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What's YOUR Star Wars RPG about?

Discussion in 'Games: RPG & Miniatures' started by Malshabek, Feb 26, 2003.

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  1. Jedi_Boricua

    Jedi_Boricua Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 17, 2002
    Tomorrow I'll be running my first campaign ever. After a year or so playing, not only SW but a horde of other RPG's, i've decided to jump into the GM role.

    It will a darkside campaign set in the Sith Era. I took the idea from one of the books, all of the PC's will be a sith/dark jedi, with considerable influence, power and or potential in the Sith society. After the Emperor (can't remember his name, don't have my notes with me right now) discovers the existence of the Republic he will sent a team to infiltrate the Republic and collect intel. Obviously his methods for choosing a team are unorthodox at best (a fight to the death between 10 combatants, who of course my PC's will win).

    Their first mission will be to infiltrate Corellia and kidnap one of the Senators who is the head of the Military Comitte in the Senate. He is to be brought back to Sith Space for questioning.

    I have a few surprises for them in the way, which I'm not going to tell here because my players read this forum, but I know they'll be satisfied.

    Other missions i'm planning for them are poisoning the food stockpile for the Republic Army, creating civil unrest and wars between systems, and of course going to Coruscant once or twice to 'assess' the situation. All in all I'm really hoping for a great campaign.
  2. yodascourgeofthesith

    yodascourgeofthesith Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jul 24, 2003
    I was running a campiagn set in the NJO era. Which invloved agroup of Old republic Jedi who had been in stasis in the unknown region and a Super evil sith Lord who had learned to manipulate the Darkside so that he could travel through time. He was building a series of towers that harness darkide energy so that he could travel to the past and create an Army of the greastest Sith Lords through out time. My players were 2 jedi's(1 healer and 1 Guardian) and a soldier. Needless to say they were in way over their headsbut with alittle help from a few NPC they managed to Stop the Sith Lord. Only to have him be replaced by one of the Old republic Jedi masters who went over to the darkside.

    THis game ran from almost 9 months until I got burned out on the story line and some of my players started complaining whenever I made their opponents anything but complete cupcakes.

    No more Gming groups that only want Hack-n-slash missions for me
  3. Malshabek

    Malshabek Jedi Master star 6

    Oct 10, 2002
    Update on my game: Malshabek has perished. :( I worked on him for almost a year. Having your character get killed off sucks. [face_plain]
  4. Senator_Cilghal

    Senator_Cilghal Jedi Master star 5

    Jul 19, 2003
    I have done many campaigns, here is a look at them:

    1) My first SW campaign began approximately 883 years before the Battle of Yavin, when Yoda was a Padawan. I was young Yoda, the other players were a Duinuogwuin Jedi named Ambrose and a Colicoid Jedi named Zorith. We were all long-lived species, and the campagin spanned about a 100-year time period. There were numerous missions, most of them concentrated on develping our characters, and only in the latter hald of the campaign did we actually meet the villain. One of our most notable missions lasted two weeks and was on two planets called Apoltemis and Hellenes Gracca, located in the same system as Thisspias. Here, the main villain (who was Yoda's species) and his evil Miralukan sidekick were breeding dark side monsters. THey had isolated the star system and set up a tyrannical govt. on Apoltemis friendly to them; the dark side govt. consisted of three Dark Adept siblings known as "the god Albion," "the goddess Temis," and "the prophetess Ora One G'ye." The triumvirate ruled the planet in a twisted dark side cult that included the hunting down of sentient beings for sport, human sacrifices, slavery, and bringing up children as a fantical army of merciless killers. All that, and there were lots of dark side monsters. We got beat up a lot. We finally went to Hellens Gracca for help. There we got caught up in a quest to find a cue for a virus wiping out life on Yoda's homeworld, and won the help of a local hero, who helped us defeat the Apoltemis triumvirate. We discovered the triumvirate and the hero were half-siblings, and their father belonged to a Force-enhanced, artificial race with cybernetically enhanced DNA. Finally, the main villain tried to invade the COruscant system with an army from the Unknown Regions, and we duked it out on a space station where the main villain was eaten (yes, eaten) by the Supreme Chancellor, although many of our supporting characters, including some of our apprentices (we were knights by then) were killed in the Battle.

