Discussion When will you see Episode VII?

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When will you see VII?

Midnight showing 60 vote(s) 65.9%
Anytime during opening day 29 vote(s) 31.9%
A few weeks later 10 vote(s) 11.0%
A few months later 2 vote(s) 2.2%
Never 3 vote(s) 3.3%
Other 4 vote(s) 4.4%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Ganger Jedi Grand Master

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    Dec 9, 1999
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    Midnight screening for sure, with my Star Wars "The First Ten Years" t-shirt. I will probably get high with a couple of Star Warrior friends. Maybe a nice cannabis cookie will be consumed while waiting in line. The last time I ate one of those was for Revenge of the Sith and it was hilarious.
  2. El Jedi Colombiano Force Ghost

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    Jun 24, 2013
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    During opening day. With whom I have no idea.