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What's YOUR Star Wars RPG about?

Discussion in 'Games: RPG & Miniatures' started by Malshabek, Feb 26, 2003.

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  1. Clone-Of-Kenobi

    Clone-Of-Kenobi Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jan 2, 2005
    We play Star Wars using the old WEG D6 system.

    The game started in the period between Ep. IV & V were the Empire is at its most powerful.

    The players were a group of rather powerful Jedi (they were almost Jedi Knights) raised and trained by a Jedi who tried to do his part by preparing a group of Jedi. His plan was that they should be a part of a new Jedi Order after the Empires fall. However he was captured by the Empire but his 6 Padawans escaped.

    The Padawans were now on their own and one by one they were killed. One of them fell to the dark side and was killed by one of the other Jedi.

    There is now only one Jedi left. The others were allowed to make new characters after they died. One of the only conditions were that they didn't make a new Jedi.

    The group now consists of The Jedi (who has decided to take a more diplomatic role since he has 2 Dark Side points already), a Protocol Droid, A Curious Explorer, A Bounty Hunter, A Mon Calamari mechanic and a smugler. They have decided to lay low for a while and are trying to find the rebelion. While doing that they have decided to work as smuglers for a crimelord.

  2. Vangarian

    Vangarian Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 9, 2003
    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

    After a brief journey to an area bordering on the Tingel Arm of the Galaxy our heroes make land fall on a world near the end of the Hydian Way called Cadomai. There they come upon a huge floating city called Heaven that's off limits to anyone who isn't a citizen. Beneath Heaven is a shanty town of locals who are desendents of the original settlers. Heaven consists of retirees and a support population from the Corporate Sector and every few weeks dumps its junk out the bottom of the floating city. This is a godsend to the town below because the locals can make use of the junk to produce usable products that stimulate the local economy and promote an industry based on reclamation. It is here that Desmond, Amber,Roth, N'rall, Ben Dirri, Gruth'ka, Kisha, Predne, Sera, K'trina and Joel make use of their respective talents to upgrade their shuttle sized starship. Within a few days of their arrival, a local man from shanty town offers information on the location of a mysterious medium sized frieghter, more than triple the size of the shuttle they landed with if they will take him with them off planet when they leave. Roth negoiates with the local and agrees with the terms if the ship is savagable. The local neglects to tell the group that the last bunch of people that went to investigate the frieghter never came back as did none of the other explorers who investigated it. As they near the vicinity of the frieghter, Predne has a precognetive flash that they should be wary as they approach. Upon reaching the summit they crawl to the edge and spot a large figure patroling about around medium sized frieghter. The figure is an 8 ft tall cyborg that guards the frieghter from intruders. Predne and Sera enter into a trance and mentally probe the cyborg and thus find out that it is a full body conversion unit made especially for combat. After both Sera and Predne are satisfied with their efforts they relay to the rest of the group that the cyborg requires a password to enter the frieghter. Predne addresses K'trina to approach the ship's guard and give the password when requested to do so. K'trina complies and so does the guard. By the end of the day the frieghter is theirs and they have an unexpected bonus...a cargo of combat cyborgs all trained to kill Jedis and part of a detatchment called Alpha Team which was assigned to kill Luke Skywalker and his Jedi Acadamy. Desmond adjusts the cyborgs operational programming and removes any hostile subroutines. More later...
  3. Mrkaine

    Mrkaine Jedi Youngling

    Jan 6, 2005
    My universe is an alternate version of Star Wars that takes place 1000 years after the Battle of Endor (Actually its more like 1001 at this point but anyway), in which the Sith Have taken over half the Galaxy and are currently in a Cold war Type of situation with the Republic. The jedi lose more of themselves to sith every day and the Sith Grow Stronger. It's also a Crossover Game With D&D Dragonstar so occasionally you run into a Dragon or a Drow. Right Now we have A Kel dor noble/Consular, A Miraluka Soldier/Guardian/Weapons Master, a Shi'ido Who pretends to be a Mandalorian who is a Soldier/Guardian/Shapeshifter, A Scoundrel/bounty hunter I forget Which Race, A Draethos Soldier/Guardian, and A Kushiban Scoundrel who is the Draethos' Slave.
  4. KudosDas

    KudosDas Jedi Padawan star 2

    Jan 14, 2005
    Star Wars: Tendrils of Chaos

    Beginning in the week immediately following the Battle of Geonosis, Tendrils of Chaos focuses primarily on the minning world of Druckenwell and the surrounding system.

