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    The Wild Knightz.

    This is a story I wrote about the people I know. It started off as a joke about the Wild Knightz Squadron in the New Jedi Order Fan Club, as you can see, all members are JC members but with some name changes. Jacen, Jaina and Kyp make appearances in this fic as well. It?s just for fun, so I hope others get a laugh out of it, or just enjoy it.

    Cast List!!!!

    Grand Admiral RJ Wild Knightz One/Lead JC ID Lord RJ
    Commander Adalia Durron Wild Knightz Two/XO JC ID Adalia_Durron
    Lt. Seifer Sh?Kura Wild Knightz Three JC ID Jedi_Knight_Seifer
    Flight Officer Lena Thammes Wild Knightz Four JC ID xegate
    Flight Officer Christopher Wild Knightz Five JC ID Commander_Chris
    Lt. Liania Wild Knightz Six JC ID SWCrone
    Flight Officer Rachel Moonstar Wild Knightz Seven JC ID Rachel Moonstar
    Flight Officer Beezel O?Rielly Wild Knightz Eight JC ID Beezel26
    Lt. Rooty Aran Wild Knightz Nine JC ID A-Wings-Rule
    Lt. Jay Sarkin Wild Knightz Ten JC ID JacensGirl
    Lt. Commander Eak Schyer Wild Knightz ElevenJC IC Master_Y_Wing
    Commander Jake Murphy Wild Knightz Twelve JC ID DropkickJake

    Lt. Commander Corran Terrik 181st Imperial Nine JC ID Jedi Satimber
    Lt. Xan Carivus Wraith Eight JC ID DarthXan318
    Admiral Dominic Ng Wraith One/Lead JC ID Iron_Fist
    Lord Christophorus Rocha Independent JC ID Lord Rocha
    Lt Mirrax Terrik Rogue Eight JC ID Mirax_Terrik

    Jedi Jaina Solo - Twin Suns Lead
    Jedi Jacen Solo - Jedi Knight
    Jedi Master Kyp Durron - Twin Suns Three
    Jag Fel - Twin Suns Two
    Silya Nuruodo - Twin Suns Seven - JC ID Csillian Girl

    Senior Tech - Ireth Tasartir - JC ID Ireth Tasartir

    Commander Adalia Durron looked up from the data pad she?d been reading as the turbo lift doors opened. Stepping out she scanned the area outside the bases? Ladies Lounge as the hairs on the back of her Jedi trained neck pricked up. Frowning, she knew the sensation well, it usually meant danger. Suddenly, several female pilots burst forth from the lounge as the deafening sound of fire alarms could be heard blaring from inside. Moving quickly she approached Jay, Wild Knightz 10 from the squadron of which she was Executive Officer.

    ?What?s going on Lt?? Jay turned to her, narrowing her brown eyes and frowning slightly. ?I?m not sure, there?s something, I sense it but??..? she turned back to the doorway. At that moment both women reacted as their Force sensitive senses peaked.

    ?Move!!! Now!!? Adalia yelled as she began to push the other women backwards.

    ?Get out of the way!!? Jay cried as she assisted. Suddenly, a massive explosion erupted inside the lounge area, erupting smoke and debris out the doorway and showering the now cowering group. As the smoke cleared Jay and Adalia stood and stared in disbelief at the mess that had once been their haven from the males on the base.

    ?What the?..? Jay muttered, Adalia shook her head.

    ?More like who?? she asked. A movement caught her attention out of the corner of her eye and she turned to investigate. Seeing two more of her pilots, Jake and Rooty standing just down the corridor from them, huge grins on their faces as they muttered to each other. Realisation washed over Adalia?s mind like a tidal wave.

    ?12! 9! Yes you two, Rooty and Jake!!! RJ?s Office?.NOW!!! She ordered in a raised voice as she strode purposefully toward the two wayward pilots. These two, with different accomplices, had caused her more trouble in her short time with the Squadron than anyone had in her entire career! The smiles slid off their faces as she approached.

    ?I said NOW you two, and I hope to the stars you don?t have any plans for the next Six Standard Months!!? Move It!!!? She snapped as she pointed down the corridor behind them. Slowly the two young pilot
  2. Adalia-Durron Former RSA/EUC Empress.

