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What's YOUR Star Wars RPG about?

Discussion in 'Games: RPG & Miniatures' started by Malshabek, Feb 26, 2003.

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  1. Malshabek

    Malshabek Jedi Master star 6

    Oct 10, 2002
    I'm sure there are literally hundereds of games going on out there. This could be a place to admire other people's work so to speak. I'm just curious about what everone does for their games. What are they about?

    I'll start with mine.

    My current game is run in the late days of the Old Republic right around the time of episode 2. All 9 of my players are Jedi Kinghts and I the GM, am a Jedi Master.
    We started out by taking part in the battle of Geonosis where we had many many kills and one of my players even brought down a Trade Federation Sphere ship single handedly.
    The plot will evenually take us to Byss where we stumble across the clones of Palpatine. When we realize who the clones are of, we investigate further and find clues hinting that Palpatine is the Sith lord that we should be fighting. Getting too close to finding the truth however will lead us to our own ruin. Eventualy I plan on having all our characters die in an encounter with Darth Sidious and Count Dooku along with about two-hundered some odd Clonetroopers. But I plan on giving them all the opportunity in the world to go out with a bang.

    It should be an interesting game.
  2. xxgoonboyxx

    xxgoonboyxx Jedi Youngling

    Nov 4, 2002
    I started off my campain by running one of those mini adventures from the WotC website... the one about smuggling animals off of naboo. I added in some extra NPCs that escaped and were part of a larger smuggling ring. These guys are selling off the reconditioned trade frederation droids from the battle in episode 1. The characters will find out that a hutt has been buying these droids in an attempt to become the ruling hutt clan over all of tattoine. While on tattoine they will uncover the whole thing is being financed by a few dark jedis that are waiting for most of the hutts to kill each other so they can become the rulers of tattoine and amass an army to Destroy the Jedi order. I have a feeling my characters wont make it through this alive... but I dont know yet.

  3. Malshabek

    Malshabek Jedi Master star 6

    Oct 10, 2002
    Interesting...its kinda like a Gang Wars version of Star Wars. I kinda like the idea.
  4. Jansons_Funny_Twin

    Jansons_Funny_Twin Jedi Knight star 6

    Jul 31, 2002
    The one I'm in right now is really messed up. We're taking elements of Star Wars, Bucky O'Hare, Masters of Orion 2, the 08th MS Team, Evangelion, the Slayers, and a host of other animes.

    Our party is part of the Axis, the good guys. We have Jedi, soldiers, scouts and nobles. At the beginning, our enemy was the Protectorate, and our main baddie was Vaylin Kore, a Dark Jedi. Our mission was to go deep into Protectorate space and start training local Sakkra forces to rebel against the Protectorate.

    At the end of last semester, our side won the war. This semester starts off a year ater, and our characters are now prominent members of the Axis government. We now have to protect our frontier against all sorts of new bad guys, and a species that's fed by the Dark Side.

    Scary stuff.
  5. Fanboy_Solo

    Fanboy_Solo Jedi Youngling star 4

    Oct 7, 2001
    The one I am running is set in an era and series of events which are a part of Darth_Digital's account of the time of Episode III. Essentially the Jedi have been declared traitors soon after we fought the end of the Clone Wars. Vader and the Clonetroopers have stormed the palace, killing all of the Jedi whom have been placed under house arrest. A handful have escaped, including the group's PCs. They must find a way offworld and escape the watchful eye of Vader, the Emperor, Bounty Hunters and "loyal" citizens of the Empire.
  6. Tremaniac

