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Who should play the role of Darth Vader?

Discussion in 'Revenge of the Sith (Non-Spoilers)' started by JayFank, Jun 26, 2002.


Who should play the role of Darth Vader?

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  1. Hayden Christiansen

  2. David Prowse

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  1. JayFank

    JayFank Jedi Master star 1

    Jun 24, 2002
  2. JayFank

    JayFank Jedi Master star 1

    Jun 24, 2002
    I know, I know. Hayden will play Anakin. But, don't you think the should let David Prowse, himself, be the man in black one more time?
  3. Luke_Clone

    Luke_Clone Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 15, 2002
    Only if:

    1) Prowse says something nice for a change about the prequels (at least for GL's sake).

    2) If Prowse stops making dumb comments like, "I have a large fan base which will boycott Episode 3 if I'm not in it."

    BTW, I voted for Hayden.
  4. JayFank

    JayFank Jedi Master star 1

    Jun 24, 2002
    Well, Hayden doesn't know what is to be Vader. Prowse knows who it feels and made that character.

    <EDIT: Swearing. That's a 48 hour ban>
  5. Darth_Sid_Vicious

    Darth_Sid_Vicious Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jun 26, 2002
    isnt Prowse nearly a cripple? and didnt he and Lucas part ways on bad terms after ROTJ?
  6. Darth_Sid_Vicious

    Darth_Sid_Vicious Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jun 26, 2002
    Wow! seen JayFank's nasty reply there- is he David Prowse himself? Or a relative? He took it very personally there.
  7. Darth_Pharazon

    Darth_Pharazon Jedi Youngling

    May 29, 2002
    Sorry, JayFank, but I think that Hayden has earned it.
  8. DarthMak

    DarthMak Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Jan 4, 2001
    I think if Prowse tones down his whining and his keen ability of being a jerk, he deserves to come back as Vader only if it is a small role, like limited walking or just standing.

  9. Darth_Sid_Vicious

    Darth_Sid_Vicious Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jun 26, 2002
    i'd give it to hayden.
  10. Imperial_Guard

    Imperial_Guard Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 13, 2002
    After seeing AOTC multiple times and hearing about how Hayden prepared for and took the role seriously, I'm convinced that he's earned the right to don the suit.
  11. LittleJedi

    LittleJedi Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 4, 2001
    In a way i'd quite like to see DP don the suit again - just for old times sake. :D That is of course, only is he still reslebles the body of Vader and all, otherwise, give it to Hayden. :D I don't really mind though.

  12. SDPadres13

    SDPadres13 Jedi Youngling

    Mar 10, 2002
    I'd give it to Hayden, as long as he wouldn't mess it up, which I doubt he would.
  13. Tayschrenn

    Tayschrenn Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 24, 2002
    Hayden has been good so far, and besides, GL has chosen him. So I think that it would be unfair to him for GL to use him in Episode II & III and then not let him dress up in the big black suit :p

  14. LordIsurus

    LordIsurus Jedi Master star 3

    Jun 24, 1999
    Oh, easily Hayden. He has shown he can move as Vader did in the OT. Majestic but the bonus is he'll be more agile. Letting Prowse don the suit would only be good if he was seated or standing, looking over the bridge of a Destroyer. Like the Yoda puppet, it was great for shots where minimal movement is required. But for a saber battle or even a light jog or quick walk, Prowse, like the puppet Yoda, would make it hard to bring the youthful energy needed in a young Vader . Similarly, the Yoda puppet did have a certain life to it as does Prowse's Vader. Instead of campaigning to get into Episode III, Prowse should be proud and pointing out how well Hayden captured his movement. Letting people realize that even though Prowse isn't Anakin or in the suit, his movement and style live on. In the same way as Ewan is bringing Alec's Obi-Wan back. At most, maybe, like 3PO, GL will let David make an out of mask cameo.

