Discussion Why do people want to see Han Solo be the Q-Gon Jinn of Episode 7 ??

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    In TPM, The Only character that had a chance to become something and played by a outstanding actor was killed. I have heard many fans across the spectom of Star Wars Gossip and talk over the past year suggest or ever expect that they will Do away with the Character of Han Solo in a similar fashion at the end of Episode 7.

    WHY ???????

    1.) Because Harrison himself suggested his demise to Lucas during filiming of ROTJ in which Lucas rejected totally.

    2.) Han Solo is basically one of the few characters they could build mulitple movies with because of the skills of Harrison Ford, They would be utterly foolish to part with Captain Solo in SW7.

    3.) I would hope they would come up with a way to make Solo the Center part of the Film, and have him live on to be a major part of the remaining Trilogy. That would only make Sense, because Harrison Fords name on the Credits = Box office $$$$$$$$$$$

    4.) No one ever suggested that Indiana Jones or Dr Richard Kimble bite it so WHY HAN SOLO ????


    NUFF SAID !!!
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    Apples, meet Oranges.......;)
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    Do you EVER post anything that makes sense? EVER?! :mad:

    Oh, and in before the lock.
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    It annoys my how you avatar is framed, cutting off the chin. It always distracts me too much.
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    I actually wouldn't mind Han making an early exit given that the potential for fanboy pandering is huge with his character.
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    Who cares is a good answer.
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    I am locking this because
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    What is this about
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    No, let me start over again
    Um... what?
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