    2) We had another campaign where we were bounty hunters. I was a Hutt and ate many other characters. THat was fun. We hunted Jedi and even tried to go after Chancellor Palpatine once, which did not end well for us--we were captured by Dooku, and ended up battling an evil scientist. Over the course of the campaign, we ended up fighting the SIth, the Republic, the Naboo, the Bounty Hunters' Guild, Jabba the Hutt, and Black Sun. Everybody hated us, but for some reason we were friends with te Jedi, who gave us asylum on Lasat Station. We eventually had to rescue one of our PCs (a Gungan bounty hunter) from Ziost, where we fought some nasty monsters and droids and found lots of dead Gamorreans (long story). After the rise of the Empire, we joined Cody Sunn-Childe's resistance fighters (a pre-Rebel Alliance group) and fought against the Empire. THis campaign started before the Battle of Naboo and ended about 5 years before A New Hope. The Gungan became the Governor of Nova Gunga and married a priestess, the Selonian became a fisherman, and the Hutt bought a private asteroid as well as murdering and assuming the identity of a member of the TF Executive Board.

    3) Then we played a campaign about smugglers during the CIS. We managed to steal a Hapes Nova Cruiser from the isolated Hapes Star Cluster, which acted as our base of operations. I was the Mrlssi captain of the starship, while the other characters were pirate/smugglers. We had many unfortunate run-ins with the Republic and the CIS, inc. nearly gettign killed by Sate Pestage. The campaign ended rather abruptly whn our cruiser was destroyed by a CIS battleship.

    4) Then we played a campaign where I was an ISB officer, the other players were an Imp Intel officer and an Inquisitor. We heped Vader hunt down Jedi and acted on special joint ops missions, as well as escorted an Imperial advisor on a covert mission to convince Alliance friendly worlds to support the Empire and betray the Rebellion.

    5) Then we played a NJO-era campaign where we had two separate sets of c
  5. Fanboy_Solo

    Fanboy_Solo Jedi Youngling star 4

    Oct 7, 2001
    Wow, be my GM :D

    I'm a less experienced GM, but I'm currently running a game in which a Jedi(PC) and his master are escorting refugees from a CIS occupied world, then a refugee droid and a planetary militia recruit (PC's) try their darndest to get the Republic to let them have some involvement in the army.
  6. DarthArraKul

    DarthArraKul Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jul 30, 2003
    hey all...

    actually i have been running SW:rpg since it first came out waaay back in the late '80s.
    the best campaign i ever ran is still alive....((( on life support for the time being))) while i change everything over to the newer D20 system. (( which is a huge pain in the rear))

    we started playing this campaign as a filler 2 nights a week back in mid 1991.. and eventually we moved into a 3times a week mode.. as we all grew older.. and got married and had kids... this of course dwindled down quite a bit.. i haven't run it in almost 2 years..but i will finish my

    now i want all of you to keep in mind out there that i started this in 1991.....
    and i had the grand idea to start my campaign 20 years before A NEW HOPE..and somehow it just went well..


    a yong jedi initiate (( we had no ide what a padawan was)) on the run from imperial troops ducks into a bar..

    this simple little idea turned into over 10 years of fun and some of the best gaming i have ever seen

    i have to say that most of the longevity came from that the fact that our young initiate.. Tormai Dagon.. would not die..
    at last count there were over 75 PCs for the life of the game... but i always had one constant.. my littke jedi.. and i would like to take this opportunity to thank Dan the nut who has been my nemisis for all these years by playing Tormai.

    i have seen PCs go dark , live , love, age, gain power, have children... basically run the entire gamut of human emotion in a campaign that has chronicaled almost 50 years... yup thats right... i have taken them all the way to NEW JEDI ORDER..

    in my own way i have become very attached to many of the characters over the years... and as GM i have felt the loss of some of these graet characters as they bacame one with the force.

    at the same time i have also enjoyed the evil glee of playing the villan.... whomever it would be, for the plot thread.

    but i digress.....

