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    ooc: Can someone please tell me where I am? I got kind of lost. I think Im with Protious and Deci right now but Im not sure...
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    Aboard the Joyus Guard

    "I'm sorry for disturbing you," Izik said, "I'm just anxious. I can't sit here idle any longer. I feel that we must do something, or the New Empire will conquer all, and we'll be fugitives for the rest of our lives."

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    IC: Protius

    The War room

    Protius nodded his head thoughtfully, after listening to what Deci and Ezekiel. He stroked his long white beard for a moment, and then spoke.

    " Most excellent plans, Admiral, I leave it in your most capable hands. Ezekiel, You will go with the decoy fleet, to the planet of Nal Hutta, the only planet we do not control. Once there, you will wait for the rebels to attack. Once they have, and have been captured, I want you to interrogate one of their commanders. Find out where they are Hiding, and what their strength is. I also want you to find out the names of any Jedi in leauge with the rebels. Once you have done that, report back to me immedidantly."

    Protius stood, and folded his hands behind his back. He looked around at the three men. His apprentice, the Admiral, and the Dark Jedi. He then addressed them.

    "Deci, you and Ezekiel get started on the plan, and restructuring. If you have to kill some officers, do it. Apophis, you remain here with me, There are some things we must speak about........"

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    OOC: IM BACK!!!!
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    "yes my lord.. Right away. I have a fleet of old SD´s waiting for repairment.. this way we will get rid of them and the rebells"

    Deci nodded and walked away smiling tohimselfe.
    He always loved to blend the others with his strategic mind.

    He walked thruw the dark imperial halls to his office.
    Ordering an officer in.

    "I have to orders for you.. one, there is 20 old SD´s that is laying around these systems waiting for repairs. I want you to gather them all here on coruscant and.. make them shine. Don´t nessesary do a full repair job on them.. Just make sure that they look like they have been repaired.

    And seccondly. Ezekiel will order that some prissoners does a.. mission.. I know that you have listen to our little conversation"

    Deci pulled up a little transmittor and put it down on the table.
    "This might not be.. so suitble, but. I dont trust the others. Thruw history. All those who say that they are loyal to the Emperor has somehow turned on him and tried to kill him.. more or less sucessfully. But you know all this ofcourse.
    So, what I want you to do. Is to observe Ezekiel and what he´s up to. I have no doubt that he wont do his orders. But I have doubt that he will do it correctly. Se to it that the prisoners realy get an tracer-implant. Without them knowing about it.
    Come back when these orders are done... I have some.. other things to attend to".

    The officer left the office and proceeded with his orders.

    Deci opend his terminal and entered the Imperial reccords, starting to search for new suitble Admirals, officers, Generals and captains.

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    OOC Welcome Back Protious :)

    -Jaina- Right, here's what we can do then, Casta has no idea of Miya's past, and Miya can sense that Casta is force sensative, but does not realize that Casta has had any formal training, cool? :)


    Miya looked up into Casta's worried face. Standing she smoothed down her tunic.

    'I'm fine....It just never gets easier'

    She replied, partially lying. Miya wished she could have done more, but she learned long ago to accept to invitable. They Know.... Bian's eerie last words echoed in her mind. Miya partially wished she had been able to keep him alive to find out what he meant.

    An idea flashed into Miyas head, The dead could not speak, but they could still tell her what she needed to know.

    Miya turned to Casta. 'I apprechite your concern, but I really need to get some work done' Miya turned and left, she headed straight to the front office, she leaned over the counter 'Can you tell me where the patient in room 38D has been taken?' The Bith called up a file on his Holo pad.

    'The Morgue'

    Miya inwardly cringed, she hated it down here. It was cold and death hung in the air like a thick Veil. Luckily no one ever hung around here longer than was needed, so Miya would not be seen. Gently pulling back the white sheet, Miya exposed a small portion of Bians arm. Miya felt sick about this, Extracting a small hypothemic needle from her pocket, she withdrew a small sample of blood and placed it back into her pocket. Miya stood in Silence for a moment, a life had been lost here, and to her, that was not something to be taken lightly.

