Speculation Who/What DON'T you want to see in Epi. 7?

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    No time travel, via machines or otherwise (such as in Michael Crichton's Timeline)

    No flashbacks (I'm looking at you, Lost)

    No parallel universes

    Don't actually name the year that it takes place. Leave it "a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away".

    As far as organic life vs artificial intelligence, it sort of has been done in TCW in the droid arc. Which is a pretty good reason why it should never be done again.
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  2. StoneRiver Jedi Grand Master

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    You didn't like District 9 (or whatever it was called)?

    but on the topic at hand;

    1. Time travel tops the list!
    2. Matte boxes ;)
    3. Most of what everyone else has said :p
  3. The Loyal Imperial Manager Emeritus

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    Nope. Or Mass Effect's Reapers. I'll take humans fighting humans over that any day.
  4. KevinM1 Jedi Knight

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    In no particular order:

    Anything to do with the prophecy or bringing balance to The Force.
    Anything to do with the Separatists, Trade Federation, or Droid Army.
    Hayden Christensen.
    Pod racing.
    Gungans, including Jar-Jar.
    Darth Plagueius.
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  5. Placeholder Jedi Knight

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    I agree with all of that, except Hutts. I like gangsters.
  6. I Are The Internets Force Ghost

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    No death by falling moon.

    No death by falling baboon.

    No depth by failing goon.

    No derp pie mailing noon.
  7. Rawne Jedi Knight

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    No corrupt New Republic.
    No corrupt Jedi Order.
    No secret clone armies.
    No pointless OT character deaths.
    No pointless OT character cameos.
    No Hayden Christensen Force Ghost. Holocron's are fine.
    No Ewan McGregor Force Ghost. Holocron's are fine.
    No new character of Yoda's species.
    No non-Sith dark siders who look exactly like Darth Maul/Tyrannus/Vader/Sidious.
    No Sith who claim to be from Bane's dynasty.
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  8. TaunTaunHerder Jedi Knight

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    I don't want Luke, Leia or Han to have major parts in any new movies. No mentor/ student roles. No Yoda. No Jedis or Siths. No lightsabers for mano-a-mano fighting, but instead some kind of martial art without weapons. No "mirroring" any of the first 6 movies. The GFFA is too big to limit it to the Skywalkers and Solos. Move on. Tell other stories, with different people, planets, weapons, and stories besides Empire vs Rebels, Separatists vs Republic, or blowing up yet *another* Death Star. No "I have a bad feeling about this". No teddy bears. No comic relief or "silly" characters. No 'Darth" characters. That name was meant to be only for Darth Vader, but the EU made "Darth" into a title, then Uncle George ran with it and over-populated the PT with Darth, Darth, Darth, making Darth Vader just one of many bad guys former Jedi turned Sith and taking away his mojo and his uniqueness.
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  9. I Are The Internets Force Ghost

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  10. Darth Gumby Jedi Youngling

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    No lightsabers
    No Jedis
    No Alliance
    No Empire
    No plot
    No actors
    No dialogue
    etc. etc. etc.

    This is kind of a negative topic, don'tcha think?

  11. Darth Claire Force Ghost

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    Relying too heavily on the OT cast to carry the film *the new characters have the carry and lead the film not the OT cast*
    Using cheap/unoriginal/boring villain cliches *like I'm your evil great-grand father ressurected or I'm a sith...dont ask why I'm here for villain-sake. mwah ha ha*
    Trying to stay too much in the past *by overindulging in PT and OT references and character/place/ship appearences* instead of moving forward by giving us new characters, places and ships.
  12. TCF-1138 New Films & Fan Films Mod

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    "Darth" as a title was first introduced in The Phantom Menace, not the EU. Prior to that, only Vader was called Darth. The EU Sith lords had names like Exar Kun and Ulic Qel-Droma (their birth-names IIRC).
    From what I gather in your post, you simply don't want a new Star Wars movie, but rather some new space opera film? Because if you take everything Star Wars out of Star Wars, all you have left is - at best - a sub-genre.
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  13. Only-One Cannoli Ex-Mod

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    No cute/stupid race.
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  14. VadersLaMent Chosen One

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    No constant need for Falcon repairs.

    No Darksaber

    No Eclipse 3

    No bad line deliveries.
  15. LawJedi Jedi Master

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    The Empire (and the falling Republic) definitely brings themes of failed infrastructure and corrupted culture. But even there, it's handled in a mythic,archetypical way. We can conquer the air pollution, imposing machinery and gritty trenchcoats by believing in ourselves and allying with teddy bears.
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  16. Vthuil Force Ghost

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  17. johnrain39 Jedi Padawan

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    Want to see high stake Sabaac games.
    Luke and his trainee training in a musical montage like from Rocky or Footloose.
    More Ewoks kicking arse.
    Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Sun Kang, and Tyrese Gibson cameoing as members of Renegade Squadron.
  18. Bib Fartuna Jedi Knight

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    I DON'T want to see a 69yr old Han & Leia having a 69 in zero-G on board the Falcon. Totally not appropriate for the vision of film goers.
  19. Darth Claire Force Ghost

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    WTF?!?!??! [face_sick]
  20. T-R- Chosen One

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    no Hayden Christensen or Shia as Han's son.

    and no members of nsync
  21. CGI-BOBAFENT Jedi Grand Master

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    You know, that's not a bad way of looking at it, we already have numerous versions of the films, why not with the EU?
  22. I Are The Internets Force Ghost

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    But that's soooo hot.
  23. Jedsithor Jedi Master

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    Starkiller. No super Jedi who is secretly responsible for the rebellion which started as a plot by the Emperor. No secret apprentice who is stronger than Vader and Palpatine.
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  24. metr0man Jedi Padawan

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    Here's what I don't want to see:

    -NO to Mentor Luke dying in Episode 7, the hero(oine?) getting his(her?) hand cut off in Episode 8, struggling with turning to the dark side in Episode 9.

    There's symmetry and then there's blatant lack of originality and creativity. I hope the sequels do something new.

    Also what I don't want to see:

    -NO to resurrected villains from the PT/OT. No to Darth Vader. No to Palpatine brought back to life. No to Mace Windu somehow alive. No to cloned versions of dead PT/OT characters. No to prequel era characters who just vanished during the OT (Plagueus, Ashoka, etc)

    Notice all the stuff I don't want to see have one thing in common: they are all retreads of the past. Light parellels are fine (Luke is an Obi-Wan esque mentor figure, etc), but I don't want story points recycled or recycled characters. Give us something NEW!
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  25. jedimikey Jedi Padawan

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    Some more no-no's...

    No force ghosts, returns of officially dead characters, or ridiculously foolish villains.