    Tremaniac Jedi Youngling star 3

    Feb 26, 2002
    Ah, beginnings. Ok, the most recent campaign has holdovers from a previous campaign, where a dark jedi adept died trying to go to the light. Not one to willingly kill of characters (especially ones the player wasn't there for), he was given a new body in a new campaign promptly called Second Chance, New Beginning (original, I know). His body crashed on a lowtech planet (think Fallout) and he had no clue as to who he was, or what he was. Basically, he started off with a character sheet with 6 stats and two skills. Then, as he started healing, and taking notice of his surroundings, did he start to get his skills back.
    Now what really made this a kicker was that everyone else in the group was not only willing to go along the LowTek soldier type, but they enjoyed it immensely. So shortly after his body healed, the not quite Jedi ran into wandering Guerilla War vet and his sidekick. Slowly but surely they amassed friends, weapons, and knowledge. But it wasn't until someone showed up in thier town with a blaster that they realized something was highly suspect. Especially when the Jedi (minus force powers) had a knack for using said blaster. The group knew they had to do something to help thier adopted town (which had been overrun by outlaw bikers, one of which had the blaster). So they went to work. Sabataging roads, building primitive explosives, arming the masses for revolt, and stockpiling water everywhere in case of fire. Even went so far as to wall off the main entrance to town. Which was cool, until they saw thier first example of that most holy of handgrenades, the Thermal Detonator. Scared them senseless. But they were heroes, and heroes don't quit. The battle that ensued revealed much about thier secret nemesis. Little known to the populace of this planet, offworlders have arrived and in addition to smuggling weapons to various people for loyalty, they were also stealing minerals and supplies to trade to others offworld. Take a guess how the players got offworld.
    Since then the group has made the galaxy thier playground. After growing up and living on a secluded dustbowl for thier entire lives, they vowed never to stop living it up. They've smuggled pets for Jabba, Worked as bodygaurds for the rich, served as blasters for hire, and when we last left off, ventured to Corellia to smuggle some fine Corellian Whiskey while the jedi remained on Tatooine trying to make sense of his past with the spirit of Obi Wan guiding him.
  7. Jedi_Matt

    Jedi_Matt Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 11, 2002
    In the universe i'm playing in, and also gm-ing in, we've got a group wide campaign going on at the moment.

    the group im in is an online group and is seperated into swi (independents) swe (empire) and swnr (new republic), set in the period just after the defeat of thrawn, and the Empire is reformed under a Sith Lord named Trask K'tar.

    Luke Skywalker has retreated into hiding like obi wan kenobi to contemplate the force, while the Jedi Master Tirian has resurrected the Chu'unthor, which so far only has about 12 students, about half of which are knights.

    We have at least 25 GM's at a guess and at least twice as many players.

    The Jedi captured Trask K'tar, the empire's supreme commander, and were holding him captive on the Chu'unthor, where he was in a comatosed state which i believe was imposed by an ancient amulet. He awoke, and escaped with one of the Jedi apprentices captive, while doing something to the chu'unthor which has sent it hurtling towards a planet, where another Jedi Master and his apprentice, along with some noghri, i think cakhmaim is one of them, are doing what they can to stop it crashing, while also preparing for the worst.

    During the mission to stop the supreme commander and capture him, one of the Jedi apprentices who was on the verge of knighthood drew on the dark side, therefore became tainted, and Master Tirian sent him on a journey of self discovery and redemption, sending him away from the academy.

    Heading to Darknon Station in the Itani nebula, he was captured by two Imperial inquisitors, one of which my independent Jedi killed not long after, as they also tried to capture me. What am i doing there? you may ask, well im also looking for the Jedi Academy to begin my training there, i've done loads by myself, but ive exhausted my resources.

    So, after killing one inquisitor, the other fled, leaving the captive jedi (former NR general) is in a cage somewhere, under the effect of some mind altering drug. I have the idea that my character will end up rescuing him... but that goes unresolved so far.

    The adventure I'm GM-ing at the moment is for a small group of free traders, talked into smuggling what they thought was food, medical goods, and equipment to form some kind of infrastructure to the planet which has been destroyed by recent pirate raids.

    They arrive in a war zone, a war between those who wish to be independent from the republic, and those who wish to join.

    Naturally, the free traders have been screwn over, and a lot of the equipment they are carrying is arms to fuel the war which their employer (who happens to be a dark jedi, shielding his force ability) and his cronies started.

    At some point my Jedi character's apprentice is going to be captured and will undergo a 'breaking', most of which we've already done behind the scenes, which includes him gaining at least one dark side point. the damn git has like 9D in persuasion though, and persuaded one dark side barabel (with the assistance of the Force) to turn away from the dark side, and to leave his master. Cue a fight between the big bad guy (ex emperors hand) and the barabel & new friend. the ex emperors hand got the worst luck ever at this point, losing not only the initiative roll to the captive, but also got a one on the wild die, slipping on something before taking a critical hit with a lightsaber, and finally retreating to the depths of his lair to his cloning cylinders. (we didnt let him be killed, he's going to be used heavily for a long time yet).

