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Before - Legends Where Few Tread (Revan fic)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by DarthHappy, Aug 29, 2009.

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  1. DarthHappy

    DarthHappy Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 5, 2008
    Title: Where Few Tread
    Author: DarthHappy
    Timeframe: After KotoR 1
    Characters: Revan
    Genre: Action/Adventure, angst
    Summary: After defeating the Sith and saving the republic, Revan begins to remember more of his past, and begins his journey back down the dark side as he travels beyond Republic space.
    Notes: I will have no description of Revan in my story so you can picture him how you want to picture him. ;)
  2. DarthHappy

    DarthHappy Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 5, 2008

    Revan lie sleeping in the Ebon Hawk. Though he knew he was once a Sith Lord who threatened to destroy the republic, he walked a different path, now. He was a Jedi again, and he had saved the republic from the terrible military force of the Sith that he had created himself, and destroyed the ultimate weapon in the universe, the Star Forge.

    Yet Revan?s sleep was more restless than relaxing, had most of his others been. But this time, it was worse. Much worse. His memories, which were wiped by the Jedi Counsel, had been coming back in small portions, like when he remembered the locations of the Star Maps. But this one was different. He began to remember the Mandolorian Wars.

    He remembered it all so vividly. They were rocketing through the atmosphere of Duxn, headed for the Mandolorian forces on the jungle moon below. Lasers flew past them, some scraping the metal of the ship. Revan?s armor rattled as he attempted to redirect the lasers. Revan checked his lightsaber to make sure it wouldn?t fall off his belt as they were falling through the atmosphere.

    But falling wasn?t the right word for it.

    Everyone on the ship was holding on to something for their lives. It made those who were holding on to something feel sorry for those who couldn?t.

    ?When will be close enough to drop down?? Revan asked the pilots, screaming over the roar of all the chaos, but somehow still calm.

    ?In a couple of minutes! 4, at least!?

    ?Good enough!? Revan opened the comm. ?All Jedi ready to drop now!?

    ?But, sir! The crash could kill you!?

    Revan turned his attention back to the pilot. ?Just shut up and fly the ship. This is my call, not yours.?

    Revan ran to the drop ship tucked neatly inside the ship, where all the other Jedi had already gathered.

    ?Alright, everyone! We?re a little high, so when I tell you, push up with the force to reduce the impact! Now everyone in the drop ship!?

    The twelve Jedi piled into the small drop ship. Revan put his mask on as he entered the ship. The doors closed behind him, and they began their fast descent to the ground.

    The ride was extremely bumpy, and was helped by the explosions over and under them.


    Revan and the other Jedi pushed up with all their might. The ride became bumpier. They could feel the ride getting slightly slower, but it was still to fast.

    ?More!? Revan said, strained.

    The ride slowed slightly more, before coming to complete halt at the ground, throwing everyone around. Revan was the first to his feet. The noise continued.

    ?Come on, everyone! Get up,? Revan demanded.

    Revan ignited his lightsaber, sensing Mandolorians coming their way.

    The other Jedi, seeing Revan get so serious, got up as fast as they could, also switching on their lightsabers. Revan could feel they were close now.

    ?On the count of three, we blow down the doors and attack. Ready,? Revan asked the other Jedi. ?One, two, three!?

    They blew down the walls with the force, stunning the Mandolorians who surrounded the ship. Revan swiftly dispatched the Mandolians closest to him. The other Jedi did the same.


    The world became blurry, and the green world of Duxn became grey as Revan awoke, shaken. He got up slowly, feeling sick. He dressed, then walked out to the cockpit of the ship, where Carth Onasi and Bastila Shan were sitting. Bastila sensed Revan was troubled.

    ?Good morning,? Carth greeted Revan.

    Revan didn?t respond.

    ?Are you alright?? Bastila asked him.

    ?Yeah,? Revan said quietly.

    ?Was it another dream?? Carth asked?

    ?Yeah,? Revan said even more quietly. ?This time, it was about the Mandolorian Wars.?

    ?The Mandolorian Wars?? Carth said in surprise.

    ?Yeah,? Revan repeated.
  3. DarthBane95

    DarthBane95 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 18, 2009
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