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    Just upping case anyone wants to read it.... :(
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    All right sis! Your story is going public.
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    w00t! I'm glad you finally decided to post it here. :D

    Hehe, I got promoted without noticing, did I? :p
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    I'm reading this... :D
    Is Mara going to appear here????
    Wait, don't spoil me...I'll just keep on reading ;)
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    [face_laugh] This is great!!! :D More soon?
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    More now.....

    The group arrived at the site of the new Ladies Lounge as Adalia dragged Jake in by this flightsuit, leaving Rooty to stand in the doorway. RJ entered the room to stand near the newly constructed bar. Releasing her prize, Adalia moved to stand in front of him and stare into his hazel eyes.

    ?OK, with all you?ve done in mind my boy, how about we take a look at the new place that is coming out of your wages for the next, ??.well, forever!. Nice Hey? You have good taste and apparently aren?t tight with your credits! Take a good look, and you can then describe it to your grand children when they ask why they have to support you!!? RJ leaned on the bar.

    ?Plus, you know those funds you were saving for your retirement? Gone.? He added smoothly. Adalia turned to the door.

    ?In here now Rooty, as I have new wages arrangement for you too. It?s simple, you have none, enjoy the poor house.? RJ pushed himself off the bar and made his way to the nearby comm unit, linking himself into the bases? internal comm systems.

    ?Attention, This is Admiral RJ, with a Ladies Lounge Announcement ? The new Ladies Lounge is now open and Wild Knightz 9 and 12 will be serving a term as butler and waiters to you all. Make sure you keep them busy. Thank you? Rooty?s mouth dropped open as Jake began to mutter to himself. Turning to the new service droid standing near by, Adalia smiled.

    ?Take the day off, infact take the month off and before you go, there?s a blue box in the store room, bring it to me please.? Jake and Rooty looked at each other, puzzlement expressed on their faces. A few moments later the droid returned carrying a small blue box and handed it to Adalia. Upon opening it, she pulled out two small bow ties and matching black satin underpants. Holding them up she raised an eyebrow and gave them an almost sithly smile.

    ?I was saving these for something special, this is it, when you?re dressed,? she smirked as considered ?dressed? was a very loose description, ?You can get RJ and I a drink each. And don?t spill anything or you will be licking it up!? Rooty swallowed hard as Jake attempted to grin.

    ?Um, I think I?ll pass on the ?costume?. He said in a vain attempt at humour. Adalia?s eyes hardened as she poked him in the chest with her forefinger.

    ?Stang Kid!! You gotta a death wish!?!? Move and get those drinks before I take out my sabre and cut you down to your underwear!? Behind her RJ chuckled to himself.


    It was some time later Jay found herself in a comfortable chair in the Ladies Lounge awaiting a drink. Putting her feet on the nearby coffee table she smiled up at Rooty as he handed her a drink.

    ?You?re not angry anymore?? he asked tentatively. She snorted softly.

    ?After I emptied my blaster into the old service droid, I got over it.? She said offhandedly. ?Hey, where?d you get the nukes? It was a mighty fine job.? Root shifted his weight slightly.

    ?Where?d we get the nukes? Uh, from??? Unable to complete the sentence he began to cough to cover his words. Jay grinned at him.

    ?You know I?m working on a plan to get you two out of here.? She said in a low voice as she studied her drink. Rooty looked hopeful.

    ?You could get Eak , Liania and some of the others Knightz, to stage a diversion at the front gate while you and Mirrax sneak into the potatoe complex tonight, grab us and get out! Not Lead and XO though?? He?d bent down to lower his voice to her and failed to notice RJ enter the room and stand behind him. Sighing deeply RJ spoke evenly.

    ?What am I going to do with you?? Standing upright, Rooty quickly scooted back to the bar leaving Jay to smother a giggle. RJ watched him go before turning his attention back to Jay. ?Carry on 10.? With that he turned and left.

    Jay looked over at Rooty who was now standing beside the bar, Jake behind it. ?You know, it?s a good plan, but CorSec may not want to help you two, ?.um?.? she coughed slightly ?remember you blew up the Lounge, she was a Queen in that place.?
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    Thanks you lot, and yes Y!! Yor're In This!!! :D You've already read it to!!!

    more now.

