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Det, MI Whitecaps offer special Star Wars style baseball jerseys for Make-A-Wish Foundation!

Discussion in 'Mid West Regional Discussion' started by BlastyTrooper, Mar 24, 2007.

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  1. BlastyTrooper

    BlastyTrooper Jedi Youngling star 3

    Apr 21, 2003

    What: The West Michigan Whitecaps have approval from LucasFilm to make their Star Wars themed jerseys for the charity game on July 14, 2007. Michigan trooper Scott Withers TK-1491 designed the very cool looking jerseys. This is NOT 501st merchandise, but rather a blasty great Star Wars collectible we are closely associated with.

    They will be making a run of 50 Star Wars jerseys total, three of which will be going to LucasFilm. The team will be offering 18-20 game-worn jerseys for charity during the game: 8-10 will be auctioned off, while another 10 will be raffled off. All the proceeds for those jerseys will be going to our charity: Make-A-Wish Foundation.

    The remaining 27-29 jerseys may be purchased by us. The price is going to be around $100 to $120. Anything over the $80 cost to make the jersey will go to Make-A-Wish!

    Jerseys: They are white with turquoise, black and gray on them. The jerseys are a regular poly-mesh baseball jersey with the large stormtrooper/imperial logo screen printed on them. The left chest and both sleeves will have patches on them. The number on the back will be sewed on. The team will put names on the back for FREE, but they will be heat sealed.


    Sleeve patches:

    Left chest patch:

    How to reserve you jersey: We are taking commitments on a first come, first serve basis. ***We cannot guarantee the places for jerseys # 28 and 29 might not be available***

    We will have a wait list, in case people that committed can not pay. We still have to find out when and how the team will want payment. It may be in the next few weeks, it might be closer to the game in July. As soon as we know, we?ll pass along that info.

    Email Brent Ashcroft TD-1044 with all your information.

    When reserving a jersey, include the following:

    · Your name

    · Size

    · Number requested

    · Name to go on back (if desired)

    Payments will be made via PayPal to the Whitecaps once the 27-29 jerseys have been spoken for.
  2. BlastyTrooper

    BlastyTrooper Jedi Youngling star 3

    Apr 21, 2003
    The first 29 spots are taken. Any new orders will be put on a wait list in case people can't pay on time.
  3. lovelucas

    lovelucas Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 19, 2004
    Here's an update about the event:

    Charity event and we hope some of you can make it:

    WHAT: West Michigan Whitecaps Baseball
    WHEN: Saturday, July 14th 2007
    CHARITY: Make-A-Wish

    Link to Whitecaps Site
    Directions to Ballpark

    The West Michigan Whitecaps are welcoming back the 501st Legion for the second consecutive summer. Last year this event raised $1,100 for the "Make-A-Wish" charity. This year we're in position to do much better than that. Troopers from all Midwest Legions (Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin & Michigan) are welcome to come in for this event. Hotel accomodations will be arranged for those making a long drive from out of state. What will make this event unique is that the West Michigan Whitecaps players (Class A Affiliate of the Detroit Tigers) will each wear a Star Wars baseball jersey, during the game, designed by 501st member, Scott Withers and approved by LucasFilm!

    Several of these game-worn jerseys will be auctioned off and raffled, with all the proceeds going to "Make-A-Wish". Lucas has requested 3 of the jerseys for his archives and several of the extra jerseys have been made available for purchase by 501st members. This event has the potential of bringing in a lot of money for the charity. Troopers will be involved once again in on-field games/antics in between innings and the plan is to show one of the Star Wars movies on the big video board in left field again {Probably Empire Strikes Back}. More information will be posted here as updates come available. In the meantime, please consider taking part in what will no doubt be a very memorable evening for the 501st Midwest Garrison.

    This is an event with the Rebel Legion, Fan Force and the 501st all participants. Last year we raised over a thousand dollars for Make A Wish Foundation - and it was covered by the local media - 3 tv stations plus the Press.

    To sign up, please post your interest on the Grand Rapids FF Board- with the West Michigan White Caps the speciality

    Would love to see the entire Mid West represented!
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