    The Barabel (still heavily tainted) and the apprentice Jedi are now fleeing, attempting to reach a ship and get out of there which me and a couple of other players are going to be concluding tomorrow

    All of the characters in the group wrote extensive backgrounds for their characters, so we've got the characters nemesis' right there, most of which are pawns of this ex-emperors hand named Dolan.
  8. Jedi_Matt

    Jedi_Matt Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 11, 2002
    Also, the leader of the planet we're based on has just been assassinated, so when we return from the adventure we're on, we'll have that to deal with
  9. Myaha

    Myaha Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 24, 2002
    We've got two campaigns:

    first our little Dark Jedi group set 2 years before TPM... a loose band of ex-padawan and force-adepts who try to find their own place in the galaxy and tumble deeper and deeper into the open arms of the dark side...
    unfortunately one of us killed a female Hutt out of revenge for a beaten up barkeeper who helped us surviving our first month in 'exile', we have encountered a few of our former masters and one Jedi died 'cause of our actions... now we are on the run ...JC and Hutt Clans right on our heel :(
    AND we found a few old Sith relictes and are now on our search to a hidden Dark Side Temple...

    don't think we survive this trip

    our second campaign is a little experiment*g*
    we always tried not to play rebells and instead play smugglers or stuff...but now (after 8 years of RPG) we finaly did it (hip hip hurray!)
    we are Nuna Squad, a little task force team to end the brutal regime of Palpatine... (set 1 month after Yavin to NJO *irks*)
    we are no heroes and (hopefully) won't participate in any major battle (like Derra IV O_O) but we do our job well :D

    don't mess with Nuna Squad!
  10. Malshabek

    Malshabek Jedi Master star 6

    Oct 10, 2002
    These are all excellent. Keep em' coming.

  11. Jacen13

    Jacen13 Jedi Youngling star 2

    Aug 17, 2002
    The one I'm working on is a continuation of the Escape from Theed Adventure. The characters managed to save Queen Amidala from an assasin, and where rewarded with a Nubian N-3 Space Yacht. An R2 unti that has attached itself to one of the heroes contains a message for a Alderinian Senator. The Heroes have just set out to try to find him.
    Bassically, the R2 contains a message telling the senator of a plot to kidnapp him. He hires the heroes as bodygaurds, along with a shady lookin level 7 thug. On the way to the ships, the bodygaurd attacks the senator and tries to capture him. But that's only a diversion. A bounty hunter grabs the senator, and takes of in a a speeder. The heroes shoul give chase. The Bounty Hunter get away, but the ship they where in had a holorecorder "Black Box". They use that to find out who the bounty hunter is and track down his ship (hopefully). If they can follow him, or plant a tracer, they'll track him to some planet. After following several leads, trecking thru a Hutt's lair, and hacking Trade Fedaration computers, they find the senator. He rewards them with a really cool ship I made, The Shadow Velker.
  12. JoinTheSchwarz

    JoinTheSchwarz JC Head Admin & Community Manager star 8 Staff Member Administrator

    Nov 21, 2002
    Well, I've been building a really big and epic NJO campaign for months, but I need more players and material so I won't start it until the last NJO book is published.

    My current campaign: I'm GMing a Clone Wars campaign - without Jedi! Yeah, we wanted to give it a twist, and my players are bored of Jedi, so... We also wanted to get back to the old WEG days and we all love the "scoundrel with golden heart and rapid tongue" archetype.

    The heroes began their careers as CIS soldiers, wanting to change the galaxy. They had to evacuate Bevel Lemelisk (the engineer who helped the Geonosians develop the Death Star) from Geonosis and mow down a few clonetroopers (I think I posted the summary of the adventure somewhere). They fled to Neimoidia and discovered that the Trandoshan bully that they thought to be the bodyguard of their Neimoidian commander was but a Jedi Investigator working undercover. After hearing the truth from his lips, they fled the planet and joined forces with the Republic. They're volunteers, looked down by Jedi and clonetroopers alike, but they don't care as long as they have the chance to get revenge against the CIS.

    So far we have played a few adventures and it's looking really good. There's a certain "Starfighters of Adumar" flavor and my players are loving it.

    Also, as we played another Clone Wars campaign a few years ago, they are meeting their old characters and that dejà vu feeling is always great. :)
  13. Phoenix928

    Phoenix928 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Dec 2, 1999
    Geez... I feel like the black sheep here. I've GMed two tabletop SWRPG (2nd Edition) campaigns. Both are New Republic era and neither has much focus on Jedi or anything related to the Jedi.