    here is a list of some of the notable characters

    Tormai Dagon.. Jedi master.. poor guy has lost limbs more times than i can count, been turned , redeemed, spent months playing solo.. while the character was off finding himself.. leapt off buildings onto moving ships(( be4 obi-wan made it cool)) and has seen a lot of friends die.. Tormai eventually becomes a jedi hermit

    Elbereth Vanter... Jedi Master.. ok.. so he started out as a non- force sensitive smuggler...but ya play with the wrong artifact and you'd be amazed at what happens..and for the longest time all he wanted to do was get away from all those nuts.. i've tormneted the poor guy for years with a recurring assain droid..that can repair itseldf as long as a piece survives. eventually Elbereth becomes a leading member of the new Jedi council.. my only player never to be tempted by the dark side... thanks Steve

    Daxxus Shane.. Iotran.. bounty hunter..smokes like a chimney.. not a nice man.. bigger guns..
    Daxxus started out in the genius mind of my pal Kevin.. as a way for him to work out his anti-social issues.. daxxus was our tank.. bigger guns .. more armor.. more implants.. more bounties.. more more more.. Kevin eventually left us.. so i had to take over and keep this guy around as my Deux ex machina... oh and btw.. when you kick-a$$ bounty hunter says don't go in ther kids.. listen.. he's probabbly right... poor old Daxxus... ended up a near quadroplegic on life support because of all the cybernetics and years of abuse.. he also stopped going outside.. he now conducts business thru his agents and droids from a hermetically sealed room at the center of the Shane bounty hunting guild..

    and for now... thats all i am gonna write...
    hope your enjoying..

    drop some posts if ya'all wanna read more

    .. Fear is my ally

  7. JediBendu

    JediBendu Jedi Master star 3

    Jan 13, 1999
    My star wars campaign started before TPM came out, so it has an alternate back story to the Prequel Trilogy.

    The first trilogy was about a group of friends, a jedi acolyte (pre padawan), a smuggler, a young noble and an archaeologist. They were all thrown together in the dying days of the Clone Wars beteen the Clone Combine and the Republic.

    The first game "End Game" involved them taking part in the victory initiative, being duped into holding talks with the Clone ambassadors and the manbdalorians whilst the republic reparade their doomsday assault. They did all this with the help of a slightly useless senator named janus Berwick. They made some allies amongst the Mandalore, foiled a Hutt plot to build force resistant clones but failed to stop the annihilation of the Mandalore people.

    In the interregnum between games, the Young Noble's father was killed and he had to take his place in the senate. The Young jedi went through his trials and became a full knight. The smuggler had a new hyperdrive installed in her space-craft and ran into the remains of the Mandalore and the archaologist was attacked and lost on a far off water world called Sedri, by a strange artifact...

    The second game "Counterforce" involved the players rescuing the archaeologist from the Sith Pirates, a group of ruthless cultists. They did this with the aid of the legendary Anakin Skywalker. Unfortunately the Smuggler's young first mate was kidnapped by the Pirates. The archaeologist was recovering from his encounter with the sith 'holocron', discovering he had gained strange martial skills, but a tendency towards the philosophy (live in the moment, give in to your weakness) of the Sith. Whilst our heroes track down the pirates, the chancellor of the Republic kills himself to escape corruption charges and a new election is held. Meanwhile there are romances between the Smuggler and a colonel drayson of republic intelligence, the young Jedi and another Jedi and the Senator must come to terms with his wife from a political marriage. The Young senator works with bail Organa and Mon mothma to get a moderate candidate (Janus Berwick) in to the position rather than the scheming Kienan Palpatine. The Jedi comes up with a cunning plan to infiltrate the Sith to free Nils, the fisrt mate, bt is ordered not to do it by Anakin Skywalker. Only too late does he realise that Anakin has decided it was too dangerous, and only he should be allowed to do it. The heroes are too late to stop Anakin breaking out the remaining sith pirates and using them as his cover to infiltrate the Sith Pirates. The culmination is when our heroes receive the signal from Anakin, and lead a republic task force to wipe out the pirates and rescue Nils. Unfortunately the pirates somehow convince Anakin to escape with them. At the same time Janus Berwick is announced Chancellor, and surprises everyone by the announcement that he is merging his house with House Palpatine. The game ends with the ritual where Anakin is declared Lord of the Sith.