    Replacing the sheet, Miya crept out of the Morgue and headed to the labs. She made sure it was empty and locked the door. Moving to a secluded station in the back and withdrew a small device from her pocket and set it down. Inserting a drop of Blood she waited. Miya Glimpsed over her shoulder to make sure no one was watching. Even if she had been seen, not very many would have reconized this accient piece of equipment. Devolped by the Jedi ages ago, it had been used to check a beings Midichlorin count and sensativity to the force. While most had been destroyed, Miya had somehow managed to find one still intact.

    The small device beeped and Miya scanned over its findings. Just what she had suspected, Brins was indeed force Sensative, his Midicholrian count was nothing fantastic, but it was still relatively high, yet not high enough to be trained as a Jedi...

    Miya leaned back into her chair, While this only confirmed her theory, it still made no sense. What in the force could this mean? Miya heard a small knock on the door, which grew louder and and angrier, Miya quickly threw back the Tester in her tunic pocket and found a a very large wookie technician waiting for her outside, apperantly very upset about being locked out. Miya bowed and Jogged towards the turbo lifts. She had stayed away too long, while she would return to work, her mind would most definately be elsewhere.

    Tag Casta (-Jaina-) Anyone.
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    OOC: Cow_Girl-Sounds great! :D


    Casta sighed. Liana had been her co-worker for two years now, but she had not gotten any closer to the aloof older woman. Casta went back into the building, to find Liana rush off to the Morgue. She furrowed her brow. She did not believe that it was just another death that was affecting Liana. Yes, it was hard everytime, but Liana had gotten better on stowing away those kind of emotions.

    She followed Liana into the herbal garden, where healers such as she gathered herbs to make the simpler medicines.

    Casta always closed herself off to the Force, except when she was in the garden. She had always loved the way the plants felt so alive in the Force...tendrils of energy everywhere...

    As she entered the garden, she opened herself up to the Force...and was thunderstruck as she sensed, without a doubt, another Force-sensitive being in the garden...and the only one there was Liana...

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    "Yes, Your Majesty," Ezekiel said. After making the proper obeisances, he left.

    Walking down the halls off the palace, he parceled out the orders to beaurcrats like candy. One was ordered to schedule a diplomatic mission to Nal Hutta, another to get crews of willing prisoners to man the ships, another to send orders to his ground crew to make sure his Tie Defender was ready, and then have the crew shuttled up to the new command ship of the junk fleet. Of course, he didn't phrase it like that. Everything must appear perfectly legit for this to work.

    He smiled cruelly. Between himself and Admiral Deci, who was amazingly copetent for a non-Force-user, these upstarts wouldn't stand a chance.
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    NAME: Vissa Tesinla
    RACE: Human
    AGE: 24
    HEIGHT: 6'
    WEIGHT: 134 lbs.
    EYE COLOR: Brown
    HAIR COLOR: Auburn
    CLOTHING: White Admiral's uniform
    WEAPONS: small blaster, vibroblade
    ATTITUDE: Icy, yet is fiery when she gets angered
    SHIP: SD Invidious
    ADDITIONAL VEHICLE: Space Yacht StarQueen
    ALLEGIANCE: Protious
    RANK: Admiral
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    Ic as Apophis:

    Apophis stood up as the two left the room. "What do you wish to speak with me Protious?"

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    ooc: Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I might not be able to for a little more. Any of my posts will be short. School, Homework, Birthday coming up, tryouts, lots of stuff. I will be able to post some though.
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    Deci looked over the records and came over one person who could be suitble.
    She was a Admiral in the outer rimm, not attended the meeting since she was ordered to protect a supply shippment to Coruscant, now she was here.

    Her reckords looked promosing, a woman as an admiral?
    Well, she had to be good. If not, she would join the others.

    He sent a holo-transmission.

