Who could have been a housemate? And other BB tidbits:

Discussion in 'Big Brother House' started by epic, Sep 18, 2002.

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  1. epic Ex Mod

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    deltron_zero was officially the first confirmed housemate.

    Ender was meant to be an original housemate, but a camping trip kept him out. He also was then meant to be an Intruder, but time constraints again hindered the possibility.

    jedi-mind-trick, MaidenLumpe, FateNaberie and Tellesto were also in the (very) short list for entry in the house. In the case of jmt, Fate and ML, time constraints again didn't allow for their entry into the house.

    wild_karrde was originally an intruder, but was bumped up to housemate when Ender pulled out.

    cbjedi was initially a housemate, but only missed out because I only wanted one Mod as a housemate. He then was a candidate for an Intruder spot, but finally was given a "guest" role. See, being a Mod does has its downfalls!

    Wormie2 was offered a spot in the house, but declined.

    A game of Mafia was initially a weekly task, but time constraints didn't allow for it.

    Many of the final housemates did not in fact apply themselves, but were asked to participate. This was to satisfy the user dynamics of the final group.

    FINAL EVICTION voting:

    Silmarillion: 53%
    Debo: 47%

    And finally, Big Brother will be back! Big Brother 2 has been confirmed -- expected starting time in the New Year. Watch out for new surprises, changes, and a brand new set of housemates!
  2. Bithysith Jedi Knight

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    Wow, that's interesting epic. Hopefully some of the individuals who couldn't participate in this game will be included in the next. :)

    And I can't believe how close the final voting was! I expected that, though. :D
  3. jediguy Jedi Master

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    Will the next BB be in this same forum?
  4. Jjanda_Solo Jedi Master

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    Hey, come on, can't some of the housemates from this time be in BB 2. Pleease. At least, if we were in the first fourth voted out, it seems only fair somehow, don't you think? *puppy dog eyes*

  5. JediSenoj451 Jedi Padawan

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    Woa. Final votes were very close. :eek:

    Ah... it's neat seeing who almost was selected. :)
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