    In the final game of the first trilogy "Mortality", the heroes realise something is wrong. Terrorists striking against the republic turn out to be organised from within. Jedi are being lured to the darkside by some force, and our heroes must face one of them. Eventually Palpatine reveals his hand by having the Jedi largely wiped out. Skywalker comes to Coruscant to face the Emperor, and is defeated by his dark power and chooses to serve him. He also sleeps with Obi-Wan's Fiancee, Mina Organa. The final act is our heroes separated. The Jedi Hero takes the Jedi apprentices away and hides them, but is unable to stop the attack of Darth Vader, and ius killed in battle. The Archaeologist breaks into the imperial capital building to rescue the Jedi's daughter, but is unable to save her mother, he also battles the Sith Pirate who have become the Emperor's guards. The Senator faces up to the fact that he put Palpatine into power and rejects joining him, he also then faces off against his Father's assassin (who was snet by Berwick/Palaptine) and escap
  8. MagnaZero

    MagnaZero Jedi Master star 2

    Aug 1, 2003
    Im new here, but here it goes:

    Im the GM.I currentley have 3 players(including me), and the campaign is set in the Old Republic era.
    The party is made up of a force-sensitive human scout(me) a jedi padawan, and a former sith soldier who is also force-sensitive.
    The republic is at war with the sith, who are led by a sith lord named Darth Threnos, and his apprentice, Darth Sendra. They have to find a kidnapped republic senator named Uthra Tellra,who is a great leader, and somehow knows the plans to the latest sith super-weapon.
    My character and the jedi PC's start out on a republic space station, which is attacked by a sith boarding party the sith soldier
    PC is on.
    My character and the jedi PC start to defend the station, and encounter the sith soldier PC who is seperated from his group and taken as a republic prisoner.
    everybody gets into escape pods, and head for the nearest planet, Tattoine. Right now they are trying to hire a smuggler/pilot named Jerek Tor to fly them to the Sith Flagship to save the senator.
  9. TheExecutor

    TheExecutor Jedi Master star 3

    Nov 8, 2002
    PC?s come across and are infected by a virus created by a Mad Scientist (He is unknown or is he the Dh Doctor?) who wants to take over the galaxy. This all happens on a Transport Train that is dropping the PC?s off to there ships in the spaceport. The PC?s are infected with the super nano virus that starts to change them into humans.The Players wake up in the quarantine area of the Spaceport authority. There they find out they are infected with the virus. Players who are human become younger and more vibrant and start to forget who they are. They have days or maybe even hours to find out a cure. At the quarantine area of the Spaceport authority they speak to a Bio Droid who tells them to see Dh Doctor who can help them with the virus. The PC?s are then arrested by the planets security force and suspected of being the ones who are spreading this new nano virus. There they are interrogated by a Security Chief each of Players is interrogated one at a time. The Security Chief believes them that they know nothing but he tells them He will keep an eye on them. The NPC Thaddeus J Ross suggests that they make a stop at his ship and load up on some weapons and start a data search of this doctor Guy. Braun tells the Players were they can find Dh Doctor and his lab and Braun tells them he will do a data search for more information.They must find the NPC Dh Doctor to help them find a cure or become slaves to the verse. The Dh Doctor gives them a shot that he thinks may stop the nano virus, but is killed (is he dead?) by the NPC Captain Kill but before he is killed he tells the Players about the NPC So Vetsha and were they may find him. The Players find out that Dh Doctor & So Vetsha were good friends and that So Vetsha is a scientist of sorts and maybe able to help them find a cure and find out who created the virus.The Players give chase to Captain Kill. The Players must capture Captain Kill to uncover the disc he cares of the Mad Scientist?s backer a Hutt named Nal-Dulnatta. Nal-Dulnatta will stop at nothing to turn the Players in to his puppets. Nal-Dulnatta has hired a Mercenary Group to snuff out the PC?s. Before the Players have a chance to kill Captain Kill, Nal-Dulnatta?s Mercenary Group saves Captain Kill. Now Captain Kill will stop at nothing to kill the Players. At this point a firefight starts with the Mercenary Group and Captain Kill.The Players high tail it out of the street and make a run for the Dh Doctor?s Lab. There they read what?s on the disc and find the body of the Dh Doctor missing. They read the disc and find out the information about the Mad Scientist?s backer a Hutt named Nal-Dulnatta. At this point the Security Chief shows up with his goon squad. The Players have a choice: to fight, run or surrender to the Security Chief. If the Players fight they must make a run for the Spaceport. If they run the Security Chief does not know it?s them and they are looking over their shoulder. If they surrender the Security Chief will give them the opportunity to explain them selves and let them go this gives the players a opportunity to take it easy or start looking for So Vetsha. Finding out from the Dh Doctor about the super-sly NPC So Vetsha a Wandering/ Honorary Jedi Counselor. Who is a patriot of the Old Republic posing as a salvage expert/space bum. Who is like Q from the James Bond Movies. The PC?s find him around the fringes of the galaxy near the unknown regions of space. He is hiding from the Imperial purge. He is protecting a most unusual treasure trove of hibernating (Cryogenics) Force Initiate Children, young Padawans and Jedi. This is a tie in to Mikes NPC So Vetsha was in on Mikes NPC hibernation. Guess who shows up? Dh Doctor with his Imperial ?Purge? Squad. The Dh Doctor finds them by using the super nano virus as a homing device. The Dh Doctor is working for The Emperor and Nal-Dulnatta the Hutt knows nothing. On the space monitor So Vetsha and Dh Doctor start a dialog about long a go in the time long past etc?. The talk is mostly about racial purification and The Emperor?s new order and how he will us
  10. XJ3-Pilot

