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    "Shorten up that hook, we don't need it that long." - Kid Rock

    The problem is that corporate rock product has little say over what kind of music they make. Record company executives want music to be tailored to the interests of the typical short-attention-spanned listener, and that means the band has to crank out a bunch of songs in the cookie cutter intro-verse-chorus-verse-chorus-outro format and keep the length down to about three minutes. When real artists like some of those mentioned previously choose to make a track no more than three minutes long, that's a totally different scenario.

    BTW, did anyone notice that every track on Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory was the same length as every other one, give or take 15 seconds? That's an especially vivid example of the problem.
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    Yeah I know. I can handle a 45 min CD if I like all the songs on it or the majority.
    That's why I have the 3 song rule- if I haven't heard 3 songs of the CD I don't buy it. So I download 3 songs If I like them I buy the CD.
    Anyway, Murderdolls "beyond the vally of the murderdolls" is only 45min but it is a good CD.
    Most good bands CD's are an hour long like MuDvAyNe their Cd LD 50 was like 70min
    Cradle of Filth's Cd's are all over an hour.
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