    Located on the Hydrian Way hyperspace route Druckenwell is the gateway to Mid- and Outer Rim worlds such as Falleen, Ando, Tatooine, Geonosis and Ryloth. In addition Druckenwell is also rich in heavy ores used largely for starship construction. For these reasons both the Republic and Confederacy have taken a keen intrest in Druckenwell. However, things on Druckenwell are such that neither the Republic nor the Confederacy in held in good standing with the populance.

    Ten years before, during the same time frame as the invasion of Naboo, Druckenwell also experienced hardships at the hands of the Trade Federation. For years the Minning Barons, six beings who controlled nearly all the minning operations on the plant, had relied heavily on Trade Federation's vast fleet to ship mined ore offworld. When the Republic imposed a shipping tax on such operations the blockade and subsuqent invasion of Naboo was not the only such act of protest.

    On Druckenwell the Trade Federation downloaded this increase in costs onto the Barons. While the vast wealth of the Baron's allowed them to weather the increase expenditure many of the small operations could not putting millions out of work. Eventually even one of the Baron's succumbed to the financial pressure, laying off all his workers and selling his entire operation to the Trade Federation in a last ditch effort to order bankruptcy. The remaining Barons came close to following suit having to shut down large portions of their operations and laying off nearly a third of the planets population.

    The Trade Federation took further advantage of the suituation by buying up nearly all of the smaller operations, eventually owning nearly twenty per cent of the entire planets ore minning and processing operations. It was only when the charges were brought against the Trade Federation for the illegal actions taken against Naboo the Druckenwell experienced some respite.

    The Government of Druckenwell and the Baron's launched a joint suit against the Trade Federation in the Months that followed. This was successful only in the fact that the Government was able to collect some damages in order to help those people who had been put out of work. However, as the Trade Federation had purchased the operations legally there was nothing the Republic could do to return the operations to those who had owned them previously and thus keeping hundred of millions of people out of work.

    Things only worsened for Druckenwell. With the Trade Federation using fully automated facilities and workers the remaining five Barons were hard pressed to match costs. Eventually, against their wishes, the Barons slowly began automating their operations in a last ditch effort to remain competative. This resulted in another massive wave of layoffs resulting in nearly half the planets population being unemployeed. Generation old tensions between the impovished workers and the wealthy Barons reached an all time high.

    Protests and demonstrations soon began against the Republic, the Barons and the Trade Federation taking little time to turn violent. A group emerged calling themselves the People's War who took it upon themselves to seek retribution for the downtrodden working class giving them both a voice and a way to fight against the injustices done to them by the powers that be.

    The planetary government, watching as the world became enveloped by civil strife, petitioned the Senate to intervine and help restore order. This request went largely unnoticed. A envoy consiting of Republic diplomats and Jedi was sent to the planet but the backing and support of the Senate they could do little to help ease the tensions.

    Faced with watching their planet succumb to civil war or finding external help the government reluctantly accepted help from the Trade Federation. Although having had to dismantle a large portion of their a
  5. Shadowen

    Shadowen Jedi Youngling star 3

    May 11, 1999
    I'm currently writing up the outline for an adventure set about 7 or 8 years after the Battle of Endor--in other words, Luke's Jedi Academy is under way, the Empire is in withdrawal, etc.

    The idea is that a human apprentice from Storinal (an Imperial resort world outlined briefly in the novel Wraith Squadron, by Aaron Allston) has all but completed his training. He needs to construct a new lightsaber and he'll largely be done with what can be taught him. To calm his mind, he goes home to Storinal, a world where (despite Imperial entanglements) he feels most at home, and begins construction.