    Several years ago, I and a bunch of friends had a game going with me GMing for a bunch of privateers with the main point of conflict (at least for the earlier parts of the campaign) being this little squabbling rivalry between the PCs and a foppish Imperial admiral. In a somewhat unorthodox way of running things (or so it seemed to me), I did the GM work and all that, but the actual roleplay for the Imperial was done by a friend of mine who'd decided that he wanted to play in the campaign with us, but had joined late and so wasn't able to get a character into the privateering crew right from the get go.

    Interesting campaign that one, and I sometimes miss it. I certainly regret how I let power-gaming impulses run away with things a bit... both my own and my players'.

    As for the second game I ran, it was way too short-lived for everyone's tastes, but such things happen. This time, I went with a New Republic SpecOps cell assigned to Ord Mantell. I liberally "borrowed" from one of the NJO novels for their first adventure, having the player characters involved in a bunch of cloak and dagger stuff right from the get go. Boarding a passenger liner under false identities, making contact with the other members of their cell (an excuse to do all that silly sign/countersign crap), finding out that two of their compatriots had already been found and murdered by an unknown organization that had also tried to slip two of their own agents into the cell in lieu of the dead, genuine operatives. The liner itself got attacked by raiders (who came out of nowhere though startingly in the right place at the right time leading everyone to wonder if they didn't have prior information leaked to them)

    Basically, all the sorts of things you might expect from a SpecOps group. We only managed about four or five adventures, though, before academic woes started sucking up what little free time we had. Shame.
  14. Silver-Blade

    Silver-Blade Jedi Youngling

    Mar 1, 2003
    My RPG takes place about 20 years after the NJO. Here is a outline.

    I. Sent by the newly formed Jedi counsel to find a Jedi artifact.
    A.Go to Bimmassari
    B.tour the marketplace
    C.Find a sphere like holocron
    D.Escape with it
    E.Find that the gatekeeper of it is still alive on Chandrila
    F.find the gatekeeper only to be attaacked by darkside maradurs and the keeper to be killed in the prosess

    II. Discovery of the Sith
    A.Are studying the holocron when the builing you are in is attacked by some strange alien creatures, which you later find out to be Massassi.
    B.Escape in your ship
    C.are pulled out of hyperspace only to be captured by a strange old battleship
    D.Find that the ship is covered by Massassi and the actual Sith species.
    E.When they escape in an escape pod they crash into the planet that the ship is orbiting.
    F.Find a huge massassi temple surrounded by the darkside and is guarded by the Sith.
    G.Escape from planet

    III. The Sith war
    A.returm to planet with large Galactic Alliance task force, with Jedi and all.
    B.Are countered by the Sith who's army is much larger and stronger
    C.During the Battle you face Darth Kressh, the leader of the Sith

    If you want more you can e-mail me at for this gets better and better!
  15. EwokSlayer01

    EwokSlayer01 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 7, 2003
    My RPG starts my PCs off in a convoy of displaced refugees. They quickly fall under attack by a YV interdiction force and well I can't say much more because....Malshabek...I AM YOUR BROTHER!! No really, I am! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
  16. Malshabek

    Malshabek Jedi Master star 6

    Oct 10, 2002
    Yes EwokSlayer...You are my brother.


    Anybody wanna buy my brother EwokSlayer?
    The bid starts at 2 cents.

    Naa... I'll save that for a different forum. We shall see how good your game is Ewokslayer...

    Anyone else got plotlines to share?
  17. Gesh_Bomil

    Gesh_Bomil Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 24, 2002
    My game started 20 yrs before ep1. The first game involved an Ithorian senatorial aide (noble 1) and a Jedi (JG 1). They were to escort an achient Ithorian "cloaking" device from the Jedi Temple to the Ithorian Consulate's offices for transport to the homeworld for study. (The device was obtained by a freind of mine in a mini-adventure just prior). During the exchange on a platform, they were attacked by a crime syndicate which led to an exiting speeder chase thru the streets of Corusant. Retreiving the device, they tracked the rental of the speeder to a buisnessman specializing in the commodities market. They reached his apartment in time to witness his Force Grip! The assasain (soldier 3 FA 2)was in the building opposite (less than 10m away) and the chase began. The jedi and assasain fought but the enemy stunned the jedi enough to get away. Fortunatly the Ithorian noble (not much good in a fight) recorded the whole thing with his newly purchased portable recorder. Whith some lucky rolls, he had it broadcast throughout Corusant and the killer was caught...and sent offworld.
    Unfortunatly for the characters, he was the aide to a senator and under diplomatic immunity. The diplomat is actually an alien of the system he is representing (noble 6 FA 4) who bought his senatorial title from the corrupt leaders with his crime funds. The senate though could only remove his aide's status and expell the aide. He revealed to the pc's that he is interested in "antiquities", but realizes that some are special to have...especially since there is another. (the "Baron" is a traditional mafia don who has honor and won't go after the pc's unless they go after him. both sides have kept to the bargain.

