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Beyond - Legends Wild Knightz!!! - NJO - The Wild Knightz, Kyp, Jaina, Jacen, Jag.

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Adalia-Durron , Nov 25, 2003.

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  1. Csillan_girl

    Csillan_girl Jedi Master star 5

    May 6, 2003
    Hmm... So I have to do it now??

    Okay - but I want to see that in thew next chapter, please!! :D

    Hehe, am I brave, or what?? ;)
  2. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron Former RSA/EUC Empress. star 10 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 3, 2003
    Because you asked nicely.....

    Jaina clutched at her chest; her breath came in short gasps. ?She?s going to attack someone!!? she cried. Jake crossed the room.

    ?Where?? he asked bending down to look into Jaina?s brown eyes. She swallowed hard and shook her head. At that moment he heard a voice, someone calling for help. Straightening up he listened to the Force.

    Xan: East corridor: Private quarters: Level 2: Help! It was Seifer, he sensed it. Glancing around him he saw several other Jedi in the room react the same. Without a word he ran from the room, closely followed by his counterparts. Jaina stood up, watching them go.

    ?Get me to the Hanger bay Jag, the main one?she?s gonna try and leave the base.?
  3. DarthXan318

    DarthXan318 Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 12, 2002
    Haha ... so my dear apprentice thinks she can take me down? [face_mischief] [face_devil]

    Great stuff, btw. :D
  4. Csillan_girl

    Csillan_girl Jedi Master star 5

    May 6, 2003
    I guess I have to try -

    No one else here seems to be ready to do it! ;)
  5. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron Former RSA/EUC Empress. star 10 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 3, 2003
    RJ touched his finger tips to his head, he?d just heard Lt. Sh?Kura call through the Force! He spun to look at Adalia and Liania who both had shocked expressions on their faces. ?I want you two to stay in my office, that?s an order!? He pointed to both women. Behind him both Corran and Kyp gasped.

    ?Hanger bay!? Corran said in a strangled voice.

    ?Do as RJ says!? Kyp added, as they both turned back toward the hanger bay. Adalia stepped forward,

    ?But you need us, we can?..?

    ?NO YOU CAN?T!? RJ bellowed, ?MY OFFICE NOW!? Both women stepped back, clearly surprised by his reaction. He glanced over his shoulder to see Kyp and Corran disappear around a corner. ?You two have more to protect. I?m sorry, but you?re sitting this one out. Do you think those two would let any of us live if something happened to you two?? Liania looked down briefly before nodding.

    ?He?s right Addie, come on, the best thing we can do is keep our babies safe.? Adalia gave a single nod before speaking.

    ?But keep this in mind RJ, anything happens to those two???? she let the sentence hang knowing RJ would understand. The Admiral gave a nod.

    ?I know, just stay put till I contact you.?

  6. Ireth_Tasartir

    Ireth_Tasartir Jedi Knight star 5

    Oct 17, 2003
    *pants* I caught up,I caught up!!! :D

    I'm gonna hate myself for this but... *mumbles* I love Dark Xan [face_devil]


    MORE!!! :D
  7. Csillan_girl

    Csillan_girl Jedi Master star 5

    May 6, 2003
    I love my Master, too - but she shouldn't go too far!! ;)
  8. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron Former RSA/EUC Empress. star 10 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 3, 2003
    The air Seifer sucked in was hot; it was burning his lungs. He wasn?t sure how much longer he could hold out, but he knew he had to try. Reaching in he drew on the Force and attempted to push back the fire threatening to burn him from the inside out.

    ?XAN!!!!!!!? Behind him somewhere he heard another voice, someone he knew. ?Over here!! Come on, you want a challenge?? It was Rooty, he knew that now. Without warning the power his blade had been trying to deflect was reduced to nothing, he stood for few seconds as he realised Xan?s attention had been turned elsewhere before he fell to his knees.

    ?I feel really bad.? He muttered before passing out. Rooty stepped over him, glancing down to see if his friend was alive.

    ?You want me now? Bring it on!? his blade snapped to life as in the distance he heard footsteps, back up was coming. Xan studied him for a hand full of seconds.