    Sitting at his desk, RJ pushed the plate to one side, he?d enjoyed the steak dinner that had finally been sent up to him. Leaning back into his seat he stared at the empty plate, he knew he?d been way to soft on Jake and Rooty, but wasn?t sure how to get their attention. Nothing seemed to be getting through to either of them. Unfortunately they had a way of dragging other squadron members down with them, Eak and Jay coming to mind immediately. Sitting forward again, he wondered why Eak fell in with them, being so much older. At that moment there was a knock at his door, looking up he groaned inwardly as he sensed her presence. Standing, he prepared himself, he knew this had been coming.

    ?Come in Adalia.? Opening the door, she stepped across the threshold and closed it behind her. Leaning against it and folding her arms she shook her head.

    ?You?re too soft RJ.? He looked down for a moment.

    ?I know, but I can?t figure how to get to them. Discipline doesn?t work, they make jokes. Threats make the laugh. They know they?re good at what they do and they know I won?t get rid of them.?

    ?I would? she muttered. RJ eyed her.

    ?I won?t, we need them.? Adalia sighed as she pushed off the door.

    ?I know, but??. I don?t know, there?s gotta be a better way.?

    ?I?m open to suggestions.? RJ said quietly. An expression of deep thought crossed her face as she sat carefully on the corner of his desk, causing him to frown slightly.

    ?We need to find something that is important to them, other than flying.? She said thoughtfully.

    ?I agree, but what?? RJ?s blue eye widened slightly as Adalia lifted her leg placing her foot on the desk in front of her and resting her chin on her now bent up knee. As she wrapped her arms around her leg she began to smile.

    ?I?ve got it.? Still a little stunned at her apparent familiarity with him, he cautiously said.

    ?I?m listening.?

    ?They have a weak spot??10.? RJ was silent; Adalia looked up at him and grinned. ?Jay is their weakness, threaten her and you have them.? Nodding slowly RJ sat down.

    ?You know I think you have something. Send 10 in, I think we should have a ?chat?.? Adalia slipped off his desk to stand.

    ?Will do, Sir.? With that she turned to open the door, pausing in the entrance. ?Aren?t you glad you have a woman in this position? Only women think this deviously.? she said over her shoulder.

    RJ smiled. ?Dismissed 2.? She nodded and left immediately, knowing she?d said enough.


    Jake looked up at Jay and smiled, even with grease streaked over her cheek and hair soft brown hair falling out of her ponytail, she still looked incredible. She was concentrating hard as she manoeuvred her hydro-spanner to reach the part she had to tighten. ?Next size down Jake? she muttered, putting her hand out to receive the requested tool. Scanning the tool kit he found it quickly and passed it to her. She pulled the unwanted spanner out and almost dropped it, leaving Jake to catch it before it hit the ground. Sitting back on to her hunches she grinned. ?That?s got it.? She said cheerfully turning to face him. He was sitting on a small stool beside her, the toolbox in front of him gazing at her. A stray lock of his dirty blonde hair had fallen into his eyes. ?What are you looking at?? she asked with amusement. He looked down suddenly at the toolbox.

    ?Nothing!? She frowned, but decided she didn?t have the energy to figure him out right now. Standing she grabbed the dirty rag beside her and wiped her hands, surveying her handiwork.

    ?Not bad for a first effort if I do say so myself.? She said smugly. Jake stood up and came around to stand beside her, glancing down at her before studying the engine bay of the speeder she?d been working on. The mess of crossed wires didn?t look that impressive, but he wasn?t about to say that.

    ?Not bad, now to see if it works.?

    ?Ok, off you go.? Jake
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    Upon opening it, she pulled out two small bow ties and matching black satin underpants. Holding them up she raised an eyebrow and gave them an almost sithly smile.

    ?I was saving these for something special, this is it, when you?re dressed,? she smirked as considered ?dressed? was a very loose description, ?You can get RJ and I a drink each. And don?t spill anything or you will be licking it up!? Rooty swallowed hard as Jake attempted to grin.

    :p [face_laugh] LOL!!! You're so evil,Master...They're gonna get cold!!! [face_devil]

    ?Aren?t you glad you have a woman in this position? Only women think this deviously.?

    Yep! That's right... [face_devil]

    Keep this up,please!!!! :D
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    Arh, my faithful Apprentice is my sole reader now.......well, I'll post more for you!!!

