Wishlist: Episode VII DVD/Blu-Ray extras

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    Blooper reels are always my favorite, because every now and then there's an outtake that makes you laugh no matter how often you see it.

    Aside from that, I liked the "Making of a Scene" feature from the RotS DVD on the Mustafar Duel. Really good job showing how thirty seconds of action takes countless hours to produce, and I like seeing the behind-the-scenes stuff in pre to post-production.
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    Commentary with Abrams and, perhaps, Lucas, if he'd be up for it.

    Any and all BTS documentaries that they see fit to give us.

    And maybe some docs/featurettes about the expanding mythology.
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    John Williams scoring sessions
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    Interviews, commentaries, deleted scenes, hm.... that's all I can think of atm
    Maybe Englsih subtitles
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    What I would NOT like to see in the special features is ANOTHER "anatomy of a scene" breakdown, (showing special-effects process and what not). Every Blu-ray I have has something like that, and in my opinion it's gotten a little "been there done that". I am also somewhat tired of seeing interviews simply talking about the historical and cultural influence the movie has had on the world. I want to hear about the nuances of the filming process! I'm well aware of the effect it has had on culture. I could easily learn about that by walking into my local Target store.

    I have always enjoyed seeing insights into the various parts of filmmaking – the editing room, location scouting, set design, sound mixing and effects, (like for example what sounds were used to make what effects), process of acting and scene takes, And especially the writing/development/recording of the score.

    I also enjoy other little tidbits like early drafts of scripts, tours of set pieces and on-location spots.

    I never really bothered to listen to the audio commentary while watching the movies. In fact I have never listened to commentaries on any of the movies I have, with the exception of perhaps ROTS and LOTR the Fellowship Of The Ring. Maybe I should look into that...

    I would say if I had to choose a couple of movies that have the best overall collection of special features IMO would be ROTS, and any of the Lord of the rings movies. Lots of great things to see, and very comprehensive.

    Above all, I would say the thing I would be most interested to see would be deleted scenes. Finished preferably, but I'll take what I can get! ;)
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    VERY unlikely, but I'd honestly love an audio commentary with George Lucas. I'd love to hear his thoughts on how it's all tying into the saga, where it potentially deviates from his story treatments, etc., etc.
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    Scenes with Mark Hamill and Andy Serkis using their Joker and Gollum voices.
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    Deleted scenes, first and foremost. But beside the obvious (the aforementioned deleted scenes, extras like commentary tracks from Mark Hamill, George Lucas and JJ Abrams), there are a few other things I think I'd rather like to see:

    - A featurette hosted by George Lucas; a kind of master class on the history of Episodes 7, 8 and 9, ranging from how it was first envisioned by George, and how that vision changed throughout the years, morphing into what eventually became the ST.

    Now, I realize this might be the kind of thing which may not be feasible until after we have Episode IX (no one wants to give away any future surprises from Episodes 8 and 9), but I would love to see it, nonetheless.

    - Another featurette which fills us in on the state of the GFFA during the thirty-plus year gap between OT and ST.

    As a lot of stories set in the time gap simply haven't been written yet, this one might not be all that possible, either, but, hey, this is a wishlist, right? :)

    Anyway, even if it's just bullet points of a few of the larger events in the time line, as conceived by by the Story Group, I think we'd all be interested in learning how we got from ROTJ to Episode VII.

    - "Becoming Jedi Master Luke Skywalker."

    Enough said.
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    The longest, fullest, most comprehensive, detailed, and informative "Making Of" documentary that's ever been conceived of by humankind. I'm talking "That's no moon, that's a "Making Of" documentary" big. I wanna know what Mark Hamill had for breakfast on day 4 of the shoot, and what George thought about it. I want to be fluent in over 6 million useless factoids. As Freddy Mercury said, "I want it all, and I want it now!"

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    I'll be happy with ever they come out with, as long as the movie doesn't stink.