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    So'k JaJ, it's coming to an end soon and then you will have ages to catch up....don't worry.

    Jake and Rooty entered the change room to find Eak and Ireth waiting. ?What?s the story?? Jake asked.

    ?I noticed Silya leaving the Med Centre. We followed her and I think Xan might have gotten to her and is using her out there to get a ship.? Eak explained, pointing to the nearby hanger bay. Suddenly the floor shuddered as a very loud crash was heard.

    ?What in the name of the Emperors black bones was that?? Ireth asked turned wide-eyed to the hanger bay. Rooty pushed past and stood at the side of the doorway as he attempted to see.

    ?The bay doors were just closed, and they look damaged. Xan did it, I felt it.? Jake turned to Ireth.

    ?Do you know which ships are near here?? The tech turned toward Rooty and frowned as she thought.

    ?There?s around 6 XJ?s, Wraiths and in front of them is the ?Mustang Sally?. And I think the Y Wing is in front of that.? Eak groaned behind her.

    ?Not again! Why my ship, why always my ship?? Jake glanced at him.

    ?Take it easy Y, she?s still in one piece and if we can act now, there?s an excellent chance she?ll stay that way. I have a suspicion she?s probably going to use Silya in an XJ as a distraction to get herself to a ship. If we can stop Silya doing anything, we can help stop Xan.?

    ?Makes sense. Come on, let?s find her.? Rooty said. All four headed out the doorway and crept silently along the darkened wall space toward the resting XJ?s. Rooty leading, Jake next with Ireth and Eak was bringing up the rear. Ireth glanced out at the other ships and saw that the ?Mustang Sally?s ramp was down. She grabbed Jakes jacket and held her blaster out to point at the ramp. The group understood instantly, Silya was on the ?Sally?.


    Xan was tiring of the delays, the time had come.

    Hear me Silya, I want you to fire two protons in my direction?.now. The young Chiss woman let out an agonised cry as she fought.

    ?NO! I can?t kill them! You can?t make me!? she cried as she clutched her head.

    Yes I can, DO IT NOW! Silya couldn?t stop herself. Her hand reached forward and trembled as her finger touched the fire button. She screamed as she fired the torpedos, suddenly someone grabbed her from behind and pulled her violently from the pilots seat.

    ?NO SILYA!? Jakes voice yelled as he pulled her backward. She heard other voices yelling to take cover and then she saw nothing as the pain in her head caused her to pass out.

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    Cliffie... [face_devil] You make me want more... ;)
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    Cliffies are from the Sith!! ;)
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    And the problem with that is? [face_devil]

    Corran heard the torpedos launch and a quick glance at Xan told him she was to blame as she smiled and formed a red hazy Force bubble around herself. He didn?t have time to do the same, and knew neither did Kyp or Jaina. Diving to the ground he heard the missile scream past over head and he duly covered his head as he knew they were going to impact on the broken bay doors. He silently hoped the Jedi on the other side had cleared out.


    Kyp spun to see on of the torpedos coming his way, there was no time to use the force to protect himself and he chose to make a force assisted jump to the ceiling hoping there would be something for him to grab on to. He glanced at Jaina as she saw the two missiles coming toward the bay doors and dived for cover behind a nearby transport vehicle. He knew the entire hanger bay was about to explode into flames.


    24 hours later?

    Jake watched as Silya curled into a foetal position again. Everytime the Med Techs lay her straight, she curled up again and shivered. Her dark eyes were empty and her pale blue skin almost white. For the tenth time in an hour he cursed Xan. Someone?s hand gripped his shoulder.

    ?She?s gonna be fine in time buddy.? Rooty said standing beside him.

    ?Yeah, I know, but I hate seeing her like this.?

    ?I know.? Jake glanced at his boots.

    ?You know I should feel this way, but if I ever get my hands on Xan??

    ?Keep it light Jake, you going dark won?t help anyone. Helluins up and about, so?s Seifer and Lena. That?s a plus.? Jake nodded.

    ?Any word on Xan?? Rooty shook his head.

    ?No, she got off the base in her own X Wing and that?s all we know. Don?t even know where she?s heading.?

    ?And did she make a mess or what?? Beezel said as he stood on Jakes other side. ?Have you seen the Hanger bay? Not to mention Eaks Y wing.?