    ?You?re not worth my effort.? She snarled before turning sharply and running at speed down the way she?d come, using the Force to accelerate her speed. Jake and the others appeared behind Rooty.

    ?Nice timing buddy, she just left.? Rooty said, Jake ran his free hand through his tussled hair.

    ?We gotta stop her.? The group in the corridor grew as those who were blind to the Force had followed. Silya reached down and tentatively touched Lena?s neck, looking for a pulse. Thankfully she found one.

    ?She?s alive, come on, let?s get her to the Med Centre.? Rooty was touching Seifers temple.

    ?So?s he. OK.? He stood and turned to face the group. ?All non Jedi, get these two to the Med Centre and stay there. It?s better if we know where you all are. All Jedi, let?s get her.?

  9. Ireth_Tasartir

    Ireth_Tasartir Jedi Knight star 5

    Oct 17, 2003
    The boards are swallowing my posts!!!!! :mad:

    Somebody has to stop her!!! She's gonna kill them all!!!
  10. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron Former RSA/EUC Empress. star 10 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 3, 2003
    Do you think she can be stopped? [face_devil]
  11. beezel26

    beezel26 Jedi Master star 7

    May 11, 2003
    smoking Sis!
  12. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron Former RSA/EUC Empress. star 10 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 3, 2003
    Silya stood quietly at the back of the group, she wasn?t a Knightz, and as the two newest victims were, she felt it wasn?t her place to interfere. She watched as Seifer and Lena were attended to by the Med Techs and felt sadness.

    Silya????come to me? The Twin Suns pilot had heard a voice, not hers and not in the room. She looked around attempting to ascertain the location of the voice.

    Silya???you will come to me Her whole body shivered as her vision blurred. Putting her hands to her ears she tried to block the voice out as it now seemed to be wrapping itself around her mind. You will come to me now, you are mine. The voice said, You will do as I say.

    ?No!? she hissed, instantly scanning the room to see if anyone had heard her. No one had turned, all their attention was still on the injured pilots.

    Do not fight me Silya, I will not hurt you if you do as I say Her lips trembled as she struggled to keep her own thoughts to herself. The voice washed over her mind and little by little her it took control. Her mouth no longer able to move, the young woman?s mind screamed for help as the blackness wrapped it in a blanket of silence. No one heard, no one knew. Her eyes saw them, but her body and mind would no longer obey her. Come to me Silya??? She tried to fight, but her own body was betraying her, taking her out of the Med Centre and down the corridor. Good girl Silya the dark voice cooed, by the last thing Silya now felt was good.

  13. Ireth_Tasartir

    Ireth_Tasartir Jedi Knight star 5

    Oct 17, 2003
    Uh-oh... One more :(

    When Xan goes dark she goes really dark... [face_devil] ;)
  14. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron Former RSA/EUC Empress. star 10 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 3, 2003
    Yes...she does....what did you expect from a DL?

    By the time Jag and Jaina had reached the Hanger bay, she?d regained her composure. Entering they found Corran, Kyp and RJ already there.

    ?She?s on her way here, she wants to leave the base!? Jaina announced as she joined the other three.

    ?We know.? Kyp said as he continued to scan the area. ?But how?? Jag, being the only non Jedi in the Hanger bay now, looked confused.

    ?What do you mean by how?? They all turned to look at him. ?I mean, she?s gonna try and take a ship isn?t she?? he added. RJ nodded.

    ?Yes, that?s what she?s intending. But just how she?s going to get past us and have a ship warmed and prepped before we are able to activate a laser or two and blow her up is the question.? Jag gave a slight nod of understanding.

    ?We?ve locked down the other two hangers totally, no power to them at all and locked the hanger bay doors here, evacuating all staff, that way she can?t ?manipulate? anyone.? Corran said gazing at the main entrance as if waiting for an arrival. Jag frowned.

    ?Is there anyone on this base she could do that to?? All four Jedi turned to face him.

    ?Yes!? they all said in unison. Jag made an ?o? shape with his mouth as if understanding totally.

    ?Sorry, I just thought everyone around here was pretty strong minded.? RJ nodded.

    ?Fair point, there aren?t many weak minds around this place. But I suspect Xan has grown stronger than we know in a very short time, I have a feeling if she picked someone, they wouldn?t have much choice in the matter.?

