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Before - Legends Where Dragons Sleep (OC's ) Drama

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Force_Triad, Feb 10, 2008.

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  1. Force_Triad

    Force_Triad Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 20, 2006
    Title: Where Dragons Sleep
    Author(s): Force_Triad (Jinngerbread (Layren) and Neon Star)
    Summary: One immortal discovers that only after giving up life, can one know the true value of those who have it.
    Characters: Zamir Crion, Isond Eranas Froud, Karvis Rakor Denachar, and other OC's.
    Timeframe: Varies throughout the series.
    Author's Note: While this may have some characters from our Triad series, this is meant as something to be a prequel of sorts. You do not have to know anything about Triad Chronicles to read this.

    Prologue: Just A Little Entertainment

    Not savages? and what else are we, I ask you? We are worse savages than the Australian bushmen, since possessing the knowledge of our savagery, we persist in it. ~"The Mission," Chapter 6

    He didn't remember the name of the song that was currently playing, but the music was not what was on his mind tonight as Isond surveyed the patrons in his establishment. No, his thoughts were elsewhere, though he maintained appearances, nodding in greeting to regulars, his gaze flicking over new customers, that sort of thing as he always did.

    He was watching the immortal.

    The pale boy looked to be no more than sixteen standard years old, with light brown chin length hair and green eyes, but Isond knew better. The supposed sixteen year old had helped his father build this establishment.

    He was over ten thousand years old.

    Isond smirked to himself.

    They had had a new group of security guards hired earlier that week. As per standard procedure on Coruscant, when someone did not look of age to enter the establishment, they asked for identification. The guards had gotten a surprise when the immortal had pulled out a card showing that he shared ownership in the bar, having been one of the original builders.

    It had been most entertaining.

    He had been amused and so had the immortal. It had entertained them both, and now the proposal he was considering had the potential to offer many more entertainments for the two of them.

    His face darkened, watching the immortal lean closer to one he was talking to and then gesture off to a private room he always kept available for him. The two disappeared into the private room. It would be for the best, if the immortal could help them, he considered.

    This next project, to last as long as he hoped, would need the immortal's guiding hand once more.

    But would he be interested? That was the true question.

    He considered what he had to offer.

    A hundred lifetimes worth of entertainment and pleasures, more than enough to suit even the immortal's needs, if this project took off the ground like he wanted. His eyes narrowed and his tail curled up to his body, as he thought. He knew that the other could kill him, if he didn't like the idea, but one had never gained anything by playing cautious. Everything worth gaining in this life had risks, some more so than others.

    So he would deliver his proposal and hope that it would be well received.
    He motioned his bodyguard close and whispered to him. The guard nodded and a moment later strode towards the private room.

    Isond watched him go.

    Things were about to begin, he was certain of it.


    So he had agreed.

    Vaguely, he wondered at how heavy a price would have to be paid in the beyond, for helping to build a galaxy wide organization of evil. The thought made him laugh a little; very sure it would cost every bit of his soul to repay, if not more so.

    But it mattered not, he was already damned. Had been for ten thousand years. If the list of his crimes were ever written, they would cover every inch of at least three worlds the size of Telos.

    His partner was looking at him curiously, cute little mouth just daring to ask the question of 'what was so funny'.

    ?Nothing,? the other wouldn't understand, too young, too innocent, despite the provocative clothing. Far too simple, but that was all right. It was just one night, and he would move on.

    Just enough to slack his
  2. ratna

    ratna Jedi Knight star 4

    Mar 1, 2007
    :eek: I thought Zamir was one of the good guys...?[face_hypnotized]
  3. dianethx

    dianethx Jedi Master star 6

    Mar 1, 2002
    Apparently, being immortal has its downsides.... Zamir is bored out of his mind. If he's that bored, perhaps he should consider dying and putting himself out of his misery. Otherwise, he'd just wasting his and other lives.

    I would think that it would become a lost and lonely life as a long-lived being, watching those around you die and nothing remains constant.

    Good job.
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