    RJ looked up at the knock on the door, it was the second time she?d knocked, but he wanted to keep her waiting a bit. ?Come in Jay.? He called out. She opened the door, quickly closing it to stand at ease in front of him.

    ?Reporting as ordered, Sir.? She said in her official voice. RJ tilted his head slightly.

    ?We?re you ordered here?? She looked at him as she searched her mind for a moment.

    ?Err yes? Commander Durron told me..?

    ?She told you? Did she order you?? Jay?s mouth dropped open for a few seconds.

    ?Er no?.Sir?she didn?t? RJ smiled as he stood.

    ?Maybe you should listen more carefully.? He said evenly as he walked around the desk to seat himself in front of her. A look of annoyance flashed over her features for a split second but was gone just was fast.

    ?Yes Sir.? She said cooly. RJ waved his hand dismissively.

    ?Look I just want to have a chat to you about the company you?re keeping.? She frowned.

    ?I?m sorry Sir??

    ?Jake and Rooty.? He said simply. She blinked twice.

    ?And the problem is?? she asked, a little surprised at the direction the conversation had taken.

    ?The problem is they are trouble, potentially to you and your career Lt.? He got up and walked back around his desk, leaning with his arms outstretched on it opposite her and eyeing her. ?The fact is that they are not doing themselves any favours, and if you insist on associating with them, you are only going to find yourself?..? he paused to consider his words, ?sliding down the ranks?if you understand my meaning.? Jay?s eyes widened. Was he threatening her? ?Are we clear Lt?? She didn?t trust her tongue and simply gave a nod. ?Good, dismissed 10.? Jay took a deep breath before exiting the room and closing the door behind her. She felt annoyed and pursed her lips together firmly to control her emotions. Needing to vent her frustration, she turned on her heels and strode to the training rooms, an hour or two of sabre training with a remote would do the trick.

    RJ sat down and slumped in his seat. He?d hated every minute of that, but he was hoping the message would get back to the source. If she told them what he?d said they might, just might, stay in line for a while so they wouldn?t risk her career. He knew she meant a lot to them both. Glancing at his chrono he decided he?d done enough work tonight and needed rest. He only wished that something would happen around here, the lull in the war had caused boredom and that was why Jake and Rooty were so out of control. It couldn?t last much longer. Getting up he went to the door, glanced around his office one last time before leaving it in darkness.


    Jay blocked two more bolts as they shot out from the training ball. She knew she shouldn?t be feeling like this, but she couldn?t help it. RJ was trying to get at her friends through her and that bugged her. Something told her it wasn?t RJ really, but Adalia. Why did she have it in for them? She batted two more bolts away, and why did she now have her in the sights? Another bolt and this time she swung a little more viciously. If she?d only back off, Jake and Rooty wouldn?t feel the need to torment her.

    ?Jay!! Having fun?? She glanced at the doorway to see Rooty leaning there, a cheeky grin on his face. It was enough of a distraction, the training ball let loose with three bolts, all three hit her, one in the leg, one in the stomach and one in the chest. As she blacked out she cursed herself for turning the thing up to maximum.

    Rooty?s smile disappeared as he watched Jay slump to the ground. ?JAY!?!?!? he bolted across the room grabbing the training ball as he went and switching it off. Kneeling beside her he gently lifted her head with one hand and took her sabre and deactivated it with the other. She moaned and slowly began to open her eyes.

    ?Damn that was stupid.? She muttered as she raised her hand to her head, ?And it hurt?.? Rooty was conce
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    I like this. It has suspense, drama, humor and cliffhangers.
  15. Adalia-Durron Former RSA/EUC Empress.

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    Thanks Crystal, I've had a ball writing it, it's fun using real people, I have loved their reactions to it.
  16. Adalia-Durron Former RSA/EUC Empress.

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    More up!!

    Jake closed the panel on the speeder, what Jay didn?t know wouldn?t hurt her, or him for that matter. She?d gotten the wiring close to right, but it would have blown at some point. He was pleased he had the chance to fix it. Standing he pushed the toolbox off to the sidewall with his foot and wiped his hands on his pants.

    ?Jake!!? He turned to see Rooty stalking towards him, Jay in tow.

    ?What?? he said a little puzzled, it was clear he friend was upset by something, but what?

    ?We gotta talk, she?s gone to far.? Rooty said as he came to a stop in front of him, Jay stumbled slightly before stopping. Jake reached out to steady her.

