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    I started this thread in the SW In-Depth forum to talk about Moebius's Willow concept art and how it influenced The Phantom Menace: Moebius's Willow and TPM

    However, it's kind of evolved into me analyzing the concept art itself, and talking about how it suggests the considerable influence of The Lord of the Rings on Lucas's work (including SW, but Willow in particular).
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    @ATMachine - I'll leave that thread over in Saga for now, as there'll be more traffic than here in LFL, but will move over here if there's no further SW-related discussion about the topic. There's enough in there to keep it relevant so far.

    If it gets moved, I'll attach a permanent redirect in Saga (which will eventually get bumped down the page), rather than the usual 24 hours, I'd like to keep the thread going.:)
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    I watched it on Blu-Ray the other night, it still brings a smile to my face. Now that Disney owns it, they definitely need to get sequels happening and expand on the original movie. This is now their LotR's and could be huge if done right.
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    Well, it's their Hobbit at least. They could expand upon it and create a grand mythos of course, but I wonder if the thought really appeals to them.
    Maybe, once the Hobbit hype has died down, they'll feel secure in going medieval.
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