CT When was it established that Leia was adopted?

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    Wait, people are still swearing that?

    Oh, my...
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    It's not unheard of. I remember people back in the day here swearing they saw fighters crash into the DS2's deflector shield in ROTJ. It happens in the novel, and in Independence Day, but not in Return Of The Jedi :p
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    Was Miss Organa pregnant with an another child? How was the Deus Ex Leia explained?
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    In the EU her and Bail had been trying, unsuccessfully, to have children for years, and after a miscarriage they were told they shouldn't try again. Maybe it was a known adoption.
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    Plus actually seeing:
    - Leia being tortured by Vader (it was in the radio drama, plus a few bizarre comments from Carrie Fisher based on her reading of earlier drafts have confused matters)
    - the whole dianoga/trash compactor monster (it was a toy included in the US Death Star playset)

    I can still recall & picture seeing the original version of the cantina band at my first viewing of Star Wars in 1978 - they were Rodians, like Greedo, rather than the Bith musicians we're now familiar with.

    Obviously my recollection is incorrect, but it's still very distinct in my mind - that's how memory can work, particularly when recalling early childhood memories. I did a Star Wars painting at pre-school that my mum kept, and it's a perfect illustration of how the infant mind can distort details - Leia is there in her cell, complete with the buns on the side of her head, but the cell has bars. Vader's domed helmet sits on top of his head, rather than encasing it. As I recall, the rest of the characters are pretty accurate, but with a massive exaggeration of key details - Han's black & white outfit, Obi-Wan's hood, C-3PO has a very stereotypical robot head, etc.

    (Chewie, Artoo, an X-wing & the Death Star blowing up seemed pretty accurate, but oddly enough, I didn't include Luke. Weird)
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    FWIW you see a complete dianoga in SOTE as well.