CT Why did Han allow Lando to Use the Falcon in ROTJ ??

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    Umm.... Han had volunteered to lead the team with the stolen shuttle, and thus the Falcon was parked. Lando was familiar with the ship as he was its previous owner, and she's the fasted ship in the fleet. Why leave it parked? =D=
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    If Billy Dee doesn't come back, they can write him out with a small reference to Han's overreaction when he saw the missing dish...
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    well for reasons everyone has already said..fastest ship..Lando used to fly it. Lando was his good friend. Falcon still in battle...etc.

    But that leads me to this;

    I remember hearing/reading that The Falcon was supposed to get destroyed during the escape from the DS2 before it blew up...which is why Han says the line "...Like I'm never gonna see her again" in reference to the falcon when asked what was wrong just before leaving for Endor.
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    Yeah, I've read that it was filmed that way, but preview audiences persuaded GL to change it.