    ?Speaking of such, how is he handling that?? Beezel chuckled.

    ?He?ll live, majorly pissed off, but he will live.? The three men laughed.

    ?Speaking of such, how?s your ship?? Rooty asked, Beezel scratched the back of his neck.

    ?She?ll need some repairs, but nothing Ireth can?t handle. I?m lucky I guess. Any word on RJ, and the others?? He asked.

    Rooty answered. ?RJ?s leg was broken, but he?s ok. Jag had a skull fracture, he?s doing well now, time is all that is needed. Jaina?s with him, she got cuts and scratches nothing major, she got clear. Kyp?s still out, he got hammered when the roof caved and Corran is still out as well, having half of Eaks ship land on him didn?t do him any favours. Luckily everyone on the other side of the doors sensed something and cleared out, only scratches and bruises.? Beezel watched Silya.

    ?What about her?? Jake leaned his forehead against the transparisteel.

    ?I?m letting them do what they can but will be asking for help real soon. You think your sister is up to it?? Beezel glanced at him and shrugged.

    ?Staying out of that territory right now, she?s a little upset. I wouldn?t want to be Xan if she ever finds her.?

    ?Fair point, what about Liania?? Rooty asked.

    ?Same boat. Two very upset pregnant ladies, best take a wide berth if you ask me.? Zac entered the room and joined them.

    ?Just heard that Xan?s been sighted heading for Ord Mantell. Helluin suspects it something to do with his family.? The other three men turned to him and frowned.

    ?How so?? Rooty asked.

    ?He recalls his brother being on Xan?s homeworld a few years back. Says they are similar in appearance, but very different people. He thinks that?s why she attacked him, something about his brother being a violent man.? All three nodded in understanding as they all looked at Silya. Jake let out an exasperated sigh.

    ?Can?t watch this anymore, going to find help. Someone needs to get into her mind and get Xan out.? Before the others could argue he spun on his heels and left. Beezel turned and watched him leave.

    ?You know if he?s heading for my sister, he?s a braver man than me.?
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    The hospital wing is quite crowded,isn't it??? :p

    So...Where's Xan and when are they going to get her?? ;)

    I hate the OPPM :mad:
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    Jay smiled as Helluin sat down, seemingly struggling slightly. ?You ok?? she asked. He looked up at her.

    ?Yeah, just a little sore in places, you know how it is when you get fried.? She laughed as she brought over the tray with a plate of food on it. ?You don?t have to do this you know, they have droids.? She placed the tray on the small table beside him.

    ?I know, but I want to. Here, have something to eat it will help you get your strength back.? He watched as she poked the fork into a piece of vegetable and raised it toward him. Reaching up he wrapped his hand around hers.

    ?I?m not a baby, I can feed myself.? He watched as she blushed a vibrant red.

    ?Sorry, just want to help.? Taking the fork from her hand he put the food in his mouth. Jay sighed as she bent down and sat on the floor at his feet, leaning her head against his knee. ?I?m worried about you. Will your family come looking for you again?? He swallowed the food and put the fork down before gently stroking her soft brown hair.

    ?I don?t think so, not now. Seems Xan has them in her sights and I doubt they will be around much longer.? She turned to look at him frowning.

    ?Doesn?t that worry you?? He shook his head.

    ?No. There?s no love loss there sweetheart, trust me.? Jay nodded slowly and put her chin on his knee.

    ?What if Xan comes looking for you?? He smiled.

    ?Well I have you then, doubt she?ll get past you.? Jay grinned.

    ?No, she won?t, you?re right.?

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    And the problem with that is?

    The problem is that I'm a very impatient person...

    ...but you might have noticed that! ;)
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    That last one was sweet [face_love]

    More??? :D
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    Chris handed Ireth a hydro spanner and watched quietly as she finished some of the repairs on the ?Mustang Sally?. He liked watching her work, she knew what she was doing and she was good at it.

    ?What?cha thinking flyboy?? she asked without turning to look at him. He was stunned as she?d not really spoken to him all day.

    ?Oh, not much.? She sat back and grinned as she passed him the used spanner.

    ?Doesn?t surprise me, not much in a pilots head to use.? Chris? mouth fell open for a moment.