    He stops keeping Luke and/or the Academy up-to-date almost immediately after landing.

    Luke charges the heroes, who include at least one Jedi apprentice (which will be all but guaranteed with my group)--and all of them preferably human, but if not than disguised as servants--and a human Jedi Knight to head to Storinal and find out what happened.

    Immediately after landing, they are stopped by customs...who somehow know that they are Jedi. I give them a challenge straight off in the form of a fair number of troops; whether they decide to fight (against the subtle messages the Knight sends their way), or surrender peacefully is up to them, though obviously the latter moves up the timetable significantly.

    The adventure is something of a mystery (or, if they're on the run, a thriller) from then on: how were they found out? Should they abort their mission or make at least a token attempt to find the missing Jedi? And, of course, will they or will they not be able to make it out alive?
  6. Rogue_Thunder

    Rogue_Thunder FanForce CR, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada star 6

    Jan 7, 2003
    Sounds like fun.

    I'm starting a new live game that's going to be set around the time of Dark Empire with the party starting out on Byss when they run into a Jedi who's master was killed as they discovered the secret of the world (this happens just before the events of DE).

    They're going to need to help get the Jedi off the planet and escape to NR space to alert them as to what's going on. Unfortunately they're going to be held-up getting back to NR space... so far I have the first four adventures planned but I don't really know where to take it from there...

    I also run an online RPG where the whole premise of the campaign is to screw over one PC named Garik as many times as humanly possible! :p ;)
  7. Jedi_Master_Troz

    Jedi_Master_Troz Jedi Youngling

    Oct 1, 2004
    I am starting a Jedi campaign in preEp I time, it's a Jedi and her padawan (one guy actually agreed to take a level 6 character when the other had a level 10) and they are eventually gonna find evidence of the Sith before Qui-Gon goes to Tattoine. I haven't decided whether or not to kill them there or have them "preoccupied" until Qui-Gon makes his report then have them make a report "confirming" the Sith presence.

    Oh and I run the Garik character in the online game and his goal is to kill the GM!
  8. Jedi_Master_Troz

    Jedi_Master_Troz Jedi Youngling

    Oct 1, 2004
    Garik succeeded!
  9. DarthNoctambulus

    DarthNoctambulus Jedi Master star 4

    Feb 24, 2003
    I'm starting a sequel to our old Clone Wars era campaign and we are setting it before, during and just after Episode III. We plan to play it real-time -I mean, the last session before we go to see the movie will hopefully end in the same point the movie starts- and I, the GM, am the only spoiled in the group. I bet it turns out to be an interesting series. [face_mischief]

    As one of my players said: "I bet we'll se the new starfighter on screen and screasm, 'Hey, I've piloted one of these before'"
  10. Davan_Casca

    Davan_Casca Jedi Youngling

    Feb 5, 2005
    Well, I can't say I've been around forever, or even that I'm deeply familiar with the SW Universe. However, I recently hatched an idea about an RPG of a different sort...

    It's not d6. It's not d20. In fact, it doesn't involve a whole lot of dice rolling at all.

    Right now I run a group called The Roman Republic, that is about (hold your surprised gasps, please ;D) The Roman Republic, just before Caesar's time.

    What do players do? Most players are Senators, and they each set their own goals. Most everyone wants to eventually be Consul, but others also want to be the richest, the strongest general, etc etc.

    Well, I wrote the rules to this game myself, and it is run online. At present we have had in the past and present well over 100 players. (You can visit it here:

    Now, before I get run up the pole, I'll get to the point.

    I'm looking to adapt my rules from The Roman republic to a star wars game. In this game, players would take on the role of either 1: Planetary leaders (Princess Amidala, etc etc) or 2: Sith/Jedi.

    My rules can be adapted to the planetary leader role quite easily. However, they do not address the role of jedi/sith. What will happen (the game isn't formed yet, except in my head) is have me play the NPC Dark Lord/Jedi Council, and hand out missions to the jedi/sith knights and padawans. The game would take place in the 'gap' as I call it, the part of the SW timeline where no books have been written - around 3000 BBY (or 2000...notes not close by).

