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Discussion in 'Star Wars Community' started by NOLAJedi, Jan 7, 2013.

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  1. NOLAJedi Jedi Youngling

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    Hey, I've always been a casual fan of the Star Wars saga and its universe, but im just now investing in becoming a more dedicated Star Wars fan, where should I start in the EU? What works should I start reading/consuming?
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    you might get more of a detailed response in the Lit Forums and the EU Forums

    you might also want to ask questions for yourself like

    which your favorite character is?

    would you prefer pre saga or post?

    do youu prefer action or more metaphysical stuff?

    asking these questions will help you in finding you the right place to start

    most people will suggest THRAWN trilogy, it's very poular amongst fans
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    Yeah you should skip the truce at Bakura book and go right into Heir to the Empire book 1 of the thrawn trilogy 5 years after Return of the Jedi. If you want to know the truce at Bakura you should go to wookiepedia read the summary it's not much info that needs to be said about it.
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