    This little adventure has spawned into one which has ressurected an achient dark force Ithorian scientist. His specialty was midiclorians and their absorption for use as a power sourse, to the death or near death of their host. Through a series of encounters here and there, the pc's are slowly uncovering his burgoning plans of forming an empire with old sith technology and midi-chlorian boosted troops. Just like he tried on the ithorian homeworld thousands of years ago. The adventure has taken place over two years (game and real). Currently the pc's are sidetracked, helping a strange droid in the shape of a black sphere retake his masters company of droid manufacturing from a very hostile takeover years ago.

    So, what do you think?

    The adventure ideas i've heard in this thread are quite good and i hope nobody minds if i borrow a few in my game to plant here and there.

  18. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
    For the last 200 years, there has been one entertainment program on the holovid networks that has transcended all boundarys of race and culture, even though different actors play the same characters, and brought in the highest ratings. That show has been "Blister the Wonder Collie". Number two was "Shore Patrol". Number 3: The Expendables!

    Yes, the Expendables. The Many, The Humble, The Inept! The Expendable.
    What happened was that during an adventure, a reporter stumbled onto the scene, and later got background interviews with the party. The Network executives knew they'd never get clearance to sell it as news, so they changed the names to protect the guilty and sold it as an entertainment. They also commisioned a whole new line of stealth droids, little more than hovercams with 6-8d of sneakiness. Occasionally the party was able to capture one and reprogram it to act as a scout, but those droids had a high mortality rate. THe party also had a problem when the badguys tuned into the show to find out where they were, so they "negotiated" with the network to put a 2-week delay between record and broadcast. But they still have to deal with fans of the show recognizing them, and minor riots of autograph seekers.
    One party member got a DSP for yelling "Hey, They're filming an Expandables episode over there." in order to cover their escape from the hunters. Why a DSP? He sent dozens of innocent civilians into the middle of a firefight to save his hide when none of the party were actually injured. It was funny though.
  19. jhc36

    jhc36 Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 19, 2003
    the game i'm playing is set in the NJO, the beginning that is. My character, a finger/soldier devaronian is the only one alive since we've started 9months ago. we've had many missions....
    * trying to take over a spice lord's manufacturing plant on bimmissaari
    * searching the galaxy for a Sith twi'lek..who i pissed off and he sliced off my arm...amazing i lived.
    * and the latest is we're back on bimmissaari...well the town is not producing spice anymore...its been taken over by the peace brigade...and we're not 'supposed' to know what has been going on with the yuuzhan vong. (are characters shouldnt know who they are...even though we've read all the books up to fh2) far thats whats going on, we'll see what happens tonight...
  20. -Kyle-Katarn-

    -Kyle-Katarn- Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 8, 2002
    Our GM decided to start a campaign where we basically decided where the adventure went. Our characters are:

    Jedi Guardian - Matt
    Force Adept - Seth
    Soldier - Me

    The Jedi Guardian's master is an irresponsible type, who is more concerned with politics and advancing his position in the order than him, so he gives him free roam to 'advance' his skills (in other words, so he doesn't have to deal with him). The Force Adept is generally mild-mannered, and very absent-minded (which gets us into trouble).

    My Soldier is an ancient gun collector (uses slugthrowers) who specializes in computer splicing and strategy, and is basically the brains of the group.

    Our first adventure went pretty well, the local merc guild assigned us to hijack a freighter of spice. Our goal was the return with the spice, and the captain of the vessel.

    Well, thanks to a few brilliant strategies dreamed up by yours truly (no, really, stop it), we managed to take control of the bridge. We were all Level 2 at this point. However, the Captain decided to commit suicide, and our Jedi Guardian failed his Move Object check to yank away his knife. Amazingly, I got a critical miss on my Treat Injury check. So, he died.