    It's an extremely free-form type of RPG, with no leveling up or character sheets. Basically, you do what you want, I determine the outcomes.

    If you have questions, comments, or input for something along these lines, feel free to email me -

    As I said before in this rather lengthy post, I'm not deeply familiar with the SW Universe, so if there is anybody willing to play the Master to my Padawan in all things Old Republic/Golden Age of the Jedi, I'd greatly appreciate it.

    Davan Casca
  11. Koohii

    Koohii Jedi Master star 5

    May 30, 2003
    Roman Jedi Republic. Cool Idea.

    Jedi are "Tribunes of the Plebs". The wandering courts that mete out injustices brought to their attention.

    This sounds more like the d6 conversion to me--the rules are a lot simpler, and not a combat heavy game.

    The sith are made up of those who have failed to get what they wanted through official, recognizable means--3rd sons/daughters, ambitious jr senators, black marketeers, disgraced gladiators... all meet in secret, their identities hidden from each other, and work to destroy the republic and seize power.
  12. kidwehatethemost

    kidwehatethemost Jedi Youngling star 2

    Oct 12, 2003
    Those are all cool campaigns
    its pre - ANH
    Mines about..
    The Crews Ship gets shot down outside of Vjun, and they crash in the wilderness. They have to either go to a small village which leads to Bast Castle (Darth Vaders Castle) or explore and ancient Labyrinth of the Sith. In order to get to Bast Castle they must shut down the shield generator blocking the gate out of the village. After that they travel to Bast Castle, and Will encounter a Federation of Gand who are planning an assault on Bast Castle also. They can join you, or not. I've got the Castle set up in nice levels where you'll eventually make it to Darth Vaders private chamber will you'll find a copy of the Death Star Plans.
  13. Aki-Wan_Hanabi

    Aki-Wan_Hanabi Jedi Youngling

    Mar 1, 2005
    My game takes place 5000 years before the movies(i wanted as much freedom as i wanted), the sith have not yet revealed themselves to the Republic and the Galaxy is still widely unexplored...My main theme is growing darkness out of and within the Republic...arguments about slavery are tearing the Old Republic apart, Space pirates make mysteriously large scale attacks from the Outer Rim, Companies are quarelling with each other and the Jedi are not yet an organized movement...i made the setting by combining Dune, American civil war and of course the SW material...
  14. Admiral-Repression

    Admiral-Repression Jedi Youngling

    Feb 12, 2005
    I'm new to this so my first adventure was built to teach new players the ropes. I'm using the Jedi praxeum for this. Hopefully I can lead this into NJO.
  15. Spike_Spiegel

    Spike_Spiegel Former FF Administrator Former Saga Mod star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Aug 12, 2002
    I'm in the planning stages of a Dual GM campaing set 200 years after the end of NJO.
  16. Tvayumat

    Tvayumat Jedi Youngling

    Mar 29, 2005
    I'm running one by the seat of my pants right now. Based in Rebellion era, about a Sith Lord who separated his spirit from his body to evade capture by the Jedi order, as well as his two apprentices. A force-sensitive artifact dealer, associated with a large crime syndicate, led an expedition to excavate this Sith Lord's temple, due to the hazards of his hobby, most of the man's body was cybernetically enhanced, whether out of vanity or limb replacement. During the excavation, the Sith Lord utilized the weak bond the man had to the Force to dominate his mind and inhabit his body, then mounted the crystals of his apprentices into collars and hunted down several more force-sensitives, unable to find many strong ones, he settled for a brother and sister, forcing the Sith spirits into their bodies. After this, he began a campaign both to find new, stronger bodies, and recover the ancient secrets of Sith warfare, capital ships, wardroids, Sith alchemy, and form a force capable of once more striking fear into the heart of the Galaxy.
  17. YuricTheBold

