Without a Trace(JA Drama/angst) COMPLETED Oct3/02

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    falcon: Thanks! These are so much fun!

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    obi_wannabe: ok here's more

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    Saline looked at me doubtfully, thinking I was delerious or something.

    "I'm serious!" I shouted. "Something is wrong, very wrong!"

    The Twi'lek woman looked at me oddly,
    "Tell me exactly what you saw and I'll go inform the council." I told Saline everything and she left to speak to the council.

    I lay back in my bed, feeling very worried and tired. I closed my eyes and prayed that I was overreacting as I fell asleep.

    A woke up an hour later, Den was noting down my progess on his datapad and then smiled as he saw I was awake.

    "your fever has dropped six degrees." he said optimisticly. "Another thirty degrees to go and you'll be back to normal."

    I nodded dismissivly at the report, I had bigger things on my mind. "Has Healer Ne'hera come back from the council yet?"

    Den nodded, but there was something amiss in his eyes. He didn't say anything else.

    "Well what did they say!" I nearly snapped.

    Saline chose that moment to step in. "They say that what you saw was an illusion. Don't worry about it."

    I was furious. "An illusion!" I screamed. "No way Master Ne'hera, I felt pain from him and our bond is shut off. I don't think that states that everything is all right!"

    The Healer looked at me sternly and loaded up a syringe. I backed away from her as she came closer with the sedative. My legs moved and I threw myself back onto my pillow as pain shot up my body, I screamed again just as the head healer stuck the syringe in my arm.

    Without a Trace: Part 2

    It has been exactly three weeks since Qui-Gon left on that mission and I haven't been told anything yet.

    Master Yoda came to visit me a few days after my outburst. I tried to get an answer out of him, but the cryptic troll kept lecturing me on how to respect Saline.

    I ended up begging him for some news, or I'd be forced to take action. Yoda looked at me and simply said. "Honor your promises you do. Keep it that way you should."

    I have a feeling that everyone knows what's going on except for me. My friends and their Masters give me grim looks everytime they visit, like they are paying last respects or something.

    The two healers have left to things up upmost importance here on seperate occasions: a datapad and a comlink. I have been hiding them under my matress, late at night I tried to hack into the Temple files but it was beyond my abilty with computers.

    I knew I had to get the person who had written the security codes. Good thing she was a friend of mine.

    I took a quick look at the chrono: 19:30hrs she'd be in her quarters. I knew for a fact that Den and Saline had left me alone for a few hours, I wasn't critical and was going to be released to my quarters tomorrow any way.

    I brought out both objects from under the matress and activated the comlink.

    "Den?" came the answering voice. I had expected this, I was using Den's comlink after all.

    "Jade it's me, Obi-Wan. Can you come up to see me immeidiatly. I have no time to explain."

    Arwen Jade Dumais sighed from her end of the link. "On my way"
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    Nice posts Padawan :D Not a dramatic cliffhanger this time either. Good :) I need to chill for the weekend ;)
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    Ahh, this is so good. Arwen I totally love your stories. :)
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    Cool. Yes of course, don't you know Dr. Pepper is essential to the cliffhanger survival kit? :D

    Excellent again, Arwen!

    Can't wait to see what's up with Qui-Gon... and what Obi-Wan is going to do to rescue him! :)
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    Dr. Pepper needed in a cliffie survival kit? And this whole time I've been using Mtn Dew. Maybe that's why I'm always stuck on that cliff 8-}
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    »?Kitsuné?«? rolls her eyes "Come in"
    Jedi_app_DeeJay gaurd "dunno....but soonya and zwin were followed"
    Ì?èült? holds up a hand...'Zwin..it is not necessary.'
    Jennifer_A_Young_Lady_ smiles they seem to have taken a liking to sofia alot
    Ivory¤Dawn despite the fact that she is unarmed she feels safe,having found so far only freindly ppl,not one with bad or second thoughts so it seems,smiling slightly she walks through the small and dark alley towards the town center
    Me£éy_§hattäi stares at the kid, trying to figure out what he's saying...
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    Great story so far Arwen! But please post again soon.

    Oh, and thanks for not leaving too great a cliffhanger. :)
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    Ginger: Yep I have decided to give you all a break.

    obi-wannabe: [face_blush] thanks

    Sheleigh: I usually use Sprite but it's beginning to lose it;s effect.

    Kitara: We should all switch to Dr.pepper by the looks of it

    Jenny: ?????

    jedi_bounty: Here's some more and thanks for reading!
    I deactivated the link and threw myself back onto my pillow, I hoped that Arwen would help me out. She had just returned from a mission and probably hadn't heard anything about Qui-Gon.

    A few minutes later Arwen burst into my room, when I saw what she was wearing and holding I knew that I had interrupted something.

    She was wearing a black,sleevless shirt with balck leggings and her daja was in her hand. I had obviously paged her right in the middle of one of her practices.

