Speculation Will Ben Burtt work on the sound design of Episode VII

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    It appears Ben Burtt is still working as sound designer, as he just worked with JJ Abrams; he was sound designer for Star Trek Into Darkness; I was pleasantly surprised when I saw his name in the end credits, and I just found this article regarding his work on that film:


    So Mr Burtt worked on all the Star Wars movies so far, and he just finish working with Abrams on his latest film; to me, there is a 99.9% probability, he will return to that galaxy far far away, and be sound designer on episode VII.

    What do you guys think?
  2. ShaneP Ex-Mod Officio

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    Yes, I hope he returns as the sound guy. He's brilliant at it. Legendary. But keep him away from the film editing bay.
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    Ben burtts sound design is as much a part of Star Wars as is the visuals , agreed keep him away from the editing suite
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    The sounds - including music - are half the movie. BB and JW are essential to the Star Wars atmosphere. We can only hope that Ben is in the mood for this!

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    I'm pretty sure he'll be back.
    He seems like a really cool guy, as well.
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    I agree with ShaneP,

    as long as he stays away from film Editing, AOTC was butchered like an ameteur wood cutter
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    Haven't the Editing team already been confirmed (Brandon/Markey) ?

    That said, Star Wars sound = Ben Burtt. I'm sure he'll be our guy this time around as well.
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