    ?Who?s gone to far? Jay?? he asked, not understanding Rooty at all.

    ?Durron, she?s gone to far.?

    ?You don?t know it?s her, RJ could have done it by himself, he?s fed up with you two as well you know!? Jay said in a vain attempt to defend her XO. Rooty snorted.

    ?It?s her, RJ never did anything like this before, he?d never be that low! No, it?s her, just her style.? Jake shook his head,

    ?You gotta start at the beginning Rooty, I have no idea what you?re talking about.? Rooty stared at him for a second before speaking.

    ?Sorry, not thinking straight. RJ just told Jay that if she hangs with us, she?ll end up a Flight Officer again!?

    ?That?s putting it in a nutshell? Jay muttered.

    ?He didn?t?..Did he?? Jake said in disbelief. Jay nodded?

    ?He put it better, said the company I?m keeping is detrimental to my career, could find myself being demoted for their actions?or some dribble?? she said miserably. Jake looked from one to the other.

    ?You?re serious! You?re right, it?s not RJ?s style?.but I wouldn?t have thought it hers either.? He said turning away as he rubbed his temple.

    ?How would you know, none of us know what she?s capable of!? Rooty said. Jake shook his head.

    ?No, I think I probably know her better than you do??said it before, she?s like him?? Jay frowned.

    ?Like who?? she asked.

    ?Her husband.? Rooty said offhandedly as if he?d always known. Jay looked confused.

    ?Her husband? Who?s that?? Jake turned back to face them.

    ?Not you too???? Rooty turned to her, a look of superiority on his face; he knew something she didn?t.

    ?Kyp Durron!?!? Catch up Jay.? She glared at him. Jake pushed on.

    ?He?d think like that, but it?s not his style to threaten things like de-motion. More like death or loss of a limb?. But not technical stuff like that.?

    ?Jake, she?s not him, she?s just married to him. She?s a woman remember, devious and stuff.?

    ?Hey!!!? Jay said as she pushed Rooty, ?Just watch it!? Realising his mistake Rooty quickly backtracked.

    ?Not you Jay, you?re not like other women, you?re?..well different! You don?t think like a woman!? It wasn?t much better as Jay put her hands on her hips and glared at him.

    ?And what precisely do I think like?? She almost growled. Rooty was lost; he?d done it again. Twice in one day he?d annoyed her with stupid comments. He turned to Jake for help and once again saw the look of victory on his friends? face.

    ?Well?? Jay demanded. Jake suppressed a smile, how Rooty could mess up twice in one day was beyond him, but he was his best friend.

    ?We?re getting off track here. Jay, do you think it was her?? Without taking her cold brown eyes off Rooty she answered him.

    ?I don?t know, maybe. Doesn?t matter. I?m not afraid of her or RJ for that matter. If it is her, let her try and get me.? Jake glanced behind him before sitting on the speeder.

    ?I have a better idea. How about we take her down?? Both his companions turned to him.

    ?Meaning?? Rooty asked. Jake bit his lip.

    ?I think I know a way we can get rid of her.?


    Mirrax gave her head a slow shake. ?Big mistake you guys, big mistake.? Jake flopped down into the lounge chair opposite her.

    ?How you figure that?? he asked as Rooty and Jay sat down as well. Mirrax glanced at them all.

    ?Frankly guys, I know you?re missing this, but
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    OK, two posts to review...
    First of all, did I tell you how good this is??? It's huge!!!

    ?Adalia Durron is going to regret trying to get at us through you.?

    What are you guys planning??? Don't even get close to my Master or you will regret it!!!!! [face_devil]

    She?s a woman remember, devious and stuff

    LOL!!!! Devious??? We???? Noooooooo :p [face_laugh]

    ?Not you Jay, you?re not like other women, you?re?..well different! You don?t think like a woman!?

    Wrong move, flyboy, very wrong...

    ?I think I know a way we can get rid of her.?

    No, you won't!!!!! You will know my anger... :mad:

    The locks will go down at 0300. Your ship is prepped
    The rest is up to you.

    Well, looks like they did it...

    Commander Adalia Amber Durron, you are under arrest for assisting the escape of Corran Terrik at approximately 0300 this morning. You are being charged with treason?..

    NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! It wasn't she,she won't ever do that, believe me... :_|

    Arh, my faithful Apprentice is my sole reader now.......well, I'll post more for you!!!

    No,I'm not your sole reader, but thank you anyway!!!! You were goin' to post it just for me... [face_love]

    I can't wait for more...When will we see your "husband",Master?? ;)

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    hey, im not sure where u r on these boards, but its all good, so goodjob.
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    Awesome posts! :D But... Addie's in some trouble now. [face_plain] Maybe she'll need Kyp to clear it up? [face_mischief]
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    Ah, come on ... sole reader? What are the rest of us then, post bots? :p
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    LOL!!! Thanks you lot, this has been the best fun writing....I really am having fun with this!! Anyway, Ireth, enter the husband..... [face_devil]

    Having just finished their patrol, Rooty and Jake made their way to the quartes they shared. They had to unhook the service droid they?d juryrigged to the bases internal computer system. Jake closed the door while Rooty disconnected the droid, closing the assess panel and removing the wire evidence from the droid before closing it?s panel. He stood up as the droid rolled away to continue it?s cleaning duties.

    ?All done! Terrik should be in custody by now and our precious XO should be frantically trying to explain why he named her as his accomplice! Damn I?d like to be in RJ?s office right now!? Jake laughed.

    ?It?ll put a dampening field on her day, that?s for sure. But RJ knows better, she?ll be out by lunch time and ready to beat the daylights out of Terrik!? Both young men laughed. Suddenly there was a loud knock on the door, no, not a knock; someone was banging on it. They exchanged looks. Both sensed who was there, but were surprised by the emotions. Jake being closest opened the door.

    ?Mirrax, Jay, what?s up?? he asked innocently. Both women stormed in pushing him aside and standing in the middle of the small room to glare at both men.

    ?What in the name of the Emperor did you two do?? Jay cried.

    ?And did you know what you were doing?? Mirrax added in an equally upset voice. Rooty looked at Jake before speaking.

    ?What are talking about?? He asked, attempting to feign ignorance. Jay gaped at them both!

    ?You don?t know do you??? You two fools don?t have any idea what you?re stupid prank has set in motion!!? The smiles slid off their faces as they both slowly shook their heads. Mirrax snorted.

    ?I don?t know what you did, but Adalia was arrested at 4am this morning and charged with Treason??.and we all know what the punishment for that is?.? Jay could contain her frustration no longer.

    ?They?ve sentenced her to death you Idiots!!!? Rooty?s mouth dropped open and Jake gasped.


    ?She didn?t do it!? Liania said firmly as she strode down the corridor.

    ?I know, but how do we prove it?? Eak asked keeping pace with her as they approached the Security cells.

    ?We get all the Knightz in on this, there are currently nine of us!! Surly someone knows something! The Admiral knows she?s innocent!? Liania was taking her friends arrest ver hard and very personally. There was a real traitor on the base and she wanted a piece of who ever it was.

    ?Can I help you?? The Security Guard asked as they stopped in front of him.

    ?We want to see our XO? Liania said simply. The Officer looked at them.

    ?Do you have clearance?? Liania wasn?t taking any of this.

    ?I don?t need clearance. We?re members of her squadron and I?m her best friend. We want to see her and we will.? She said evenly as the Force moved around her. The security guard straightened up slightly before a strange glazed look crossed his face.

    ?You want to see her and you will?? he stepped aside as they passed by. Nearing the cell area Eak smiled.

    ?That was nice work Crone.?

    ?Thanks Y.? she said smugly. They opened the door to the cells and saw Adalia immediately. She was in the far right cell, sitting curled into a ball on the small bed with her head down. Liania made a beeline for the bars.

    ?Addie?? she softly. Adalia lifted her green eyes to her friends dark ones. ?How you doing?? Eak made his way to Liania?s side.

    ?They treating you ok?? He asked. The captured woman gave a weak smile and shrugged lightly.

    ?Apparently I?m a traitor, so I don?t expect much. But, surprisingly enough, it?s not that bad.? She said attempting to sound un-perturbed.

    ?Have you gotten a message out to Kyp?? Liania asked, Eak answered her before Adalia had a chance.

    ?She didn?t want anyone too. Made RJ order no one to. Was worried about the repercussions.? He said evenly staring at his XO.