    XJ3-Pilot Jedi Youngling

    Aug 18, 2003
    Ok, here goes...
    Three campaigns: Two I run, One I play in.

    The first one (D6), I play a Jedi, Zandor Mierelle. This campaign is rebellion era, just after the Battle of Hoth. Very long plot outline, but it rocks.

    That campaign ties in with the NJO campaign I run. My character from the other campaign (Zandor Mierelle) is a Jedi Master. His son Tash, is a pilot in a secret NR organization called NR Covert Operations, in a squadron known as Ghost Squadron. The PC are players in the squadron. We interact with the NJO storyline without actually being directly involved in anything in the stories (so they don't bung up the cannon). Whats really cool is Zandor just sacrificed himself to save his son and friends. But Zandor in the other campaign, where I'm the PC, my character has the vision of this own death.

    The last campaign is an rebellion era campaign (less then a year before ANH) I run with a seperate group from the one above, with some friends from work.
    Last night, I ran an adventure for them thats gone REALLY wrong.

    The party is working for the rebellion, they are sent to Corulag to pick up a Scientist working on the Tie Adv. prototype who wants to defect. The party has to make contact with him at a huge banquet celebrating the aniversery of the Empire and the first test flight of the TIE Adv. (which is flying the next day at dusk). They have fake ID's, pretending to be ambassidors from Recopia. At the party the group slits up to look for him and "mingle". The one character, the Han Solo type, goes to the bar and starts hitting on a really hot women. He introduces himself (using his real name[stupid]). She has Gold-Red hair and Pale Green eyes. When the PC asks what the women does for a living, shes stubbles and goes, "Oh, look heres my boss now."
    The Emperor walks in, the women, Mara Jade introdudes him to the Emperor, and his associates: Vader, Tremane, and Divros (a minor Inquisitor thats I made up to harass the party). The character, after the Emperor goes off, decides to leave his lady friend. But, not knowing to-much about SW, wants this women. So he leaves his Comm Frequency and Hotel Number (the real ones). The party leaves, except one, who continues to mingle and meets Tarkin, Thrawn, and Baron Fel (whos the test pilot).

    Well.... to make along story short... the Force-User heroes escape Vader leaving him stuck several km above the planet in turbolift to a tethered orbital spaceport. The empire knows there on world. The other heroes made it to the ship and are in orbit of Corulag where a vast majority of the Imperial fleet is in orbit because the commanders are on planet at the banquet (thats about 25 Star Destroyers, and a couple hundred TIE squadrons) and the PC that stayed behind at the banquet is liked by the Empire right now, because they think he saved the emperor by giving a false story about Rebels being at the banquet (which really isn't false) to a stormtrooper squad that caught him skulking around the back alley. And Mara Jade wants the 'Solo' type PC's head on a platter.