    ?Let?s hope that you ordering them all to stay in pairs or groups will alleviate that threat.? Kyp said carefully. ?Did Addie and Li do as they were told in the end?? he added. RJ nodded.

    ?I think I scared them.? He said solemnly, ?Don?t like to yell, but sometimes Adalia just hits that nerve that makes me??.? He stopped when he realised who he was speaking to.

    ?Don?t sweat it RJ, I know what you mean, don?t think I haven?t raised my voice to her in the past either. She?s a stubborn lady.? Corran smirked without moving his eyes.

    ?Understatement??glad it?s you and not me.? He muttered.


    Silya fell to her knees, she was fighting Xan with everything she had, but knew she was loosing. Struggling to her feet again she made her way to the rear entrance to the pilots change rooms. Xan had told her that she could not use the main entrance, told her to go around the back way. She?d lost control of her own body and the part of her mind that was her own now screamed in protest as the rest took her where Xan ordered. She had no idea what Xan wanted her to do, but knew she had to fight what ever it was.

    Do not fight me Silya, you will die Fear gripped at her heart, she didn?t want to die and she knew that Xan could do it.

    ?What do you want!?? she cried in a strangled voice as she gripped a nearby doorway.

    I want you to help me Silya. Do this and I will not harm you. Fight me and I will kill you. The young woman closed her eyes as tears fell down her cheeks. She knew it was wrong, but she didn?t want to die, she chose to allow Xan to guide her. She stopped fighting.

    ?Force forgive me.?

  15. Ireth_Tasartir

    Ireth_Tasartir Jedi Knight star 5

    Oct 17, 2003
    [face_shocked] I can'r say anymore,I'm just shocked...
  16. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron Former RSA/EUC Empress. star 10 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 3, 2003
    I have to catch you up here....the other site has two more posts!! :p

    Eak glanced around the room. Silya had been there a moment ago. Moving over to the doorway he caught a glimpse of her disappearing around a far corner. Glancing over his shoulder at those behind him he decided to follow her and see where she was going.

    ?Eak?? He stopped and turned as Ireth approached him. ?Where are you going alone? You disobeying orders?? she asked. Eak shook his head.

    ?Silya just left, by herself. I was going to bring her back.? Ireth shrugged.

    ?Let?s go together, then neither of us are alone.? Eak started down the corridor as she followed. ?Why exactly aren?t we allowed to be alone anyway?? Ireth asked as she fell into step beside him.

    ?To make sure Xan doesn?t use any of those ?jedi mind tricks? on any of us.? Eak explained as they rounded the corner Silya had gone past. The Tech nodded.

    ?Wouldn?t let her in here.? She said as she tapped her temple. Eak stopped briefly as he figured out where Silya had gone.

    ?Don?t think you get a choice if she?s strong enough? he said distractedly as he walked.

    ?This might sound dumb, but is the Darkside that bad?? Eak stopped at another junction in the corridor, glancing in both directions.

    ?From what I hear, it?s worse. Come on.? He muttered as he chose his left and began to stride in that direction. Ireth almost scurried to keep up as he was a good head taller and therefore had longer legs.

    ?What are you in such a hurry for?? She asked as she reached him again.

    ?Don?t know, gut feeling. Silya wouldn?t just walk out for no reason, she knew the orders.? Ireth thought for a moment as they walked when realisation suddenly washed over her expression.

    ?You think Xan got to her!? she said as she grasped at his arm.

    ?I don?t know?.but I gotta check it out.?


    Xan stood in the shadows just outside the hanger bay. She could see the three she?d summoned, Admiral RJ was there too and that Twin Suns pilot, Jag Fel. She?d hoped Kyp?s wife would follow him, she would like to have taken her down, the woman was arrogant and deserved it. But Jag would do. A cold smile touched her lips, Silya was nearing her target and once she was in place and had done what was needed, she would move.

    ?Soon you will all die and I will be free of the putrid niceness of this place.?

