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Who?s afraid of the big, bad Shistavanen Wolfman?

Discussion in 'Costuming and Props' started by Volund_Starfire, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. Volund_Starfire

    Volund_Starfire Jedi Youngling star 1

    Sep 21, 2006

    With the extremely low numbers of non-human Jedi, and after helping Luananeko to build her TCW Aayla Secura, I have decided to attempt to do one of my own. Like Luananeko, I am doing a Jedi General from the Clone Wars, but this one is shown in the animated Clone Wars micro-series. I am talking about Jedi Master Voolvif Monn, the Shistavanen Wolfman Jedi Master.

    Since formal characters for the Rebel Legion require three official sources, I submit these for approval. First, there is the Clone Wars micro-series, specifically episodes 20 and 22. Second, there is the Hasbro figurine from collection 30 (77-07) #58. Third, he is found listed in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia Volume III (P-Z). Finally, he is a miniature produced by Wizards of the Coast in the Masters of the Force set, #12/40. I know that?s four, but I do not own the Encyclopedia so I do not know if there is a visual representation of him in it.

    With that said, I am using the Hasbro figurine as a base for the character, but with the details shown in the low-detail Clone Wars cartoon, and using non-animated armor sources. I will explain in more detail below in my dissection.

    [image=] [image=] [image=] [image=]


    The base for the head is a [link=]Werewolf Ani-Motion Mask[/link] so that it has a movable mouth when I speak, including the jowls baring the teeth. The upper and lower incisors (between the canines) will be blunted like a true canine?s and the gums painted black with dark gray detailing from the masks red. If necessary, the mask will include a helmet or other solid head form to keep its shape. It will be attached firmly to the face with no space between the eyes and the mask, similarly with the jaw to capture all of the movement. The back of the mouth area will include a fake uvula in front of a piece of black mesh or cloth to prevent the mouth from being seen.

    The fur on the mask will be completely removed. The back of the ears and the jaw (beard) will be covered with a [link=]faux wolf fur[/link] and trimmed down to an appropriate length. The rest of the mask will be replaced with a hood and neck made of mesh fabric. Red-brown (or the closest color to the fur) kanekalon hair will be latch hooked into the hood and styled into the appropriate way to achieve the animated look. The hair will be trimmed in front of the ears and left long at the base to cover the neck. The length is going to be roughly half the length of Wookiee hair. Because it is simulating canine hair, it will be latch-hooked in smaller amounts, but in close proximity.

    My eyes will be painted gray in a tone similar to the mask when I wear it.

    The Suit will be made from faux wolf fur fabric in a back-zipping coverall. The arms will go down the arm to the backs of the hands with Velcro at the end to attach to the glove. The legs will extend down to the ankle of the stilt and will Velcro closed as naturally-looking as possible. The collar will be raised and Velcro shut in the back to hide the neck.

    The hands will be made from a pair of gray latex werewolf hands and gray leather gloves. The palms and backs of the hands will be cut out of the werewolf gloves and they will be attached to the leather gloves. It will include the necessary Velcro to attach the sleeve to. The werewolf claws will be modified, reinforced, and blunted while still retaining their sharp look.

    The feet will be based around a wood
  2. Miana Kenobi

    Miana Kenobi Admin Emeritus star 8 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Apr 5, 2000
    That'll be cool!

    Scary, but cool!
  3. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    Voolvif Monn is in Star Wars Encyclopedia (H-O) Volume II, page 328. It does have a picture of him with green saber drawn from the animated short.:)

    I really look forward to seeing what you share of this, and kudos on making a none human!
  4. ardavenport

    ardavenport Jedi Master star 4

    Dec 16, 2004
    Sounds cool! Yes, we could use some more non-human Jedi.

    I must admit that I am also thinking about doing a non-human Jedi with digitigrade feet as well. But I'm going to see how far I get with the under-structure of the costume before posting much about it. I've almost got the feet done, but that's it so far.