    YuricTheBold Jedi Youngling

    Apr 3, 2005
    Some of the other threads here sound very familiar to what I have in mind for my campaign ... which I am starting on Tuesday! LOL
    I am going to have a group of Jedi Padawans all traverse thru the breadth of the Clone Wars. I want them to be somewhat pivotal in some of the less mentioned battles across the galaxy. Maybe even some of the more famous sites.
    I am using WEG Star Wars, because I still do not enjoy the WotC version. Although we all play d20 games more than anything else...
    They are all going to start at very low levels of Force talent. I am limiting them to one die in Control to start or maybe Sense. I have yet to make up my mind there. But I am not making them take the die out of there Attribute dice... they can spend it from their Skill dice pool. I may even let them just be Force sensitive to start and see if they want to develop that way. But I doubt any of them will... LOL
    Anyways ... any ideas where to start em?
  18. CIS_Lord

    CIS_Lord Jedi Youngling

    Apr 4, 2005
    My current campaign is a makeshift swrpg of sorts. I didn't really like the real rules so I modified it up the butt.
    My campaign takes place between the II and III episode. I have 6 players, there are 3 droidekas 2 super battle droids, and a battle droid. They have been in 3 large scale battles against uprising republic threats 2 of which involved clones. They currently have been assigned by Duku himself along with some NPC's to assasinate the supreme chancelor of the republic.They arrived on Corasaunt only to find 300 clones waiting for them.
  19. Neo-Paladin

    Neo-Paladin Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 10, 2004
    So this was the last fic I ran. It was D-6, starting with three people, and picked up another mid-stride.

    A Jedi Master (NPC) and Padiwan (PC) are fleeing two Imperial Inquisitors (one PC, one NPC) in the Jedi purge. The Jedi stow aboard a freighter as cargo. Using the Force and some deductive logic the Inquisitors determine which ship the Jedi are on, file a report, and move to intercept. The Jedi bust out and a fight ensues. The Jedi Master uses his connection with the Force to reach into the inquisitor's minds, and break the connection they have with the Emperor, freeing them of his influence and power, though the Dark Side training remains, albeit much weaker without the Emperor's support. The NPC Inquisitor dies. Now they are all wanted by the Empire, and are being perused by Inquisitors, Two Jedi, an ex-inquisitor, and a pilot caught in the middle. Their only hope is to find their way to a rumored place called Arcadia, where the last surviving Jedi hope to go into hiding and exile...

    Their path takes them to Alderaan, Nul Hutta, and a few other out of the way places. The Jedi Master dies at the hands of a former Jedi and friend turned Inquisitor right before they reach a team of Jedi looking for exiles on the run like themselves to take them to Arcadia.

    Getting to Arcadia was the first 33.3333% of the story. :)
  20. Therren_Cragan

    Therren_Cragan Jedi Youngling star 1

    Sep 25, 2005
    To be honest I stumbled on this thread while googling the starship rules for the RPG but thats another story and besides the point anyways. While I've no clue if this thread is still active or not I'll post what my game was about anyways.