    "Vissa Tesinla, this is Grand Admiral Deci. You are to report in my office, at once"

    He had a plan for her, she was to find force-sencetive people in the galaxy.
    And everyone in the galaxy got sick.. sometimes, and when they got sick. They whent to the hospital.
    And the hospital took blood samples.

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    OCC: Cow_Girl, -Jaina- . prepare to be boarded :p
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    Miya examined a long Gya flower, checking it for any inperfections. She smiled, nothing, being careful not to disturb any of the other plants that grew near by she plucked the flower off and added it to her growing Collection. Six factory workers had been brought in the day before with serious burns and placed under Miya's care, she was searching for the best plants in the garden to make an oidment that she could only hope, would help them.

    Miya was so focoused in her work, she barely noticed the small tug in the force. Yet, there it was again, a little stonger this time, more forceful. This caught Miyas attention what was that? Miya reached outwards, tracing its source. To her surprise she found it was close, very close. This is impossible, There are so few Jedi left...how could one of them be this close all this time.....hidden?

    Miya slowly turned her head to glance over her shoulder. Standing in the entrance, was Casta. She was not moving, just standing there....watching. Miya turned her head and pretended not to notice. So Casta is my mysterious force user...but how? and why? Miya was weary now, very few Jedi have the ability to mask there presence from other Jedi. It was usually not done, unless the Jedi had something to hide.

    Miya began to run through a mental list of Possiblities, a force wieliding bounty hunter? No, impossible, if Casta was a Bounty hunter, she would have made her move long ago. Miya thought harder, a dark Jedi perhaps, they were able to shield themselves, and that would also explain why Miya had not been able to sense Casta in the force earlier. Still, Miya was reluctant to believe any of this, Casta had always seemed too....Good. Yet, Miya reminded herself, deception was only one of the tricks of the dark side.

    Even if any of this was true, it did not matter. Miya could disappear, fade away into the shadows and never be seen again, and all that would be left of her was a small memory in the back of the minds of those whose lives she had choosen to touch. Still, she would not get very far with a follower. If she had to fight Casta, she would. Miya still carried her lightsaber, it still hung by her side. Tucked far into the Fabric of her tunic. Jedi were outlaws, even this far away from the Core worlds, and Miya refused to live in fear.

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    OOC: [face_devil] Ha, Overlord!


    Casta felt a stirring in the Force. Liana was aware of her, and was suspicious. Liana probably wouldn't take this deception well, but she herself had been deceptive.

    Casta moved slowly forward. She didn't know how to start.

    "Liana?" she queried hesitantly. "Are you..."

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    Take it from there. :p

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    Liana....are you?......

    Miya let the question hang in the air, it had finally become apparant to her that she could no longer disguise her identidy. Miya lifted one hand to her hip and rested one finger on her lightsaber through her tunic, Hiding would get her no where now.

    She could no longer lie, from Casta at least. It was now very apperant she was strong in the force, wether she was a friend or foe had yet to be determined.

    Miya stood and looked at Casta for a moment, studying her, as if sizing up an opponent. Finally she spoke.

    'My name is not Liana, Its Miya, Miya Raye. Knight of the Jedi Order'

    Tag -Jaina-

    OOC Sorry that was rather short, I would have gone into more detail, I jsut don't have alot of time before class.
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    This sounds like fun!