    Arwen was half human and half Sanderai. Her weapon required as much practice as a lightsaber and she had to make time to practice that outside of her training.

    "I thought you weren't busy." I apologized. Jade waved her hand dismissvly and put her weapon away in the holster slung across her back.

    She crossed the small distance to the chair that Qui-Gon had frequented and sat down. "What's the big emergency?" she asked?

    I sighed and quickly explained all that had happened to me, she nodded intently as she seemed to be making mental notes.

    "The council hasn't told me anything," I went on. "Den and Saline keep changing the subject and I can't sense Qui-Gon. Something is wrong and no one will tell me what."

    I was about to put in my request when she cut me off. "And you want me to hack into the Temple network to find out what happened."

    I nodded, preparing myself for her objection. But, to my surprise and gratitute, she held out her hand.

    "You do have a datapad don't you?" I smiled as I passed her the pad and she set to work.

    "I'll give you his textdoc first," she said. "If something's wrong, they'll be a link to the Council's assesment on the situation."

    I was ready to jump out of bed with happiness, Arwen was helping me out. Even though if the council found out, she'd be dead.

    "I can cover my tracks Obi," said Arwen as if she'd read my mind, "They'll have no idea it was me."

    She cursed silently all of a sudden. "What is it?" I asked.

    "They've password encrypted Qui-Gon's file," she said in shock. "It's not that difficult to bypass, but the council only does that when something is very wrong."

    I cursed myself and my reputation for being right. There was something up and they were hiding it from me, did they think i'd break?!

    Jade's hands flew over the keys as she punched in commands, when she finally breathed I knew she'd pulled it up.

    Her sapphire eyes scanned the page and they slowly widened it horror, she didn't speak for what seemed like an eternity.

    "Well," I demanded. "What's wrong?"

    Arwen still said nothing, but put the datapad in my hand.

    I picked up and read the familer information

    Name: Jinn, Qui-Gon
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Eye color:blue
    hair colour:chestnut brown
    Homeplanet: CLASSIFIED
    Current age: 50
    Rank: Jedi Master
    Formar Master: CLASSIFIED
    Current Padawan (if applicable): Obi-Wan Kenobi

    I read down the list of my Master's vital information until I reached the heading I was looking for.

    I felt my heart seem to explode inside me, and the room spinning as I read that line.

    I passed the pad, almost unknowingly, to Arwen and stared straight ahead.

    The line that would live in my nightmares forever:

    Current Status: MIA
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    poor Obi Wan more soon?? awesome posts wingmate
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    Thanks wingmate!
    I was beyind scared, I was petrified.

    Missing in Action. Qui-Gon is Missing in Action.

    And the council lied to me about it, the stupid council lied to me! I'm his Padawan, I have a right to know what's become him!

    I looked back at Arwen, she was pulling up the mission Reports and was looking them.

    "It says that they haven't been able to find a trace of Qui-Gon on that planet." said Arwen. "None of the council members can sense him. If they don't get word soon, they're presuming him dead."

    My mouth dropped open, I couldn't believe I was hearing this, the council was doing this!

    The answer came to my mind, it was up to me.

    "I have to got after him," I said. I sat myself up and began to try to pull my legs out of the bed.

    Jade stopped me. "No Obi! you aren't even mobile yet. You'll die before you even gey any where. And you promised Qui-Gon you wouldn't go after him"

    I didn't even pause to wonder how Arwen knew all this.

    I'm going to hold you to that Obi-Wan

    I knew I was going to regret that promise, I sighed. I had never broken a promise before, and I wasn't going to start now.

    "What am I going to do?" I whispered.

    Arwen's answer shocked me to the core. "i'm going after him."
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    Oh- Good Arwen!

    Very nice, Arwen!

    Well, I'm now thoroughly confused. *grabs Dr. Pepper again*

    Seriously, another excellent chapter. A Master that's MIA a Padawan bed ridden, and another going to go after aforementioned MIA Master.

    What next?!

    Can't wait to see! :)
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    Wow Arwen this is incredible. I liked how you broke it up there, after the MIA line. Actually I didn't like it, I was scared you wouldn't post anything after that till tomorrow. ;) If this were an actual book I wouldn't be able to put it down.
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    Grabs for the Dr. Pepper. Ahhh, that's a little better:)
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    Great post!

    Poor Obi. Can't even save his own master. I'm glad the Arwen is going to go after Qui-Gon, but can she save him?

    Please let us know!
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    Post 2 morrow there will be
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    Sheleigh: Maybe it was a mistake to have my user name the same as a character's name....oh well

    obi_wannabe: thanks!

    Kitara: *passes her a whole case of Dr.Pepper*

    jedi_bounty: that is the million dollar question...the answer will reveal itself in time.

    I looked up at Arwen, feeling immense relief.

