Saga Why did Owen and Beru accept Luke anyway?

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    Hey everyone. Sorry if this is misplaced. I was thinking of putting it in the PT questions thread, but then realized it also applies to the OT, so I placed it here. Feel free to move it if need be.

    Anyway, my question is this. Owen and Beru are just standing there one day, then a mysterious guy in robes wordlessly hands them a newborn baby and walks away, then they're like "Oh cool let's raise him now".

    I'd assume Obi-Wan did tell them about Luke's birth, and how their step-brother had become Vader and all that, thus them saying that Luke has too much of his father in them.

    But anyway, I digress. They just took him to raise as their own son like that? I mean, raising a child from birth to adulthood is a HUGE responsibility, and Owen and Beru are moisture farmers, so their life would probably already be pretty busy. What would have happened had they not wanted Luke? I mean, I suppose they could have been planning to have a child at some point, but really, the more I think about it, the more confused I become...
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    Well, I'm sure Obi-Wan didn't just show up with baby Luke and said "Take him" with a wave of his hand they said "We'll take him" LOL no, pretty sure that didn't happen. In all seriousness Obi-Wan probably contacted them shortly after Luke was born to see if they would take him in and obviously they said yes. And I don't think he ever told them that Vader and Anakin were the same person. According to the ROTS junior novelization Obi-Wan didn't give any details on Anakin or Padme's deaths.

    Part of taking him in, maybe they couldn't have children of their own.
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    They could utilize the child tax credit on their taxes as recommended by their Accountant. I heard taxes on Tatooine were very high because of the influence Jabba the Hutt had on the local politicians.
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    "These are good people, Padme."
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    From what I could tell, Beru looked very happy to take Luke and Owen did not seem displeased (wrapping his arm around her when she came to join him to stare at the sunset) -- although he did seem colder towards Obi-Wan.

    In all likelihood, I can imagine that Owen and Beru wanted a child but may not have been able to have one of their own (or pay an expensive adoption or fertility treatment). Additionally, I think that Owen would readily to take in Shmi's grandchild.
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    Using EU sources, Owen loved Shmi and would have been happy to raise her grandchild.
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    He's family. That's the main reason.

    I doubt Kenobi went into much detail beyond, "Ani and Padme are dead. Luke's their only child, and people might be looking for him. Please take care of him." Owen may have suspected something more, and he most likely held Kenobi responsible for his nephew being orphaned and, perhaps, someday getting lured away from home on "some damn fool idealistic crusade" like Ani was. But, that's of secondary importance, compared to the familial connection and just plain sympathy for an innocent child who's otherwise alone in the Universe (or so they thought).
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    It's possible also that Owen and Beru felt guilt for what happened to Shmi, feeling they could've done more to help her, taking in Luke and raising him was perhaps their way of trying to redeem themselves - they couldn't help Shmi in her hour of need, but they could help Luke in his. Also Shmi wasn't related to them by blood, but she was still part of their family, when seeing the newborn Luke they probably couldn't help seeing him as part of their family as well and wanted to help Shmi's grandchild out of love for her.
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    Who could possibly turn away a baby this cute?:)

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    Because they wanted a kid of their own. It's in the novel.
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    Also, Obi-Wan and Owen are brothers, dontcha know?
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    And don't forget the ducks. Luke could never, ever be allowed to find out about ducks.

    - I'm the only human who can do it.
    - You don't know that.

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    What's a duck?[face_dunno](and Old Obi Wan rolls his eyes whispering, "backwater farm boys...")
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    A duck must be taught to swim. That is its destiny.
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    Simple and accurate.
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    The climate of Tatooine renders its denizens as barren as the dune sea.
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    Since that clearly seems to be Bail's motivation, it would be a bit too convenient if that were also Owen and Beru's. Nah, I just think they would have felt obliged given they were family. They had no reason to assume any of Luke's other family were still alive. It's more about a sense of duty than desire in this case, I think. As Anakin realised, Owen and Beru were good people. And yes, it would be too silly to assume Obi-Wan just arrived and handed them a baby with no questions asked or explanation offered. He would have got in touch in advance (the methods for which would have been many).

    I'd still love to see an Obi-Wan/Tatooine spinoff film. It could go into more depth about this - starting from Obi-Wan's journey to Tatooine up until Luke's early teenage years. It'd be fascinating to see how Obi-Wan's relationship with the Lars' deteriorated from intending to "watch over" Luke right through to Luke barely even knowing he existed. I'm sure it's safe to say Owen and Beru came to love Luke as their own and, as a result, saw a different path for him to the one Obi-Wan was pursuing.
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    That's what Shmi was hoping for.
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    Well he was their step-nephew...
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    As Luke didn't know Obi-Wan, the movie would look like a middle aged guy essentially stalking a child into adulthood - probably would make for some difficult viewing. I'm not dismissing your suggestion, but feel it's one of those stories that's probably better as a novel.
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    He did know him--as Ben.
  22. Darth Vader's Chest Plate

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    I always thought he knew who "Ben" was in the same way you know who people are in your neighbourhood are, not on a personal level tho.
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    Maybe. He obviously recognizes Obi-Wan when he sees him, and they've obviously interacted before, IMO.
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    Easy...he walked up to Beru, told her Shmi's son was dead & that Shmis grandson needed parents & leave. It seems like that's all it would take.
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    Ah, but Luke didn't have any step siblings. You'd be foolish to believe that Owen and Beru didn't get busy during the time they were together, before and after getting married. Much less when Luke came into their life. But if one is firing blanks, or one cannot carry a baby too term, then chances are, that is probably a deciding factor.