  11. DarthArraKul

    DarthArraKul Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jul 30, 2003
    well.. i just started a new campaign the other night... it takes place about 3000 years before the movies..

    the cast of characters includes
    jaice.. a padawan, serena.. princess of marlavva, morris.. her loyal bodyguard,as well as a pair of smugglers named joku & kyle

    heres the lead in

    Episode 1 : Fury reborn

    a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

    The galaxy stands at a crossroads. from the far reaches of space the mighty sith have reappeared, and the mandalorian warriors continue their attacks on republic outposts.........
    The jedi knights, a loosely organized group of warriors, now are being asked to bring peace and justice to the republic. From the planet of dantooine the jedi assembly debates the order's involvement in the coming conflict......
    King theomore and his daughter, of the planet
    marlavva have been dispatched by the senate to negotiate a settlement with the JEDi and escort representatives to the galactic seat of power on coruscant
  12. DarthArraKul

    DarthArraKul Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jul 30, 2003
    sorry.. typo on my part 4000 yrs.. when ossus was still a memory and not a legend
  13. Shadeleader

    Shadeleader Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jul 25, 2003
    I recently ran a Tales of the Jedi era game in which the party began as children/apprentices and progressed through the ranks via time cuts after every major arc. it was especially interesting to see what my players did with characters when told, "I need a background on what you've been doing for ten years."

    Anyway the game was full of memorable characters and dialogue and was probably one of the best I've ever run, that is until the bounty hunter tagging along with the Jedi botched up a tense hostage negotiation and the entire party died. =(
  14. JoinTheSchwarz

    JoinTheSchwarz JC Head Admin & Community Manager star 8 Staff Member Administrator

    Nov 21, 2002
    I recently ran a Tales of the Jedi era game in which the party began as children/apprentices and progressed through the ranks via time cuts after every major arc. it was especially interesting to see what my players did with characters when told, "I need a background on what you've been doing for ten years."

    I've done this before, and it's great. :)
  15. DarthArraKul

    DarthArraKul Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jul 30, 2003
    time jumps are the best....

    i was notorious for it in my looong campaign..
    like i posted earlier.. we started about 15-20 yrs befoe ep4 and i took them past the whole vong thing(( only one book was out when i made the jump)))
  16. DarthArraKul

    DarthArraKul Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jul 30, 2003
    ok folks.. here is my lead in for part 2 of my current campaign, whic i will be running tomorrow night

    Star wars
    the roleplaying game Episode 1
    Fury reborn
    PART 2
    a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

    Having being waylaid by mandalorian troops, while on a mission to enlist the JEDi into the coming war, the princess syrena and her loyal bodyguard morris oldin are rescued by the JEDi padawan jaice cale. Along with pilot Kyle sinistaar the group head to the remote mining colony of tatooine , where they plan to meet with JEDi master hymmn-vo and king theomore.

    After crashlanding and being attacked by a dark JEDi, jaice is now in posession of a sith amulet that raises more questions than it answers. Bruised and battered the group heads toward the port of mos eisley where smuggler Joku Bu, friend and business associate of kyle, and his ship are being held.

    Time runs short for the group as they wait for the jedi master and the king.. They have drawn the attention of both the mandalorians and the sith.....
  17. DarthArraKul

    DarthArraKul Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jul 30, 2003
    oh.. by the way.. i want to apologize for the horrible type sets in these posts.. i am copying a document from wordperfect and it looks much better in star wars fonts... thus the terrible job with capitalizing.. again.. sorry
  18. MasterDagon

    MasterDagon Jedi Youngling

    Aug 11, 2003
    have to say that most of the longevity came from that the fact that our young initiate.. Tormai Dagon.. would not die..
    at last count there were over 75 PCs for the life of the game... but i always had one constant.. my littke jedi.. and i would like to take this opportunity to thank Dan the nut who has been my nemisis for all these years by playing Tormai.

    Yeah, I've been the nemesis for him. But I would also take the bate many times and take the most insane choice available. Be it leaping off a building to save children that have been thrown off by Imperial Officers or leaping off a building onto a speeding YT-1300 Transport to have the character rescue his son. The crazy the option, the more likely I was and still am to take.
  19. DarthArraKul

    DarthArraKul Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jul 30, 2003
    oh.. by the way..