    NAME: Auhd Bahl (say it fast) :p
    RACE: Human
    AGE: 22
    HEIGHT: 6'3"
    WEIGHT: 180 lbs
    EYE COLOR: brown
    HAIR COLOR: dark brown
    CLOTHING: loose fitting, comfortable clothing with lots of pockets, covered by a dark-colored cloak
    WEAPONS: lightsabers (one dual, one single), blaster, various others (more specific later)
    ATTITUDE: (how your character acts around other, are they cold, cheerful etc.) Normally calm, likes to avoid a fight, peaceable, but dangerous if riled.
    SHIP: Modified X-Wing
    ADDITONAL VEHICLE: modified hovercraft thingy (I don't know what it's called)
    ALLEAGEANCE: (Jedi, Dark Jedi, Imperial etc.) Jedi
    BASE OF OPERATIONS:(where you live, work, hide etc. and it can be a ship, if need be) Joyous Gard
    BIO: A promising Jedi from the start of his training, Auhd Bahl quickly grew in the Force and became a powerful Jedi. When Darth Protius destroyed the Republic and came to power, Auhd enlisted with a leader named Tarquin Seti, and is currently aboard his command ship, Joyous Gard
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    Ezekiel stood on the command deck of a star destroyer, looking over the assembled fleet. While he knew that the craft were little better than junk, he had to admit that the new touch-up made them look fairly impressive. While the entire fleet was not yet hyper-space ready, he was confident that it would be within the next few days, so confident in fact, that he'd told those in charge of making it so that it would be ready by then, leaving little to doubt about what would happen if it wasn't. The diplomatic mission was scheduled, the Hutts surprisingly sanguine about it until one realized that they daren't do anything about it anyway if they didn't want them there, and the reformations of security procedures were on just where they were supposed to be at this time.

    OOC: Great to have you, Impavid!
    And The_Dark_Overlord, we'll have the fleets be assembled when you say so, okay?
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    OCC: Yea, Im just waiting for response from Amidala14. And after I give her the orders (just to get the Jedi´s ingame). we´l crush the puny rebellion :p
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    OOC: It's okay, Cow_Girl. :p Mine was short too. They need not all be long. :)


    Casta let the words sink in.

    "Miya, eh? It sounds you better, somehow. I always thought Liana was a name that fit a stuck-up city girl better than it would a healer in a medical clinic."

    She smiled crookedly.

    "You know my name already as Casta Ardele. That is my true name, I didn't have need of an alias. My father trained me, but I never revealed my Jedi heritage. I, too, am a Jedi Knight."

    Casta looked at Liana--no, Miya.

    "What did that Bothan say that shook you? It was not merely another death, don't give that to me. It was something more, wasn't it?"

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    Vissa watched the blue-form of Grand Admiral Deci dissolve with satisfaction. Finally, they were recognizing her potential! Too long had she wasted away her years since graduating from the Academy on the SD Invidious, which saw almost no action. Now she could serve her Emperor in the way she had taught to do.

    Vissa got up from her chair in her office, and went to the bridge.


    The Captain whirled around, startled.

    "A-Admiral Tesinla!" He saluted quickly.

    She nodded curtly, recognizing his salute.

    "Grand Admiral Deci has summoned me. I need a shuttle transport to where he is stationed."

    "Yes, ma'am!" He quickly relayed this information to a subordinate officer.
    Vissa waited patiently. She could afford to. Success was only a little while aways. It would come.

    OOC: Where exactly are you?

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    The training was finished faster than expected, since none of them could even fire right for their own lives. Hawk was eventually put on court-martial and relieved of active service for his harsh methods of discipline. All of the cadets walked into the medical bay, complaining of severe pain in their arms. Alone and angry, he entered his personal ship, the Avenger, and flew off, heading to a place that nobody else in the Battalion could ever find. As soon as he was in the system, he opened communications with the ship that he knew was out there on the planet. "KnightHawk to any resistance cells on Almania, please respond. I repeat: KnightHawk to any resistance cells on Almania. Please respond."
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    Protius beckoned his old friend, Apophis, to walk with him. As they left the war room, and strolled down the corridor, Protius began to speak.

    "I am worried, my old friend. In the course of a few years, a new rebellion has formed, and fourty of our precious ships have been stolen. If my worse predictions are true, and there is one Jedi cell instead of several, than there will be an attack agaist us soon."

    Aphophis nodded his head, in silent agreement.

    "I belive this plan, in Admiral Deci's hands will be succesful. And if my apprentice captures a Jedi, we will find some of the cells soon. However, there are far too many Jedi. It was a mistake for me to let them go, even for sport."