    ?Hey!? That?s not very nice!? Ireth laughed as she turned back to the ship.

    ?Just teasing, you seemed like you needed it. No, really, what?s on your mind?? He sighed softly.

    ?You?re going aren?t you?? She stopped working and let her arms drop to her side.

    ?Who told you?? He bent down to crouch on his haunches to be at her level.

    ?I over heard Beezel talking to you.? She turned to look at him.

    ?So you know he?s resigned his commission.? She stated simply, Chris nodded. ?Does anyone else know??

    ?No, just me. Can I ask why?? Ireth sighed and sat back a little.

    ?I don?t know really. He offered and it sounded like something different from what I?ve been doing for all my life. He said he wants a co pilot who knows their way around a ship, I have basic flying skills and well?? Chris nodded,

    ?You know your way around a ship, yeah I know. Do you care for him?? Ireth spun to look at him, shock on her face.

    ?NO! Not in the way you?re thinking! He?s a friend, nothing more! I don?t like his sort!? She exclaimed. Chris watched her and gave a nod. ?No really. Look Chris, I know what?s going on, and I like you, a lot. But I have to do this, I have to follow my heart and right now it?s telling me to go. Do you understand?? Chris looked at his feet before he stood up.

    ?Yeah, I do. Look, I?ve got things to do, I?ll catch you later.? He said cooly as he turned to leave. Ireth stood up and grabbed his arm; he stopped to look at her.

    ?I?m sorry.? She said softly. He pulled his arm free.

    ?Yeah, so am I.?

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    ?Doesn?t surprise me, not much in a pilots head to use.? Chris? mouth fell open for a moment.

    Love that line... [face_laugh] [face_laugh] :p

    Yep,I'm leaving with Beez ;) :D
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    Jake knocked softly on the door, he wasn?t sure if he was doing the right thing.

    ?Come in Jake, and stop second guessing yourself.? Adalia called out. Opening the door he stepped in and closed it behind him. This was a separate section of the Med Centre, an intensive care section. Liania sat quietly in a chair staring at Corran with a sad look on her face. Adalia had stood and now faced Jake. ?What?s on your mind Jake?? He glanced at Kyp?s still form and pursed his lips.

    ?This probably isn?t a good time, I?ll come back later.? Adalia shook her head.

    ?No you won?t. Talk to me, I could use the distraction.? He gave a slight nod.

    ?It?s Silya, she?s not getting any better. It?s like she?s lost in her own mind or something.? He glanced at Liania, ?I was hoping maybe you or Liania could? know.? The older woman glanced at her friend.

    ?What do you think Li?? she asked. Liania looked up and shrugged.

    ?Nothing happening here, I suspect these two will be out for a little while longer.? Jake frowned.

    ?Are they badly hurt?? he asked with concern. Adalia snorted.

    ?Naw, they?re just doing it for sympathy.? She said with a wave of her hand. Liania got up and laughed lightly,

    ?I hope they both heard you Addie. No Jake, they?re both in healing trances, but they?ll be fine.? She made her way around the beds and joined Adalia. ?So where is Silya and what do you think we can do for her??

    ?She?s in the next room, and maybe you could do what you did with Corran a while back. She seems lost in her own mind and I have no idea how to find her.? Liania started for the door.

    ?Come on Addie, let?s give these two no audience for their showing off.?

    ?I?m with you, like they need help with their egos??

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    So when will they help Silya??

    Do something!! ;)
  15. Adalia-Durron Former RSA/EUC Empress.

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    They're on thier way....settle down!
  16. Csillan_girl Jedi Master

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    Okay, okay - but that's the post I'm waiting for! ;)
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    A bit self-centred,huh??? :p

    I also wanna know if they can help her... :)
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    I wrote it settle down.....also wrote the ending.......nearly over....

    RJ stared at the data pad, Beezel had resigned his commission as had Ireth. One pilot and one Tech down, when did it ever end? Sighing he put it down and sat back into his seat. Frowning he looked up beat his visitor to the door.

    ?Come in Y, the doors open.? Eak entered the room and closed the door behind him.

    ?You know it still feels creepy when you do that.? He said as he sat down in a chair opposite RJ. The Admiral smirked.

    ?I know, that?s why I do it to you.? Eaks eyes widened.