    It took place towards the middle of the Galactic Civil War, the game itself starting about a month or so before the Battle of Yavin IV. My friend (he was the GM, although the whole game idea was both of ours) and I were new soldiers in the Rebellion who really wanted nothing more than to help bring down the Empire because of its stranglehold on the Galaxy and what it had done to some of the people close to them. We went on little scouting missions for the Rebels on Yavin IV and even to a couple of other planets with a small convoy of starships before the big battle. When it came about, he and I both participated in it, each as pilots who attempted to destroy the battlestation (he flew a Y-wing and I an X-wing). However, during the battle he was hit hard and his ship's navigation system went haywire, sending him spiraling away into the recesses of space. Months passed and my char refused to believe that his friend had just died, and continued on a seemingly vain search for his good friend. After months of fruitless searching, I was assigned to a special scouting mission in which I encountered the Imperial Navy (a star destroyer to be exact) and fell into a similar situation like my friend did, a situation too similar to be coincidental I believed. In any case I escaped with my ship damaged and crash landed on a remote jungle planet in a distant arm of the galaxy, where I ran into these strange humanoids about the same size as Jawas. Of course, not long after meeting these beings I spotted something very familiar to me, a Y-wing starfighter. Through the will of the Force (thats how the GM described it) I crash landed on the same planet as my friend, who had incurred a few changes in our time apart. He explained that the little creatures were friendly and wee able to help him survive the harsh environment. Not only that, they helped him to tap into his natural force abilities (he basically became a force adept). In a few days we were able to repair our ships with the help of the little people and make our way back to the fleet. Well it was one adventure into the next, for almost immediately afterwards we had to engage in the Battle of Hoth, but in a different sense from that of Luke and the other ground forces. We were assigned to be the transport escorts for transport 2, and I'm glad to say we were successful in our endeavor. However, we were building quite the reputation of being a thorne in the Imperial Navy's side, my friend due to his newly found skill with the force and mine due to my skill as a marksman and a pilot. Soon we were sent on an impiortant mission by the Rebellion to rescue a noblewoman who held important information on the Empire's current plans (she was played by my friends ex). So we travelled to Coruscant under cover to escort her off the planet, but we were unfortunate enough to encounter Imperial Troops after meeting with her, and even worse after dealing with that was dealing with the bounty hunter Bossk who was hired by the Empire to stop us. The encounter wasn't long though (true story here too), and we were successful in making a new enemy as I blasted him dead on in the chest with my Blaster Rifle, hiting him with such an accurate shot that he had to flee right away and we were able to escape by the skin of our teeth. Unfortunately, the game had to end there since the GM moved away to Oklahoma and then back to his old home 100 miles away from where I live, but we planned to go so far as to participate in the Battle of Endor and assist in the destruction of Death Star 2 and the defeat of the Empire. Whether or not we would have survived will never be known though, and I'll leave that to your speculation. Anyways thats it. I hope I didnt go into too much detail there though...
  21. MercenaryAce

    MercenaryAce Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Aug 10, 2005
    Here's an idea, not really one I've used.
    Set in the Rew Republic era
    the characters are all bountie hunters. they fly around in a citidel crusier backed up by a blade-32 and a T-wing. the characters themsevles are a very sneaky Noghri, a pair of spunky pliots, one from Aumar and one from Anion, a sniper from Ordo who is an ex-Stromtrooper and an Echani swordsman.

    They do a couple of random missions. The first big target is Iris Snow, head of the Corellian slaver's guild. After crippling that group, they take down of Black Sun's best smuggler's, eaning them the respect of the Imperial Custom's force and the ire of Black Sun.

    So the Blak Sun bring down of the space station's orbiting the city where the pC's live, on top of the ciy. Egar from revenge and money, the Pc's fight a long campain against Black Sun. It climax's with an assult on a Vigeo's palace-backed by the Imperial Army.

    If they live through that, the story will pick up years later,in the Njo era, getting bounties and high ranking Vong.
  22. Sgt Crowfield

    Sgt Crowfield Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Jul 27, 1999
    Our current campaign is set in the classic era and right now taking place on Imperial Center/Coruscant. So far it has no real story arc, but it doesn't need one as *my* primary focus is on the player characters - all four of them pretend to be something/somebody else (and no, I didn't ask them to, it was pure coincidence).

    There's the nasty girl with the bad attitude who's pretending to be a harmless space bum but is a high-ranking Rebel agent.
    There's the teenage Clawdite who's trying to be a martial arts holovid star... and pass for a human, of course.
    There's the Wroonian spaceport tech who's actually a wanted pirate.
    There's the big, bad bouncer of a smutty, run-down establishment who hates to use taxi cabs and communicators but loves to drink Tabasco (he's actually an early Vong spy).

    None of the players knows what the others really are, and it's so fun to watch them go about their secret stuff right in front of their unsuspecting friends' eyes...

    The next campaign I'll be playing in (instead of GMing) is a Clone Wars one. We're five players - four clones and one Jedi Padawan. Knowing the Jedi player (he's my hubby) who has a knack for playing extremely condescending and smug characters, I'm pretty sure we won't have to wait for Order 66 to kill him off in good conscience ^_^.
  23. Sith_UK

    Sith_UK Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 24, 2002
    I don't have a group at the moment but I like creating the adventures. I have started creating an adventure recently in between Ep II and III during the clone wars (nearer ep III than II). The premise is this.....