    Master Dagon could always be counted on for the insane dramatic moment of the night

    it eventually got so bad ... that i would let the other players know that " tonight MasterDagon will leap off a building"... they would always doubt.. but he always ended up pulling the crazy stunt in the end

    and ya know what???? he sure as hell racked up a lot of force points that way.... DRAMATICALLY HEROIC MOMENT..... heheheh

    a lot of other people tried.. unfortunately they were rarely as lucky as MasterDagon and thus the characters they played often ended up as blood- pudding.

    not to say i favored MasterDagon... he just wouldn't die... nope won't die. and trust me .. my vilans did their best to try and kill him (( all within the rules mind you))

    even worse.. on those occasions where his crazy stunts would fail..he would only end up unconscious....and of course the rest of the party would save him...
    the Force was with him
  20. DarthArraKul

    DarthArraKul Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jul 30, 2003
    well... here is my opening crawl for saturday's upcoming session

    Star wars
    the roleplaying game Episode 2
    Agamemno?s amulet

    a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away..

    The situation for the republic grows grave.. The mandalorians continue their assaults, and the JEDi assembly has declined to intervene. As the republic gears for all out war , a handful of JEDi knights led by master revan have split from the JEDi assembly to aid the republic.

    Meanwhile JEDi master hymmn-vo and king theomore of marlavva have begun a search for the mandalorian forces who hold the king?s wife prisoner. Theomore?s daughter syrena and the padawan jaice, along with their new companions, begin looking for clues on the mid-rim world of coachelle prime, homeworld of the lepi.

    Little do they know, that they have become embroiled in the dastardly plot of the sith lord darth vahlk, to recover the lost artifact ,agamemno?s amulet. The amulet was created by the first sith and its legend promises ultimate power to whomever possesses it . only recently ,that very amulet was in the hands of padawan jaice cale.....

  21. JediBendu

    JediBendu Jedi Master star 3

    Jan 13, 1999
    second Trilogy opening crawl


    A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...


    It is a time of Civil War.
    Agents of the GALACTIC
    EMPIRE battle partisans of
    the REBEL ALLIANCE across
    the galaxy. The battle takes place
    on many levels. Across strange worlds
    with tanks and soldiers. In the blackness
    of space with vast battle cruisers and star fighters.
    And in the hearts and minds of the citizens with a war of
    words and ideas.
    Into this war are thrust heroes unsuspecting of the roles they will be
    called to play in the coming years. DAAL JARDIN, a hero of the Clone Wars, REBECCA TRIMONET, newly coming to her Jedi inheritence, NILS CAMRIN, still resisting his call to duty, DEL CASCADE, a bitter survivor and REESA ETARN, seeking vengeance for the destruction of Alderaan, are soon to discover the role they will play in the struggle between Rebellion and Empire.

    First Game crawl

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...


    Episode iv


    It is a time of Rebellion.
    Across the Galaxy IMPERIAL and
    REBEL troops battle on every level.
    They fight for the resources of the planets.
    They fight for the hearts and minds of the people.
    They fight for new discoveries.
    controlled space, something has been found. Clues to an ancient
    device called the CODEX have been discovered. What is this device
    and why do soldiers from the GALACTIC EMPIRE, CSA investigators and members of the SITH BROTHERHOOD all seek this treasure?
    The secrets of the Codex are well hidden, and specialised knowledge will be required to find it. Now the hunters seek the aid of Clone Wars hero DAAL JARDIN, a skilled archaelologist. In his hands and those of the unlikely heroes he draws around him, lies the fate of a war torn galaxy...

  22. SkipMasterJ

    SkipMasterJ Jedi Youngling

    Aug 30, 2003
    I just started a campaign set during the Clone Wars, circa one year after Geonosis. The party consists of a Rodian hunter (scout), an ARC trooper (soldier), a Jawa Zeison Sha (Force Adept), and a Spiner thief (scoundral). Their first adventure involved taking back Bespin from the Seperatists, with capable assistance from the space cowboy Grando Calrissian (grandpa-lando). They discover that someone (a corrupt official in charge of Telti, a droid manufacturing planet, and his gaggle of dark side cronies) in the Confederacy itself is bypassing supply lines, as the fleet at Bespin should have been much more heavily armed. So the party is going undercover into Confederate territory were danger and intrigue await!

