) and I'd say it's right up there even with or maybe SLIGHTLY behind ROTJ, with ANH and ESB bouncing around up at the top of the list.

    The love scenes in AOTC were among the most forced, badly-written/acted scenes of the saga IMHO (Hayden at least tried to breathe life into those stinky ol' lines in the fireplace scene... Natalie looked like her mind was on what brand of bottled water she was going to have when the scene was done) and I think the Yoda saber fight scene was played more for laughs than for drama.

    BUT... overall I liked the movie quite a bit, and may end up digging it more as time goes on and it settles into my DVD collection.
  12. Charlie_Martel Jedi Padawan

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    Sep 8, 2001
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    TPM: 8/10
    AotC: 8.5/10
    Ep3: 9.5/10 [face_plain]
    ANH: 8/10
    ESB: 8.5/10
    RotJ: 9.5/10 :D

  13. DarkHaven Jedi Youngling

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    Jul 29, 2002
    If you would have asked me this question right when I walked out of the movie theater on opening night, I would have said 9 or 10.

    However, after thinking about the events and going over the story line for a few months now, I have to say like 5 or 6. It just didn't flow well with me.

    Something I thought of the other day, the PT is referred to as Episodes right? Like you say Episode I or Episode 2 and if you see anything printed on them they use the episode number. However, do you say Episode 4 or 5? I know I say A new Hope or Empire Strikes when when talking about the OT.

    The PT just feels like I'm watching TV episodes ya know? Like a young indy kind of thing. Its Star Wars but like a spin off of somekind. The PT is cool, and I enjoy the visuals and seeing where everyone comes from, but I still walk away feeling like I just watched a 2 hour TV and not a movie. Thats just me, flame me if ya want, just my thoughts.
  14. Darth Euro Jedi Padawan

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    May 25, 1999
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    I'd have to say...

    7 / 10
  15. Jedi knight Pozzi Jedi Grand Master

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    Apr 2, 2000
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  16. TokyoXtreme Jedi Master

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    Oct 24, 2001
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    On the previous few pages, there are a bunch of posts from "old timers" who signed up on this board around '99-'00. One post from Clone War intrigued me, as it gave AOTC a pretty clear dismissal. Seeing as how he was an old-timer, I went to check out some of his older posts. Only three posts remain, but they are kind of funny when viewed chronologically:

    From the topic How many times will you go see AOTC?, on 4/28, Clone War posts:

    I watched TPM 57 times, and I don't even considered myself as a fan!!!

    ATOC - well, at least 80+ times, anyone want to match that?

    The second post is from this thread What's your rating of AOTC from 1-10 (10 being the hightest and 1 the lowest)?, posted on 5/18:


    "you have failed me for the last time"

    And the final post, from 5/19, is from How Many Times Have You Seen It?


    Apparently a man of his word, Clone War has not logged in since making this final post on 5/19 6:33am. This is just anecdotal evidence, and perhaps Clone War just changed his profile name, but I still found this pretty curious. I love those totally brief posts -- very concise.
  17. JenX Jedi Youngling

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    Jul 26, 2002
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    I'd give it a 1.5 out of 10.
  18. Rebel Scumb Jedi Knight

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    Feb 22, 1999
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  19. yodaschum Jedi Padawan

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    May 9, 2002
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    I find it hard to rate movies by awarding marks out of 10. Especially Star Wars movies.
  20. SWfan2002 Jedi Master

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    Jan 28, 2002
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    AOTC earned a 10 in my book.
  21. smauldookie Jedi Knight

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    Mar 5, 2002
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    obi-wan in TPM 7
    obi-wan in AOTC 8

    yoda in TPM 5
    yoda in AOTC 10

    padme in TPM 4
    padme in AOTC 6

    anakin in TPM 5
    anakin in AOTC 8

    c3po in TPM 5
    c3po in AOTC 7

    r2d2 in TPM 6
    r2d2 in AOTC 7

    palpetine in TPM 8
    palpetine in AOTC 6

    Darth Sid in TPM 5
    Darth Sid in AOTC 5

    :D :) [face_laugh] [face_devil] :( :mad: ;) :p [face_mischief]
  22. DARTH_CHINA Jedi Master

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    Dec 31, 2001
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    ANH 6,8/10
    - beginning of the movie : 6/10
    - middle " : 7,5/10
    - ending " : 7/10

    ESB 7,6/10
    - beginning : 8/10
    - middle : 6/10
    - ending : 9/10

    ROTJ 7/10
    - beginning : 5/10 (hate Jabba scenes)
    - middle : 7/10
    - ending : 9/10

    TPM 6,8/10
    - beginning : 6,5/10
    - middle : 5,5/10
    - ending : 8,5/10

    AOTC 8,8/10
    - beginning : 9/10
    - middle : 7,5/10
    - ending : 10/10

    I feel like a teacher :p
  23. smauldookie Jedi Knight

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    Mar 5, 2002
    star 5
    TPM 5
    beginning 4
    middle 5
    ending 7

    AOTC 6
    beginning 5
    middle 6
    ending 10
  24. T_H_X_SKYWALKER Jedi Youngling

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    Aug 10, 2002
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    **Leaves thread**


  25. padawanandrewrysk Jedi Youngling

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    Oct 17, 2002
    AOTC deserves 9.5/10. It is in my opinion the best Star Wars. It has the best action sequences, and you begin to understand the overall story. The only thing that was bad was the plot(i.e. Dooku pitting the republic against the sepratists so that Palpatine rose to power). They could have made it a little easier for people to understand. I mean I get it, but everyone else I know keeps asking me to explain it for them.
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