Senate Where are all the good politicians?

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    I'm sure there was a time when people wanted to get into office because they wanted to make a real difference & help their fellow citizens.
    The problem now is that since only rich people can run for office it is hard for anyone but the out of touch elitists to get into power and all those types are selfish and only seek to help their own kind.
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    Well, thought I'd bring this up, as the new head of the House Science Committee was selected today.

    Hint: It's not good news.

    Lamar Smith, sponsor of SOPA, climate change denier is new Chairman Of House Science Committee

    You know that tired old saying about how lawyers are wrecking our country? It's true, and it's called Congress. This man is in no way qualified either by education or profession to be making decisions about what the USG is going to do with science.
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    D'you think that it was easier in the past for poor people to get into power? That's absurd.

    Those same "out of touch elitists" you decry were the originally public-spirited people who served out of a sense of obligation. I don't mean to generalize: there were plenty of them who were self-interested, and there were plenty of people who weren't well-off who fought their way into power out of a sense of reformist zeal (or also to self-aggrandize).

    The difference, I'd say, is that the modern culture of populist envy and whinging has discouraged any truly magnanimous souls from sacrificing their time and happiness for the general good.
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    I am not sure if he's been mentioned, but I have three words: Malcolm Bligh Turnbull.
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    Wasn't the USA founded on the principle that any man can do anything? If only rich guys can be President that rather undermines the whole ideal, most people in the US aren't as weall-off as Mitt Romney.

    Not every rich guy is bad of course, Sir Winston Churchill was a great and loved leader and his family were aristoracy. But parties such as Labour used to represent ordinary working-class people and act in their interest (and I say used to). The Conservative Party has often been full of Etonian Boys who run a clique and like to lord it over regular people who clearly aren't worth their time.

    You're right Jello that an office of great influence such as PM or President may be offputting these days for many, that is a shame.

    Even an ordinary person can make a difference, even if it's on a small scale. More opportunity should exist for that to happen.
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