Speculation Will we know who lives and who dies?

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    Most fans are hoping that Luke,Han,and Leia will be back. Is it easy to figure out how many movies they are signed on for? For instance if Mark Hamill was signed for 3 movies and Han was signed for 1 it will be public knowledge , right?
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    In most instances I think it's publicly known. So we'll more than likely know with Star Wars. And yes, with most blockbuster films nowadays the actors sign up for a trilogy whether or not there's actually plans to do three movies. They do it just in case they have a hit on their hands and want to make more. Star Wars (and I guess the prequels in specific) is what's started this trend, wasn't it.

    Anyway, once the story is released we'll get some clues; like we'll know right away if they're alive or not (unless casting news breaks first). And in regards to the number of movies for Han, Luke and Leia: I think the popular consensus is if they're in it at all they'll just do one movie for symbolic purposes, in a "passing of the torch" to the next generation of Skywalker's and Solo's sort of thing.

    Again, we'll know more by June at the latest, because that's when production starts. :cool:

    (No, I have no idea when production will start.)
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    Only if a script/treatment is leaked, will we know before opening night.
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    Neither must live while the other survives.
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