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    Although he was a powerful Jedi-Master, Yoda knew his place. Jedi-Bendu Admiral Luke Skywalker was the most powerful Jedi to ever exist, it is only fitting to note, he was the last student Master Yoda would ever train! like Socrates was the teacher of Plato, Yoda was the teacher of Skywalker?

    Having reached Nine hundred and twenty-one years of age during the construction of the second Death Star, Master Yoda had witnessed the mighty Galactic Republic at it?s height and disastrous fall/transformation to the tyrannous Galactic Empire.

    Born Sa?Gotha-Yoda-Omaya on the eighth moon of the Truund System, the young Truundarian followed in his older brother Sa?Gotha-Yoda-Prono?s footsteps obediently. Omaya never knew his father. After his hatching, Omaya clung to Prono, a Truundarian fisherman, as his brother?s loyal assistant.
    Neither boys had the same mother as a Truundarian birth was the cause of a mother?s demise. Prono stayed with his father all the way up to his death, an accidental drowning. When Omaya?s mother died, he had no one, only his older brother. Prono cared for Omaya and nurtured his younger brother?s powers as a gift from the Gods. The Truundarian System had no knowledge of the Force.
    The two were inseparable until a crisis engulfed the eighth moon of the Truund. The dead seventh moon of Truund was entering the eighth?s atmosphere. The two sister moons were about to collide! A planetary lottery was held and the prize was life! Every inhabitant of the tiny moon was passed a slimy sac containing Cralion wasps. If a mature, deep red wasp was pulled, the owner would be granted a seat on the moons mysterious shuttle. An ancient vessel that was granted to the Truundarian leaders from the Gods above.
    Yoda-Omaya was an unlucky owner of a yellowed wasp, but his older brother Yoda-Prono had a deep red Cralion. Prono quickly exchanged his brother?s yellow wasp for his red before a Truundarian-warrior, one of the many deciding members, noticed. The very young seventeen year old Omaya cried as a Truundarian soldier ripped him from his three-hundred year old brother?s arms.
    The ancient ship roared to life carrying a little less than one hundred and sixty passengers. Omaya was one of them. The ship hovered in space and watched as the two moons collided in a brilliant flash of light. Omaya clutched his heart and fainted as he felt the millions of deaths below as a tremor in the Force.
    The tiny shuttle roamed the galaxy in search of life for the next several years. Elders would regale the young Truundarians of stories that the Gods had granted the shuttle to the moon so that the ?chosen ones? would be saved when the time had come. They would then fly to the heavens to live for an eternity. Many Truundarians died of famine during their long wait.
    When passengers of the ship were at their weakest, the shuttle drifted through space and was eventually picked up by a larger battleship belonging to the Galactic Republic. The ship was discovered to be a lost scout ship sent out to the far reaches of the galaxy many thousands of years ago!
    Only a handful of the Truundarians survived, Omaya included.
    They were tested and appointed jobs as civil servants on Corusant, the Capital planet of the republic. Truundarians became known for their exceptional skills as problem-solvers, although they preferred simpler lives, they helped Coruscant evolve into the most civilized planet in the known galaxies.
    Omaya worked as a clerical copywriter for the Galactic Senate, one of the lowest jobs given. He was jokingly known as ?Yoda? through the office as Truundarians all had the title ?Yoda? in their names. Omaya considered it insulting at first, then learned to accept it as an omage to his race who was slowly dying out on the City-Planet.
    Yoda?s Force sensitive talents were discovered when he inadvertently prevented a group of coruscant workers from being killed by falling scaffolding. He unknowingly Force-pushed the would-be victims out of the way! A coworker, marveled by Yoda?s performance, took him to a senator who then turned him ov
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