    ?Oh? Nice?.? RJ laughed lightly and leaned forward to rest his forearms on his desk.

    ?What?s on your mind Eak?? The pilot glanced down before speaking.

    ?Just wondering about my ship.? RJ grinned causing Eak to frown. ?You find it amusing??

    ?Oh come on Y, three ships in three months and only one lost in battle, surely you see the humour in it?? RJ said with a chuckle.

    ?No??as a matter of fact,?.I don?t.? RJ rolled his eyes.

    ?Ok, don?t worry, new ones on its way. Well, as new as you can get those things.? Eak smiled.

    ?Yeah, yeah. I?m sure between Ireth and myself we can get it up to standard in no time.?

    ?You won?t have Ireth, she?s resigned her commission, along with Beezel.? Eak?s eyes widened.

    ?You?re kidding?!? RJ gave his head a shake. ?Do Chris and Adalia know?? RJ shrugged.

    ?If they do, I don?t know about it.? Eak sat back into his seat.

    ?So what now? No Head Tech, no Knightz 8, Li and Addie going and I don?t have a ship!?

    ?You forgot the half destroyed hanger bay, for the second time and the other damaged ships, the add Xan to the top of that list.? Both men sat quietly for a few moments before Eak spoke.

    ?I think we need a celebration of some kind. A morale booster.? RJ raised an eyebrow.

    ?Keep talking, I?m listening.? Eak scowled as he thought for a moment.

    ?OK, let?s send them all off, you know, the ones leaving. Like a farewell come baby shower??

    ?Sounds good.? RJ said nodding slowly, ?You wanna handle it?? Eak smiled as he stood up.

    ?Yep, leave it to me Admiral, this?ll be the best party ever!?

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    Self-centered?? Me?? [face_shocked]

    Of course!! ;)
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    Then I will feed your ego......

    Liania stood on Silya?s right, Adalia on her left.

    ?She?s gone..? Liania said quietly. ?I don?t know if we can reach her anymore.? Jake stood at the foot of the bed.

    ?But you have to try, we can?t just leave her like this!? Adalia raised her hand to him.

    ?Settle down Jake, we will try.? She said. ?It?s just not looking good.? Jake gave a single nod and watched as the two ladies put their fingertips gently on Silya?s head.

    Relaxing and allowing the Force to guide them they found their way into a darkened mind.

    Can?t find her. Liania said to Adalia through the Force. They pushed further into the darkness as around them flashes of red, white and purple jagged across their minds as if a storm was raging. Searching the darkness they pressed on in an attempt to find where Silya had gone. Her mind was confused, angry, afraid and lost all in one. Her emotions raged and ebbed as the passed through her mind in search of her consciousness. She seemed to either be lost to them or hiding, they hoped she was hiding.

    Silya, can you hear me? Xan is gone, you can come out now. Adalia whispered into her mind. She got no answer so she pushed on further, delving into the darkest place of the young Chiss womans? mind. Silya, Jake?s here?..he wants you back with him. Something stirred, it was a minor tremor in the Force, but Adalia was sure it was Silya. Liania took over.

    Silya, it?s Li here. Jake?s here, he?s standing right beside us. He wants to see you. she told her. Adalia realised the light tremor had increased, but this wasn?t going to be enough. Without opening her eyes she reached out and grabbed Jakes arm, pulling him hard to her side and gripping his hand.

    Jake was stunned at the movement and gasped as he regained his footing.

    He?s here Silya. he suddenly heard in his mind. Closing his eyes he concentrated to find the two presences in her mind. When he?d brushed them both he called out.

    Silya? Where are you? he called, concern lacing his thoughts.

    I told you Silya, he?s here?.. Adalia?s thoughts projected. The Force shivered around their minds and all three of them felt someone struggling, fighting to get out. Silya? Jake?s mind called out a little louder. Liania felt a strange awareness, she followed it with her mind and in her minds eye she saw the young woman curled into a ball and shivering in a darkened corner. She called Jake and Adalia through the Force and showed them the image. Jake pushed his thoughts toward her and saw her dark eyes lift to his. He reached out.

    We need you to come back to us Silya. We miss you. he encouraged.

    We? her weak thoughts came forward. Adalia squeezed Jake?s hand, letting him know that ?we? was not the word to use. He understood immediately.