  17. Ireth_Tasartir

    Ireth_Tasartir Jedi Knight star 5

    Oct 17, 2003
    the other site has two more posts!! [face_shocked] :(

    Love that last sentence... So Xan-ish :p
  18. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron Former RSA/EUC Empress. star 10 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 3, 2003
    Silya stumbled toward the ship in the darkness. Reaching the landing ramp she fell forward on to it, her tear soaked face looking up at the closed door way.

    ?It?s locked.? She muttered, as she lowered her head.

    Not for long The dark voice said softly as the door opened before her. Silya lifted her head and as wave of despair engulfed her, she?d hoped above all hope that Xan wasn?t that strong. She was wrong. Now go and do as I say. Dragging herself to her feet she struggled forward and entered the ship heading for the cockpit.

    Once there she fell helplessly into the pilots? seat as her hands began to work the controls. She closed her eyes, she didn?t want to know what she was doing. Finishing she slumped back.

    ?There, it?s done? let me go.? She moaned.

    Not yet Silya, not yet??.stay there until I reach you. The young woman let out a cry of pain as Xan reinforced her words with a shot of pain through Silya?s mind. And don?t try anything. Silya clutched at her head desperately fighting the pain. Understand me? She threw her head back and cried out agonisingly.



    Jaina stood facing the doorway to Kyp?s right, Corran to his left. Admiral RJ was on the left side of the entrance, his sabre drawn but silent and Jag had taken up the right side, his blaster held at the ready.

    ?She?s here.? Kyp muttered quietly enough for Corran and Jaina to hear.

    ?Ready.? Jaina responded softly.

    ?Bring it on.? Corran said. At that moment Xan slowly walked into the entrance. RJ was stunned by her appearance, the marks that had formed on her face and the blackness of her once bright eyes. He stood cautiously and approached her.

    ?Xan. This has to stop. Tell me what happened to start it and we can work this out.? Xan watched him as he stood in front of her, a faint smile touched her lips.

    ?It?s too late for talk Admiral, Sir.? Sarcasm dripped from the last word, ?Get out of my way now please.? RJ didn?t move, raising his sabre and igniting it.

    ?I can?t do that Xan. I can?t let you leave this base.? Xan?s head tilted slightly to one side.

    ?That?s a shame.? She said simple before she raised her hands to him and let loose with a volley of blue lightening, raising his sabre RJ blocked a good deal of the attack but some got past and he stumbled back slightly as the bolt hit him.

    Jag raised his blaster and took aim, he planned to hit her hard and take her down fast but he didn?t get the chance, Xan shot one hand in his direction, releasing the dark lightening on him. His body was lifted off the ground and thrown forcibly backward, hitting the side of Corrans Interceptor with a tremendous thud, before his unconscious form slid down and lay motionless on the deck.

    Jaina let out a strangled cry but held her position when Kyp hissed her name.

    ?XAN!! YOU WANTED US, COME AND GET US!? Corran yelled out. The dark lady turned her attention on them before using her free hand to rip RJ?s sabre from his hand and toss it across the bay. RJ realised he was defenceless, but it was too late, Xan attacked again and hurled him across the bay. He struggled to fight her, but was loosing his grip on reality. Gritting his teeth he knew he was about to collide with something and prepared himself as best he could as he hit the wall. Stars, he was seeing stars ?.?real competition?? ?..what did Corran mean?.?.then nothing.

    ?Finished there Xan? Want some real competition now?? Corran said as the bay went quiet. She turned to face him, eyeing him carefully as he spoke.

    ?Yeah Xan, you wanted to play with the big guns, you?ve got your chance.? Jaina said, her jaw set firmly with the sabre in her hand. She smiled at Jaina before turning to Kyp.

    ?Don?t you have some silly Jedi taunt for me?? He raised a single eyebrow.

    ?Nope, just want to stop you. So if you don?t mind, I have plans later tonight?.can we get this over with??

  19. Ireth_Tasartir

    Ireth_Tasartir Jedi Knight star 5

    Oct 17, 2003
    Poor Silya... :(

    Wanna see them fight her... [face_devil] That's gonna be interesting ;)
  20. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron Former RSA/EUC Empress. star 10 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 3, 2003
    Helluin groaned, his whole body ached and his throat was dry. He wanted to open his eyes but they felt like they were full of sand.

    ?Helluin?? Jay?s soft voice touched his ears and a lazy smile spread over his lips. ?Can you hear me?? she asked.