    Protius and Aphophis arrived at the turbolift at the end of the corridor. Protius turned, and looked at his freind in the eye, and addressed him.

    "Aphophis, I want you to take five thousand of our crack troops, and hunt them down, for too long we have allowed them to live. You will have the full resources of the empire available to you. I also want you to contact every bounty hunter you know about. Put out contracts on Jedi. Put out rewards for information. Do everything in your power to find these Jedi and kill them. All of them. Wipe them out. Well, Aphophis, do you feel up to the challange?"

    Protius stood and awatied his freinds reply.....

    TAG: Lord Vader
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    Vissa´s shuttle landen on the SSD The Undertaker and was lead to Grand Admiral Deci´s office.

    There, in a dark room he sat, behind a big black desk with only one cold blue light to light up where he sat.
    His face was lighten up by the computer terminal that he sat behind.

    Vissa stood there for a minnute or two and started to wounder if he even knew she was here, then he waved with the hand for her to come forward.
    Slowly she walked infront of the desk and Deci looked up.

    "I have started to go thruw the imperial records to search for Admiral material, all the other Admirals have been.. liberated from their duty. They are now trained.
    Lucky you did not attend our meeting, for you would surly have been liberated to.
    So, the luck smiles at you Vissa. But dont rely on it"

    Deci closed his terminal and leaned back.

    "I have read thruw your records... and you have little experience commanding a fleet. But, then again. there is few to choose from.
    So, I have faith in you. Don´t misstreat that faith. I expect you to have this orders done perfectly. It is hard to fail"

    He fingered at the terminal for a while and then stood up and walked over to Vissa.
    Deci layed his hand on her shoulder and started to walk towards the door.

    "I want you to search up all medical ships thruw out the galaxy. And download all their blood records. Then, count all the Midichlorins, in all the blood samples. And if you find anyone that is not normal, add this to our wanted list.
    And while you check this medical ships, take blood samples of all those who are pressent on these ships. Even the nurses, doctors. everyone.
    And if you do find any jedi.. you know what to do. Exterminate them.
    Now, you cannot fail me when I give you these orders.
    But do not underestemate the Jedi, they are users of the force. And that is not to joke about.
    I say again so these words shall echo in your mind forever.
    Do NOT underestemate them."

    They had reached the door and it slid open.
    Vissa walked out with a strange feeling that she had just been insulted..


    Deci walked back to his desk and reached the comm-link.

    "This is Grand Admiral Deci, send out the transmission and prepare our trap."

    This message was sent out to the galaxy.

    Leaders of the Eseerian (just made up. It exists in the outer rimm) system. an SD is sent to you with our diplomats. It is alone so that you will see that we do not plan to attack you

    and the next transmission.

    This is Grand Admiral Deci, finalize the Emperors escort. It will deport within 5 hours. Set course towards the Endor System.
    Only 20 SD´s will acompany him, a larger fleet would be supissious and atract attention. This is a secret mission. Do not let ANYONE know of this.

    Both transmissions would surly be picked up by the Rebells. And even if they didn´t send the entire fleet of 40 SD´s. They couldn´t just ignore this chance to take out the Emperor. Or even better, to kidnapp him.

    Deci smiled and ordered his fleet to prepare to depart. They would only be minnutes away.
    He activated his holotransmittor and sent a higly encoded message to Darth Protius

    "My lord, it has begun. within 48 hours the rebellion will be crushed. I would advice you to order your decoy to walkd to the .. decoy fleet. And you, to not walk outside your quarters untill it has ended. Just to ensure that the rebells don´t see two emperors".

    He then reached over to his comm-link.

    "Ezekiel, prepare to follow the SD to the rebell base, and then crush it! the SD will depart within two hours, then reach the system after 3 hours. I have trust in you Ezekiel."

    Deci waited for a response from Darth Protius.