    Also, while fighting B1 and B2 droids, the Rodian gets shot in the face (crit) and the Jawa is severly wounded. So half the party is in bacta after their first session. I'm the greatest GM ever.
  23. DarthArraKul

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    Jul 30, 2003
    great stuff bendu..

    i like
  24. dizfactor

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    Aug 12, 2002
    i was running a game for a very brief time, but it kind of fell apart due to time issues and such.

    here was what the plot was going to be:

    there was a Jedi Padawan during the clone wars named Suthari. in the aftermath of a destructive battle, she was stranded on an isolated planet with a few other survivors for a few years without communications or hyperdrive. after a few years, when they finally managed to jury-rig a hyperdrive to get off planet, the Clone Wars were over, Palpatine was in power, the Jedi were dead or in hiding, etc.

    Suthari felt obligated to do something, despite the fact that she never completed her training. she and a few (non-Jedi) allies fought a small-scale guerilla war for years in the time between Ep III and the rise of the Rebel Alliance, specifically trying to save records and artifacts from the Jedi Order and build a new library for some future generation of Jedi. she also tries to take out whatever darksiders she can.

    now, after years of fighting a dirty war in the shadows of the Empire by herself, without full proper training, full of anger and grief and whatnot, Suthari was in a bad way. she was veering terribly close to the Dark Side. after one mission where she very nearly went fully over the line, she got a hold of herself and retreated to Ithor. she had some sympathetic priest allies there who smuggled her down to Mother Jungle to meditate and heal her spirit. she stayed there for years, slowly emerging from darkness and watching from afar as the Rebel Alliance starting making gains over the Empire.

    until one day...

    she was meditating and using Farseeing, which she had always had a gift for, and she saw a vey disturbing vision - the destruction of Ithor by the Yuuzhan Vong.

    of course, she couldn't see the Vong themselves, but she could see the death of Mother Jungle, her sanctuary and place of peace, by unseen and frustratingly unseeable forces.

    thoroughly shaken, she leaves.

    she goes to check the cache of records she's found, and finds records of Vergere's contact with unknown aliens from outside the galaxy who don't appear in the Force at Zonoma Sekot. she starts putting two and two together, but she's not sure what to do about any of it. she returns to covert action.

    now, enter the PCs.

    the PCs were a rag-tag bunch of Imperial prisoners who had managed to bust out of a maximum-security labor camp when the Imperial military started falling into disarray after Endor. they run afoul of a trio of darksiders, decadent Force-senstive aristocrats who were trying to resurrect the Krath.

    unbeknownst to them, these Sith wannabes are already being stalked by none other than Suthari, who comes in and saves their behinds in a massive firefight in a nightclub (which was SUPER fun).

    as things calmed down, she explained that she was a Jedi, and discovered that three of the PCs (it was a big group) were Force-sensitive and offered to train them, neglecting to mention, of course, that she had never finished her own training. she figured that she was probably the most experienced Jedi alive, as far as she knew, and a few decades of on-the-job-training had to count for something, right?

    she was just beginning to train her new apprentices when we broke up.

    basically, they were going to get involved in a bunch of plots and counterplots involving the Hutts, a highly-placed conspiracy inside New Republic intelligence, the remnants of Black Sun, and the new Krath. at one point, they would end up encountering one of the traitors within NRI, who wouldn't appear in the Force. they would kill him and his ooglith masquer would come off. he's an advance scout for the Vong.

    this would lead to the Big Freakout. who are these Force-invisible shapechanging aliens? how many of them are hidden in places of power inside the New Republic? who can they trust? what do the aliens want?

    Suthari, by the way, has told no one of her vision on Ithor or the Vergere info. in fact, Suthari's been a little erratic and un-Masterly the whole time. her apprentices should have started to
  25. dp4m

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    Nov 8, 2001

    Holy crap, man, I was wondering what happened to you! I've missed your debating in Lit!

    You were always good at the debates until you got personal... ;)
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