    The Confederacy are engaging the Republic all over the galaxy trying to "pursade" as many systems to join them. Many systems have already fallen and the Grand Army of the Republic is falling back to hold their positions and regroup as the Droid armies press their advantage, attacking every planet in their path. On one such jungle planet a Republic colony is preparing to evacuate the citizens back to safe Republic space.

    Our heroes are part of the evacuation (I wanted a force adept, who was an ex-jedi initiate that did not become a padawan and is now a force healer, to be in my group but you could have anything). The heroes are helping to get everything ready when reports come in that the Seperatist fleet is closing in on the system and the evacuation must proceed imidiately. In the confusion a small group of children made it through the protective shield and have gone missing, from the colonists and it is the job of the heroes to go and find the kids in the jungle. As the group travel deeper in to the jungle they discover broken and semi-functioning war droids which attack them, they also have to be careful of wild animals etc (remebering that this group will only be lvl 1, you could increase difficulty for higher lvl groups).

    After battling the droids etc and finding droid wreckage they find an escape pod which has been opened and over grown with vines etc. In the pod are the kids, as the heroes get them out they activate a holo-communication, where a hooded man (face covered) is talking "This is your final test my young apprentice. Your inititaion into the sith is dependent on you survival, use all you have learnt. In 14 days I will arrive to assess your capabilities, the coordinates will be sent to you by probe droid. Do not fail me." The GM knows that this is the Jungle planet that Darth Maul was abandoned on in his last test before he became a sith lord, if they search further they find broken machinary but nothing of interest. The Heroes take back the Kids back to the colonist and return to thr jungle to find the pod recording gone removed by persons unknown.

    The heroes search the Jungle further and find more traps, wild beasts and semi-functioning droids that Maul had to fight during his trial getting harder as they go alone. On one droid they have to fight upon defeating it and search it (make this droid a little bit special... markings etc sith probe droid??) activate a second message for Maul instructing that Sidious will arrive at clearing in the Jungle to complete Maul's training at this set of coordinates 72.45N 67.89E, the heroes will go to inspect the clearing. Again more trials of the jungle beasts etc. But as they go to the clearing they see ships taking off from the colonists being evacuated and seperatist ships coming in to land. Get to the clearing and nothing is there but a small entrance into a rock face, on investigation they can see lightsaber cuts (obvious to any jedi) and burn marks (from force lightning). Upon entering the cave they can here talking, following the sound, going further into teh elaborate cave system, they see a young man standing at a console with the hologram of a elegant older gentleman in a black cloak instantly recognisable as Count Dooku above him " ...bring back all information regarding the Sith trial to me the Republic must not gain access to it, do you understand." the hologram fades and the figure turns round, he/she is recognised by one of the heroes to be a Jedi who was at the Jedi temple at the same time as they were and has obviously gone to the dark side pursuaded by promises of power.

    The Heroes can now capture or kill the darksider who is now communicating with the droid outpost established on the other side of the clearing. Darksider tells them that all technology has been removed and is with the droid outpost (und
  24. Jedi_Matt

    Jedi_Matt Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 11, 2002
    at the moment, the group i'm with are 'jedi infiltrators' working seperately from the republic in the time of the clone wars 6months after the breakout of it, and for the jedi but kinda their secret service, at the moment we're all 9th level (personally im a Barabel JG4, FW5), so far Asajj has bit the dust, as has a greater krayt dragon, and we're waiting to take on jabba the slut.
  25. sulu

    sulu Jedi Youngling

    Oct 27, 2005
    Where am I? One minute I'm sleeping on the Enterprise, next I'm here. And what Star Wars did I miss? Did the Klingons invade?
    Captain Sulu

    But seriously, it's great to blend the characters from more than on show into a RPG. Like adding the Muppets into the Star Wrs Universe and keeping true to character in a new universe.

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