    ?Arh?.there is a heaven?.I hear an Angel.? He muttered before swallowing hard. Suddenly someone was almost on top of him.

    ?OH!! Thank the Force!!? Jay cried as she held him close to her.

    ?Easy Jay, you?re killing me here.? She jumped back as he opened his eyes and squinted at her. Without warning she pressed her lips to his firmly and he allowed his eyes to close again. Lifting her head again she hugged him close.

    ?I thought you were never coming back!?

    ?Like I?d leave you? Hey, haven?t we done this already?? Jay laughed as she sat back and looked at him.

    ?Yeah, we have, and I gotta tell you, if you do this again, I will kill you myself.? He smiled.

    ?Deal.? He muttered before his smile faded. ?It was Xan.? He said simply. Jay gently caressed his cheek, which was now slightly rough, as he?d not been able to clean himself up in a while now.

    ?We know. She got Seifer and Lena as well. RJ, Jaina, Corran and Kyp are trying to stop her as we speak. She?s trying to leave the base.? Helluin bit his lip slightly.

    ?She seemed to know me, I don?t know how or why. But as she attacked, I got the overwhelming feeling it was revenge for something I did, but I have no idea what.? He said as he glanced at the table beside him and seeing the glass of water there, he reached for it. Jay saw what he needed and picked it up, holding it and helping his lift his head to drink some.

    ?We don?t know why she?s gone dark or what happened with the Tech. But we do know that it?s happened fast and she?s gotten a lot stronger than we thought she could be.? Helluin lay back down.

    ?She?s gotta be stopped.? He muttered. Jay nodded.

    ?She will be, but in the mean time, there is nothing you can do like this. So just rest now.? He sighed.

    ?Will Seifer and Lena be ok?? Jay nodded.

    ?Lena was only knocked out, she?s fine already. Seifer knew it was coming, so he was able to defend himself a little. He?s not awake yet, but he will be ok.?

    ?Let?s hope that?s the end of the casualty list.?


    ?What makes you think she went this way?? Ireth asked in a hushed voice. Eak eased around the last corner toward the pilots change rooms.

    ?If Xan?s got her, I?m guessing she?s using her to get a ship. And seeing as Xan?s probably going to use the main entrance, this makes sense.? Eak whispered back. Ireth nodded.

    ?Shouldn?t we call someone?? she asked. He looked at her and his lips formed a hard line.

    ?Probably. You bring a comlink?? She shook her head. ?Me either. Got another idea??

    ?No.? Ireth said softly as she looked down. ?But I don?t want to do this without back up.? Eak bit his lip as he thought. Frowning he looked around the empty darkened change rooms.

    ?I wonder?? he muttered as he entered the room. Reaching the first locker he by passed it and went directly for the second one. He smiled as he read the name. Pulling on the handle it was, as he suspected it would be, locked. But that wasn?t going to stop him. Sliding his blaster from it holster he flipped it in the air and caught it by the barrel, before bringing the butt of the handle down onto the locking handle. Three hits latter the locker fell open.

    ?Sure you made enough noise?? Ireth hissed as she glanced around frantically. Eak reached in and smiled as he pulled out a comlink and raised it to show Ireth. He then reached in and pulled out a blaster and tossed it to her. Catching it she looked at him. ?Who?s stuff are we steeling?? He smiled.

    ?Adalia?s, who else would leave their com link behind if they were going AWOL??

    ?But a blaster? She?s Jedi, why does she need this?? Eak shrugged as he adjusted the channel on the comlink.

    ?No idea, I just remember seeing it in there once, wondered the same thing, but who am I to as
  21. Ireth_Tasartir

    Ireth_Tasartir Jedi Knight star 5

    Oct 17, 2003
    I'm there!!! And helping!!! :D
  22. Csillan_girl

    Csillan_girl Jedi Master star 5

    May 6, 2003
    Yeah, help would be nice...
  23. Adalia-Durron

    Adalia-Durron Former RSA/EUC Empress. star 10 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jun 3, 2003
    LOL Its coming.....but will it be soon enough?

    Zac had been thinking, but that was what he did best.