    I need you to come back to me. he thought in a softer tone. Liania and Adalia backed off, they?d helped him find her, the rest was up to him now.


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    Let's see if he can bring her back ;)
  22. Csillan_girl Jedi Master

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    He can - he loves her!!

    And she loves him!
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    well, this is it.....the end...I have decided to give it all to you, enjoy...

    One Week Later

    RJ stood on the stage that had been erected. He smiled at the couple standing in front of him. ?With the power bestowed upon me by the GFFA, I pronounce you Husband and Wife. You may kiss your bride!? He grinned as Corran took Liania in his arms and did as he was told. Around them the lounge erupted in applause and whistles.

    Beezel glanced over at his sister and smiled, he was pleased she was happy. It was that simple. Some of the Knightz had been a little annoyed when they?d heard he?d resigned, but somehow his sister of all people had understood. He and Ireth had planned to pull out when the party was over, the same time the shuttle was leaving to take Adalia and Liania to the Maw Installation. Things were changing around Nova base and this party was not only an end, but also a beginning. She looked content as she leaned her head back onto her husbands? shoulder and he wrapped his arms around her from behind.

    ?We set?? He turned to face Ireth.

    ?Yep, give it around an hour and we?re out of here. You finished up?? She gave a nod.

    ?Yeah, Chris still isn?t speaking to me, but I have to get over it, I will get over it. I?ve finished all my official work, so set to go when you?re ready.? Beezel turned back to the happy couple.

    ?It was a nice wedding.? He said wistfully. Ireth chuckled.

    ?Don?t go getting all mushy on my now.? He turned to her and gave her a look of mock surprise.

    ?Me? Never.?


    Helluin nuzzled into Jay?s neck.

    ?That was the most beautiful ceremony,? Jay breathed, ?And isn?t Li?s dress exquisite?.? Helluin chuckled softly.

    ?You?ll look better.? Jay blushes softly.

    ?Doubt that will happen anytime soon.? She muttered, his arms pulled her close to him.

    ?Don?t be so sure.? He muttered. Jay bit her lip.

    ?What do you mean by that?? Helluin shrugged lightly.

    ?Just that you should never be sure of anything.? Jay gave a slow nod, not wanting to push the issue and controlling her wildly beating heart at the same time.

    ?Sure? ok about your family?? she asked changing the subject. He pulled back and looked into her eyes.

    ?I?ve told you Jay. I have no family. I am alone. You can?t miss someone you never had.? She studied his face.

    ?You really feel this way?? He gave a single nod.

    ?My father never loved me Jay, I was just another trainee for his organisation. He murdered my mother. My brothers and sister are, were all evil, very evil. They are my past, one I don?t want to remember anymore. Xan did me a favour when she destroyed them and their base, she wiped out the physical memory of my past.? Jay understood, she saw the pain of his past in his eyes.

    ?So long as you are ok, that?s all that matters to me.? He smiled. I?m ok, and to prove it, I have something to show you.? Jay raised her eyebrows.

    ?You do?? Helluin nodded and took her hand, leading her to a viewing window.

    ?Look out.? He said. She stopped and looked out the window and caught her breath, both her hands shot to her mouth as she gasped.

    ?Well?? he asked softly. She stared at the carefully arranged gold sparkling words that had somehow been laid out in the sky just beyond the base.



    RJ leaned on the bar beside Eak. ?You?re new Y Wing arrived 30 minutes ago.? Eak?s eyes widened.

    ?It did? That was quick!? RJ indicated to the barman for a drink.

    ?Think they?re holding them specially for you, you know, the way you go through them?? he smirked. Eak groaned.

    ?Very funny.? Chris laughed.

    ?Oh come on buddy, the Admiral?s right, it is funny. You?ve had more of those antiquated wrecks than I?ve had hot dinners!? Eak glared at him as RJ, Zac and Rooty laughed lightly. RJ turned around to scan the room.

    ?So, what are the bachelors of the base doing? We just being barflys?? Rooty sipped his drink.

    ?Seems like we are the odd ones out at this function Sir, makes
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    She finally found me. [face_love]

    I never saw that one coming. :p
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    Was that sacasm my sweet Zac? Or did you really not see it coming?
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