    TAG RGB, Darth-Protius, Amidala14 and Quinnithxtherol.

    OCC: sorry for any wrong spelling and words that shouldnt be there. :p . Im just to tierd to check it all. I noticed one word now.
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    OOC: [face_plain] Well, that solves it.
    I'll post later, though.
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    We are on a planet called Dellion right now :)


    Miya was silent for a second allowing all the new information she had been given to sink in. All this time, another Jedi was right there, and she had never noticed. Miya Mentally kicked herself, it should have been so obvious.

    Miya studied casta for a moment, the quiet girl that she only knew by name, was a fully trained Jedi. It was now obvious that Miya could not longer shield her thoughts and secrets as well as she had been before, after Pretending so long, it was time that the truth came to be known.

    'The Spacer from before...he told me he "Knew" Before now no one knew who I really was, but when he said that....' Miya paused and bowed her head thinking for a moment. She looked up agaian at Casta.

    'Its not important, it was in the past. What is important here is the future...I do not not believe we will be safe here for much longer'

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    OCC: Amidala14 , change that order so that you will encounter Cow_Girl and -Jaina- . so that they get into the game.
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    IC: Protius

    Before Aphophis could answer Protius' portable holonet reciver went off. He reached into his belt pouch, and pulled it out. He activated it, and the image of Admiral Deci appeared.

    "My lord, it has begun. within 48 hours the rebellion will be crushed. I would advice you to order your decoy to walkd to the .. decoy fleet. And you, to not walk outside your quarters untill it has ended. Just to ensure that the rebells don´t see two emperors".

    Protius pressed the transmit button, and sent a short message in return.

    "Understood Admiral, and well done." Protius switched off the transmitter, and placed it back into his belt.

    "I do apologize, Aphophis, but I must get to my chambers. Please meet me there in An hour, so we may speak some more."

    "Yes M'lord" Aphophis spoke, bowing deeply.

    Protius bid Aphophis farewell, and stepped into the turbolift, and the doors closed smottly behind him.

    "Level nine" Protius spoke.

    As the turbolift took off on its smooth journey, Deep thoughts ran through Protius' head. Troubled thoughts. The Jedi and rebel cells had captured fourty of his best ships, and were in a postion to strike.

    And there were other things. While he emperor surprime, many of his admirals had been asking questions. Questions like "Where are all these supply ships going? Why are we so short on technitians? Twenty-Four thousand men are listed as on assignment, where exactly are they?"

    Too many questions. Too many curious officers looking to get promoted, too many spies. It had been a mericle that no one had found out about his "little" plan yet. If anyone, and that included his apprentice, his friend, and Admrial Deci found out, security would be compromised, and the rebels may find out what exactly was going on.

    And the big question "why is no one allowed near Raxus Prime?"

    Many times he had thought about telling them what was going on instead of saying his usual "It's a research Project on how to terriform and reclaim a planet, and they need privacy out there. They can't be distracted."

    He felt like many already Knew. He knew full well that Admiral Deci was less than thrilled when ships were commandered by "The command of the Emperor" and sent to Raxus. He knew he was asking questions, as were his apprentice and Aphophis. He was glad he sent them on missions. That way they would be too busy trying to locate Rebels and Jedi, to go out to Raxus Prime, and find out just exactly what was going on.

    General Maximus Gerrad was out there, with twenty four thousand men, ten thousand technitians, and countless droids. and while Protius desperatly wanted to tell his inner circle, he knew if he did, the information may somehow be leaked, and sooner or later, the Rebel Cells would find out what was out there, and what had been going on for nearly three years now.

    There was a Death Star under construction out there. Palpatine's pet weapon, now born again during the reign of Protius.

    And he was going to make sure that no one NO ONE found out.

    By any means nessicary......

    TAG: Lord Vader

    OOC: I apologize to all the new players that have joined. I have not bid you welcome in the proper way, so I bid welcome to all of you, and hope you enjoy this game!!!!!
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