    ?Repercussions!!? Lia
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    This is getting better... [face_devil]

    Those two idiots should better watch out...Hehe!!! [face_devil]
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    Eh, they are ok, just a little misguided.....but seeing as you are here...

    Rachel Moonstar wandered into the Prep room, rubbing her eyes with one hand and pulling her uniform jacket on with the other.

    ?7 reporting, it?s 2.15, what the heck?s going on?? she said before yawning. She was the last of the squadron to arrive, except their Lead. Seifer, WK 3 looked up from the table he had his head on.

    ?I think it?s a test of our ability to suffer, and I?m doing the best of all.? He muttered before putting his head back on the table. Eak snorted.

    ?Maybe you should spend less time in the bar and more in your bunk.? Seifer groaned.

    ?Duly noted.? Rachel sat down nearby.

    ?No really, what?s going on? Have they found the real culprit for the Imps escape?? Liania turned to her.

    ?No idea, I doubt it though. I guess we?ll find out now, here comes the Admiral.? RJ strode through the door, closing it behind him.

    ?OK people, I know it?s early.?

    ?Understatement of the year.? Seifer mumbled. RJ shot him a stern look.

    ?BUT, we have guests landing in less than 10 minutes and I want us there to show our unified support.? Jake was leaning against the wall beside his seat, half-dozing.

    ?Who?s coming Sir?? RJ turned to him; he wanted to see he reaction.

    ?Kyp Durron.? Jake?s eyes opened as he stared at his CO. Beside him Jay gasped ever so softly. Rooty cleared his throat.

    ?I thought no one was going to contact him, that?s the order I heard.? RJ studied all three pilots carefully; their reactions concerned him even more than earlier.

    ?Well it seems he found out, can anyone enlighten me?? He had a sneaking suspicion someone in this room had done so. Eak cleared his throat.

    ?I didn?t disobey orders Sir. I just talked to my girlfriend on Mon Cal, nothing more.? RJ turned to face him, the trace of a smile on his lips.

    ?Go on 11?

    ?She told her friend, who told her friend, who told her friend, who told his sister who told her sometime wingman.? RJ grinned.

    ?Did everyone get that?? There were a few grunts and stifled chuckles. ?Points for thinking Y, nice work. I had been wondering how I was going to get around that one.? Eak shrugged. ?Well, I want you all out there when he gets down, he?s got company too. Let him see we are all behind our XO and don?t believe the poodo being tossed around right now. OK?? He looked around for questions, 8 pairs of eyes gazed back at him but no one queried anything. ?Good, let?s move out people.? He stood quietly and watched as his ten pilots made their way out the door into the landing bay, noting that Jake, Jay and Rooty were glancing at each other and had guilt seeping through the Force. He doubted anyone else was picking it up, as they were all half-asleep. He pursed his lips; maybe they would have to pay a visit to his office in the very near future.

    The squadron filed out and took up position nearest the back of the bay, standing at ease in order. RJ stood in front of them as he watched the three ships enter the bay, gracefully turning into side on in formation and touching down lightly. The canopies on all three ships popped as the pilots, two dressed in black the third in grey, jumped out without waiting to use the ladders being brought in. ?A very typical Jedi? move he thought. Removing their helmets the handed them to the ground staff now milling around the ships, only speaking briefly with them before grouping together. RJ waited, knowing they?d get to him when they were ready. He looked at the ground as he sensed the feelings of the group behind him, yes, there was definitely something going on back there.

    The newly arrived pilots began to walk toward the waiting Knightz.

    ?Master Durron, Jedi Solo, Jedi Solo?..on behalf of the Wild Knightz I?d like to welcome you and offer our support to?..? Jedi Master Kyp Durron held his hand up.

    ?Whilst I appreciate this Admiral, I think we can dispense with the formalities. We?ve been flying for 20 odd hours and I?d like to see my wife please.? RJ gave a n
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    Read it!!!!!

    Awwww... How sweet!!! They're together... In a cell, but together [face_love]

    I love this...

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    Awww. [face_love] I knew Kyp would be coming. [face_love] I'm so glad he did too. [face_mischief] :p Poor Addie. :( I can't believe they didn't think of other reprecutions that could have occured from their stupidity. *shakes her head* They better fix this soon... although RJ seems to be onto something. ;) Can't wait for more!
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