    This is where my character started getting devious. Being the only one with any ranks in Computer Use, Astrogate, and Pilot, I knew that my allies knew absolutely zilch about ships. I altered the spaceships records to show that the ship had only been carrying 4000 kg of spice when it really carried 8000 kg. We then loaded 4000 kg of spice onto the ship we came in (we had to bring both ships back). A quick scan of the ship revealed to me that the freighter also carried two tons of precious gems. My allies knew nothing of this. At any rate, I programmed them a hyperspace course back to the merc guild on a datapad so they could get our reward, telling them that I would catch up as soon as I repaired the ship's ionization (something I had already done). All they had to do was plug the datapad in to the mainframe and engage the hyperdrive. They, knowing nothing about this (and to the frustration of them out-of-character).

    Disaster struck for them. Our absent-minded Force Adept started the hyperdrive without plugging in my navigational datapad. They made a blind jump. Although they didn't get hit by any hazards, they had no idea where they were. Meanwhile, the Force Adept, being so clumsy with the computer, accidentally launched the distress probe. (From a ship loaded with illegal spice!).

    Meanwhile, my character sold the precious gems, keeping about 10...err...can't remember the crystal's name...(strongest material in the galaxy, looks translucent with a little firey center). I also kept one of each type of other gem, in case my Jedi friend wanted one for making a lightsaber (being the nice guy I am). I used the money and purchased a Corellian Corvette (a 2nd-level character!), and a private X-wing. Still having about 4 million credits to my name, I figured it was time to try and figure out what happened to my friends.

    Meanwhile, my friends' distress beacon was answered. By a Victory-class Star Destroyer from the Imperial Remnant. Needless to say, they weren't very friendly, and the Jedi Guardian and Force Adept were seized, and led to the detention area of the ship.

    Knowing a bounty was now on all our heads for defying the mercenary guild, I pondered what to do next (my character has no idea that my friends have been captured, though he'll try to find out what happened to them). We just reached the third level.

    I plan to craft those 10 crystals into one single 20-bullet clip of slugs, for use in the most dire of situations....

    Good stuff.
  21. Mayhem

    Mayhem Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 28, 2001
    That sounds cool Kyle. Very fun I almost feel bad for your buddies. :)
  22. Duke_Landwalker

    Duke_Landwalker Jedi Master

    Nov 7, 2000
    Star Wars 40 Trillion........the pc's who are related hear of the tragic(but timely death!)of their Uncle Marl.......Marl had a small but profitable mining op on Ord Trahali.........of course it was left to them, but its in shambles.Equipment is missing and the Big 3(various Mining co's)and the mining guild want to buy them out but its to good to be true.......Ord Trahali naturaly produces Golden Mek. It has various uses like conducting energy and alot of near by worlds use it to make currentcey(sp) naturally the pc's stay to rebuild the business, the rebellion is coming on strong and so is the Empire,and pirates and the locals.......
  23. ToxicNed

    ToxicNed Grand Poobah of Madison WI - FF CR star 4

    May 2, 2002
    Here's the intro that I had for the start of my game:

    It is one year after the Battle of Naboo, and the status of things seem to have gotten better, at least to the public eye. The Trade Federation is being tried by the Senate for crimes against the Naboo during its blockade. There is also talk of other systems that have been ravaged and abused by them as they vied for power over the trading franchise and to possibly break from the governing of the Republic. On a case by case basis the charges are being leveled against them, and proceedings continue. But to those who are involved in politics do know better. Unfortunately things are proceeding slowly due to conflict in the Senate and one can see where favor was purchased by the Neimoidians. There is also talk of systems separating from the Republic and governing themselves in order to distance themselves from this bickering and buying that seems to go nowhere. Rumor has it that it has been spurred on by the Neimoidians. Others say that the Hutt crime lords have started this to open up the market for more illicit goods. A few have ventured that the Jedi are trying to take over, but this ?theory? is looked upon as nothing more than the desperate grasping at straws. It is obvious that no one knows the reason why this is occurring, but due to the amount of rumors about it circulating, most have also believed the secession as just that: rumor.