    ?Share?? Rachel said as she leaned on the Med Centre wall in front of him. He lifted his eyes and frowned.

    ?I?ve just noticed Eak, Silya and Ireth are missing.? Rachel pressed off the wall and scanned the room, he was right.

    ?And you?re worried?? He gave her a smile and she stared back at him. It still amazed her that a smile from him was all it took to melt her resolve.

    ?I?m not the worrying kind Rachel. I am curious though. I believe the Force has a profound effect on the weak-minded. She snorted.

    ?I doubt Xan will find any weak minds here. Put it this way, I don?t know any.? Zac turned to look at the occupants of the room.

    ?Some how I suspect the Darkside is a lot stronger in a different sort of way. I have a strange feeling something is not right.?

    ?You think they?ve fallen under her spell?? He pursed his lips.

    ?Maybe not all of them, but I have a feeling something is happening that we should have noticed from here.? Rachel sighed.

    ?Should we go and find out?? He shook his head.

    ?That wouldn?t be wise, I doubt splitting up will help anything.? At that moment Beezel wandered up.

    ?I hate this! I feel like a caged Rancor.? He said as he folded his arms and almost pouted. Rachel chuckled and put her arm around his shoulder.

    ?You?d rather be out there ?playing? with Xan?? He looked sideways at her.

    ?You wanna know something scary?? he asked, she shrugged.

    ?Sure, this day is weird enough.?

    ?I propositioned Xan the other night.? Zac gave his head a slight shake as he looked at Beezel.

    ?You are nuts!!?

    ?Hey! I didn?t know!? Rachel giggled softly.

    ?What?d you say to her?? Beezel looked at his boots as he shuffled his feet sheepishly.

    ?Your bunk or mine?? Both Zac and Rachel laughed as she hugged him.

    ?Well all I can say is you should be grateful she turned you down!? she laughed.

    ?I?d say you you?re one lucky man.? Zac said with a wink. Beezel scowled.

    ?Yeah, sure I am.? Rachel was amused.

    ?Just think of it this way, it might have been you she toasted first!? Zac leaned over and gripped his shoulder.

    ?And then how lucky do you think you would have gotten that night??


    Xan watched the three Jedi. She knew none of them would attack her, they couldn?t, it was part of their silly rules. Taking four slow steps forward she smiled at them one by one, waiting for a reaction.

    ?So Master Jedi, you have plans?? She asked in a dark voice.

    ?Yes, I do. Not that it?s any of your business.? Xan turned to Jaina.

    ?Did you have plans too? Did I ruin them?? Her voice taunted as she glanced at Jags unconscious form.

    ?I had no plans, I set my day aside to stop you.? Jaina retorted.

    ?Oh, really?? She then turned her attention on Corran. ?What about you? Plan to play footsies with Liania? OH, that?s right, that?s why you?re here, you already did that and now look at the poor unwed lady..? Corran didn?t move, he simple glared at her and silently gritted his teeth.

    ?When you?ve finished playing verbal games Xan?? Kyp said calmly. Xan turned to face him.

    ?Me? Playing games? Why, I?m only stating the obvious. What would you like from me??

    ?To put yourself in the Security Cells for killing Gareth.? Jaina said evenly.

    ?Gareth? Was that his name? I didn?t know.? Xan said waving her hand dismissively. ?You see, he didn?t introduce himself before he attempted to rape me.? She said coldly, staring at Jaina. Corran and Kyp exchanged looks.

    ?Is that what happened Xan?? Corran asked. She turned to him.

    ?Yes, not that it matters now. I really should thank him, he showed me a side of myself I didn?t know existed and for that I am grateful.?

    ?The Darkside is nothing to be proud of Xan. It?s not too late to stop and come back.? Kyp said, sounding more like a teacher now. She slowly turned to face him.

    ?Why would I want to be like you three, or any of the other f
  24. DarthXan318

    DarthXan318 Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 12, 2002
    *pops into thread*

    Muahahaha ... *takes a bow* [face_devil]

    The last line = cool. :D
  25. Jaina_and_Jag

    Jaina_and_Jag Jedi Master star 5

    Apr 19, 2003
    I'm behind again! :_| Hopefully I can catch up before volleyball starts (next week).
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