  15. jedi4500

    jedi4500 Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 12, 2002
    hayden all the way...this is like when adam west wanted to play batman for the 1989 movie...are you kidding me??
  16. PloKloon1138

    PloKloon1138 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Apr 5, 2001
    Hayden, easily. Prowse is a grumpy, washed up old man, IMO.
  17. shocktrooper

    shocktrooper Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 2, 2002
    For old time sake I would really like to see Prowse in the Vader Suite if only for one or two shots. But then again Hayden was so convincing & truelly rocked in the part of Anikan that he has earnt my approval (not that it counts)to don the suite for the most part.
    So to sum up if Prowse isn't limping or a hunchback and "IF" he and Hayden look similar sizes (be it computer adjusted or not)give him a couple of frames.
    But otherwise HAYDEN all the way
  18. ami-padme

    ami-padme Jedi Grand Master star 4

    Sep 19, 1999
    I see no reason why it shouldn't be Hayden. He's more than earned it with his performance in AOTC (and he certainly showed that he's got Vader's moves and appearance down).

    Besides, even if Prowse were remotely in the physical shape required to don the suit, I don't see why he should. Because he's been on poor terms with Lucas? Because he thinks he's important enough that the fans will demand him back? I almost feel sorry for the guy, but that doesn't mean he should get it over Hayden.
  19. Slave-2

    Slave-2 Jedi Youngling star 2

    May 30, 2002
    Hayden all the way! Although they've got to have James Earl Jones doing the voice (that's if he's not dead - no disrespect if you're online Mr Earl Jones sir!).
  20. HL&S

    HL&S Magistrate Emeritus star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Oct 30, 2001
    Hayden will play Darth Vader. Just not in the suit. He's way too small physically to fill out that suit.

    But Prowse needs to lose some weight if he really wants to be in the suit.

    But I'd rather have Prowse do it personally. It would be a nice retirement piece for him.
  21. Malkuth_Toltec

    Malkuth_Toltec Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 22, 2002
    Prowse is not in the best health of his life. To lose enough weight to do it would take a will and desire he probably does not have.

    Also, why bother with another actor donning the Vader suit? It's just extra money to spend. As George says, "A dollar saved is a dollar earned."

    I voted for Hayden, how can you deny a man his dream? Prowse has already worn the suit and Christensen seemed excited about the possibility of wearing it in Episode III.
  22. Twink_Kee

    Twink_Kee Jedi Knight star 5

    Oct 1, 2001
    Neither. CGI his ass. I wanna see Vader in some action.
  23. young_padme

    young_padme Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 23, 2002
    I vote Hayden. Prowse has played Vader for forever and he should give someone else a chance. Hayden is living out almost every Star Wars fans' dream of putting on the classic helmet and suit! So I'm all for him. GO HAYDEN! ;)
  24. Darth-Protius

    Darth-Protius Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 2, 2002
    Neither one. Hayden is anikin, but hes not big enough to be Vader, and given his build, he never will be. David Prowse is too out of shape and bitter to ever don the vader suit again, and even if he was in shape, its highly doubtful if GL would want him in the movie.

    Lucas is either going to have to get another actor with the size of Prowse, and the youth of Hayden to play vader, or use CGI, which, IMO, would take away greatly from the impact of the first reapperance of vader in over 20 years people want to see a man in the suit, not a CGI rendered version of Vader

    He's the most complex character in SW and to date its taken four men and one boy. (Sorry THREE men and TWO boys) to play the part. And besides, it is HIGHLY doubtful that Vader will be on-screen for more than a few minutes.

    So a hunt has to go out for a guy that matches Prowse's size and has the agilitly and youth of Hayden to be Vader. Nothing else is acceptable.
  25. Darth_Dragon_7

    Darth_Dragon_7 Jedi Master star 4

    Mar 18, 2002
    If it is anyone but Hayden, I will boycott Ep III.


    Actually, I will just be VERY disapointed. After his acting job in Ep II, he more than deserves it. It wouldn't make sense to have Hayden as Anikin in Ep II and what is sounding like a good deal of Ep III, only to have someone else in the suit.
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