    The Jedi are still coping with their discoveries and changes of the past year. They lost one of their own order to a Sith lord, lost another to resignation, and found one who is possibly the Chosen One of the prophecies. Because of this, feelings are mixed. The Jedi who stepped down was Master Dooku, a highly respected member of the Order and would have soon been on the Jedi Council. The Jedi depended upon his expansive knowledge of Jedi lore, rivaling even that of the Jedi Archives, to get information about the Sith. That search is now hindered, and his loss affects their role as guardians. At this point, the only ones that can verify any further information about the Sith are Obi-Wan Kenobi and his padawan Anakin Skywalker, rumored to be the one mentioned in the prophecies. Also affecting the abilities of the Jedi in maintaining peace and justice in the galaxy are the issues arising in the Senate. More often they are being called into service as diplomats and mediators in conflicts that they normally wouldn?t partake in, scattering their numbers far across the galaxy.


    There are five in the party.

    - The Force adept is from a backwater world that has no representation in the Senate. This makes it difficult for them to voice their grievances against the Trade Federation who had plundered their world of the life-giving sunstones. The sunstones are actually a focus for the Force abilities of the women of the world, and also a storage recepticle of built up Force energy. Palpatine takes mercy upon the representatives of her planet and recommends they seek the help of the Jedi. In addition, he assigns two of his personal entourage to assist.

    - The Wookie is a soldier that was working initially for a crime lord on Coruscant, but left them with some of their items. He is being hunted by the crime lord (which will be a later story arc), and figured the best way to avoid them for the time being is to work for the other side of the law: The Republic. He's currently a guard-for-hire for the Senate and is guarding none other than Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. He's been assigned to help the Force adept in getting information to use against the Trade Federation.

    - The scoundrel is also working for the Senate and is one of many couriers for Palpatine. He also is assigned to help the Force adept. There's also a burning hatred that the scoundrel has against the Trade Federation: they destroyed the scoundrel's father's shipping business, killed his mother, framed his father for smuggling illegal goods and nearly had him killed.

    - The Zabrak Jedi guardian has a Wookie master and is doing al
  24. Keyan_Stele

    Keyan_Stele Jedi Master star 2

    Oct 26, 2000
    I'm running a game loosely based around the events of the Light vs. Dark comic series with A LOT of changes and improvements. The Brotherhood of Darkness is preparing to invade the unwitting and unknowing Republic and the players haven't really connected the dots or stumbled into anything that would tip off the invasion yet. But it's coming, and everything will change for them once it does.
  25. charben01

    charben01 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 28, 2001
    My game is set during the start of Grand Admiral Thrawn's campaign against the New Republic. An ex-pirate and rather inept smuggler discovers a huge block of carbonite on an abandoned space station, orbiting a gas giant in an Outer Rim system. He hauls the block back to Imdaar Prime, where it is scanned and thawed. Trapped inside are 3 beings: a Bothan male, a human male, and a Chiss female--all teenagers. They also discover the mummified remains of an older human. It turns out that the three survivors are Padawan Jedi from the Old Republic, frozen in a Carbonite explosion caused by damage to the space station during a battle shortly after the events in Episode I. The mummy is the remains of the Jedi Knight who led the mission. They now have to deal with the culture and historical shock of the Clone Wars, the fall of the Jedi Order, and the rise of the Empire. With only the smuggler to take care of them, they have to figure out how to survive in this era, especially since Thrawn's campaign makes the Chiss Padawan's life very difficult. She also has a very big problem with this Skywalker guy, who calls himself a Jedi with almost no formal training. She's a staunch traditionalist who has a very hard time accepting the realization that the Jedi Order fell. The Bothan, a skilled saber wielder, has to deal with pressure from Senator Fey'lya to return to Bothawui and join the Bothan SpyNet. The human wanted to be a Jedi Ace, but was pressured by the Council to become a Jedi Investigator once his training was complete. Now, without the Council to restrain his natural talents at flying, he rejects the Investigator training and takes up flying starfighters again. The Chiss has a problem with his disobeying the orders of the Council. All three want to go to Coruscant and meet Skywalker, but have no way to get there yet.

    While all this is going on, the Empire attacks the system, which is neutral and has minimal defenses. It's not Thrawn's forces, but there is an Admiral Fyaar, and they've heard of someone named Desann and the Reborn...

    There's lots of great roleplaying going on, along with some fantastic battles going on. The presence of the three padawans certainly complicated the Empire's plans. We're having a great time.

    Chris H.
    Atlantic Beach, FL
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