    "You mean it Jade?" I asked her. "You'll go look for him."

    arwen Jade nodded. "You're my friend and so is Qui-Gon, I wouldn't leave either of you alone just because the council members are short sighted old geezers."

    I gave a small laugh, Arwen almost never insulted the council out right.

    Then something hit me, what if Arwen disapeared the same way Qui-Gon did?? I didn't think I could live.

    My Sanderai friend looked at me. "Listen," she said. "Den left the pad and the comlink there because he was betting that you'd do this. I told him I'd go after Qui-Gon with my Master, she's been getting annoyed with the council's actions as well."

    I nodded. Den had just been under orders to say nothing, so he left me the means to get Qui-Gon help. And now I had one of my best friends going out, but I still wanted to go myself.

    But I was commited to that promise I had made all those weeks ago.

    Arwen stood up and walked to the door. "I'll check in as often as I can," she vowed. "Don't worry about me, consintrate on Qui-Gon. Maybe if he senses something from you, he'll last long enough for us to find him."

    I nodded. "May the Force be with you."

    "And with you."
    * * * * *
    One week later

    It's been one week since Arwen Jade Dumais and her Master, Jess Valin, left the Jedi Temple in search of Qui-Gon Jinn.

    It has been one month since my Master vanished without a trace on Ord Mantell/

    And me? The ever ready Jedi Padawan who should be at Qui-Gon's side, wherever he is. I'm stuck in a hoverchair in my quarters.

    Every day is a day of worry, is Qui-Gon hurt? or dead? Are Arwen and Jess getting close to finding him? Why is it taking so long for them to contact me?

    What if they find him but it;s too late, what then Kenobi? Do you move on or stay trapped in that horrible moment for the rest of your days?

    I don't know how I can deal with this, I just might die myself no matter what happens.

    A noise startled me and I turned to the door. Den Calthorpe was standing there.

    "Please tell me that you've heard something form Arwen." i begged.

    Den shook his head. "Nope, but I have another thing to say. It will keep you occupied.

    I shrugged, "What could possibly keep my mind off Qui-Gon??"

    Den grinned. 'we're going to get you walking again."

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    Poor thing sitting alone and hurting in his quarters wondering if everyone is vanishing
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    Amen, Padawan Kitara. :( Poor Obi. Well, really great update, as usual. Have I mentioned that I think writing this in first person was brilliant? Really good way to get inside Obi's head. More soon right?
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    Poor Obi-Wan!

    Something tells me that aother things promise to go wrong.

    Another wonderful chapter, Arwen

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    awe they are going to help Obi walk again yay
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    Kitara: lonley eh?

    Wild_Huntress: Thanks! I thought it would be a good idea to write this one in the first person

    Sheleigh: thanks!

    Falcon: Yep...but the poor boy's hear isn't it it :_|
    Without a Trace: Part 3

    Well, not exactly my definition of fun but slightly better than sitting in my room all day.

    Den and Saline have told me that I have to work on bending my legs first, not an easy task.

    Every time I bend them, it just hurts so much. I don't even want to do this, I want to be out with Arwen and Jess trying to find Qui-Gon.

    Well, think of it this way Obi-Wan, the sooner you get on your feet the sooner you can get out there.

    Den walks back into the room and wants me to bend my legs and cross them. I'm shocked.

    "Den, I've only been here for one hour and you want me to cross them!? Like I was meditating!?" My friend must be joking.

    Den stood there, arms folded. "Obi, I am missing my lunch here. I want to see movement!"

    I sighed, I have long ago determind that fighting a healer, or a healer's apprentice, is a futile effort. I grit my teeth and lifted my left leg.

    That part didn't hurt, bending it was another story. It was like I was breaking it all over again. I finally got it into a semi crossed position, i repeated the process with my right leg.

    I keep praying that I don't do anymore damage as I carefully cross my legs. I throw myself back onto the back of my hoverchair and take very large breaths.

    Den applaudes. "Great job, now I want you to do that over and over until I tell you not to. The pain will eventually stop."

    I stare at him wide eyed, I think he is trying to kill me.

    Then I remember what hell Qui-Gon could be going through right now. I shut up and consentrate on my task
    an hour later

    I cruise down the Temple hallways in my hoverchair on the way to the dining hall, Bant is meeting me for dinner and I am starving.

    Why do I plan all these gatherings? To keep my mind from thinking about Qui-Gon of course!

    I'm starting to determine that this technique isn't working. Every little thing reminds me of him, or a lesson, or the fact that I'm stuck here in a Sithly hoverchair while he's MIA!

    Ok calm down Kenobi, breathe.

    My comlink chirps, please be Arwen. With good news
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    Oh I hope it's good news! I just hope it's..... news. But knowing our Obi, it's probably NOT good. Great post though!
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    My comlink chirps, please be Arwen. With good news Oh please please please!

    Awesome posts thereArwen!
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